Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 21 - May 28 2005

Tips on exposing Scientology

On May 22 "Magoo" posted some tips on how a private citizen can help expose Scientology.

"... However, there are TONS of things people can do, without going public. It takes a little creativity, but once you get there, and decide you will help in this project of exposing the lies and fraud and abuses, there are numerous avenues to help, that are very private.

Here are a few I've heard of, since being out:

  1. Write letters to your local Better Business Bureau. To submit a complaint about business practices in Southern California, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at: or That is key. Many people here in the Southland have left, due to totally bad business actions. How many have written this up? Please do.
  2. Write a letter regularly to your congressmen and local officials. Again, this is key. Remember, in letters, each ONE letter equates to 100 sent. Also keep in mind Scientology is constantly writing their propaganda. They know these stats, and they work these lines. Some people just do this...and their letters have been very key!
  3. Pick various Government agencies, and write to them. They are all listed on the Internet. Department of Fraud, Department of Consumer Affairs, Dept of ....check them out, and please post ones you find that are key.
  4. Talk to your neighbors and explain Fair game, and when it is used, and why.
  5. Talk to your friends, outside of Scientology, and in the privacy of your own homes, let them know where to find more information outside of C of S...and why it is important. This is key for parents, so they can educate their kids against fraud before they are sucked in, and business people so they don't get sucked in, not knowing what is up.
  6. Of course the Internet is key for so many people. Each person Can write up their story, anonymously, and help tons of people lurking. Stories are what Scientology uses to sell, as do most businesses. Stories are what move a person to buy. We need to let them hear the other stories, too. There are never too many. There are never enough. People may think, 'Oh...that story has been told, no need for *me* to write up anything'. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Each person...even if in the exact same incident, has their personal take on what happened, and each one is extremely vital to be heard. It's also very therapeutic to do. Take some time, and write it up and post it. If you're worried about someone tracing *you*...change places or years or just leave out whatever so that won't happen. (Isn't ~that~pathetic that I even need to say that about a 'religion'?? Think about it!)
  7. Take one chat group, and post some facts. Some that are key are the Tom Cruise Yahoo message boards, where young kids come to read about Tom. Now there's an entire section on 'Tom and Scientology'. Some of us post there, and you never know what young person just may read that and realize facts they didn't know. I'm sure many of the C of S Celebrities have such boards, and again, all of this can be done anonymously. Don't be mean, don't be harsh, just ask questions. Do they know this or that? Let them discover the facts. The facts of this group speak for themselves. It is only this unspoken Code of Silence that keeps this soggy, rusted out, phony cruise ship afloat.
  8. One person here in LA just cruises around stores and puts in Papers saying:

    Scientology, find out what they won't tell you @

This person is so anonymous; no one knows who does it. It's just done, systematically, and regularly, and to whomever it is, if you read this, congratulations and thank you for your continuous help.

These are just a few of the many ways someone can help expose the abuses of this slowly sinking ship. Don't for a minute think your words or help are not needed. Don't be part of The Code of Silence. May we all always remember those three ladies and the Enron exposure and what their words just so recently brought out! ..."

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Politicians promote Hubbard doctrine

"Scientology program may fall to budget ax" from The St. Petersburg Times by Steve Bousquet was published May 26, 2005.

"TALLAHASSEE - A $500,000 program that uses some teachings of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to help prison inmates likely will be vetoed by the governor today, the bill's sponsor says. The program, known as Criminon, was quietly added to the state budget by one powerful legislator: Rep. Gus Barreiro, a Miami Beach Republican. He heads the House subcommittee overseeing billions of dollars in criminal justice spending.

Barreiro said he supported a pilot project using Criminon as a faith-based program that has worked in other states. He said he did not know whether Scientology's teachings were part of the program, and the Legislature's staff did not analyze whether Criminon was effective at rehabilitating prisoners.

'If a guy can become a Christian and stay off drugs and not be a detriment to himself and his family, I could care less what religion they pursue,' Barreiro said. 'I don't care if they become Jewish or Baptist or Scientologist or whatever. I only hope that person, when they come out of prison, won't commit crimes that will hurt society.'

