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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard



April 2, 1968

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.


Is it possible for you to give me information on the following?

1812 19th Street, N.W.
Washington 9, D.C.
Adams 2-6296
Scientology is the study of life
increases potential ability,
mental and spiritual
Personal Effeciency [sic] Foundation
Hubbard Guidance Center
Academy of Scientology
The Founding Church of Scientology

The above was on a card given out by people at this address and in going to this address, they would not give out any information at all. In fact, when they are asked questions, they hush up, so to speak.

As young people further their education, their parents talk with my husband, since he is a minister and pastor, and they want to know where their children can get the best training in the category of their interest.

Families and different individuals have tried in vain to find out in detail as to what type of training is being given to a person taking "SCIENTOLOGY". There are so many indications that this is a cover-up for something that is undesirable. There should not be any secret as to their course they offer. If it is on the up and up, we should know what it contributes to a better life.

My husband and I cannot find any _"one"_ individual who can get information as to the type of training a student receives and the purpose in the course. I do know they have a representative to make personal contact, then the student goes there, and then goes to England.

I do hope and trust you can find out the truth, because it may save other young people from being misguided.

Thank you.



April 9, 1968



Your letter of April 2 has been received.

In response to your inquiry, information in our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to the organization you mentioned.

Sincerely yours,

[stamped] J. Edgar Hoover

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record of correspondent. Lafayette Ron Hubbard the founder of the Founding Church of Scientology has been known to the Bureau since 1951. Neither Hubbard nor the organization headed by him has been investigated by the Bureau. He has been described as "hopelessly insane" by his wife in connection with divorce proceedings. His theory of "Scientology" is an alleged science which instills self-confidence and assist [sic] in removing mental problems. In August, 1966, the Department requested information concerning the Founding Church of Scientology, inasmuch as the Tax Division is involved in litigation as to whether or not the alleged Church of Scientology is exempt from Federal income taxation as a religious organization. Pertinent information contained in Bufiles has been provided to the Department. This organization has also been investigated by the Food and Drug Administration, Internal Revenue Service and the Army. (62-94080)

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