Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 4 - January 29 2005

RPF Insider background

On January 25, 2005, Chuck Beatty posted the following background on the "RPF Insider" series:

"About 2-3 months ago, two ex-RPFers contacted me, both feigned 'on the fence' fake disaffection, but almost terrifiedly asked I not out them.

They both were OSA accomplices. Both were covertly pumping me for info, trying to relay threats to me, trying to steer me away from another ex-RPFer, and trying to gather info on the RPF Insider.

The first ex-RPFer was working on me for about 6 phone calls. The second ex-RPFer only called me twice. The second ex-RPFer unfortunately confirmed for me what I suspected, that OSA was 'worried' about an even more 'hot' ex-RPFer who they were worried would contact me and blab.

(I was hoping OSA would stop this petty stuff, because if they did, then there'd be no Scn dirty tricks to be exposed. LRH was not hitting on all cylinders. LRH lampooned the insane PR man character in the Mission Earth books, but LRH failed to see he'd set up the Guardian's Office and OSA to act just like that wacky PR man's PR firm.)

PS: I have always been hoping that someday, a brilliant wog literary critic, would suffer through all of LRH's fiction works, and ponder on how much of LRH himself is reflected in his characters, good and bad, in his hundreds of stories. It is looking more like no one in the literary world will ever elevate LRH to the level of person to warrant such attention. (Danny Sherman, Bill Widder and Norman Starkey might manage something along these lines, someday in the LRH bio, if it ever comes out, but maybe not.)


Recruitment & Infomercial

Recruitment at California grocers

On January 18, 2005, Monica Pignotti posted

"... I found someone selling Dianetics books and doing e-meter pinch tests outside of Albertsons grocery store in San Jose, California yesterday. Needless to say, I interrupted the session! I've seen the same kind of set up at a nearby Barnes & Noble, but I hadn't seen this at a grocery store before. Has anyone else noticed this being done in any other cities? ..."

Infomercial in New Hampshire press

Posted on January 23, 2005: the Rockingham News of New Hampshire did a Scientology tsunami infomercial. An article reported on a local resident who was involved in several community projects:

"... Drew has been a volunteer minister with the Church of Scientology for the past two years. This program, known as the 'VM program' by those familiar with Scientology, is a year-round voluntary activity developed by Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, to bring spiritual relief to anyone coping with the struggles of life. ..."



- The Scientology Organization's Fight for Recognition as a Non-Profit Organization in the USA and its Effects in Germany

Webbed at:
(This is an unofficial translation of the original German report available at

- 1973 South Africa Kotze report - Three large files in pdf formatting (my copy was not that great, but it can be read)

- The web site for the "CAP COORDIAP" association, reported as being "the new spoke-system for the scientology cult in France; it replaces more or less the 'Ethique et Liberté' (Freedom) mag,; which was the libelous defender of human rights" of the cult here.


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