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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


Jan 10/63

The Federal Bureau of Investigation,

_Re: Investigation of Scientologists_

Gentlemen :

A news item on a [BLACKED OUT] radio station came on the air last Saturday Jan 5th, with an item of interest to me. I am at the present time in the process of getting some Washington papers to read about this particular item, which mentioned at the time, that The Scientologists, who are located in Washington and elsewhere, are being investigated and have their machines taken from them and this news item went on to say that they claimed they could cure people, and that Ron Hubbard, who is at the head of this crackpot organization was not available for comment at that time.

I would like to state to you my past experience with this racket and it is that my husband (who has since disappeared), took this course for three months from July till [sic] October of 1958, and I myself did visit him in Washington for a week end during that time, and as you probably know are located in Central Washington just off the main street. I knew at that time they were a fraud. My former husband took this course to the tune [BLACKED OUT] for which courses he had to borrow the money, because they had to have the money for this course in advance : and which debt was left for me to pay because after taking this course, he deserted me the following year and during the time since he had taken the course he had kept in touch with them and also bought one of their machines with which they work. Do not underestimate my former husbands [sic] mentality, because he was extremely clever and thought that this had something to offer. He has not been seen or heard of since, altho [sic] he cashed a [BLACKED OUT] cheque in Mexico somewhere, as the company he was working for let me know when it was cashed and if he is in the States with this outfit of Scientologists, he is there illegally. My lawyer wrote to both Washington and New York, to these people at the time to get some papers signed from him, with no reply and we have not persued [sic] it any further, because I certainly do not wish to bother with him.

I know if I recall correctly that they had on the back of their literature, that in a case of emergency - that they are located

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in Maryland. I am only mentioning these things to you to help you know just what a racket this thing is and Ron Hubbard in it should be exposed, and I know there were others taken for a ride like myself in Canada, and I have had to work since he disappeared to pay of this [BLACKED OUT] debt he left and it has taken nearly everything I had to keep up to it. I have long since disgarded [sic] all their literature, but I do recall them mentioning in their literature that they had been sued before but were not worried, but believe me these people do need investigating because they [?]ck up peoples [sic] home and take money that people cannot afford and have people going around in a trance. In fact one of their sneaky representatives came up here to [BLACKED OUT] once a [BLACKED OUT] so she called herself) supposedly married to a [BLACKED OUT] in their New York office, drumming up business for further courses! You may find some of these people who take this course at The Elmwood House if it is still there - for your information my former husbands [sic] name is [BLACKED OUT] not unless he has changed it and is living under an alias in the States.

I did not mean this to be a long epistle, but I had to do some explaining and was quite pleased when I heard this on the news--for at last someone has got wise to them and felt that I had to write and hope I have been of some service.

Yours sincerely,



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