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The H Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


[handwritten letter, undated, probably circa Sept 24 1961, badly xeroxed]


To the F.B.I. in Washington D.C.

Dear Sirs - I am a widow and not well; + I have a 21 year old nephew in Detroit, Mich. He is out of High School + now he is thinking of taking some kind of an 8 weeks course of study in Washington D.C. - The tuition is $600 - This, so called training center, is at 1812 - 19th St. N.W. Zone #9. - I fear it is not a place where he will get anything help him earn a liveing [sic] - I do feel it may be a Spiritualist center. - I fear it may not even be a school that is really leagal. [sic] - It is run by a Mr L. Don [sic] Hubbard. - He call his self a Engineer + a Philosopher. - I am not sure what sort of a place it is or if it is really a school, or if it is just a fraud. - He claims there [sic] study is Scio - "Knowing in the full sence [sic], esp., logos - study. I think the word logos in the Hebrew is the same word as Spirit in English. I therefore fear it may be a school to train mediums, or some thing on that order.

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[top line may be cut off]

out if this school is really O.K., - or if it is just a bad hold-up, to your [illegible word] of this nation? - I do not feel he would get any thing out of that course, that would help him to make a living in a leagel [sic] way - I would like to have your [illegible word] this school, if I can have it. - I told him I though [sic] as he was one of the 10 best in his class at High School in Detroit; when he finished, over two years ago, - that if he was in the U.S.A. army, he would be able to get free collage [sic]; of the very best kind. Was that not good advise [sic] - H is working He is bright I don't do no want him to make an awful bad mistake. - So I would be so glad to find out if this school which is called the academy of Scientolgy [sic] Dose [sic] this school carry any credits, that are worth the name, with other good State Universities of the nation. - Is it even a leagel [sic] school? He said the [illegible word], + all w[?] come to $1200 for the [illegible word] It seems outrageous to me. - May I please hear from you soon. Yours very truly [SIGNATURE BLACKED OUT]


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