But Barreiro apparently could not persuade Gov. Jeb Bush to support Criminon. The lawmaker voiced disappointment Wednesday after learning that Bush will veto the $500,000 appropriation, ending, for now, any chance of Criminon coming to the Florida prison system.


To get into the budget in the first place, a program needs only one powerful patron with access to the public purse, and Criminon had Barreiro.

At Barreiro's request, the director of Criminon International in Los Angeles, Greg Capazorio, spoke at a workshop meeting of Barreiro's committee in February.

'We're secular. We're nonreligious,' Capazorio said Wednesday. 'The church gives us a lot of support, and obviously we use L. Ron Hubbard's secular works.'

He said Criminon teaches life skills to hard-core inmates to restore their self-esteem, deal with anger management and prepare them for life on the outside, as it does in New York and Rhode Island.

As Criminon's Web site notes, the core of the prison program is The Way to Happiness, Hubbard's 1981 book that has been widely distributed around the world. Critics of Scientology have argued that the book is a recruiting tool for the church by using words and phrases that are part of Scientology's religious texts.

Barreiro and Criminon's director said Corrections Secretary James Crosby supported the project. Crosby, a Bush appointee, declined to say whether he did.

'I won't address budget issues until after the governor has taken a position,' Crosby said.

Barreiro is the same lawmaker who sponsored a bill in the recently ended session that would have required schools to include any mental health treatment in a student's permanent record. ..."

[long link]

In addition, "Feisty" posted some the reseac ongoing at [long link]a on front groups that promote Scientology's "Purication Rundown," including "Second Chance, Criminon, Narconon," and "New York Firefighter's Emergency Workers Detox":

"...National Foundation for Women Legislators, NFWL and Scientology 'Second Chance' Program will Target Funding from Passage of Second Chance Act of 2004 (HR 4676)

The 'Second Chance Act of 2004,' (H.R. 4676) will create a federal task force for prison reentry programs, and include faith-based and other grants to state and local organizations for substance abuse programs. There are grave concerns regarding attempts made by Scientology to propose their prison program, coincidentally called 'Second Chance' on either a medically sound or secular basis.

The National Foundation for Women Legislators, (NFWL) now considered a front group for Scientology, has been promoting the 'Second Chance' prison program based on one that Scientology runs in Mexico. The other program Scientology has tried and failed within the U.S. is the 'Criminon' program. Both of these programs have been rejected in the United States from the outset, as they are devoid of authoritative medical studies to support its 'dangerous' and 'factually inaccurate' claims.


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Dianetics 55th anniversary event

On 25 May 2005 an anonymous person posted an account of a "Dianetics 55th anniversary event at one local Org".

"... The anniversary is really May 9th but they had it 2 weeks later, and I wonder what is going on because we didn't have the big who-ha as other years and I also noticed the Orgs have the event at different dates. The May 9th Event was always one of the big international events but it's not that way any longer which I would say is a big contraction for them.

The event was not held at some fancy hotel as usual, it was held at the Org. There was about 100 people, mostly new ones. It was better than previous events, mainly because there was NO 3-4 hour boring video of Miscavige, not a word about stats at all. This was the First time ever there was no Miscavige, Rinder, Yager, no exec at all in the event video. Ex's that attended May 9th events in the past will understand the importance of this.


Then the org ED gave a speech, talk about some future plans and gave awards to the top book-sellers. Total time 1 hour! Then they had a food buffet and some music. The reges werent bothering too much so people were able to eat and talk."

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Las Vegas org update

Starting May 22, Ted Mayett posted an update on the Las Vegas Org.


Thursday, 19 May 05, 7:12pm, big org, vehicles 12-15.

The VM van still does not have license plates, but they have updated the temporary permit. It is good now until July, and isn't it strange that they are not being required to put plates on that van. It makes me wonder if the temporary sticker is bogus, but I'm not going to persue this.

I'm thinking they have fixed the inside of the org, and will take on the outside of the org next. We shall see. ..."

"... Today I went and took pictures of a yellow tent they had set up. It might have went up Friday, and will come down Sunday evening more than likely.

The tent is set up in a swap meet, an old/established large popular swap meet we call BroadAcres. Before I go any further though, well I don't know, am I out of line here, is it just me, or is a swap meet a place we go to for bargains and discounts? We expect those religious types to sell their religion wherever they can. But why is the most technologically advanced religion on the face of the planet selling itself in an outdoor, filthy, nothing-special local swap meet, sigh.

