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February 13, 1973


_Certified Mail_

Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Ninth and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

This letter is being written to request your immediate investigation and assistance in connection with a critical situation that involves my son, [BLACKED OUT] It is so critical that I am literally petrified at this point that he has been brainwashed by the "processing" he has undergone in "Scientology" to the point where he has become extremely dangerous to himself, to members of his immediate family and his friends, and eventually could become a danger to society.

Three years ago, when my son was a junior in college, he was introduced to "Scientology." He then dropped out of school and since that time has given all of the money he could earn or obtain to this organization in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Los Angeles. It appears that the techniques used result in self-hypnosis, and the the brainwashing procedures begin. At this point my son is concerned about his own sanity, but as a result of the conditioning through "Scientology auditing" he is so deluded that he has utter contempt for any established form of psychiatry or scientifically-endorsed approach to mental health problems. He is now convinced that the only way he can make it through "Scientology," its founder--L. Ron Hubbard, and continued "auditing" until he reaches the state of "clear" or "thetan." If anyone interferes or tries to discourage him from continuing his "auditing," he is instructed to "disconnect" from them.

Through investigation I have located reports on "Scientology" in the American Medical Association's magazine, _Today's Health_, pages 34 to 39, inclusive, of the December, 1968, issue. This article is entitled "SCIENTOLOGY--Menace to Mental Health," by Ralph Lee Smith. In this article he states, "Few have heeded the warning of the American Psychological Association that Hubbard's claims are not supported by empirical evidence.' They ignore the statement by the late Dr. William Menninger, one of the founders of the famed Menninger Clinic, of Topeka, Kansas, that Hubbard's system and ideas can potentially do a great deal of harm.' "

I quote, also, from pages 37 and 38 of the above-mentioned article:

"What goes on in Scientology auditing sessions? Preclears won't tell you--they are forbidden to discuss their experience with anyone. They also are forbidden to speak any word of

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Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Wash., D.C. 2/13/73 Page 2

disparagement of Scientology to the press or to listen to any condemnation of the cult. If the preclear's superiors think that he is guilty of any conduct undertaken knowingly to suppress, reduce, or impede Scientology or Scientologists,' he may find himself labeled a P.T.S.--potential trouble source--and charged with high crimes.' The penalty is dismissal from Scientology. Others in Scientology, who might presumably include his friends and/or members of his family, are instructed to disconnect' from him.

However, the procedures used in Scientology auditing are easily obtained without imperiling any preclears. Hubbard goes into them in detail in his books.

The first step is to get a preclear securely under the auditor's command.' "

In spite of the action taken against this organization in some foreign countries where, I understand, it has been banned, it seems to be uncurbed in the United States. From the last paragraph of the _Today's Health_ article, page 30, I again quote: "Before it finally goes the way of all cults, Scientology may leave behind a legacy of tragedy unmatched in the annals of fads and fallacies to mental health."

I call your attention, also, to an eleven-page article in _Life Magazine_, November 15, 1968, issue, entitled "SCIENTOLOGY - A growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind." On page 100B of this article Alan Levy begins an account of his personal experiences. This article has the following heading: "An exploring writer becomes personally involved A TRUE-LIFE NIGHTMARE' by Alan Levy."

These articles in _Today's Health_ and _Life Magazine_ will, I am sure, convince you of the seriousness of the situation and further convince you that I am not just an overly-concerned mother.

A most serious episode occurred during the Christmas holiday season which could have had disastrous consequences. I firmly believe that my son is "hooked" and cannot get well unless he receives professional help to remove the "auditing" brainwashing now imbedded in his mind. He has not, since becoming involved with "Scientology," been able to hold a position of any kind for any length of time. He states that he is, through "Scientology," going to control his environment and everyone in it.

I have read some of the "Scientology" literature--both books authored by L. Ron Hubbard and some of the endless free literature with which my son has been bombarded. The minute, limited investigation I have been able to make of this organization has put me, at times, in a state of panic. I have seen my son's personality deteriorate and become progressively worse to the point where now there seems to be

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Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Wash., D.C. 2/13/73 Page 3

no sanity present in his reasoning. The "auditing" costs have already run into many thousands of dollars.

Is this the type of organization, which calls itself a church in this country (in other countries I am told they are not permitted to call themselves a church) licensed to probe into the mind up to the point of removing the so-called "reactive" mind--the subconcious or unconcious? It is my understanding thta the subconcious and/or the unconscious mind are extremely important to the well-being and sanity of an individual. My son is intending to resume his course--the "auditing"--within a couple of weeks; I am afraid he will be reduced to a zombie or "vegetable." They predicate their ability to remove the "reactive" mind through their auditing processes.

Have you made any reports on and/or investigation into this organization? If so, I would like to know where they are available. If this has not come under your direct scrutiny, I would request some kind of initial investigation immediately. It is impossible for me to communicate with my son on "Scientology." If he brings up the subject, I try to avoid becoming at all involved. If I should ask any questions about it, he displays a jaded personality and seems to be obsessed and under the influence of some magnetic force. You can see the change in his eyes whenever "Scientology" takes over. Members of the organization are constantly after him for more money, suggesting what will happen if he doesn't continue with it, calling him on the telephone, and keeping him in a constant state of turmoil.

I urgently request that you recognize and respond to this letter and contact me for any further information or assistance in connection with an investigation in an effort to determine what can be done before it is too late. I am most sincere about the urgency of the problem. I live in dread of what might do to those close to him whom he is now determined to "control."

I shall depend on your professional expertise to make the investigation without revealing how, where, or by whom it was instigated. If my son knew that I initiated it, I fear that my life would be in serious jeopardy. Please contact me and recognize and respond to this letter. My phone nubmer is [BLACKED OUT] My son is not now living with me.

Thank you for your assistance.

Very truly yours,



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