Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 13 - April 2 2005

London Picket

"A demo was held Saturday March 26th in London, UK. Between five and eight protesters handed out something like 400 leaflets. Three to four police people watched over the proceedings."

"A warm(ish) Easter Saturday in Tottenham Court Road. The 'org' was offering FREE stress testing at tables outside their windows so no doubt they were overjoyed when eight suppressives turned up with boombox and Xenu leaflets to increase their stress levels. After a short time the police asked us to move the boombox to the opposite side of the street, which was to our advantage because we could turn up the volume while continuing to leaflet on both sides of the street."

"Attending: Jens, John, Tony, David, Arcady, myself [Hartley Patterson] and several guest picketers.

We assembled a little late, picketing from around 13.15 to 15.30. It was a pleasant spring afternoon, the first decent weekend of the year for getting out in the garden (which I did the following day).

The shop had small tables outside piled with 'Dianetics', but if anyone was taking advantage of the 'Free Stress Test' offer they must have done so inside. A Jive Aces tape was playing continuously, which I'd have thought a bit distracting for students.

The police were in smaller numbers and less proactive than on our previous picket. We were asked as before to station the 'boom box' amp and microphone on the opposite side of the road, but picketers with placards and leaflets (and voices) were allowed to remain in front of the shop. The staff had several long discussions with the police; if they were asking for further restrictions they didn't get them.

We handed out around 400 leaflets, our previous 'Cult of Greed and Power' and a new one about Xenu extracted from Wikipedia, the full version is at

Incidentally this is a 'featured article' on Wikipedia, the discussion on this is interesting:

[long link]

Those passersby who responded were as always appreciative of our efforts.

Photos by Jens already posted to ABS; Arcady's picturephone snaps may appear later."


Pushing Dianetics on NY subway

The New York Times [long link] "Finding Stress, and Some Friction" by Andy Newman on March 29, 2005

"... an army of people who call themselves testers had set up the tools of their trade: a pair of hollow metal bars hooked to a simple electrical meter, and stacks of a paperback book.

They were volunteers from the Church of Scientology, and for the last six months, they had been stationed at red-clothed tables in Times Square and several other subway hubs, measuring the baseline stress levels in the brains of all passers-by willing to sit still for a minute and hold the metal bars.

In addition to using their 'e-meters' to compute the electrical resistance caused by traumatic thoughts, the Scientologists offered, for a 'suggested donation' of $8, copies of their textbook, 'Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.'

Last night, however, the Scientologists experienced a high-stress event themselves. Plainclothes detectives determined that the books were being sold, not given in exchange for donations, in violation of New York City Transit rules against unlicensed vending, said Paul J. Browne, the deputy commissioner for public information for the Police Department.

The detectives issued six people $50 summonses and ejected them from the Times Square station, Mr. Browne said.

'There had been an agreement that they could stay there as long as they did not get in people's way, and did not sell the material,' Mr. Browne said. 'They did not live up to the agreement.'

Until yesterday, the Scientologists' claim that they were soliciting donations, not selling books, had been buttressed in practice by the legions of police officers who had left them alone.

'In no way is it a commercial operation,' said the Rev. John Carmichael, president of the Church of Scientology of New York.


Mr. Carmichael said that the $8 donation was not a requirement. Indeed, a sign sometimes displayed on the table near the books says 'suggested donation: $8.'

But when a reporter presenting himself as a stressed-out New Yorker took the test and suggested a donation of considerably less than $8 for the book, the tester, a young man in a striped tie, balked.

'It's a fixed donation,' the man said. 'The money is just to recover the cost of producing the books.'

A saleswoman at a major paperback-book printer in the Midwest, who asked that her firm not be identified, provided an estimate for a book with similar specifications to 'Dianetics,' which has 700 pages, a black-and-white photo insert and a four-color cover. The price: $1.58 per copy for 50,000 copies, not including. distribution and delivery. The church says it has published more than 20 million copies of the book.

Charles F. Seaton, director of public affairs at New York City Transit, expressed puzzlement at the church's book distribution policy.

'A fixed donation,' he said slowly. 'Yeah, right.'

Shortly after the reporter asked the police about paying for the book, the detectives made their visit to the testers, Mr. Browne said.

Mr. Carmichael said last night that he was talking with the police, and said that the Scientologists were protected by the United States Constitution. Mr. Davis, the tester in the red parka, said that in any case, moving copies of 'Dianetics' was not the church's primary mission.


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Narconon pushed from schools

The following text was posted as information from the San Francisco Chronicle, with a source given as

"California docs back schools barring drug program linked to Church of Scientology

The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The California Medical Association has declared support for school districts that have dropped a controversial drug education program with links to the Church of Scientology.

San Francisco and Los Angeles schools have barred the program, known as Narconon, because of concerns about strange factual inaccuracies. The program was co-founded by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.

The California Medical Association voted to support school districts dropping Narconon and other 'factually inaccurate approaches' last week at its annual meeting in Anaheim.

The resolution has no legal impact, but can affect policy. Officials will urge the American Medical Association to take a similar position.

'The idea is to remove any agency that goes into our schools to teach without evidence for what they are teaching. This cannot be allowed,' said Dr. Charles Wibblesman, chief of the teenage clinic for Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco and co-sponsor of the resolution.

