Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 11 - March 19 2005

Terrorist entrepreneur used Scientology immigration procedure

It was posted that on 3/16 the UK Guardian ([long link]) published an article about an immigrant who used Church of Scientology immigration procedures to gain entrance to the United States of America six years ago:

"Solomonyan claimed he could obtain enriched uranium that 'could be used in the subway system,' the complaint alleges. Kelley said he did not believe Solomonyan could get uranium.

Solomonyan and Spies, 33, were arrested at a Manhattan hotel Monday night as they met with the FBI informant, who had said he was bringing green cards so the suspects, who are illegal aliens, could travel to obtain the weapons overseas, officials said.

Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of Scientology, according to law enforcement officials, also speaking on condition of anonymity. He was living on the proceeds of Medicare fraud and other scams as he carried out the weapons scheme, the officials said."

Naturally, various accounts of the above spurred news group discussion, such as that from:

"'The sting began in unusual style when Mr Solomonyan and Mr Spies met the FBI informer in the sauna and later in the hot tub of a day spa in Brooklyn.'

Are there any Scientology sauna's in Brooklyn?

The Purification with enriched uranium!"

A response from tikk:

"There is no Celebrity Center in Brooklyn but there is one in Manhattan at 65 East 82nd St.

Also, it can't be said with any certainty whether that address is Solomonyan's. The complaint lists numerous addresses (and does not say which defendants offered them) that were given in the purchase of various cell phones. And as the corporate name offered on each of those purchases ("All Seasons Caterers, LLC") doesn't exist (except as a fictitious name (sans LLC) for a NJ company with no apparent relation to this), it may be that the addresses given were also fake. Given the gravity of the crimes alleged (and inherent degree of planning), the addresses probably were fake.

[...] Solomonyan's involvement in Scientology couldn't have been too deep, because the complaint has him getting arrested as part of an undercover sting where the informant was to deliver green cards to some of the defendants, including Solomonyan.

Scientology can and does intercede on behalf of aliens by helping them obtain a religious worker (R-1) visa, but they apparently didn't go to bat for Solomonyan a second time (his only involvement appears to the 1998 R1 Visa on behalf of Scn), else he wouldn't need a green card. You can get a 5 year extension after the initial 3 year temp visa runs out, or even a permanent R1 visa.

Solomnonyan could've also simply used Scientology back in 1998 to get into the states. The Religious Worker visa carries with it the 3rd highest rate of fraud of the 44 methods/categories of immigration according to the State dept. And as Ida points out in another Solomonyan thread, the Religious Worker visa is certainly used by Scientology to facilitate various fraudulent entries. I'd guess that Solomonyan used Scientology more than Scientology used him, but it'd be interesting to hear more.

Note also that no other Scientologists were listed as defendants. While that's not dispositive, these arrests came as a result of a long investigation, including wire taps, an undercover agent, and took down a number of peripheral defendants. Had Scientology held accomplice liability, it would've come out in the complaint."


Financial CoS info from Washington released various specifics relating to possible CoS bank accounts (as used internally in Washington state/Seattle), whose acronyms were explained by a finance expert and former member. The main ones were:

BFA: Building Fund Account
BOOK: Book Account
CVB: Claims Verification Board Account
FO1: Finance Office #1 Account
FSM: Field Staff Member Account
FSMF: Field Staff Member Foundation (Org) Account
GLF: General Liability Fund Account
MAIN: Main Account
RA: Reserve Account
RPA: Reserve Payment Account
SCA: Service Completion Award Account
SCAF: Service Completion Award Foundation (Org) Account

"Foundation refers to the organizational staff who work nights and weekends. They comprise a seperate orgation from the Day org."

A partial list of revenue and assets posted:


A= Contributions
B= Contributions from other Scientology organizations
C= Sales of religious materials & artif.
D= Investment income
E= Other income
F= Total Revenues


CoS Emphasis on loyalty

A March 11, 2005 communication from the "Church of Scientology of Washington State" to "Scientologists in the Seattle area" on an LRH birthday event included the following:

"Dear Scientologist,

Over the next couple of days, you might be receiving communications from various terminals about the new release for the LRH Birthday event, at which point you need to apply the definition of loyalty:

'1. Loyalty is the quality of staying firm in your friendship or support for someone or something.' - Collins Cobuild English Dictionary.

LRH made it very clear that your support to your local org (Seattle Org) cannot be set aside for another."

The above was stated in connection with Field Staff Members (FSMs).

