Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 24 - June 18 2005

Critics on the radio

At least three a.r.s. regulars were on radio this week, Gerry Armstrong, Arnaldo Lerma and Ida Camburn. Several posters made a connection between the additional publicity and Tom Cruise's penchant for Scientology.

G. Armstrong posted:

"I was called a few minutes ago by Jeff Bolton to be on his talk radio show tonight on WOAI in San Antonio, TX. ..."

And then:

"The Michael Jackson verdict will consume the whole show today, so I'll be on tomorrow's show. Same time, same station, same cult."

While the show aired:

"Ex-members are encouraged to seize this opportunity to be heard, because every action of scientology is in pursuit of silence. this radio show will be available on the web for download until the end of time.

Please call in.. do your part to break the back of scientology's campaign for silence.

Time: 8:56 AM Eastern time."


"creed got in the story of OSA snatching the letter to his wife OUT her hands in the courtroom!"


"But what I can recall just now, things which were mentioned was

- Gerry Armstrongs site
- (or something like that)
- Robert Dam's site
- The story about xenu
- Heard in Hubbards own voice say that there was no christ"


"And thank you to 'Martha' the 'Catholic' in St Louis, and Scientologist who called in saying that the stuff on the net was 'All lies'

And attempted to dead Agent Creed Pearson..."

Comment from Ida Camburn:

"This was the first radio show that I have heard where the host did not allow the scienos to butt in and ruin it. Arnie you did a great job -Gerry also. I was surprised to get on but did enjoy the experience as it gave me a chance to thank Frank for giving Arnie the three hours. Only hope there is a follow up in the near future where more can be aired about the practice of medicine without license. More needs to be aired about the infiltration into government. ..."


"Here's this morning's 'Frankly Speaking' with Arnie Lerma, Gerry Armstrong, Creed Pearson and Ida Camburn:"

Several critics attributed the rising interest in Scientology to Tom Cruise:

"Tom cruise is doing one hell of a job exposing the truth about Scientology!

June 15th - Webstats were another Highest Ever at 33,431 hits

this is 10X what the site was doing on average 5 years ago

Thank you Tom Cruise!


Arnie Lerma"

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Cult of Greed in Sri Lanka


"Date : 2005-06-10
Scientology: Cult of greed in divine garb
By Janaka Perera--Asian Tribune

Colombo, 10 June, ( Sri Lankans did not invite Scientologist to come to Sri Lanka and or sought their support and assistance. They came and saw the situation after tsunami favorable to them and in the pretext of helping the affected people; they started exploiting the human misery and began to proselytize Sri Lankans. Shame on them - said Venerable Medagama Dhammanda of the Asgiriya Chapter, Kandy.

The Venerable Medagama Dhammanda of, has challenged Scientologists to refute allegations made against them in Sri Lanka.

Having extensively investigated their activities here, he said that these cultists and other dubious NGOs rode on the crest of the December 26 tsunami. No government authority or any other reputed organization had either invited them here or solicited their assistance. It is they who had seized the unexpected opportunity, to expand their questionable activities under cover of engaging in social service. If they are sincere about their charitable intentions, he pointed out; they should stick to such work instead of craftily trying to wean away Buddhists and Hindus from their traditional religious beliefs. Charity demands nothing in return - neither political nor religious conversions, he said.

According to the Ven. Dhammanda, there is absolutely no need for new cults and religions that do more harm than good in a country, where centuries-old religious have been well established. The unwanted religious tensions Scientologists have already created here were sufficient proof that they are troublemakers, he said. The Ven Dhammanda has found that these cultists had also crept into several universities to spread their 'word' despite the fact that people here have enough religions to live by and die by.

'These wolves in sheep’s clothing have found tsunami victims suffering from depression a fertile area for harvesting souls.'"


"A group of Scientologists were recently found distributing a 30 page full colour, propaganda booklet in Sinhala, titled, Santhoshayata Maga (The Path to Joy) in Colombo suburbs of Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia, recently. A copy of the half A-4 sized booklet that came into Journalist Deeptha L. Gamage’s hands carries maliciously distorted facts on Buddhism’s history.

In a chapter that warns readers against wrong sexual behavior, the author states on page 8: 'Adultery is nothing new. Buddhism, which was a powerful religion in India in the Seventh Century, disappeared from there as a result of sex perversions of Buddhist monks in temples.' - Asian Tribune - "

The next day, an e-mail from "Jon E. von Gunten, Director, Scientology Parishioners League" was commented upon in the Tribune:

"... The full text of the letter sent to Asian Tribune by Jon E. von Gunten of the Scientology Parishioners League is given below:

'Change No Man’s Religion' is a prime policy of Scientology, written by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. I know Scientologists who are also Catholics, Baptists, Jews, and Muslims. There are Scientology missions in Nepal and India that conflict with no religion there.

'Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others' is another directive about religion. Some religions -not Scientology- demand that one renounce all former religious ideas. Some religions -not Scientology- use the word 'converts,' meaning 'to change a person from one thing to another.' We do not 'convert' people from any religion. We 'disseminate' our knowledge, which means to spread the wisdom that we have learned. We do not change people's religions; we add to their knowledge and abilities to ethically help themselves and others. ..."

Editors Note: Though Jon E. von Gunten wrote to Asian Tribune that he refutes the content of the news report that appeared in the yesterday’s Asian Tribune 'Scientology: Cult of greed in divine garb', but he has miserably failed to touch on any of those allegation alleged against the Scientologists’ of proselytizing Buddhist and Hindu tsunami victims in Sri Lanka."


Yellow tents in Latvia

Roger Gonnet posted news about "Recruitment operation in Latvia" from Riga, 6 June 2005

"Yesterday large yellow tents appeared in Riga with the rather peculiar slogan, 'With this one can do something,' reported Interfax, linking to 'Chas,' the Latvian newspaper. Those who showed an interest in this slogan by walking into the tent were gently 'enveloped' by Scientologists.

Rather typical for new religions. They give you neither the name of their organization nor their address, just a slogan: 'With this one can do something.' Anyone who goes for 'this' has taken the 'bait.' A Latvian party walks in, two boys and girls. With twisted grins and without missing a beat, they quickly diagnose the situation: 'You're a cult!'

'No, but what are you,' the kindly mien of the Scientologists fade and they begin to close ranks. There is no Scientology church in Latvia like they have in Estonia and Lithuania, nonetheless they have an association, an intermediate unit between a social and religious organization.

It turned out that the event in the tent in Zadvin was arranged and financed by Scientology Church Europe. That is a rather powerful religious organization, and it has been operating in Riga for nearly a month. As the Scientologists maintain, they have all the necessary permits from the Riga Duma for 'educational activity.'

Scientologist Aiya Zvirbule explained that the work on registering the organization in the country is in full swing. But head of Latvia Dianetics Center Anna Krumkholtse for some reason refuted this assertion.

According to what Mrs. Krumkholtse said, the Scientologists appeared in Latvia six years ago and the dianetics association had already been in operation for two years, had 100 steady members and nearly 1,000 associates. Those are people who buy informational material and pay membership dues.

It's interesting in general that right after our country's entry into the European Union, religious organizations who were known for their aggressive recruitment of new members activated immediately.

[Addendum: it is also interesting to remind that the main association of international apologists of criminal cults and dangerous 'religious' movements, the CESNUR and its members, have choosen such small countries years ago to hide their annual meetings...]"

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Cult anti-psychiatry propaganda

"Shrink Rap" by Katharine Biele from [long link] said that "Utah Scientologists have won the ears of some state lawmakers." a.r.s. poster Jeff Jacobsen was cited in this article.

"...In 1976, Mengucci moved to Utah to work in a ski resort. Walking down a Salt Lake City street one day, she ran into someone professing Dianetics as a path to truth. Skeptical, she investigated. Today, Mengucci is the primary spokeswoman in Utah for her religion, Scientology. Based on the writings and teachings of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology has become a major force in a political drama being played out in Utah and other states.

'The Church of Scientology has taken upon itself the goal of eradicating psychiatry from the face of the earth,' writes Jeff Jacobsen, a critic who has worked for the Lisa McPherson Trust, a group that tried to expose the alleged dangers of Scientology.

The dangers seem real enough to Columbia University, whose TeenScreen program recently began mustering forces to counter Scientology-influenced legislation. TeenScreen is designed to give parents the 'opportunity for their teens to receive a voluntary mental-health check-up,' its literature says. Linked to The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health to combat depression and suicide, TeenScreen has come to represent all that is fearful about psychiatry to Scientologists, who foresee mandated drugging of the masses.

'By our creed, we believe that man is basically a spirit and that man’s ultimate salvation lies in the spiritual realm,' says Mengucci. 'Psychiatry teaches that man is an animal and its practices reduce man to nothing more than an animal, a stimulus-response creature monitored strictly by chemicals and genes.'


While Scientologists are not Christians, they have forged ties through their mutual interests. Mengucci ticks off their priorities: more parental rights, limited government, individual rights. Public education, she says, is destroying itself. Standardized Achievement Tests, for instance, have plummeted since the implementation of psychiatric and psychological programs in 1963.