Among Narconon's teachings are that drugs accumulate in body fat and can cause flashbacks for years, that niacin and saunas can pull drugs from the body, and that colored ooze is created when drugs exit the body.

Narconon officials have stood by the accuracy of their claims.

Last month, state schools chief Jack O'Connell urged all California schools to drop Narconon.

Narconon is offered free to schools and has been used in at least 39 California school districts, as well as in several other states."


RPF Insider Update

Dave Touretzky posted an "RPF Insider Update"

"... OSA has a "battle plan meeting" and then just hands out the names and the threads to be attacked. Most have never even read the original posting about the subject, so that is why it doesn't make any sense most ofthe time! The OSA puppets are not even allowed to have Internet access and are being denied the truth. So bear with them, one day they will come out of the black cloud on the 13th floor of the Hollywood Guarantee Bank building, at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles ..."

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The Truth Rundown

In response to the question from Roger Gonnet "Question (Chuck Beatty!) : what is the TRD - Truth Rundown?", Chuck Beatty responded:

"Truth Rundown as done on the RPF Program by Sea Org members and it is done almost always co-audited on the RPF. Rarely one-way.


The Truth Rundown consists of Rollback and then sec checking. It is an overall procedure to deal with the Black Propaganda that a staff member has spread about a well-intentioned group or individual.

Examples of typical Black Propaganda that a Sea Org member might have said and which he will have to deal with on the Truth Rundown are as follows. A person has about 50 to 100 of these lines, and similar lines are grouped into one overall line, so as not to be unnecessarily duplicative:

  1. The CMO don't know what the hell they are doing. They are a bunch of amateurs.
  2. Joe [good exec in fact] is an evil son of a bitch
  3. Jane (an auditor) is a fucking squirrel! [When in truth she was auditor of the year.]
  4. LRH does not know what he is talking about when it comes to how to polish a car.
  5. LRH was always cross ordering himself.
  6. Joe [Good junior overall in fact] likes to crash his stats just to get me [his senior] in trouble with my seniors.
  7. The RTC Representatives are out to get me, they are like vultures. [When in fact the RTC Reps haven't acted in any way like this.]
  8. Etc., etc.

A Black Propaganda line, called a Black PR line, has to contain a falsehood about a well-intentioned person. Using the Black PR is false vilification of a well-intentioned person or group, and the Black PR is an attempt to lower the status of the person or group that the pc is spreading the Black PR on, as a justification of their serious overt against that person or group. When the person handles this serious overt, and expresses remorse and does a reversal of their viewpoint and retracts the Black Propaganda statement, then ehy have gotten the correct result of doing the Truth Rundown for that one Black PR statement. Each Black PR line is taken to this same result.

The Rollback procedure step of the Truth Rundown comes first and determines, line by line, did the pc get the idea from someone else, or did the pc think it up themselves. If the lines came from someone else, then the person they came from is noted down and the information is passed out of the RPF to the proper staff so those other persons can later be investigated to find out where they got the ideas, and so on, until the person who actually first came up with the idea is isolated.


The person is expected to achieve a reversal of his Black PR viewpoint, which is called a viewpoint shift.

After much Truth Rundown, a person achieves usually a dramatic reversal of their viewpoint about the person or group they uttered or wrote the Black Propaganda on.

This is a very dramatic procedure in obtaining a major shift in the viewpoint of the Sea Org members.


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Bridge planned in Clearwater

Regarding a St. Petersburg Times article for which the following url was given:
[long link]
"cultxpt" wrote:

"Clearwater is making a new bridge to booming Clearwater Beach that will bypass downtown Clearwater. Downtown Clearwater is more and more becoming a ghost town, except for Scientology's presence there. But even Scientology's expansion in downtown Clearwater seems to be done. The Super Power Building, begun in November 1998, has been idle and uncompleted for months, with a big open gash in the north side open to weather. All that can be said about the SP building is that it shows Scientology's leadership cannot complete a cycle, even one that LRH said was extremely important to mankind, and even when they say they have enough money to complete it."

to which "Ida" responded:

"Perhaps I am wrong in my thoughts on the 'why' of the super power building remaining incompleted. The cult can continue to ask for money to finish it. ..."


Another clash in Yekaterinburg

"A criminal charge of excessive use of force has been lodged with the internal affairs police of the Chkalovsky district administration. On the preceding day they had apprehended renowned Russian sectologist Alexander Dvorkin and Fr. Vladimir Zaitsev of the Yekaterinburg Eparchy and brought them to the police station. The incident occurred outside one of the schools where they had intended to give a lecture on cult detriment. The clergyman said the police twisted their arms, dragged them along the ground and threw them into the police car. The scuffle took place late in the evening on March 23 at a Yekaterinburg school. The participants were the famous Russian sectologist Alexander Dvorkin, representatives of the Eparchy, and police officers. The cause is said to be a proposal from a police officer to go to the police station and give a statement.


By the way, this is not the first scuffle Dvorkin has experienced in Yekaterinburg -- a skirmish unfolded in the offices of the local Scientologists two years ago. Father Vladimir also said that this was not the first run-in they've had with the Chkalovsky district internal affairs office.
March 29, 2005

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