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The H Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


[handwritten letter, badly xeroxed]

March 31, [illegible year, probably 1962]

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover,
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Hoover:

In a city near here there is a man who calls himself a Scientologist. Someone near to me visits this man regularly for therapy called "processing" I feel this relative is being duped and deceived by this man. He makes statements and distributes literature that contains statements which I feel are not true but I am not in a position to spend the time and money to verify my belief.

For instance, he says the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are trained in Washington by scientologists.

In a book called "Sanity for the Layman" by Raymond Kemp, [?] appears this paragraph on page 4.

"In fact, the only mental therapy that is not in the Un American Activities and F.B.I. lists as a danger to Society is that

[page 2]

under the heading of Scientology and its companion, Dianetics. These methodology and exact studies of the area of man known as "the understanding of the Human Mind and Spirit" were the only ones that contained a clean bill of health after investigation into its practices, methods and results."

Mr. Hoover, everyone knows the fine reputation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Its integrity and freedom from politics and scandal sits it high above all other bureaus of government. It seems to me that this man, but these statement and literature, is using the fine reputation of F.B.I. to advance his work, Scientology, and to give people the impression that Scientology is used and approved by the F.B.I.

1. Do Scientologists really train the F.B.I. agents in Washington

2. Is it true that Scientology and Dianetics are the only mental the[?] listed by the F.B.I. and Un American Activities as not dangerous to Society?

[page 3]

3. What is this Scientology Center located at 1812 19th St. N.W. Washington

4. Exactly who is Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, founder of Scientology and Dianetics, and what is his life history?

My husband and I live on a small farm. We have a son in [MOST OF REMAINDER OF PARAGRAPH BLACKED OUT] I write facts to show you that we are useful, active and respected members of our community.

Mr. Hoover, I am not a chronic letter writer. I have never written a letter like this before

[page 4]

I sincerely would like the answer to these questions. I hope you will answer them for me.

Very truly yours


P.S. The book "Sanity for the Layman" by Raymond Kemp, Ph.D. is copyrighted 1961 by L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Center, San Diego, Ca


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