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Operation and Transport Corporation Ltd., (known simply as OTC.) is a large International business organization.

The Yacht "Apollo" is one of the private yachts owned by OTC and used for business management and business training purposes.

OTC has found that a large yacht such as the "Apollo", ideally combines business activities with mobility, for first-hand observation of widely spread business interests. Add to this, the [?]omance and excitement of sea cruises in a changing variety of pleasant ports-of-call, and you have something of the unique atmosphere that OTC Directors have created for their company members and their business operations.

OTC is independently financed by its own activities around the world and in entirely non-political in nature.

Of great interest are the company's modern research activities, - reflecting the progress-minded policy of the company.

An important contribution to the business world has been the discovery of the exact basic steps that comprise and make for the successful administration of any organization or business.

Recently research was done into a world famous wine industry, to ascertain how it has survived so well and how it has continued to make, for more than 200 years, a product of extremely high quality without loss of technology or deterioration.

Practical training alongside skilled masters and other highly trained specialists of the industry, was found to be the prime factor in the preservation of the technology and the continued excellence of the product.

Further observation revealed this exact same factor to lie behind the successful continuation of all skilled professions passed successfully down through the ages.

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caption: Wives and families aboard assist with secretarial and other tasks. Youthful members of company families work as crew members aboard the Yachts.

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OTC applied this important principle to the field of business management and training and it is now in broad use.

The superior business systems and management skills developed by OTC are, of course, used by the company to manage and expand its own concerns. They are also made available on request, to other businesses and groups. Some of these are --

Business Management systems,
Public relations,
Data Analysis Technology,
Business Administration,
Personnel Training procedurs,
Business Organizing.

Local businesses or groups interested in information on the above services are invited to enquire to --

OTC Ltd.,
Field Sales Division 8,
P.O. Box 1065
Copenhagen, K,

On board the Yacht "Apollo" the atmosphere is a friendly one. Guests are received warmly.

Company representatives come from the many western countries where OTC and client companies have business offices and interests.

The large Yacht has two Captains. One, the Sea Captain, ensures safe and smooth cruises, and the other, the Port Captain, is responsible for port and shore relations.

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The Yacht Apollo has an illustrious history.

She was built in 1936 in Belfast, Ireland and used as a passenger ferry. At the beginning of the Second World War she was requisitioned by the British Royal Navy for active duty.

Her war record is a proud one.

She was used for important landing operations in Norway and the south of France. She carried reinforcements to Iceland, disembarked troops at Casablanca and traveled a total of 11,000 miles of North African coast, as a transport.

As Flagship of the British Royal Navy she carried the important personalities - Admiral Cunningham, General Sir Maitland Wilson

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caption: OTC take great prid in the safety of their vessels and visitors may sometimes see safety drills being conducted by the officers and crew. These drills help make the "Apollo" one of the safest ships afloat.

[photo: man standing in what appears to be a lifeboat; "APOLLO" is written on the bow]

(Commander-in-Chief of the British Mediterrean operations), and Admiral Tronbridge.

Admiral Cunningham said of this valiant ship: "It was of vital importance for the victory of the Tunis Campaign."

In 1945 the ship became headquarters for "Operation Anvil", an important war campaign.

In the final stages of the war, the Prime Minister of England, Sir Winston Churchill, lived aboard and personally supervised the war operations while encouraging the troops with his presence.

In 1945 the ship returned to her former peace time services.

Later she was sold and used for various cruise purposes. Then, sold again to her present owners, Operation and Transport Corporation, Ltd., she assumed the new and important phase of her illustrious career.

In contrast to her prominent role in the Second World War, the Apollo is now prominent in the field of business management.

And while the Apollo space craft explore the moon in outer space, Yacht Apollo of OTC Ltd leads the way into better and more efficient procedures in the world of business.


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