Operation Clambake presents:

The H Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


[handwritten letter]

Mar. 24, illegible year, probably 1961]

J. Edgar Hoover - F.B.I.
U.S. Dept. Of Justice
Washington 25, D.C.

Dear Mr. Hoover,

I wrote you requesting a list of all subversive organizations operating within our country.

Since that time, I have read your book on "Masters of Deceit" and wish to know about a particular organization. It is called The Founding Church of Scientology" and "Academy of Scientology" 1812 19th St Washington, D.C.

I even wrote a letter to President Kennedy about this, the science of making able men more able. I have received literature called Ability Magazines and enrolled as a student, thinking that sometime I might attend this school. But, since I heard [BLACKED OUT] speak to our club and in reading your book, I wish to know more about it from the standpoint of someone who has fought and is fighting communism in our country.

I am truly concerned about this because, first and foremost, I am an American citizen and do realize that communism is gaining ground in our country as well as other countries.

[page 2]

I am [line cut off by xeroxing] but it is something I must know. I had even left my own Catholic church here in [BLACKED OUT] but plan to go back on Easter Sunday. I realize what this has done to my children because they thought I did not believe in God, which is false because I do know that a Supreme Being does, indeed, exist.

Will you let me hear from you soon? I do hope that I wrong about this school. They have always said they were fighting communism and I truly felt that I was so doing. Everyone disagrees with me so much that I now wonder about it.

Yours very sincerely,



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