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DIRECTOR, FBI (65-3184)

SAC, PHOENIX (100-4813)


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Re San Diego letter to Bureau, 3/9/55.

Mrs. L.R. HUBBARD, JR., one of the operators of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, with offices at 616 N. Third Street, Phoenix, Arizona on 3/15/55 advised [BLACKED OUT] that [BLACKED OUT] enrolled in the Hubbard Professional College at 410 and 403 E. Roosevelt Road, Phoenix, on 11/15/54. Except for an absence of about three weeks around Christmas 1954 when subject returned to his home in California, he has been in attendance at the college continuously since that time and is about to complete a beginner's course, which ordinarily extends over a period of two months. According to Mrs. HUBBARD, subject's studies will equip him for handling consultations as an "auditor" in the Association of Scientologists which have for their purpose instilling self-confidence and assisting individuals in removing mental problems and accomplishing specific goals. Mrs. HUBBARD stated that subject's residence is listed as [BLACKED OUT] and apparently plans to return there upon completion of his course.

Mr. FERNANDO ESTRADA, of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, 616 N. Third Street, on 3/16/55 advised [BLACKED OUT] that subject resides in [BLACKED OUT] while attending the Hubbard Professional College. This rooming house is rented by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, to accommodate students who are attending the Hubbard Professional College.

With regard to the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, attention is directed to Newark letter to Bureau dated 3/21/51 entitled "HUBBARD DIANETIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC., IS-R" wherein the following is reported:

cc: San Diego (100-4179)

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PX 100-4813

In November 1950, C. PARKER MORGAN, Secretary and General Counsel of the above foundation, with offices at 275 Norris Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey, reported the foundation was set up about May 1950 to further the work of L. RON HUBBARD, auditor, whose book entitled "Dianetics" had been published about two years previous and had been very well received by the public. According to MORGAN, "Dianetics" is a new approach to the treatment of many physical and mental illnesses without the use of drugs or medicine. MORGAN stated the foundation is anti-Communist in its work and had been criticized in Communist Party publications.

The publication entitled "The Golden Dawn", issue 1-0A (no date), published by the Church of Scientology, reports its business office in Phoenix at 616 N. Third Street and meeting place in Phoenix at 403 E. Roosevelt. It also notes "the Church of Scientology operates on its own creed. It is completely independent of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International". This issue of "The Golden Dawn" is contained in Phoenix file 105-117-25.

Photostatic copy of a letter dated 6/12/54 to the Better Business Bureau, Phoenix, Arizona, on letterhead of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, Phoenix, by JOHN GALUSHA, Secretary, reveals in parts, "Scientology is described as a science of knowingness. It is actually a modern approach, using mathematics and physics, to the philosophic subject of episteomology [sic], the goal of scientology is to bring about greater capabilities in human beings, such as increases in recognition, memory and reaction time. Such a science would of course address various phenomena such as psychosomatic illness, aberration and behavior.

"In November 1950, HUBBARD became convinced that the corporation (Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Elizabeth, New Jersey, formed 6/1/50) was not sound and that it would not attain to its professed goal of helping people. He attempted to withdraw his name from it and was variously inveighed against. He had only one vote in seven. Forced to leave it in possession and continued use of his name, he retired in December to Palm Springs, California, where he set up a modest research laboratory. Although he did not seek them, many people began to come to him in Palm Springs. This seriously impaired the business of the foundations such as that in Los Angeles for HUBBARD charged nothing.

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PX 100-4813

"After resigning, HUBBARD came to Phoenix to visit his parents, liked the city and with his wife MARY SUE whom he married early in 1952, settled here. He opened a quiet office which became that fall (1952) the Hubbard Association of Scientologists...

"This organization was founded by some five hundred people in various parts of the world who had long been interested in HUBBARD's work. Publishing a few books locally and issuing twice a month, the Journal of Scientology, the HAS has continued a quiet career in Arizona. It has opened up branch offices in Camden, New Jersey and London, England. The association exists to publish material related to behavior and to train qualified people in Scientology..."

The above photostat letter of 6/12/54 was furnished by the Cincinnati office having been made from originals received by that office on 1/10/55 from [BLACKED OUT]

On 3/23/51, [BLACKED OUT] Chicago, Illinois, and [BLACKED OUT] Chicago, were interviewed by agents of the Chicago office as complainants in regard to possible use of the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation and individuals connected with it for influencing "patients" to join the Communist Party. They explained that the foundation's function is to treat by means of "psycho-therapy" and added that the treatment has been extremely successful. The treatment is administered by "auditors" trained by the Hubbard Foundation who have audiences with the patients over a period of time. The complainants expressed the opinion that the "auditors" are influential with the patients especially when the treatment is successful, and opined that if the "auditors" are Communists, they could conceivably influence the patients along Communist lines. Complainants noted, however, in their opinion, the national office of the foundation is attempting to weed out Communists.

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PX 100-4813

Information concerning the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, and the potential presented for subject to dispense Communist Party propaganda and influence, if so inclined, is set forth for information of San Diego. Since it appears subject's residence in Phoenix is temporary, it is suggest San Diego continue as Office of Origin. No further action is contemplated by Phoenix.



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