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Volume 9, Issue 2 - January 15 2005

RPF Newsletter update

Dave Touretzky wrote on 12 Jan 2005:

"The 'RPF Newsletter' series has motivated people to contact various government authorities concerning the goings on at the PAC Base RPF. People called the Los Angeles Fire Marshal, who inspected the conditions at Big Blue and -- surprise -- issued a resounding FLUNK for numerous violations. OCMBers have also contacted the embassies of various countries who have citizens on the RPF. You can read a full account at OCMB:

[long link]

Here's an excerpt from a message by SongBird with some of the really good stuff:

'Following my October letter to the Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department, I received a letter from Fire Marshal Jimmy Hill, telling me that he had directed an inspection of the RPF and referring me to Captain Michael White, Commander of the Schools, Churches and Institutions Unit, for further communication. I have been in contact with Captain White via phone and letters since October. [...]

Per my discussion with Captain White this morning, they found MANY violations of both fire codes and building & safety codes. Citations have been issued and requirements given for correction of these violations. The corrections will require time and, in Cpt. White's opinion, quite a lot of expense. Big Blue is being given the necessary time, at the end of which inspections will be made to confirm that living and working conditions have been brought up to standard.[...]

If RPF Insider or someone else with contacts inside the LA RPF can update us on the response inside to these fire & building inspections, that would be much appreciated.'"

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A.R.S. Week in Review back in operation

Andreas Heldal-Lund of www. wrote on: Wed, 12 Jan 2005:

"One year after Rod Keller stopped making ARS Week In Review it is finally back! You can find one complete archive on Operation Clambake:
Back is also the AvantGo version:

Zinj asked on 11 Jan 2005:

"Cool, but one question: Who's editing/writing it? [...]"

Andreas Heldal-Lund replied:

"He/she requests anonymity. [...]"

roger gonnet asked on 12 Jan 2005:

"My own question is: how can we get documents of real importance edited, even if they are not in very good english? [...]"


"Don't be deterred. Your contributions to alt.religion.scientology are appreciated. It is anonymously understood that in moments of rare excitement, posters' language may not be perfectly comprehensible, regardless of native language."

German Scientologists' UN Human Rights complaint dismissed

The complaints of Scientologists about discrimination in Germany were dismissed in the U.S. Human Rights Court:


"Germany - Communication No. (CCPR/C/80/D/1138/2002) [2004] UNHRC 11 (29 April 2004)

Decision of the Human Rights Committee under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [...]


1. The authors of the communication are Paul Arenz (first author) and Thomas Röder (second author), as well as his wife Dagmar Röder (third author), all German citizens and members of the "Church of Scientology" (Scientology). They claim to be victims of violations by Germany [1] of articles 2, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26 and 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. [...]

The facts as submitted by the authors
2.1 On 17 December 1991, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), one of the two major political parties in Germany, adopted resolution C 47 at its National Party Convention, declaring that affiliation with Scientology is not "compatible with CDU membership". This resolution still continues to operate.

2.2 By letter of 22 September 1994, the chairman of the municipal branch of the CDU at Mechernich (Northrhine-Westphalia), with the subsequent support of the Federal Minister of Labour and regional party leader of the CDU in Northrhine-Westphalia, asked the first author, a long standing CDU member, to terminate his membership in the CDU with immediate effect by signing a declaration of resignation, stating that he had learned of the first author's affiliation with Scientology. When the latter refused to sign the declaration, the Euskirchen CDU District Board decided, on 17 October 1994, to initiate exclusion proceedings against him, thereby stripping him of his rights as a party member until the delivery of a final decision by the CDU party courts.

2.3 By letter of 24 October 1994, the President of the Euskirchen District Party Court informed the first author that the Board had decided to expel him from the CDU because of his membership in the Scientology Church and that it had requested the District Party Court to take a decision to that effect after providing him with an opportunity to be heard. After a hearing was held on 2 December 1994, the District Party Court, on 6 December 1994, informed the first author that it had confirmed the decision of the District Board to expel him from the party. On 2 October 1995, the Northrhine-Westphalia CDU State Party Court dismissed the first author's appeal. His further appeal was rejected by the CDU Federal Party Court on 18 December 1996.

