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TO : Mr. A.H. Belmont

DATE: August 30, 1960

FROM : W.C. Sullivan


Reference is made to the Director's request "Do we know about publication referred to in Cobina Wright's column?" Enclosed with the Director's routing slip was Cobina Wright's column from the _Los Angeles Herald & Express_ of August 24, 1960, in which the publication "Brainwashing" was underscored. The publication was described in the column as a Russian textbook on psycho-politics.

It is believed that Cobina Wright was referring to a 64-page booklet entitled "BRAIN-WASHING, A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Phychopolitics [sic] edited by Charles Stickley, New York City, 1955, and given a wide distribution since that time. Issued by the "Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc.," Box 242, Silver Spring, Maryland. Various copies of the booklet have been received by the Bureau from individuals from coast to coast and even from Australia, together with inquiries concerning its authenticity.

It appears that Cobina Wright took her quotation from pages 26 and 27 of the booklet on which appear the following paragraphs:

"By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by giving the teen-ager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness into which can then be cast the solution which will give the teen-ager complete freedom everywhere--Communism.

"Should it be possible to continue conscription beyond any reasonable time by promoting unpopular wars and other means the draft can always stand as a further barrier

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Memo to Mr. A. H. Belmont
Re: Request from Director re "Brainwashing,
A Russian Textbook on Psycho-Politics"

to the progress of youth in life, destroying any immediate hope to participate in his nation's civic life.

"By these means the patriotism of youth for their Capitalistic flag can be dulled to a point where they are no longer dangerous as soldiers. While this might require many decades to effect, Capitalism's short term view will never envision the length across which we can plan.

"If we could effectively kill the national pride and patriotism of just one generation we will have won that country.. Therefore there must be continual propaganda abroad to undermine the loyalty of the citizens in general and the teenager in particular."

In his "Editorial Note" at the beginning of the booklet, Stickley does not attribute the material to having come from a Russian textbook at all, but states, "This book is a synthesis of information gathered through observation, discussion, investigation and experience over the last ten years. I cannot entirely vouch for its authenticity..." Bureau files contain no previous record of Stickley.

The "Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc." is the brainchild of L. Ron Hubbard, who is also connected with the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, and the Academy of Scientology. His organizations allegedly advance a new method of curing mental illness known as "dianetics." The April 24, 1951, issue of the _Times Herald_, Washington, D.C., revealed that Hubbard's wife charged in a divorce suit that he was "hopelessly insane" and had subjected her to "scientific torture experiments." According to the article "competent medical advisors recommended that Hubbard be committed to a private sanitarium for psychiatric observation and treatment of his mental ailment known as paranoid schizophrenia." The Bureau has received numerous inquiries concerning the booklet described above, as well as concerning Hubbard and his organizations.

RECOMMENDATION: For the information of the Director.

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