A different post noted a possible strategic shift in FSM policy:

"Recently a Scientologist and I had dinner. He told me that the Top FSM's are no longer FSMing. This was a huge shock to me, as they used to bring in TONS of $$$ for C of S.


I asked why, and he said he thought it was after Golden Age of Tech, they were not allowed to work in the orgs (They used to be there full time), and also they'd seriously cut the FSM commissions. Now, apparently, they only get paid when the person starts, and even then, only part of it. (They used to get the full commission as soon as the check was written)."


Ex-member speaks


I have listened to the first two segments from your speaking at CFI-West (Center for Inquiry) for the Skeptics Society.

And I wanted to say - what an absolutely magnificent a job you have done!!

Very impressed, and I think you should continue to do this. Your message is awesome, all I can say is -what a special gift you have.

You and Barb did a great job at the Humanist meeting also. To get out there and speak is very educational as it brings facts that others need to hear. This is all great stuff. I encourage everyone to listen and share these links:

Tory Christman speaks at the California, CFI-West (Center for Inquiry) for the Skeptics Society in March, 2005:


For Dial up Modems:

Barbara Graham and Tory Christman speak at the California Humanist Society Meeting in Feb, 2005:"


More Catastrophe PR

According to one article, found at

[long link]

a Scientology volunteer used Scientology "assists" to treat fear of water in a flood victim:

"Meyers and his colleagues began helping people through a form of Scientology spiritual healing known as 'assists.'


Through the assists, Meyers said, the ministers were able to focus the attention away from the mental and physical pain the villagers had been cowering from and reintroduce them into the world around them.

In one instance, Meyers helped a local woman confront her fear of the water. He said the woman and many other villagers were afraid another tsunami was going to hit any day, so they stayed away from the sea, 200 yards from their homes.

'We began taking people back down to the water, and we took it slow,' Meyers said. 'We stopped about 50 yards away and had (the woman) touch the boats and ! tell us what happened. Then we took her down to the water, touched the water, and then she started giggling. She started coming right out of it.'

Half an hour, Meyers said, the woman and other villagers were waist-deep in the water, laughing. When she returned, she wanted to cook Meyers and the ministers a meal.

'It was a total transformation; this lady went from total fear -- she couldn't think of anything else -- back to being a housewife,' Meyers said."


Vintage articles from Lermanet

Lermanet posted a flurry of articles from the 1990s and before to a.r.s. One example:

"Introduction by Webmaster: When I was in Hubbard's the 'Sea Organization', in 1971, Hana Eltringham was known to me as Deputy Commodore... appearing on many Flag Order's ( Official Policy Directives of the Sea Organization) as D/Commodore Hana Eltringham. Hubbard was 'Commodore', Hana was D/Commodore. She was the Highest ranking Sea Org the history of Scientology... it would be an insult to her to say she was the David Miscavige of that time ... as Miscavige imo later stole the empire, but Hana was appointed by Hubbard himself, but you get the point...

Psychiatric Times - Prozac Frees Ex-Scientology Leader from Depression

The Psychiatric Times
Volume VIII, No. 6 $9.00
The Newspaper of American Psychiatry
June 1991

Prozac Frees Ex-Scientology Leader from Depression

A personal aide to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for eight of her nearly 20 years with the group says that fluoxetine (Prozac) and therapy have finally stopped the depression and suicidal ideation she had suffered since 1976. 'I have to speak out' Hana (Eltringham) Whitfield told The Psychiatric Times, 'The Scientologists choose the most prominent psychiatrists and the most successful drugs to attack, That's why they attacked Ritalin, and that's why they are now attacking Prozac.'

Although trained as a nurse in South Africa. Hana said she didn't realize that she had a mental block toward seeking therapy because of the hatred for psychiatry taught by Hubbard and maintained by his followers. 'It took me five years to get over the fear of going to a counselor. therapist, or anyone connected with the psychiatric field.- she said. Then, in 1989, she and her husband, Jerry, also a former Scientologist read 'Combating Cult Mind Control' by Steven Hassan. 'Suddenly we realized that there was such a thing as mind control, that it was practiced by Scientologists and that we had been subjected to it.' she said.

It was only then that the 'cult personality' began to fracture, once it did, Hana said she gained some frightening insights:


from: [long link]


Private use of public records

Ken Kramer is "a volunteer for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, founded by the Church of Scientology in 1969 to expose patient abuse."

"Kramer isn't a journalist, a detective or a lawyer. But he has frequently sought public records for his private research firm in Florida for the past seven years."