2.5 On 16 July 1994, the Middle Hessia District Party Court decided that the expulsion of the second and third authors from the party was in conformity with the relevant CDU statutes. The authors' appeals to the Hessia CDU State Party Court and to the Federal Party Court at Bonn were dismissed on 26 January 1996 and, respectively, on 24 September 1996.

3.1 On 9 July 1997, the Bonn Regional Court (Landgericht Bonn) dismissed the authors' legal action against the respective decisions of the CDU Federal Party Tribunal, holding that these decisions were based on an objective investigation of the facts, were provided by law, and complied with the procedural requirements set out in the CDU statutes. As to the substance of the complaint, the Court limited itself to a review of arbitrariness, owing to the fundamental principle of party autonomy set out in article 21, paragraph 1, [2] of the Basic Law.

3.2 The Court considered the decisions of the Federal Party Tribunal not to be arbitrary, given that the authors had acted in a manner contrary to resolution C 47, which spelled out a party principle of the CDU, within the meaning of article 10, paragraph 4, [3] of the Political Parties Act. The resolution itself was not arbitrary or inconsistent with the party's obligation to a democratic internal organization under article 21, paragraph 1, of the Basic Law, because numerous publications of Scientology and, in particular, its founder Ron Hubbard objectively indicated a conflict with the CDU's principles of free development of one's personality, tolerance and protection of the socially disadvantaged. This ideology could, moreover, be personally attributed to the authors, based on their self-identification with the Organization's principles and their considerable financial contributions to it.

3.3 Although the CDU was bound to respect the authors' basic rights to freedom of expression and religious freedom, by virtue of its obligation to a democratic internal organization, the restriction of these rights was justified by the need to protect the autonomy and proper functioning of political parties, [...]

3.5 The Court emphasized that the authors had violated CDU principles, as defined in resolution C 47, not merely because of their convictions, but through the manifestation of these beliefs, as reflected by their membership in Scientology, their adherence to the Organization's principles, the first author's achievement of the status "clear" within Scientology, and the second and third authors' substantial donations to the Organization.

3.6 The authors' constitutional rights to protection of their dignity, free development of their personality, freedom of faith, conscience and creed, freedom of expression and freedom of association, read in conjunction with the constitutional principle of non-discrimination, as well as the requirement of a democratic internal organization within political parties, were superseded by the constitutionally protected interest of the party in its proper functioning and the principle of party autonomy. [...]

The complaint
4.1 The authors allege violations of their rights under articles 2, paragraph 1, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26 and 27 of the Covenant, as a result of their expulsion from the CDU, based on their affiliation with Scientology, and as a result of the German courts' decisions confirming these actions. In the authors' view, they were deprived of their right to take part in their communities' political affairs, as article 25 of the Covenant protected the right of "every citizen", meaning that "[n]o distinctions are permitted between citizens in the enjoyment of these rights on the grounds of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status." [4] Their expulsion from the CDU amounted to an unreasonable restriction of that right, in the absence of any reference to a right of party autonomy in article 25. [...]

The State party's observations on the admissibility of the communication 5.1 By note verbale of 21 January 2003, the State party challenged the admissibility of the communication, arguing that it is inadmissible ratione temporis, on the basis of the German reservation concerning article 5, paragraph 2 (a), of the Optional Protocol, since the alleged violations of the authors' rights had their origin in events occurring prior to the entry into force of the Optional Protocol for the Federal Republic of Germany on 25 November 1993.

5.2 Although the decisions of the District Party Courts confirming the authors' expulsion from the CDU dated from July and, respectively, December 1994, these decisions were based on resolution C 47, which had been adopted by the National Party Convention on 17 December 1991. The State party argues that, pursuant to its reservation, the decisive point of time for determining the applicability of the Optional Protocol was not the alleged violation as such but rather its origin "within the meaning of material or perhaps also indirect cause(s)". This could be seen when comparing the German reservation with the different wording of reservations entered by other States parties to the Optional Protocol such as France, Malta and Slovenia, which explicitly referred to violations resulting from acts, omissions, developments or events which occurred after the entry into force of the Optional Protocol for these States or from related decisions. [...]