I arrived at about 2:30pm, temperature was about 95 fahrenheit. Many of the vendors had already shut down for the day, not many customers were walking around. This made it difficult to take pictures. In fact I had done a sweep past without arousing suspicion, I came in from a 'back door' to sneak up on them, but still I had not taken many pictures before 2 of them were outside the tent watching me. And I cannot really say I noticed much as I couldn't really get next to the tent as I was the only person walking around at that time.


The tent was kind of difficult to find. You would think it would stand out because of the color, and the top, that flag on top. But, the tent isn't really that tall. Standing alone it seems taller. But there in the swap meet, I'm looking thinking it would be easy to spot the tent, and I could not find the thing. The isles of the swap meet has vendors with small structures of walls and ceilings made of cloth, things like this, and I couldn't find the tent. I had to go into the Office and ask where the tent was rather than walk isle by isle throughout this rather large swap meet.


I kind of figure they have two extra large tents, LA and CW, that will travel with a few vehicles and I don't know, but lot's of staff would be needed. And they would set up for maybe a month, or at least two weeks in a city without an org or mission. And they might even do this 6 times or so before they give up on the idea.

And by this time next year, Yellow Tents will be a memory, with maybe a few tents still left standing in LA and CW areas, and maybe Vegas."


Petoskey Narconon plan rejected

from [long link] "Petoskey planners reject drug rehab home

A packed council chamber erupted in applause Thursday as the Petoskey Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny a special use permit for TIA Corp. of Battle Creek.

The company wanted to house a 63-bed residential Narconon alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in the former Rues Residential nursing center along Arlington Avenue, just east of MacDonald Drive. However, the request met great opposition from area residents who feared it would be too intensive a use for the site and would create health and safety issues.

'We are thrilled, ' said Peggy Child-Smith, a Bay View Association resident, about the denial. 'This was too many people in too small an area.'

Commissioners said they received more than 150 letters from surrounding residents urging the denial of this project. 'I have been on the planning commission for 25 years and I have never seen such an overwhelming rejection,' said commissioner Frank Wangeman.

Planning commissioner John Jorgensen made the motion to deny TIA Corp.'s request based a number of reasons. Jorgensen said at just two acres the site is just too small for the number of people TIA Corp. wants to serve. He noted its former use, a nursing center, served about 30 elderly patients, while the proposed use would serve more than 60 people and include around 30 staff members.

He said by having this intense a use at the site, it would create a negative impact on the surrounding area because of increased traffic and the possibility of increased crime. He added the use is also not compatible with the surrounding area and does not blend with its environment, mostly residential. Furthermore, there was no adequate buffers for the site and it does not promote or enhance the social or economic stability of the surrounding land.

'I strongly feel it is too intense for its size and it is in the wrong location,' he said. Jorgensen said the applicants should look for other areas in the city that may be more in line with the type of facility they were proposing.

Mike Corcoran, the attorney for TIA Corp., said his clients need to think about what their next action will be. He said they have to consider if they will appeal the planning commission's decision or still purchase the property and turn it into something else, such as a low income housing development.

'If this (a treatment facility) is not permissible, then what is?' he said. Corcoran said there is a public need for these type of facilities. 'This is a classic not-in-my-backyard defense,' he said.


Officials with TIA's Narconon have said it is not affiliated with the Church of Scientology."


Ukrainian urges denial of Scientology registration

On May 23 Roger Gonnet posted text about Scientology's registration hearings in Ukraine:

"Ukrainian deputy asks Security Service not to allow registration of the 'Church of Scientology'

Kiev. May 19. INTERFAX. The chairman of the Ukrainian parliamentary sub-committee on issues of informational, technological and ecological security, of the Ukrainian parliamentary committee for national security and defense, Viktor Kirilov, calls attention of the country's security agencies to the, in his opinion, intrusive activities of the 'Church of Scientology.'

'I consider that the activity of the 'Church of Scientology,' which seeks to recruit new adepts in government agencies, illegally introduces religious courses into schools and is essentially conducting experiments with the health of Ukrainian children, could present a threat to state security,' said the deputy in an official communication to chief of Ukraine Security Services Alexander Turchinov.

