Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 6 - February 12 2005

Scientology PR


A Scientology staff recruitment message from Arizona was posted:

"... The Phoenix Org area will be a massive generation point for able Scientologists who will create a new civilization. ..."


A message from the Family and Personality Protection Society in Ukraine was posted to the news group. It reported that:

On February 7, 2005, the 'Church of Scientology in Kiev' carried out a press-conference to present a brochure 'What are Human Rights?' translated into Ukrainian. It advertised Scientology activity and its international movement 'Youth for Human Rights'. Scientology also announced its intent to register the "Institute of Human Rights" in Ukraine as an independent group. According to one of the groups founders, "the organization will use methods of Administrative technologies by R. Hubbard. Its main aim of activity will be carrying out of 'educational events in the field of Human Rights'. This was the "second press-conference during the last three months aimed for creation of positive social image of "Church of Scientology". ..."

human rights

A poster reported that was "actively soliciting articles on human rights issues."

A different, anonymous post contained a message from Leisa Goodman Human Rights Dir OSA Int that invited Scientologist participation in "an exciting new project that will help to advance the Church's human rights actions." It solicited "contributions from ANYONE who can write and wants to make human rights a fact" in the categories "Religious freedom, Freedom of speech, Human trafficking, Human Rights Education, Youth Issues and Human Rights Relief Actions" for "a new website -- -- that is a Human Rights News Forum."


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FOX News,2933,146810,00.html

"Tom Cruise lives by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's 15 rules from his 'Code of Honor.' I know this because last week I received a copy of these rules from Cruise in a laminated frame. ...

12. Never fear to hurt another in a just cause. ...

As for No. 12, that would seem to be the most troublesome. It's worked for Cruise so far, I suppose. But the lack of conscience is a stumbling point for me. So I accept the gift, but remain devoted to the principles of more conventional religions."

web sites

The "personal" web pages of Scientologists were reported to have gone from 17,000 to 16,000.

"current - 16,000"


Andreas Heldal-Lund posted:

"There's a full 4 page article on me and the fight against CoS in a Norwegian newspaper today. The cult keeps trying to get the police to prosecute me here, so this is my reply. Article is not available on the web yet."

Personality test

"Magoo" posted:

"A few nights ago a man called me quite freaked out.

I asked what's up, and he explained he was planning to give one of Scientology's front groups a large sum of money. (name not mentioned to protect the innocent).

Ok......typical. What happened then? Well, I guess he was asked to take a personality test, so he went home, typed in Google, 'Personality Test', and guess where he ended up?!

After much reading, he was seriously freaked out. He had NO idea this group had anything to do with Scientology, nor did he want to give them ANY money.

So what did they do? Well, first they sent over their big guns to try to pressure him.

Next, he called his attorney, and the rest is history. He was very grateful for all the information he was able to easily find.

Thanks to EVERY critic and X-Scientologist (and including those Scios who have left C of S and post) here who posts facts about the abuses this organization uses to trick people.

Isn't that just amazing? ..."


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Court filing in Argentina

A poster announced the filing of criminal charges in "Rodi vs. Scientology" in Argentina. The first interview with the judge was to be one week from Feb. 7.



Court rulings

California, 1984

Reporters' transcript of proceedings of Thursday, May 10, 1984, case No. C 420153 in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, Hon. Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr., Judge in the Church of Scientology of California, Plaintiff, vs. Gerald Armstrong, Defendant.

Webbed at:

Switzerland, 1992

A decision was returned by the judge of the district of East Vaud on August 19, 1992, in a Church of Scientology complaint against Paul Ranc. Plaintiff had to pay costs.

webbed in French:

Web Sites

"This site is dedicated to all those free spirits who helped me wake up, and helped me walk out of the darkness and dance in the light. It is also dedicated to any and all people who are now a part of Scientology who would like to look at another side, and possibly hear from someone who was at the top in Scientology who then left. Lastly I would like to dedicate this site in honor to my Dad, the original Magoo: Paul Christman who gave me the courage to stand up and fight for MY rights no matter how difficult it may be."


"... The truth about the motivations behind Scientology's 'Volunteer Minister' ..."


"February, 2005 - Duplicity and understanding ... How people who pay to attain god-like powers conduct 'standard wartime propaganda' can be seen in the outcome of Scientologists' response to real-life situations, such as the following: ..."


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