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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


[handwritten letter]

Aug 1, 1968

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

My son is deeply involved with an Organization called the Church of Scientology. He has spent some $1300 in courses offered here in Los Angeles, and is in the process of borrowing a large sum to further his studies in East Grinstead, Sussex, England. There are many things about this Organization which seem strange and rather frightening.

I have been informed this Church of Scientology is being investigated. Is this true?

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Any information on this Organization you are able to give me would be greatly appreciated. I have heard some wild stories of boys chained in dungeons, brain-washing and the like which may or may not be true.

I am unable to convince my 22 year old this may be a fraud and dangerous. He is an idealist and believes this to be a new and great thing for mankind.

The borrowed money is loan from a 22 year old boy from [BLACKED OUT] whom my son met here. He is supposedly loaning a total of [BLACKED OUT] to six or seven Scientolog[?] The money is on deposit in a bank here as I have checked i[?] Where would a boy that age get such a s um, and why

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would he loan it to anyone on such short acquaintance? A promisory note was signed involving "Scientology Ethics" if not paid, and Scientology is holding a copy.

The fact that this Organization also has ships - called the Sea Org which cannot be touched by any nation, and calls itself a Church with the protection afforded such has me deeply concerned for my son's welfare and future.

Please send me any information you have, or complaints made, post haste as it will be too late for my son.



August 7, 1968



Your letter of August 1st has been received.

In response to your inquiry, information in our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to the organization you mentioned.

I regret I am unable to answer your question or be of assistance to you.

Sincerely yours,

[stamped] J. Edgar Hoover

John Edgar Hoover

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record of correspondent. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Founding Church of Scientology has been known to the Bureau since 1951. Neither Hubbard nor the organization headed by him has been investigated by the Bureau. He has been described as "hopelessly insane" by his wife in connection with divorce proceedings. His theory of "Scientology" is an alleged science which instills self-confidence and assists in removing mental problems. In August, 1966, the Department requested information concerning the Founding Church of Scientology, inasmuch as the Tax Division is involved in litigation as to whether or not the alleged Church of Scientology is exempt from Federal income taxation as a religious organization. Pertinent information contained in Bufiles has been provided to the Department. This organization has also been investigated by the Food and Drug Administration, Internal Revenue Service and the Army.

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