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The H-Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


Easter Sunday 19[?] [probably 1956]



Enclosed please find one (1) Brain-washing manuel [sic] of the Russian PSYCHOPOLITICIANS.

I understand you and your agents have access to it already but I want to make sure.

3-31-56 I phoned an agent of yours by the name of [BLACKED OUT] and reported that I am investigating by joining "The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International". They were formally [sic] known as Dianeticists until the Psychopoliticians laughed them underground. I know very little about them so far because I have only time to attend two short meetings. There must be less than a dozen in all Houston. So far I think they are O.K. They are supposed to do good, thats [sic] their creed. They say that if you learn Scientology, you cannot be brain-washed, other than with drugs or surgery.

It seams [sic] the Psychopoliticians have been at work since the Czar.

Tocombat [sic] them it will take plans of great bounds.A [sic] slip-up could cause an atomic war. Read page 64 where I point out _any_ failure. Onereason [sic] I say ANY is because some fanatic or would be hero could come here with out official orders and drop fission. Another reason I say Any---read that 4th to the last Para. on pg. 64. They dont [sic] expect to fail because they have such a powerful holding here-----then a 100 or so and their women will head for their under mountain castles and let the bombs fall ;hoping to survive it out as a last resort.

The mix-ups in our good old U.S.A. are clearer now to me. No one knows the seriousness better than you.

Our dope, missleading [sic] news, passing of H.R. 6376 by voice vote, Supreme Court close decisions conflicting with Congresses; your hands being tied many ways.

I am wishing for a plan where by you will get some of the current 5 Billion---- I say you need it here now more than any body else in the world, to spot every Psychopolitician, in colleges, mental inst. Nat. and Fed. gov. ,hospitals, and health clubs, etc. And smash them for good.

Of course it will shake up the public a little while -- But if the U.S. knows and the world knows that very great prosperity will come in a smooth manner after they are smashed ,they will love it and Thank God, more than ever.

May God grant you power to put the cards in the President's Lap.

[page 2]

I am trying to get influential people [missing word?] absorbe [sic] the Brain-washing manuel [sic], but it very slow. The Masons have glimpse of it,so do the Christian Scientists.

My Methodist preacher [BLACKED OUT] is alarming on [?]eing up and many people as he can at the [BLACKED OUT] I would appreciate it if you would give us a clue as to whether it is too soon to start blasting the Psychopoliticians. I dont [sic] want [BLACKED OUT] future damages, because he is gifted.

I would like to see one of your agents join the Scientologists here as abuffer [sic] to conclusions. It's deep but it looks good so far.

Very truly yours,


[handwritten below signature:] The Manuel [sic] should come back to me when you need it not. [BLACKED OUT]


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