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Volume 9, Issue 20 - May 21 2005

Scientology LA Telecommunications

On May 19 "Feisty" posted a part of the Los Angeles City council agenda for March 9, 2005 from html

[long link] or pdf [long link].

according to which Scientology was installing a "private line telecommunications facility"

"... INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND GENERAL SERVICES COMMITTEE REPORT and ORDINANCE FIRST CONSIDERATION relative to a proposed Franchise for the Church of Scientology Centre International of Los Angeles (Church of Scientology) to install a Private Line Telecommunications Facility in the public rights-of-way. Recommendation for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR:

-Page 7- WEDNESDAY 03-09-05 PAGE 7

PRESENT and ADOPT the accompanying ORDINANCE which grants the Church of Scientology a Franchise to install a Private Line Telecommunications Facility in the public rights-of-way in Bronson Avenue, connecting buildings at 1830 North Bronson Avenue and 5930 Franklin Avenue, subject to the terms and conditions set forth therein, and subject to the review of the City Attorney as to form and legality.

Fiscal Impact Statement: None submitted by the Information Technology Agency. Neither the City Administrative Officer nor the Chief Legislative Analyst has completed a financial analysis of this report."

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Scientology vs. mental health

An editorial about Scn-backed HB 209 bill from the Daytona Beach News-Journal [long link] was posted:


HB 209 would restrict school officials and child-welfare workers who talk to parents about their children's potential mental-health problems. If it becomes law, it would force school officials to use a misleading 'script' when talking to parents, including informing them that a mental-health diagnosis would be noted on a child's permanent record. School officials say that statement is misleading and worse, easily misinterpreted.

The wording is clearly intended to spook parents struggling with the idea that their child might have emotional or mental problems -- or scare teachers away from even bringing up the topic. The bill was backed by the Church of Scientology, which crusades against psychiatry and psychology. Committees heard tearful testimony from actresses Kirstie Alley and Kelly Preston -- and much hysteria about parents being 'forced' to drug their children -- but no real evidence that would support the need for such harsh measures in Florida.

Lawmakers also heard from top officials, including representatives from the state departments of health and education, that the legislation is not needed and would probably do more harm than good. [...]"

Comments form "Feisty" included:

"A buzzword I'm seeing on some websites happens to be "stigma" as a way that some groups approach treating mental health. Thinking that there is a stigma that people are not getting help because hearing voices may not be schizophrenia; being disorganized meaning not having adhd, etc. There is no difference in this use of stigma and the way Scientology has made the secular point about "psychiatric labels," which to them signifies Hubbards teaching of psychosomatic, and spritual ills. [...] Steering someone with schizophrenia to take vitamins and other remedies, because a person has a "stigma" towards psychiatric help is misleading and dangerous. Scientology has created the stigma.

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Lawrence Wollersheim update

A message was posted requesting help:

"I thought everyone should know how things are going after 3 years of my silence since Scientology paid 8.7 million into the court to resolve my case against them. Of the 8.7 million about 5.4 million was paid out in the first year by the court to all the lawyers I used over 22 years and to me to meet tax obligations on the judgment.

About 2.3 million (excluding about 300,000 in interest) still remains in the court due to one remaining person who served basically as a para-legal (Leta Schlosser) making a absurd 2.7 million dollar claim for her services against what was in the court.


2.) I have gone back over Leta Schlosser's history of involvement with the case since 1986 and have found what I believe could be a reoccurring pattern of behavior and circumstances that appear to have most likely benefited Scientology in highly significant ways.


I go to trial June 14 with Leta Schlosser. [...]

Ask your connections if they know if a WILLIAM GWIRE or a TIA POLLASTRINI or their families (they are Leta Schlosser's current attorneys from San Francisco) have any connections or involvement with Scientology.

That is it. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Lawrence Wollersheim"


Charles Manson's Scientology auditor

Dave Touretzky posted a url which supposedly contains a picture of Charles Manson's Scientology auditor.

"Charles Manson dabbled in Scientology. Here's a web page with a little bit about that, and a picture of his auditor, Lanier Ramer:"

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Chicago OT weekly reports

"Barb" posted a number of messages from the Chicago OT Committee, including weekly reports, dynamic wins, etc.

