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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard




TO : DIRECTOR, FBI (62-94080)

DATE: 4/13/62

FROM : SAC, ALBANY (94-445)(P)


Re Bureau airtel 4/5/62.

[BLACKED OUT] The following information was developed:

The "Scientologist" mentioned by [BLACKED OUT] in her letter is [REST OF PARAGRAPH BLACKED OUT]

cc: 2 Bureau
1 Albany

[page 2]

AL 94-445

When the [BLACKED OUT] first took [BLACKED OUT] he used a meter of some kind and told them she had a problem and had them sign a contract telling them his course would be $10 an hour and it would mean about 50 hours. He kept the contract copy and they learned from [BLACKED OUT] later that the contract was for $1200 instead of $500. On being reproached about this, [BLACKED OUT] tore up the contract.

[BLACKED OUT] became convinced that [BLACKED OUT] was not genuine and that "Scientology" was a cult. [BLACKED OUT] apparently repeated this to [BLACKED OUT] and he told [BLACKED OUT] he was going to report her to the National Foundation and they would probably sue her for liable [sic, but hand correct to libel]. The [BLACKED OUT] told [BLACKED OUT] that [BLACKED OUT] had said to her that FBI Agents were trained in Scientology. [BLACKED OUT] had no more details than this. [BLACKED OUT] knew of no other statement made by [BLACKED OUT] about the FBI except this. The statement about the "only mental therapy that is not in the Un-American Activities and FBI list," appeared only in the book mentioned in [BLACKED OUT] letter so far as she knew. She heard nothing about this from [BLACKED OUT] made no particular statements about the FBI at all to [BLACKED OUT] herself.

[BLACKED OUT] has been in touch with [BLACKED OUT] Investigator for the [BLACKED OUT] which has control of the [BLACKED OUT] in the State of New York. She said that [BLACKED OUT] has been conducting an investigation of [BLACKED OUT] and has requested her to do nothing which might impede the investigation as he indicated to her that if she did anything, [BLACKED OUT] might "pull in his horns" and it would be impossible for [BLACKED OUT] to obtain evidence necessary to take effective action against him. [BLACKED OUT] said [BLACKED OUT] investigation is, so far as she knew, based on her complaint to him and [BLACKED OUT] explained that her main interesting is in exposing [BLACKED OUT] as a fraud so that she can wean away from him her daughter-in-law and son. She said her son appears disenchanted with [BLACKED OUT] but her daughter-in-law still believes in him.

- 2 -

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AL 94-445

On 4/1/62, an effort was made to locate [BLACKED OUT] and it was determined the he was in NYC and it was not known when he would return.

In view of the impending investigation reported by [BLACKED OUT] and [BLACKED OUT] request that nothing be done to possibly prevent his obtaining necessary evidence, [BLACKED OUT] will not be interviewed by this office until the matter has been discussed with [BLACKED OUT] UACB. It is felt we should not be in a position of alerting [BLACKED OUT] and thus possibly destroying the [BLACKED OUT] case against him. This will be closely followed and [BLACKED OUT] will be interviewed as soon as possible and, if practicable, [BLACKED OUT] will be interviewed immediately thereafter and appropriately admonished.

In respect to [BLACKED OUT] the only information concerning him identifiable in Albany files is that on 3/17/60, [BLACKED OUT] called concerning the Dianetics and Scientology Study Group, Delmar, N.Y. She said that a few weeks ago, one [BLACKED OUT] for whom she does not have an address but was given telephone number HE 8-1125, came to the Library and requested that a study group of which he was a member be permitted to use one of the library rooms for study and discussion. He gave the name of the group as the Dianetics and Scientology Study Group, Delmar, N.Y.

It is noted that the Albany telephone directory lists a [BLACKED OUT]

According to [BLACKED OUT] the group did not confine its discussion to the assigned quarters, but during the evening filtered out into the library proper and attempted to recruit a number of high school students into the group, it being noted that these students consistently study during the evening at the library. Because of this, [BLACKED OUT] advised the group recently that the facilities would no longer be available to them. Yesterday morning, 3/17/60 [BLACKED OUT] called the Delmar Library and was insistent that the facilities continue to be available to the group and, upon being refused, he threatened to go to the FBI and have a hearing.

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AL 94-445

[BLACKED OUT] was advised that anyone was free to approach the FBI but that it was not within the purview of the FBI to furnish formal hearings of any kind to anyone. She said she thought this was the case but had wanted to confirm it as she believed that [BLACKED OUT] was trying to intimidate her and she did not propose to be "pushed around." No further action was taken.

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