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The H-Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


April 16, 1969

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

Could you please advise me as to the status of an organization called SCIENTOLOGY, operating a franchise business in amateur psychology throughout the United States. They have headquarters in Los Angeles, California and give a New York address as 49 W. 32 N.T.C 10001.

My husband has become avidly interested in this group and I can not help but feel that something unhealthy is going on. I am extremely disquieted when I see snap shots taken of their meeting room in Buffalo chapter and I noticed on the wall a sign which reads " L. RON HUBBARD IS SAVING THIS PLANET AND WE ARE HELPING HIM."

My husband receives telephone calls almost daily and two or three letters ever [sic] single day. This evening he received a call from Los Angeles demanding that he return the long distance call as soon as he returns home. All of these contacts are lures to get him to invest further money in further franchise courses in mental releases from emmotional [sic] hang-ups.

This organization has its headquarters on ships somewhere at sea. They call themselves "Sea Org" and last fall one day two space suited young girls dropped in unexpectedly from headquarters, called up all the members of the Buffalo chapter at their work and demanded that they come out immediately to be interviewed. The girls then demanded $5,00.00 by 5:00 P.M. or "else".

I feel that this organizatio is insidious. I would surely appreciate hearing from you with some facts in this matter if you would be so informed.

Yours truly,


April 23, 1969



I received your letter on April 21st.

In reply to your inquiry, information in our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to Scientology. I regret I am unable to be of assistance in this instance.

Sincerely yours,

[stamped] J. Edgar Hoover

NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Founding Church of Scientology has been known to the Bureau since 1951. Neither Hubbard nor the organization headed by him has been investigated by the Bureau. He was described as "hopelessly insane" by his wife in connection with divorce proceedings. His theory of "Scientology" is an alleged science which instills self-confidence and assists in removing mental problems. In August, 1966, the Department requested information concerning the Founding Church of Scientology, inasmuch as the Tax Division was involved in litigation as to whether or not the alleged Church of Scientology is exempted from Federal income taxation as a religious organization.



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