Chicago OT Committee Weekly Activity Report [abridged & edited] Week Ending 05-10-2005 / 05-17-2005

"1) Number of books sold to raw public. 56 / 9

2) People who rec'd some LRH Tech application: 411 / 207

3) Arrivals to (including self) Upper Orgs, Orgs, Missions, and Field Groups for auditing, training or raw public service. 4 / 4

4) Volunteer hours on Chicago Org Projects - CF, Building Fund, or Bookselling : 101.5 / 28

5) Volunteer hours - OTC, VM, Criminon, Narconon, WISE, ABLE, CCHR, or LRH PR activities: 79.5 / 63

6) Funds Raised for Chicago Ideal Org: $2,567.00 / $5,070.00

7) Active OTC Members: 40/38"


"... A 14 yr. old lad at Cinco deMayo during the stress test became quite interested in the needle as it read widely when I asked him to "consider your brothers and sisters"......

After the first wide read, I asked which sib causes him stress. He said NO one. I TR-3'd him. It read again. Then I explained how some people live with stress on a daily basis and don't recognize it (I gave an example) After another read, he smiled.......cognited.. and realized his older brother was IT.

However, I believe his major win came from the fact that thoughts contain energy. His face showed a genuine "Aha!". He had no money for a book, but left the tent with a new realization about life, I'm sure."

"... I was walking the dog across the street at the park and saw a woman sitting on the bank of the lake that is in the park. She was staring out across the water - and I perceived she wasn't to happy. I stood around for a while w/ the dog and then tried to get her to open up. I finally got her to talk and exactly as I had thought - some 2D type stuff. I asked her if she had heard of LRH, which she had not. I then asked her if she had ever heard of Dianetics or Scn - which she had. I explained a bit about the PTS -SP course that I just finished and how it gives you the ability to rise above your problems and do something about them. I then ran home and came back w/ the number of an auditor friend of mine and gave it to her. She brightened up and smiled at that."

"Taking the Red Cross training at the Org on Sunday was a blast!

I've always wanted to learn first aid and CPR and as a VM I've wanted a group of VMs to learn and be certified in first aid and CPR. It's great to know what to do if I run into a situation that requires first aid or CPR. Not only for a stranger but my family as well. I feel more confident and competent to be able to go in and handle situations.


And with the Red Cross training, I can help the body and then with my VM training, get on with a spiritual handling that works miracles. As an added note. Ron Hill gave the Red Cross instructor a Nerve Assist and after the training she signed up to take the Assist Course!!

On another note: I helped tutor 8 kids at a Baptist church in Markham, IL on Saturday. I took them through the Barriers To Study and they got it! They knew the barriers and what to do when one of them appeared. When we interviewed them afterwards they were very bright and happy to learn the 3 Barriers and felt they would help them in school and in life."

"Book sellers are needed to man the VM tent and do stress tests. For those of you that have done them, you know how much fun they are. For those of you that haven't...we offer free on the job training!"

" ...I had one kid who was totally into the gothic style, pale face, long black leather coat, weird piercings, etc. I WAS ABLE TO FIND HIS RUIN AND SELL HIM A BOOK! [...]

We've got the tech, let's share it with the world and be the ones who reverse the horrible decline in our society.

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Black millionaire expansion game

"Feisty" posted text ahout "TAG TEAM Seminars - Black Millionaire Expansion Game (Scientology, World Literacy Crusade, etc)". TAG TEAM stands for "The Atlanta Group - Together Everyone Achieves More"

"Thursday, April 28, 2005

Black Millionaire Expansion Game Drawing To A Close, Competition Heating Up...

We are in the last days of the 2005 Black Millionaire Expansion Game. TAG TEAM Members have been competing since January 1st to see which individual and which team can make the most sales and add the most new members. The game ends on Saturday, April 30th, 2005 at midnight. Competition has been hot and heavy, but is definitely heating up as we draw close to the end of the game. In the team competition, the Virginia Mastermind Alliance Expansion Team has a commanding lead in the game, but the Savannah VIP Expansion Team, Connecticut Expansion Team and New York Expansion Team are running neck and neck behind them."

"circa 2000....

[long link]

Saturday, January 15, 2000

TAG TEAM Co-Sponsored MLK Event is a BIG SUCCESS

Tonight, the World Literacy Crusade put on its annual Celebrity Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, California. TAG TEAM Marketing was a major corporate sponsor of the event. [...]

The show celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The show opened with a powerful video tribute to Dr. King. World Literacy Crusade Founder Reverend Al Freddie Johnson gave an inspiring speech about the condition of Black education in America, and the future direction of his organization. In a powerful moment, Reverend Johnson revealed a startling statistic, 'There are over 700,000 African Americans in prison, yet there are less than 200,000 in college'.