"Outside Florida, Ken Kramer might have hit a brick wall when asking about psychotherapists who sexually abuse patients and get away with it. Those kinds of delicate details often are shielded by privacy laws.


"Kramer said the efforts of some lawmakers to further restrict access can't be ignored. 'It's getting worse,' he said. 'It's not going in the direction of more open records. It's going in the direction of let's close them off.'"

sources of above information:
Tampa Tribune (, "Clouds Hover Over State Sunshine Law" of Mar 13, 2005
Bradenton Herald ([long link])

In a related story, a.r.s. killfile candidate Barbara Schwarz was mentioned briefly in an article "Found at:

[long link]

Getting at public records tests intent of new law

Published in the Asbury Park Press 03/13/05


Time-consuming requests

Most departments have full-time records custodians now, he said, and the time it takes to compile documents can add up. The DEP assigned nine employees to its OPRA office, plus 10 records custodians and roughly 150 filing clerks, according to a July 2004 report.

The department said this cost $2.77 million between July 2002 and July 2004 in the DEP alone. The effort absorbed more than 100,000 work hours during those two years, the report said.

More than three out of four requests to the DEP came from consultants or attorneys, prompting Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell to suggest companies seeking to do business in New Jersey were shifting their research burden to state employees.

Similar concerns were voiced last week at the monthly meeting of the Government Records Council, which is charged with reviewing citizens' complaints about OPRA and training records custodians statewide. The GRC has received 530 complaints to date, the majority alleging that requests were not granted in the seven business days required by law.

The question involved a Salt Lake City woman named Barbara Schwarz -- notorious for her nationwide quest for documents relating to President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Church of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard -- who requested all records on these subjects from the state library and Rutgers University. GRC chairman Vincent Maltese suggested lawmakers should consider amending the law to keep libraries from being forced to undertake private research projects, like Schwarz's.



LRH birthday event

An account was posted of an LRH birthday gathering at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles:


The audience was actually quite full in the Shrine. After the main floor was filled, the balcony was opened. That ended up being 8/10ths full. Donít know how many people the Shrine holds, but it was well attended. The gay biographer with the bad mullet was there to do his same old routine.

He was talking about the camelback house in Phoenix Arizona where Ron developed the advanced procedures and axioms, gave the famous Phoenix lectures, discovered about wavelength and aesthetics, and exteriorization. Thatís where they held the famous lecture where everyone threw their eyeglasses into the bin. (He leaves out the part where afterwards people went back in and retrieved their glasses.)

Well, turns out Scn owns and renovated that very building and did massive research into what it looked like in the 50ís all the way down to the fabrics. Itís now a museum and LRH exhibition with lots of photos of him, the original reel-to-reel boxes, his microphone, his sound scriber, a bust of him, his famous string tie, and stuff.


Theyíve reissued all the tapes, lectures, congresses, events, and books in a whole new Materials Grade Chart all in chronological order. Thatís the latest rage now. Everyoneís redoing the PTS/SP course because itís now in chronological order.

DM promises all the pieces of tech will just fall into place for us if we purchase all these shiny new CD packs and restudy everything in chronological order. I notice that the music gets loud and they flash all these packs at us for several minutes.


Class V Orgs

3rd place ≠Hamburg Org
2nd place ≠St Petersburg Russia
(I heard that the Free Zone in Russia has 3 times more students than the Org)
1st place ≠Milano Italy



German Scientologist used data privacy laws against state

Text from a Scientology web site [long link] was posted, edited as follows:

"Germany's Highest Administrative Court Rules against Bavarian Ministry"


The Court found that the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior (MOI) violated Mr. Christian Winkler's constitutional rights by relaying to his employers, the City of Munich, that he is a member of the Church of Scientology Munich. As a result of the MOI's action, Mr. Winkler was instructed by the City to disavow in writing any association with the Scientology religion as a condition for his continued employment, by signing a declaration [to that effect]. Mr. Winkler refused and filed suit, winning a permanent injunction against the City in October 2000. He also brought a separate action against the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior over the MOI's violation of his privacy rights.


During a hearing yesterday, the Federal Court pointed out that the MOI's action raised serious constitutional issues, threatening Mr. Winkler's ability to make a living and thereby survive in Germany. The Court criticized the Bavarian Administrative Appeals Court in Munich for readily agreeing to toss aside fundamental constitutional rights. The Court held that officials of the state are not allowed to exchange personal data with impunity [...] Furthermore, Mr. Winkler had done nothing that would justify the Ministry's action in violating his basic rights.


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