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The H Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


WASHINGTON, D.C. ----- January 5, 1963

The seizure of the property and records of our religious organization, the Founding Church of Scientology, at the instigation of the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, is a shocking example of government bureaucracy gone mad.

It is a direct and frightening attack upon the Constitutional rights of freedom of religion, freedom of press, and freedom of speech.

Without any prior warning, or opportunity for officials of the Church to appear in Court for a hearing, a large force of United States Marshals entered Church premises and seized property and pamphlets used in the religious work of the Church.

There is no criticism of the Court which issued the seizure warrant, because it is not apparent from the warrant that the Court was advised by the government department that the premises and property of a church were to be entered and seized. Nor is it clear that the United States Attorney's office was advised by the Department officials that a church owned or possessed the property and literature that was seized.

More than two months ago, the Food and Drug Administration interfered with the delivery to the Church and its affiliated organizations of the imported scientific instruments which are used in connection with certain phases of the Church's religious activities. Protest was made with the Baltimore office of the Food and Drug Administration, and ample evidence was submitted showing that the detention of the property was in violation of the law and the Constitution of the United States. But up to this time the Church and its attorney have received no administrative ruling, which could be appealed either within the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, or to the Courts.

Instead, there has been a subsequent seizure of property, without notice or prior Court hearing for the Church, such as might have occurred under Stalin or Khruschev in Russia.

If the legitimate work and activities of one religious organization can be ruthlessly attacked and violated by one branch of the United States Government, no other religious organization is safe from similar or like illegal intrusion and attack. The question directly raised is: "Are we in America today living under a Godless government which intends ultimately to destroy all religions and religious organizations?"

There is nothing in the so-called warrant that was issued to indicate that the Court was informed ... as it should have been ... that civil administrative proceedings were pending and had not been decided. The facts are that the District Office of the Food and Drug Administration in Chicago had previously ruled against the seizure or detention of property such as was seized by request of the same government agency in Washington on January 4th. And previously another governmental agency, the Customs Bureau, had made a definite ruling that is in direct conflict with the basic contention of the Food and Drug Administration on which its seizure of the Church's property was founded.

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Necessarily all the facts will be given to the court, in the hope and expectation that it will uphold the Constitutional rights of freedom of religion and expression.

It is also hoped and expected that the Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare ... who is of a different religious faith than the members of the Church of Scientology ... will give his own, personal consideration of the facts of the pending case, which involves the Constitutional right of freedom of religion. It is not too late yet to correct the excesses of his subordinates, undoubtedly committed without authorization from him


January 5, 1963

"Although I have few details all I can make of this is that the United States Government, not some special interest using the government, has launched an attack upon religion and is seizing and burning books of philosophy.

"Spiritual healing being legal under the laws of the District does not in any influence or explain this action. The meter neither heals nor diagnoses. We or any doctor know that. The books do not talk about healing. They talk of the Laws of Life and the Spiritual Character of Man. They are not subversive nor pornographic nor do they specialize in healing. So the charges are completely false and will soon be disproven in Court.

"As an author this is the only thing that concerns me: The government has begun to seize religious texts. Apparently a burning of the books has begun in the United States. Where will this end? Complete censorship? A complete ignoring of the First Amendment? Are churches to be attacked and books burned as a normal course of action?

"We have won through many attacks. If there was anything truly wrong with us we would have fallen years ago. We are still alive and the sun never sets on our organizations. We will win through this one with ease as we have done nothing wrong.

"But is this the beginning of the end for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Religion? And who else tomorrow or the next day will be subject to having his books forbidden, seized or burned?

"As the author of those books I am shocked to be told not to speak to Man about Freedom or the Spiritual Laws of Life.

"Tomorrow you too may have to start being careful about what you write. If they let us continue to write at all."



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