In fact, there is no dearth of bad consequences from psychiatry, in the eyes of Scientologists. Hubbard went so far as to blame the Holocaust on psychiatry. In their 'bid for total power,' psychiatrists 'employ terrorism, corruption and blackmail to cow political henchmen,' Hubbard says in his 1997 article, 'The Planned Revolution.'

'Psychiatry is becoming the government’s religion or the religion for the humanists, and we are actually fighting for religious freedoms,' Mengucci says.

In fact, they are fighting a propaganda battle in which both sides are going mental. Small revolutions are indeed being planned to counter the outcry, and TeenScreen is only one. Its Website now has a host of links devoted to dispelling CCHR claims of mandated mental-health screening. 'We’ll keep our eye out for stuff,' says Ferre. 'Hopefully, our positive education plan will be helpful.'"


No Narconon for Hawaiian public schools

posted from

"Saturday, June 11, 2005

This update was written by Rosemarie Bernardo.

Public schools will not host Narconon program

What ever happened to the Narconon anti-drug prevention program interested in holding presentations at Hawaii's public schools?

State Department of Education officials are not allowing Narconon presentations at public schools. In February, state education officials stopped Narconon's drug prevention and education presentations at public schools on Oahu after Narconon received a negative evaluation by the California Department of Education.

The California evaluation 'found that the program offered inaccurate and unscientific information and was inconsistent with research-based practices.'

Based on the evaluation, California State Schools Superintendent Jack O'Connell urged his schools to drop the program, which is based on the work of L. Ron Hubbard, who founded the Church of Scientology.

'We agree with California that Narconon's program is not science-based, is misleading, and there are serious questions about the accuracy of the information delivered. Therefore, the department has decided to deny Narconon permission to make any further presentations in Hawaii's public schools,' Clayton Fujie, deputy schools superintendent, said in a letter sent last month to all assistant superintendents, complex-area superintendents and principals.


A sample letter was posted in response to the above:

"Letter to any school superintendent:

With summer approaching, a new school year and important decisions are always in the making. Please read the information about $cientology's bogus anti-drug education teachings in California, Boston and Hawaii. Make sure your schools are teaching researched and responsible information to the children.
Schools urged to drop antidrug program Scientology-linked eachings inaccurate, superintendent says

The evaluation:

In Boston, Mass, the Superintendant of schools wrote about having speakers in schools not include Narconon:
d. Has the individual/organization been prohibited from making presentations in the schools (e.g. Narconon)?
What ever happened to the Narconon anti-drug prevention program interested in holding presentations at Hawaii's public schools?

Answer: State Department of Education officials are not allowing Narconon presentations at public schools. In February, state education officials stopped Narconon's drug prevention and education presentations at public schools on Oahu after Narconon received a negative evaluation by the California Department of Education.

Always take time to review programs thoroughly!"

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Katie Holmes gets a cult minder

Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise publicly announced he would wed starlet Katie Holmes this past week. Holmes is now being escorted everywhere by a Scientology minder.

From "Katie to Convert" of June 14, 2005,

Katie Holmes says she's converting to the Church of Scientology, embracing the religion of her boyfriend, Tom Cruise.

Holmes, in London to promote her new film, 'Batman Begins,' said Monday that she's excited about her lessons in Scientology, a religion founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

The 26-year-old actress and Cruise went public with their romantic relationship in April. The former Catholic and star of television's 'Dawson's Creek' grew up with a poster of Cruise on her bedroom wall and has said she grew up wanting to marry him.

'We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true,' Holmes said.

Cruise was in Tokyo Monday for the premiere of his new film, 'War of the Worlds.'

In an interview in the June 17 issue of Entertainment Weekly, the 42-year-old actor was asked if Holmes is curious about Scientology.

'Yeah, absolutely. She digs it,' he tells the magazine. ..."

From "Is Tom turning Katie into a sect addict?" in the New York Daily News

"I hear that Katie Holmes is driving Warner Bros. Pictures absolutely batty with her insistence - or maybe it's boyfriend Tom Cruise's insistence - that a Church of Scientology official accompany the starlet every step of the way on her 'Batman Begins' press tour.

Warner Bros. international marketing execs have been firing off agitated E-mails expressing severe frustration that the 26-year-old Holmes' Scientology adviser, a twenty-something brunette identified as Jessica Rodriguez, has been monitoring (and occasionally interrupting) every single press interview when not giving Holmes religious instruction.

'Tom pays Jessica to 'Keep Katie on the path,'' reports a Lowdown spy. 'She goes everywhere with Katie - she's never more than a quarter-step behind her. When you ask her who she is, she says, 'I'm Katie's best friend.' She's known her for six weeks!