V. Kirilov points out incidents of outright violation of Ukrainian law by Scientologists, in particular, tax evasion and violation of applicable law on freedom of conscience.

The deputy also notes that the Scientology structure has been prosecuted by many of the world's law enforcement agencies, including the majority of the countries in Europe. Scientology's social programs are banned in many countries, including Russia, for being a threat to mental health.

The deputy called upon government agencies to review the given facts and curb the extralegal activities of the Scientologists.

'The registration of the 'Church of Scientology' and the structures associated with it would inflict damage upon Ukraine,' asserted V. Kirilov.

The Scientologists reject this sort of allegation as a matter of course."

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Volunteers beware!

"Tanya Durni" posted the following from [long link]:

"The Dorchester Scientology Volunteer Ministry seeks volunteers to teach phonics and study and reading skills. Free training and resources are available to other agencies. A collaboration between the Church of Scientology of Boston and the Codman Square Pharmacy, the ministry provides free literacy and nonviolence programs for the community. ..."

and cited, "United Way look to website, United Way links and logos", noting:

"In very tiny print at the bottom...

'The inclusion of any organization or person in this database does not constitute a representation, warranty, or endorsement with respect to the competence, suitability, or reliability of such organization or person by United Way of Massachusetts Bay; nor does United Way of Massachusetts Bay sponsor or endorse any third-party web site (legal notices).'"

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Parsons an early Hubbard victim

Jack Parsons, the "Magical Father of American Rocketry," was an early victim of L. Ron Hubbard, according to text by Brian Doherty, May 2005, posted from

"... After the war his occult activism attracted the young L. Ron Hubbard into his life and home. The scalawag pulp writer, pre-Dianetics, took off for Florida with Jack’s girl and most of his money, supposedly to buy boats to bring to California and launch a business operation they’d jointly own. Hubbard never came back. The official Scientology line — unsupported by any evidence — is that Hubbard was sent by Naval Intelligence to break up Parsons’ evil occult sex ring. ..."


Scientology recruitment surveys

Surveys Scientology is presumably sending out to collect information for future recruitment were posted, one for staff on a ship and another for parents concerning their children:

From Sharron Weber, Commanding Officer Flag Ship Service Organization, to "Scientologists":

With the Sea Org spearheading the expansion of Scientology, it is imperative that more Scientologists step in to help in this crusade.


The Freewinds is expanding its ranks in order to get ready for the release and delivery of New OT IX and X. Needed and wanted are clean, dedicated Scientologists who want to get the job done in making the first OTs and creating a new civilization. You may qualify to be part of this team. Postings that are needed to be filled include auditors, supervisors, engineers, musicians, executives, housekeeping staff, chefs, administrators and many more.


Please fill out the following questions to find out if you qualify, and send them back to me.

First Name: Last Name:

1. What is your Training Level?

2. What is your Case Level?

3. Have you ever taken LSD or Angel Dust?
Yes No

4. Do you have children? Yes No If yes,
what are their ages?_________

5. Do you have huge debts? Yes No If yes: Amount $_______________

6. Do you have assets that would cover your debts? Yes No

7. Have you ever threatened or attempted suicide? Yes No

8. Do you have an institutional history? Yes No



On May 25, 2005 Rick Siegel, Survey Network Chief of Church Of
Scientology International, invited parents of children between the
ages of 5 and 9 to fill out a survey.


Q. 1
Is there a matter of concern in your child's life which you would
like to see addressed by a Scientology course?
       [  ]  Yes       [  ]  No

Q. 2
If yes, please describe the situation or condition that you would
like to see handled for your child or children, through a Scientology
       [                                                ]

Q. 3
What sort of data would you like to see on such a course, to address
this concern?
      [                                                ]

Q. 4
Is there an existing Scientology course which you would like to see
available in a format applicable for young people?
      [  ]  Yes        [  ]  No

Q. 4a
If you answered yes to question 4, please state what the course is...
      [                                                ]

  Q. 5
  Is there anything else you'd like to say regarding Scientology
  courses for young people?
      [  ]  Yes        [  ]  No

Q. 5a
If so, please state what...
       [                                                ]

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