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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


February 10, 1956



Your letter dated February 3, 1956, has been received, and I sincerely appreciate your interest in writing.

In the very near future, a representative of our Boston Office will contact you concerning the matters mentioned in your communication.

Sincerely yours,

John Edgar Hoover

cc - Baltimore, with copy of incoming
2 cc's - Boston, with two copies of incoming

ATTENTION SAC, BOSTON: You will note that the copies of correspondent's letter indicate that L. Ron Hubbard has used the name of the FBI in letters to the correspondent. This use of the name of the FBI is unauthorized since, although L. Ron Hubbard did send a copy of the pamphlet mentioned in correspondent's letter to the Bureau, no acknowledgement was made to Hubbard relative to the pamphlet.

The stated purpose of the Foundation is to "study and conduct research in the field of human mind and of human thought in action" through the medium of "dianetics," which may be likened to psychotherapy with certain differences as to method and concept.

In regard to Hubbard himself, an inquiry was initiated on February 26, 1951, after information was received that he had been arrested in Chicago for kidnaping his wife and daughter and taking them out of the State of California. The U.S. Attorney, Los Angeles, instructed that no investigation should be undertaken. The Los Angeles

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Letter to [BLACKED OUT] February 10, 1956


"Times Herald," in its issue of April 24, 1951, related that Hubbard's wife accused him of subjecting her to scientific torture experiments. The news story reported that Mrs. Hubbard, in a divorce suit, claimed that Hubbard was "hopelessly insane."

Hubbard has contacted the Bureau on several occasions to make complaints concerning his wife and the staff of his organization, stating that he believed them to be communistically inclined. Allegations have also been made that the Foundation was of particular interest to sex perverts, hypochondriacs, and curiosity seekers.

You should have an Agent contact [BLACKED OUT] and thank him for his communication. He should be advised that no information can be given to him in this regard because of the confidential nature of Bureau files. The originals or copies of letters written by Hubbard to [BLACKED OUT] should be obtained and transmitted to the Bureau. Submit reply to reach Bureau no later than February 24, 1956, under the caption of "L. Ron Hubbard, The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Box 242, Silver Spring, Maryland, Research (Crime Records)." For your information, Bufiles contain no reference to [BLACKED OUT]

NOTE: Information relative to Hubbard and his organization obtained from Bufile 62-94080. A copy of the information furnished to the SAC at Boston is being furnished to the SAC at Baltimore in the event contact with Hubbard is deemed necessary at a later date.

Followed-up made for February 28, 1956 [above line crossed out and below it hand-written] Killed by Boston letter 2-20-56


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