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Volume 8, Issue 6 - May 18 2003

CCHR reported on May 17th that Scientology plans to protest against the annual convention of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco. "Actress Kelly Preston plans to lead a protest with hundreds of supports from the Church of Scientology against the American Psychiatric Association's annual convention in San Francisco on May 19. Preston says she's protesting the psychiatric organization's recent opposition to federal legislation designed to keep parents from being coerced by school officials to give potentially addictive psychiatric drugs to children. "Other celebrities such as Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, Juliette Lewis, Isaac Hayes, Anne Archer, Catherine Bell and Lynsey Bartilson have spoken out at rallies and testified before the House of Representatives Government Reform Committee on this issue since last September. The actors are involved with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights - a mental health watchdog founded by the Church of Scientology. The group says that since the beginning of 2003, 16 states have introduced laws that would prohibit the practice of psychiatrists using teachers to identify children as mentally disordered and forcing parents to give drugs to their children as a condition for them continuing school." Message-ID:

Housing Authority

Connecticut newspaper the Greenwich Time reported on May 16th that a Scientologist in charge of the local housing authority has retired. Benjamin Little was involved in a lawsuit by an employee who claims his termination was religious discrimination. "Benjamin Little retired yesterday as chief executive officer of the Greenwich Housing Authority because of health problems that began earlier this year when he underwent emergency colon surgery, he said. Little said his decision to retire was based on a desire to spend more time with his family and not on a lawsuit that alleges Little, a Scientologist, fired a former employee because of religious discrimination. Scientology is a philosophy based on creator L. Ron Hubbard's teachings of self-discovery. 'The lawsuit still goes forward,' Little said. 'The suit's going to be there. My leaving does not affect the suit.' The housing authority and its board are also named in the suit." Message-ID:

Interfaith Day

An email sent to Scientologists invited them to participate in an Interfaith Day of Prayer being sponsored by the Los Angeles Police Department. "You are invited to join president CSI, Heber Jentzsch; Chief Bratton and Reverend Leonard Jackson, of the first AME Church at CC Int on Sunday! LAPD Religious Advisory Forum is holding this Interfaith Day Of Prayer to recognize the commitment of the officers of the LAPD. "This short event will be at the Pavilion at CC Int, from 5 to 6:30 on this Sunday, May 18th. The C of S Choir has organized an interfaith choir to perform. Your attendance would be appreciated. It is important that our Church shows its utmost respect to the men and women of the LA Police Department." Message-ID: 4OU6GVQA37755.6@anonymous.poster

Protest Summary

Dave Bird reported a protest at the Birmingham, England org on May 10th. "We did another picket of the Scientology cult's offices which are in Churchill House on the floor above Pizza Hut in New St. Present were Dave, Jens, John, Neil, Katie and Tony. We had a gas cylinder and the ever-popular Xemu Loves You helium balloons, white ones and clear ones. We also have some 7 inch PVC inflatable space aliens with Xemu Loves You printed on their little foreheads. "The clams seem to have had their own promotional event in Library Square. We split three and three when the gas cylinder ran out, half the group going up there to check it out, but whatever it had been was already have dismantled by the time our 3 got there." Message-ID: eyz1ZBIR$

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