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Letter to Scientology youth

by anonymous

(Read on unless you are some ignormaus who has been assigned to weed out entheta on the internet, because someone has told you that you would find it here - and, of course you can find entheta anywhere if you want to - but if you are seeking something more - read on!)



Because you are thinking for yourself!!!!!

I am a Thetan - I am a Spiritual Being - I have been helped by Scientology Tech. I have no regrets about the 17 years I spent in Scn/Sea Org - a good deal of them on the Apollo in daily contact with LRH.

But it is the nature of any Spiritual being to wonder about - "what else is out there" - after all, if LRH hadn't done that he would never have strayed from his Nebraska upbringing and started "The Church of Scientology" - would he?

Would your parents have moved out of their "middle-class PTS" lifestyles and sought something out of the mainstream like Scientology/Sea Org, if they weren't already free thinking Thetans able to see beyond their wog boundaries? Would they?

If you are 17 -23, and in Scn/SO you are most likely the offspring of the "free-thinking" late 60's and early 70's generation. If you are younger, probably your older sisters and brothers, or your 'seniors" are from this time period. Are you?

Look around you - how many people do you see whose parents were on the Apollo, whose parents came to the FLAG LAND BASE in Clearwater in 1975, who had kids who grew up in the Nursery in 75 - 85. I don't know how many are left - some names I can think of are John, Peggy and Elizabeth; Greg, Sandy & Darius; Ron, Jan , Mike & Trish, David, Mary & Cameron; Dave Donna & Phaedra, Chuck, Penny & ???????; Foster Bitty, Justin &, Sterling (the twins) - extended family - Ronnie, Barbara & Uncle David!; David,Sue, Emma & :???????? and Anthony. ????? , ????? & Becca ; Brian, Pauline & Sonia, and her chubby little brother; Kerry, Jill & Brooke; Jon, Diana (Hubbard)& Riannnon (and Gaby!- her nanny); Don, Debbie, Cherisse & ????? and Grandma Laurie who was in SO 1; Dave, Laurie & ?????? - the little girl who almost died (and poor Laurie, then CO FH (?), was found SP, while Dave was away on Mission and was kicked out of her room across from the FH into the hallway, in the middle of the night (early 80's) with her baby); Tom, Joanna & ?????; Mark, Kay, Elissa & Katrina; Dennis, Rosa and Holly; Dottie - whose husband abandoned her when their child was born with Down's Syndrome, and she was kicked out because "she must have overts to have a child like that!"); Wings & Cass Hauser & son, the cutest little boy named Danny - did he grow up to marry Lisa Marie??; another cutie - Tommy and there was Josh. So many more - I have photos we look at often, but names we forget. But I remember the parents well - young, idealistic, well intentioned thetans looking for something better in life and finding it in a Technology called Scientology and wanting to make a place for themselves in life and in history by becoming part of that elite group - THE SEA ORG. They seemed so idyllic they made me want to have kids and be a Sea org family.

Unfortunately some of us lost ourselves into the boundaries of Scientology and the Sea Org and missed out on the bigger game called life. Most of us eventually had children - you and your older brothers and sisters and young seniors. And some of us realized that Scn/SO was imposing boundaries on our children that we wouldn't have allowed to be imposed on ourselves - stuff like only being able to see their grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, out of Scn friends, once a year during a three week leave that we could barely afford to take; stuff like not being able to watch the Nightly News, read the daily Newspaper, subscribe to Time, People, Newsweek, Teen, Elle, Seventeen, and even Good Housekeeping - because they contained "entheta"; and eventually not being able to even have TV's, even if we had purchased it ourselves or our families had given it to us - (I often wonder who got the money for my TV and VCR that got confiscated and sold!!!!!!!!); stuff like spending our Saturday morning "cleaning statin" time going around to garage sales in the "rich" areas of Clearwater and Largo to buy clothes for our kids, because it was all we could afford on our salary - that Salvation Army store behind the "Bank of Clearwater" made a fortune off us! Stuff like seeing the SO not quite five year olds not being allowed into Belcher and other local public Schools for Kindergarten because they couldn't pass the entrance exam - and then seeing some of the more senior execs and tech personnel sending their kids to the Montessori and other private schools because they could afford it. Because they got bonus and the rest of the peons didn't. That meant most of the SO kids were older than the other kids in their classes because they had to stay out of school for a year; (except the ones whose parents had managed to send them to private kindergarten), (and eventually even that was not allowed); stuff like only being able to see your kids one hour a day - providing the bus left the FH for staff facilities on time - it usually left late because the drivers were on other posts as well and couldn't get away; provided that dinner was served on time; and provided that the bus back to the FH left on time instead of early; (for at least a year we had to endure the risk of a driver who had (epileptic - I think) seizures at random, driving us and kids to and from the FH because he was the only driver available!!!!!!) those of us unfortunate enough to have jobs like Flag Bureau posts which monitored Orgs out of Florida's time zone, Missionaires, night duty posts, CMO, etc got to see their children even less; and etc. etc. etc. Those who got assigned to the RPF missed a lot of theirs kids childhood!

