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The H-Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


Mar. 3, 1951

Attn: R.J.Wilson.


Supplementing data already furnished to you, the following two names are enclosed as part of the list.

DAVE VROOMAN. Came into organization with Miles Hollister. Highly recommended by Hollister, who is apparently a member of the Young Communists. Vrooman has caused some trouble in the organization. The only reason to suspect Vrooman is that he is an intimate friend of Hollister's and takes Hollister's orders. Vrooman is employed by the Chicago Foundation Office. He is about twenty-three, plump, about 5'5" or more, black hair. Seldom wears a coat.

ROSS LAMEREAUX. Employee at Chicago. A doctor of philosophy, according to his statement. Takes orders from Hollister and is highly recommended by Hollister. Nothing else is known about this man.

If anything is going to be done about these people at Chicago, it had better be done soon. At the board of trustees meeting last Saturday, I requested a motion to the effect that eveyone in the Foundation be required to take a strong loyalty oath to the U.S. and that the fingerprints of everyone employed be taken and, with a copy of the oath, be sent to the F.B.I.. Some objection was made by Richard Halpern, a trustee from New York City, and a great deal of objection was made by Leo West of Chicago. It is my belief that we are going to see a blow-up in the Chicago office and an attempt to withdraw from the Foundation. Evidently employment of C.P. members could have been an action of West. The oath and fingerprint motion was passed and will be a completed project shortly.

L. Ron Hubbard


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