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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


May 29, 1953

SAC, Detroit (80-90)

Director, FBI


Reurlet May 22, 1953, requesting information from Bufiles concerning captioned organization.

Bufiles reflect that the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc., was incorporated in April, 1950, in New Jersey to further the work of Lafayette Ron Hubbard, author, whose book "Dianetics" had been published two years previously. This organization reportedly went broke in New Jersey. An article appearing in the May 4, 1951, issue of "The Wichita Beacon," Wichita, Kansas, stated that this organization had recently established a national headquarters at 211 West Douglas Street, Wichita, Kansas.

The stated purpose of the Foundation is to "study and conduct research in the field of the human mind and of human thought in action" through the medium of "dianetics," which may be likened to psychotherapy with certain differences as to method and concept. In this connection, in March, 1951, the Board of Medical Examiners of the Department of Law and Public Safety, State of New Jersey, was taking to trial in the Union County District Court, Elizabeth, New Jersey, a case against the Foundation. The basis for the case was that the Foundation allegedly conducted a school teaching a branch of medicine and surgery without a license.

In regard to Hubbard himself, an inquiry was initiated on February 26, 1951, after information was received that he had been arrested in Chicago for kidnapping his wife and daughter and taking them out of the State of California. Since this was a family matter, the U.S. Attorney, Los Angeles, instructed that no investigation should be undertaken. The Los Angeles, California, "Times Herald," in its issue of April 24, 1951, related that Hubbard's wife accused him of subjecting her to scientific torture experiments. The new story reported that Mrs. Hubbard, in a divorce suit, claimed that Hubbard ws "hopelessly insane." Her complaint stated that "...the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation did more than $1,000,000 business in 1950."

NOTE: Above information was contained in Bufile 62-94080.


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Letter to SAC, Detroit ----- May 29, 1953

Hubbard had contacted the Bureau on several occasions to make complaints concerning his wife and the staff of his organization, stating that he believed them to be Communistically inclined. Allegations have also been made that the Foundation was of particular interest to sex perverts, hypochondriacs, and curiosity seekers.

Hubbard, by letter of March 3, 1951, wrote the Bureau advising that arrangements were being made to fingerprint his employees to file with the FBI. He was advised by letter of March 9, 1951, that the FBI had no authority to handle fingerprints with the exception of those received from bona fide law enforcement departments and Federal and state agencies. There is no indication in Bufiles of the Foundation being requested to discontinue dianetic processing in the District of Columbia.

Bufiles further reflect Hubbard also directed The Allied Scientists of the World. Among the many purposes of this organization was the goal of furnishing maximum protection to the people and culture of various countries against the threat of atomic war. This organization was investigated by the Post Office Department in 1952 for possible violation of mail fraud statutes.


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