Friday, January 14, 2000

TAG TEAM Marketing Makes Large Donation To World Literacy Crusade

TAG TEAM Marketing made its annual financial contribution to the World Literacy Crusade. The World Literacy Crusade is a nonprofit, educational organization formed in 1992 by community leaders, ministers, parents, youth and educators concerned about the growing rate of illiteracy and the related social ills in their communities. The purpose of the World Literacy Crusade is the elimination of poverty, ignorance, disease, crime and hopelessness. Issac Hayes is the international spokesperson for the organization. ..."

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Another ex-Scientologist speaks

"Magoo" posted views, which she did not necessarily agree with, from another ex-Scientologist, commenting:

"This was sent to me today. I congratulate this person on telling their story. It helps others feel safer in telling theirs, and although TS [reference to a.r.s. diversionary posts] is busy trying to warn people not to, the ones I post know to leave out any incriminating 'evidence' OSA might use against them. Suppression (Such as C of S/OSA uses) is only 'Safe' as long as people stay silent."


I was in Scn from the mid-70's to early 80's, most of the time in the SO. I never reached the OT levels. I discovered about 6 years ago and have been lurking since. The biggest surprise after leaving was how many "big names" from my era had left or were expelled: Capt Bill, Mayo, Vaughn Young, etc. I am struck that so few people have gone Clear since Scn was started fifty years ago: Scn claims 8 million+ members since it was founded, but only about 50,000-60,000 attested Clears in all of that time, which means a drop-out rate of over 99% before reaching Clear, and it sounds like at least half the Clears eventually leave, too.


Hubbard says that Scientology is here to create a world without war, crime or insanity, but then he preaches a very scary social agenda on how that is to be acheived. In DMSMH [Short for "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" by L. Ron Hubbard] and Science of Survival he advocates that certain people (who have not necessarily been convicted of any crime) should have their civil rights taken away and be quarantined from society for life, and I have no doubt that Scientology would do that if it achieved the political influence it desires since it practices quarantine inside the organization. Hubbard says that anywhere from 2% to 20% of the population are the personality types in need of quarantining, and signs that you might be one of them would be if you are a critic of Scientology, gossipy, like to make jokes (joker/degrader), gay, etc


I think that Scientology is also creating confusion in members' minds with its use of the term "Suppressive Person." Hubbard uses it interchangeably with "psychotic" and "antisocial personality."




Scientology celebrity PR

"Mark Bunker" posted about a "wonderful new Drudge alternative has it's second article featuring Scientology:"

[long link]

and an article from the Huffington Post ( about Tom Cruise:

"... But the most bizarre element of this year's model Cruise is the sudden appearance of Scientology in the plot. After years of being the most tightly controlled and programmed celebritytron on the planet, last year Cruise fired superpublicist Pat Kingsley amid rumors she had resisted Tom's increasing desire to talk publicly about Scientology. responsibility for shaping his new image now falls to longtime hanger-on Lee Anne DeVette, the star's sister and, mark this, fellow Scientologist.

Suddenly, after years of inaccessibility, restrictive pre-interview contracts, and aggressive legal fuck-you letters to transgressors who dared ask what-must-not-be-spoken (Gay? Cult? Who fathered the kid?), Cruisie is out there in an unfettered way that has veteran Cruisologists scratching their heads. As the editor of one major celebrity mag says, 'It used to be, like, 'He's a freak, he's an android.' Now that Pat is gone, he's not as dark and weird and mysterious as he used to be.' Goodbye, I, Robot. Hello, The Passion of the Cruise.

In this new glasnost, Tom has decided that WOTW [War of the Worlds] is an evangelical opportunity. His contract for the movie stipulated that the Church of Scientology be given a booth on set from which to proselytize to cast and crew. ('[They] were there to help the sick and injured,' Cruise says. Lee Anne, dear, are you high?)

With the door thus opened, German weekly Der Spiegel was the first to confront Herr Cruise. When, in a recent interview, he claimed that Scientology has 'the only successful drug rehabilitation program in the world,' DS's reporter called bullshit, with the facts to back it up. (Presumably DS doesn't worry about being shut out of the halls of celebrity. Silly Germans.) ..."

[long link]

"Tom Cruise: I'm a helper. For instance, I myself have helped hundreds of people get off drugs. In Scientology, we have the only successful drug rehabilitation program in the world. It's called Narconon.

SPIEGEL: That's not correct. Yours is never mentioned among the recognized detox programs. Independent experts warn against it because it is rooted in pseudo science."

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