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The H Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard



Commenting on the recent armed raid on the Church of Scientology, under the direction of the Federal Food and Drug Administration, L. Ron Hubbard, author of the seized philosophical and religious texts which are scheduled to be burned or otherwise disposed of' by the U.S. Government, said:

"Toward the end of August 62 I offered President Kennedy my assistance and the help of Scientology in narrowing the gap in the space race.

"Twice in recent years the White House has specifically requested from us a presentation of Scientology to see what it could do to help the general effort. We responded with a mass of information.

"As Scientology can raise men's ability through the Church's processing procedures it could be of benefit in improving American scientists in their work on technical problems. However, as Scientology fell in the realm of the spirit and refused to consider Man an animal sprung from mud, the help was not accepted.

"In August when Kennedy had been President awhile I thought it only courteous to make the gesture again. I did not realize that there were lesser officials of the government who were evidently imbued with ideas of religious persecution.

"I would greatly like to have a conference with Mr. Kennedy on this subject. I am sure we could come to some amicable understanding on religious matters. Extreme measures such as attacking churches and burning philosophical texts are not going to solve anything. It puts America no further ahead in the space race. Religion should not be a factor in these matters.

"If Scientology can make smarter scientists I don't think we should forego this national victory just because of some point of religious difference. If we can make better pilots and astronauts without injuring their faith, I don't see why we can't forego the idea that Man is an animal for a bit. The matter should not rise to the heights of religious persecution. Religious bigotry has no place in national victory. Unless we do something to give America an edge over her enemies she will continue to be bled white by the tax collectors to support some stupid and costly science. If by making smarter scientists (and we have many cases that say we can) we can save America money and give her victory. Religious persecution should not be used to keep us from doing it.

"However, If President Kennedy did grant me an audience to discuss this matter that is so embarrassing to the government at home and abroad, I would have to have some guarantee of safety of person.

"As all of my books have been seized for burning, it looks as though I will have to get busy and write another book."



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