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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


[newspaper clipping, from "NEWS OF THE WORLD", London England, 2/25/68, submitting office: London; xerox is in poor condition and partially illegible]


THE Church of Scientology of California, the British-based mind-training cult founded by a former science-fiction writer from America, is being for [pounds]1,190 by a Londoner who says that he took their instruction courses for five years.

Mr. Robert Michael Bay[?]ord, of Belsize Park Gardens, Hampstead, has issued a High Court writ claiming the sum which, he alleges, he paid to the organisation for "a consideration which has wholly failed."

Scientology was founded by Lafayette Ron Hubbard and has its headquarters at Saint Hill Manor, a Georgian mansion near East Grinstead, Sussex. Followers from many parts of the world go there to take courses.


The cult claims to be "the road to total freedom." An organisation brochure calls it "an applied philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge which through [?] application of his technology, can bring about desirable changes in [?] conditions." [illegible line] [pounds]131 for a Hubbard Professional Auditor course, which is said to qualify people to apply Scientology processes to others.

For a Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, which according to the brochure provides the professional auditor with the "facilities, precision and velocity necessary to progress further in Scientology," he claims [pounds]285.


For the Power Processing Grade V course he claims [pounds]180. This course is meant to "release a person from deeply occluded areas of hidden problems and produce a being who can be truly aware of power and who can handle life and livingness at a much higher cause level than before."

Lastly, Mr Bayford claims [pounds]75 for Mark IV and Mark V meters and electrodes. Hubbard E-meters are electronic aids "for measuring the mental state and change of state of individuals."

No date has been set for the hearing.

Mr. Hubbard is believed to be at sea in one of a flotilla of ships he has bought in the last few years to make up what he calls his "sea org."


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