MSH Death Certificate

Information apparently from the death certificate of one of L. Ron Hubbard's wives was posted.

"Certificate of Death
State file No: 3 052002 226587
Local Registration No: 3 2002 19049706

Name: Mary S. Hubbard
Date of Birth: 06/17/1931
Date of Death: 11/25/2002 Hour: 18:25

State of Birth: Texas
Social Security No: 456-48-5525
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Widowed
Years of Education: 13
Occupation: Administrator
Kind of Business: Various
Years in Occupation: 45
Residence: 2345 Chislehurst Dr. LA, CA 90027

Informant: Neville Potter, DPGA (same, above address)

Father: Harry Whipp, Texas
Mother: Mary C. Hill, Texas
Disposition(s): 11/27/2002
Place of above: At Sea off the coast of Ventura County
Type of disposal: Cremation/Sea (Callanan Morturary)

Place of Death: Residence
Cause of Death: Metastatic Breast Carcinoma
Biopsy Performed: Yes
Autopsy Performed: No
Other significant Condition: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Operation for that: Left Mastectomy 12/17/95

Certificate issued by: G. Megan Shields, MD. 5336 Fountain Ave."

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OSA International staffing level

Chuck Beatty posted an estimate concerning OSA International staffing level

"... The answer to the rough number of OSA and DSA staff worldwide is roughly 200-300.

This is rough, ballpark. It is NOT thousands, it is NOT even 500.

That is the ballpark info, from the best of my 27 years as a lifetime staffer in the Scientology movement, my 2nd wife was OSA Int staff, and I generally knew the OSA Int numbers from just yearly contact, inter-HGB competition, bus seats taken, berthing rooms taken up, and the OSA Int office spaces, as an RPF in 1988, I got to walk through all the OSA Int spaces as part of the final preps for the HGB building renos. ..."


Stress test in New York City

Cited from the New York Post of June 14, "I Flunked Scientology Stress Test - and it'll cost me big for their 'cure'" by Marianne Garvey

"I hate people and I'm below average in every single area of my life. That's what the Church of Scientology told me after I ventured to take a 200-question personality test and life evaluation by one of their church employees on West 46th Street.

Within one minute of stepping through the door I was told to buy a book on Scientology by founder L. Ron Hubbard. I was then taken to a screening room and a movie started with the claim Scientology is a 'bona fide' religion determined by 65 courts around the world.

The narrator ends the 35-minute film with the threat that if you walk out of the church and never think about Scientology again, it's the equivalent of 'shooting yourself in the head,' and describes Scientology's detractors as 'raving lunatics.'

I learned there are 'levels' of Scientology and I'm at No.1. Tom Cruise is rumored to have reached Level 4 and is 'moving out of fixed conditions into the ability to do new things.'

One new thing he is doing is Katie Holmes - who has joined Cruise and other celebs in the brain-bending belief that humans are infested with the souls of dead space aliens who were brought to Earth 75 million years ago.

The goal of Scientologists is to rid themselves of these negative souls and achieve a state of 'clear.' At the highest level, believers say you can control thought, energy and even time.

But you'll have to pay thousands of dollars for the books and the classes and alien-cleansing sessions to get there.

After the film came the Personality Test. Do I peruse phone books for pleasure? Do my muscles twitch? Do I bit my fingernails? Am I a slow eater? Am I embarrassed by hugs?


I checked off yes, no or maybe for each question. It was graded and, computer printout in hand, I was taken to a small office with Alex, a church 'auditor.'


I picked up the sheets and read about myself: 'You are cold hearted and very withdrawn.'

'I'm actually pretty outgoing and very loud,' I told Alex. Annoyed, he said I wasn't supposed to read that. I walked out of the room thinking, now I hated Alex, too.

To make sure I wasn't the only person getting such advice about a problem personality, a colleague who could only be described as sweet, unassuming and articulate - ventured into the center to take the same test.

She was diagnosed as being overly aggressive and having no communication skills. She was also told to buy 'Dianetics.'

The written personality test is not the only diagnostic tool employed by the Scientologists. I was also told to take a 'stress test,' where the intensity of your thoughts are purportedly gauged by something called an 'e-meter' - a gadget that looks like two soup cans attached to a black, electronic box.

'Think of someone in your life who has caused you stress,' the volunteer said. An ex named John popped into my head and the needle started bouncing wildly in the terror zone.

She told me to think of more people. For every one, the needle landed in the red zone. Mom, red zone. Dad, red zone. Roommate, red zone, Alex, red zone. Strangers rushing by, red zone.

'Who are you thinking of?' the volunteer asked. 'Whoever it is is causing the problem.'

'Everybody,' I told her, 'I hate everybody.'"


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