We got into Scn/SO because we didn't like boundaries being imposed on us by our parents and the societies we lived in, but we were being "ordered" by HCOB's, PL's, Flag Orders, RTC, CMO and DM to impose even more restrictive "rules" on our children. Just because an Org was downstat for the week - even if an individual was upstat - their kids had to eat rice and beans and have their "Family Time' forfeited, their parents pay suspended ( at least , when we did have a child, it got me to quit smoking - it was either cigarettes or diapers! (no, the nursery did not provide diapers most of the time, unless you wanted to use cloth diapers that were inadequately laundered and your kid constantly had diaper rash!). If your child was downstat enough to get sick , you were not encouraged to take him to a doctor - it might destroy the concept that "auditing works". And of course it had to be approved through FP first. Which rarely had enough money to provide staff pay - which in the seventies and eighties was the lowest priority on the FP.

Talk about a dilemma!

We got into something, to get out of something, we were now getting into all over again!!!!!!!! Except this time we were the "oppressor!" to our children!

We all had to make decisions - just like you do.

Let me tell you about some kids I know whose parents chose to leave. Look at these "Success Stories" and look at the 17-25 years olds around you who are still in Scn/SO, who shared the 1975 - 1985 nursery/grade school years with these same kids. One of the current head honcho's of SCN/SO was 14 when he was signed up for the so - hadn't even completed the ninth grade- was insecure and ignorant - his family had suffered several 2D and 3D upsets and potential and actual losses at that time - today they would be called "dysfunctional" - he was a wreck - the so offered a way out - a way he could have power over others, that up to that point, he hadn't even been able to have over anyone, including himself - and he grabbed at it. If he has completed high school since then, then I personally commend him, but when he took over his current position, he was still that uneducated, confused 14 year old - even if older in body - who had grasped at the pr of a sea org recruiter, who promised him, the a Class IV Auditor, the opportunity to go straight into the TTC and train up to Class XII/NOTS, but that recruiter was actually desperate to meet his/her quota and scared of being RPFed if he/she didn't; and then he was seduced into the CMO by messengers, desperate to meet their quotas and scared of being RPFed if they didn't, (not to mention the messengers (all except one, at that time, were female and they had very stringent criteria about how you had to look to be a CMO messenger - intelligence was very low on the priority scale - the staff joke at that time was that most of the CMO had bust measurements that were higher than their IQs) were dressed in skimpy, bared at the midriff, short shorts uniforms - with out 2D reputations to match their uniforms - well, how could he say no. But - onto the Success Stories of those who did leave - The "out of Scn/SO " kids I know of:- and I actually know of few - - have graduated High School and gone on to college - one has even graduated college "cum laude"; one is in Business School - 19 and going into third year college - all on scholarships; one is about to enter a very upstat college - pre med; another is about to graduate and has been accepted at several colleges another, in third year, and on scholarship also has a part time job with a prestigious company.

Are they deprived - or are you?

They have the freedom - if they have a problem (and what teenager doesn't - meven you if you are reading this) - of solving those problems by :

This letter was sent to me anonymously. Nothing is changed except put in some formatting on paragraphs and text. All text written in capital letters are made bold here. Regards, Andreas Heldal-Lund

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