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The H-Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard



[BLACKED OUT] Oct. 2, 1965

J. Edgar Hoover, F.B.I.
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Hoover:

I recd., this date, a booklet from: "Scientology - 1012 19th St. N.W. - Washington 9, D.C. It is a small 66 page pamphlet. The pages are about the size of a schoolbook. Perhaps, the size of a First Grade Reader. The Auther [sic] is L. Ron Hubbard.

The company is called: The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International Limited. There are offices in London, Washington, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Aukland, Durban, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and Hubbard Communications Office Ltd. The London address is: Hosi Ltd., 37 Fitzroy St. London, W.I.

It reads in doubletalk! It is so far left in [sic] turns quite orange and into red! It appeals to the average person. Middle Class, middle age, medium intellect and stirs the heck out of them! It may help the weaker ones. It will stir up a stronger mind to a keen interest.

Perhaps the weaker mind will go out, sign up for a better education at some night school and go on to a better job.

On the other hand, the stronger mind, if he is unhappy in his lot in life, will cause a real uproar in his circle. Mostly because this booklet "puts down" the young aggressive worker who might be _in charge_ of an older group.

[page 2]

It says "in short" that there is no room for experienced run-of-the-mill workers with very little education. We know that this type of person is the backbone of our country. Why should they be plegued [sic] with doubts about their younger boss? This booklet breeds contempt which leads to hate. We all know what hate can do! (The Consultants are: THE FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENCOLOGY [sic] WASHINGTON THE CHURCH OF SCIENCEOLOGY [sic] OF CALIF.)

In good old "_American English"_ they are trying to cause a "fire in the hold!"

Oddly enough, I had a "creepy" feeling when I opened. A dark, gray taste, although the day was bright and cheerful.

Now I must explain the circumstances of my receiving this through the United States Mail.

I recd. A "book-page" size piece of paper in the mail on Sept. 21, 1965. It is white paper with a black edge. It reads: "Here is a book that does what you don't expect a book to do. It tells you HOW. It tells you the basis of things, and the most basic of things is life itself. This then is a book about Life."

(Then, in an inner black box)

by L. Ron Hubbard

(To continue)

"Just _get it, read it, try it,_ and
You'll never be the same again. Send $1.25 to:

BOX 242, Dept. ML



I wrote to Maryland and recd. this from Washington. Now, the back page of the booklet tells me to write to London and send

- 2 -

[page 3]

£2. Thus far, I have sent no money but _would_ like to send to London to receive "Dienetics [sic]: The Modern Science of Mental Health" and "The Extension Course." if for no other reason, then to explode their theory.

_Number 1._ it must be against _some_ law to ask for English Funds in the U.S.

_Number 2._ it must be against _some_ law to do this through the U.S. Mail.

_Number 3_ it _should_ be against _some_ law to send this type of literature through the U.S. Mail, marked _book_ when it's a pamphlet. It is _not_ worth the $1.25 asked for it. It is worth about 50c [cents].

_Number 4_ it _should_ be against some law to be doing all of this through the name of _"Science"!_ (This is a science of "drip-water-system-" A science of undermining people's mind. An evil science.)

I was quite surprised when I opened this package! I thought it would be "a book of Morman [sic]" because I have ventured, verbaly [sic], to a couple of "oddballs" this past week, my desire to Read the Book of Morman. I had an interesting talk with a young man (from the Navy) on the Morman [sic] Theory and wanted to read it and understand it for myself before I condemned it in my own mind! If what this young man says is true, the Morman's [sic] should jolly well find themselves another vision or two and another land. Say like Russia or someplace close by. (Make a hell of their own someplace else!)

I would be highly honored if you would answer this letter. I have not recd. an answer to any letters I have written to any of our U.S. Officials, yet, I write to an oddball outfit like this & receive prompt attention!

I sent a letter to two of our local (U.S. State) official [sic], one a couple of months ago - during the Watts riot and one last week - (State-official) and no answers.

I am _not prone_ to this type of letter but have a great fear for our wonderful Blessed Soil!

I will await an answer for one week. Then I shall write this letter to "Lady bird," our beloved President's wife. He is so busy & he is a man. She is a woman and (no matter how you men think) women are strong. - a lot stronger than this evil pamphlet.

- 3 -

[page 4]

I can _not_ tolerate any _hint_ of social, yellow, red, black, pink or anything less than _pure_ red, white & blue!



Please take that booklet apart with a _fine tooth_ comb. Note entroduction [sic], note 1st paragraph in each chapt. and not [sic] how each chapt. twists the truth out of the first sentences. This was wrtten [sic] by a crafty mind. Note the _large case_ words.

_Note_ the _last chapters_!
How _twisted_ can it get!
Start on page 51!
_Look_ at the back of the book (insid [sic] _cover_!)
The answer is in the terminals

- 4 -


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