The issue before the Committee is whether the State party violated the authors' rights under the Covenant in that its courts gave priority to the principle of party autonomy, over their wish to be members in a political party that did not accept them due to their membership in another organization of ideological nature. The Committee recalls its constant jurisprudence that it is not a fourth instance competent to reevaluate findings of fact or reevaluate the application of domestic legislation, unless it can be ascertained that the proceedings before the domestic courts were arbitrary or amounted to a denial of justice. The Committee considers that the authors have failed to substantiate, for purposes of admissibility, that the conduct of the courts of the State party would have amounted to arbitrariness or a denial of justice. Therefore, the communication is inadmissible under article 2 of the Optional Protocol.

9. The Human Rights Committee therefore decides:
a) That the communication is inadmissible under article 2 of the Optional Protocol;
b) That this decision shall be communicated to the State Party and to the authors.

[Adopted in English, French and Spanish, the English text being the original version. Subsequently to be issued also in Arabic, Chinese and Russian as part of the Committee's annual report to the General Assembly.] [...]"

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Scientology Internet publicity efforts

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 22:33:56 GMT

"Clip from the press release shown below:

:===Begin Quote===
Georgina Tweedie, Internet public affairs director, Church of Scientology International

Georgina Tweedie is a native of Auckland, New Zealand, and spent 15 years in Sydney, Australia, prior to being promoted to the Church of Scientology's international headquarters in the United States. She began working in SEO/SEM for the church's many Web sites in 2000, and is a proponent of ethical search engine marketing. In 2003, Tweedie took on the position of Internet public affairs director for the church. She has an avid interest in non-profit search issues, and regularly interacts with major search engines and companies to deal with the challenges involved. Tweedie is a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO).
:===End Quote===

Transcript of Co$ web spam plan

See also:

Non-Profits in Search
Church of Scientology


Scientology on Tsunami scene

Andreas Heldal-Lund of wrote on 12 Jan 2005:

"Here are examples of two reports circulated internally in the cult (by e-mail) about the Voluntair Ministers (VM) in Asia. Posted here to document their claims.


Banda Aceh, Indonesia
8 January 2005

Report by Disaster Zone


100s of people in Tamil Nadu have now been helped with assists and 100s have been trained. Some results of these include:

V KASTHURI: 'I was trained by the Scientology Volunteer Minister group and came to understand that we don't have to fear the Tsunami or the later affects. I learnt from them what has to be done to help the people who were very badly affected by the Tsunami, much like a Doctor who gives medicine to their patients. By the scientific way in which I was taught by this group, I will take the valuable techniques taught by them to as many people as I can. Thank you!' [...]


9 January 2005

VMs travel by military transport, heading to Aceh [...] [picture] Giving assists to local villagers

Senior VMs went to Kandy to meet with a Buddhist monk running 4 monasteries, 2 orphan centres and 1 school. They arranged with him to have 4 VMs train 20 of his monks in Assists so they can go to the east coast and start helping people there. [...]

Continue with your financial support We have VMs to send and need flights and supplies paid for

Contact your local Church and form a team and raise the funds to send a team to the vital areas INDONESIA, INDIA, SRI LANKA and THAILAND"

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Religion mixes with aid work in devastated Banda Aceh (AFP)
14 January 2005

"BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Even as Muslims in Indonesia's stricken Aceh province blame last month's tsunami on divine wrath, religious groups have rushed to join the huge aid operation, with Islam now joined by Christianity, Buddhism and even Scientology in the fight to save souls. [...]

The US-based Church of Scientology has also made its presence known in Banda Aceh, opening a 'trauma center' in three military tents where a score of Australian volunteers gently massage the fingertips of tsunami survivors. 'Think tsunami as a natural disaster, not a punishment from God' A similar approach was used in India where Buddhist monks trained by the Scientologists in a technique called 'assist' used massage and conversation to keep people from focusing on their trauma. 'Nerve assist can restore communication between the 'Tethan' [sic] (Scientology's word for the spirit) and the body,' according to Scientology literature.

