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The H Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


STANDARD FORM NO. [illegible]


TO : Mr. DeLoach

FROM : M.A. Jones


On June 12, 1959, the above captioned individual and [BLACKED OUT] appeared at the Bureau and were interviewed by SA [BLACKED OUT] He stated he was in town on vacation and was departing the following day. He explained that while here he was taking the opportunity of making inquiries concerning the Academy of Scientology, 1812 19th Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C., which was founded and is operated by L. Ron Hubbard.

[BLACKED OUT] related a great volume of literature concerning this institution is being sent to individuals throughout Alaska urging attendance at various branches of the Academy or enrollment in correspondence courses. He stated several individuals have inquired of the State Police about the Academy. [BLACKED OUT] said he had contacted the Metropolitan Police Department and had been advised that the Academy is one of the worst legal frauds ever known to that Department. [BLACKED OUT] desired to know if the Bureau had any information regarding the Academy which could be furnished to him.

He was told that if the Bureau has any data which can be supplied to him or his Department it will be furnished through our Anchorage Office since he already had indicated he was departing from Washington the following day. He indicated this would be most satisfactory. Arrangement thereafter were made for [BLACKED OUT] to be conducted on a special tour of the Bureau for which they were most appreciative.

A review of Bufiles shows we have very good relations with the Alaska State Police which is headed by [BLACKED OUT] a graduate of the [BLACKED OUT] of the FBI National Academy. Several other members of the Department are graduates of the National Academy. No record identifiable with [BLACKED OUT] was located in Bufiles.



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Memorandum for Mr. DeLoach

Bufiles reveal we have not conducted an investigation concerning the Academy of Scientology or Hubbard; however, we have had numerous inquiries regarding Hubbard and various organizations which he has headed, and we have furnished in the past public source data to former Senator Homer Ferguson and Senator Styles Bridges. This material also has been disseminated in London, England, where Hubbard has an office, through our Legal Attache.


That the attached letter be sent to Anchorage authorizing that office to furnish the information contained therein either to [BLACKED OUT] or one of his superior officers on a confidential basis.

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