[...] Gary Bromwell, a member of the 'International Scientology Assist Team', said: 'We're not here to convert.' [...]"



Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 03:39:28 GMT

[long link]

Religious groups are exploiting Aceh chaos By Marianne Kearney in Darussalam, Aceh

Dozens of Muslim and Christian groups are exploiting the chaos wrought by the tsunami in the Indonesian province of Aceh to spread their message and compete for influence, secular aid workers said yesterday. [...]

Downstairs four foreigners in Church of Scientology T-shirts, said to be Americans, were offering massage to refugees lounging on rattan mats. The church has set up an office in Banda Aceh. The Scientologists are unlikely to make many inroads among the devoutly Muslim population, but they could easily provoke clashes and a subsequent crackdown on humanitarian groups, international aid organisations fear. "You take traumatised people and do counselling for them, this is very dangerous," said one aid worker who has been in Aceh for years. [...]"

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Scientology advances refused


CITY rejects tsunami-aid appeal
Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles,CA,USA

"SANTA CLARITA -- The city has declined a request from a group linked to the Church of Scientology that is seeking donations to assist orphans in nations struck [...]

But City Manager Ken Pulskamp, on advice from the city attorney, decided against the donation when staffers found possible ties between the foundation and Scientology during the vetting process. City spokeswoman Gail Ortiz said the First Amendment forbids government from making direct donations to religious groups, and that there will be no further discussion of the request by the City Council."



Scientology's volunteers get frosty reception at fire scene
December 9, 2004

"As fire raged inside the LaSalle Bank building, a band of serious-looking young adults in yellow jackets hustled past the police tape toward the action. Their coats bore the words 'Volunteer Minister.' But these weren't your standard chaplains -- like the five Catholic, Jewish and Protestant clerics already on the scene.

The volunteer ministers are members of the Church of Scientology, a religious group founded in 1954 by the late science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard and perhaps best known for celebrity followers such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Some critics -- including the German government, which views it not as a religion but a money-making scheme -- insist Scientology is a cult.

This was the first time the group's ministers responded in an organized fashion to a fire in Chicago -- and it probably won't be their last, even though their debut didn't go over too well with the Chicago Fire Department's chaplain corps.

'I threw 'em out,' said one chaplain. 'If they want to minister to the people on the sidelines, that's great . . . but they were standing in the triage and treatment area and they were making total chaos in there.

'We can't have untrained people at a time when things are very chaotic and you need a sense of order,' he said. 'Fire and police chaplains are trained in how to do this.'

Mary Ann Ahmad, a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology in Chicago, was told by her people that the volunteers were looking for someone in charge 'to find out what was needed and wanted, and they were told, 'It's dangerous for people in here, so go outside.' '

If Scientology volunteers need special training, 'they're totally willing,' Ahmad said, adding Scientologists were at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.

David Klarich, one of the Scientologists at Monday night's blaze, said the church is planning on regularly showing up at fires and other disasters in the region to offer an 'assist' -- special techniques they use to aid the injured or traumatized.'"


8 year anniversary of

Subject: 8 year anniversary of today
On 13 Jan 2005 "cultxpt" wrote:

"On January 13, 1997 I put up to commemorate the tragic death of a 36 year old Scientologist who died December 6, 1995. Since then several people have also put up web sites in memory of Lisa and other victims of Scientology. Through the internet hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to Lisa's story and warned of the dark side of Scientology.
May we never have to add another name to any of these sites."


Hibbard new mayor of Clearwater
1/10/2005 12:20:42 AM

"Clearwater residents have a new Mayor, the youngest ever to hold office. 37-year old Frank Hibbard didn't have to win an election. He was the only candidate to qualify. [...]

Hibbard says, some people don't want to see downtown redeveloped, because it will benefit the controversial Church of Scientology.

"My belief is we need to get over that feeling in order to make downtown and all of Clearwater a better place for our residents and visitors."


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