Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 25 - June 25 2005

Critics in the media

A number of critics or critical articles/broadcasts appeared in the media this past week. The following are a few samples:

On June 24 Mark Bunker posted:

"My sweet Magooski was on Inside Edition and gave some good advice to Katie Holmes: look at both informed.

Way to go, Tory! You did a great job and must have caused great consternation to DM and those who had to clean up after him.

And what about that Tom Cruise? Some brave journalist from a Boston paper hit the nail on the head and asked Cruise about the parallels between War of the Worlds and Scientology's mythology. Cruise went ballistic. He denied ANY existence of Hubbard's space opera hooey.

Spielberg was seated next to him and looked aghast that his film had been hijacked by the subject of Scientology. And it's really just the beginning, isn't it? There are so many more questions, columns and media appearances to go."

On June 24 Andreas Heldal-Lund posted that he and the Operation Clambake web site were on US radio today 9pm eastern

"Listen to Thursday evening at 9pm eastern. Interview with me and probably some Scientologists calling in...

You can also listen online:"

On June 21 Arnie Lerma posted that Ex-Scientologist Michael Tilse was on the Radio WSPD in Katie Holmes' Hometown of Toledo, Ohio

"Ladies and Gentlemen
May I Present
27 year Scientologist
, now Ex-Scientologist,
Michael Tilse,

In an extraordinary interview, in Katie Holmes hometown of Toledo Ohio, he explains to her neighbors what is going on with Tom Cruise and the Cult of $cientology: Is Scientology Brainwashing?"

From MSNBC, "Scientology's love affair with Hollywood, Why controversial religion caters to the rich and famous" By Kari Huus at

"By his account, Tom Cruise owes his cool head, defeat of dyslexia and, in a way, his unstoppable stardom to Scientology.

But Scientology has much to thank Tom Cruise for as well. His glowing adherence to Scientology and the initiation of his bride-to-be, actress Katie Holmes, into the off-beat and oft-maligned system of beliefs has stirred a surge of interest.

The search engine company Lycos reported that 'Scientology' had leaped into the top 50 search terms last week for the first time, hitting 37, marking a 260 percent increase in interest - a spike the company attributed to the Cruise-Holmes effect. In fact, said Lycos in a press release, Scientology was now the most-searched-for 'ology,' acing out the likes of geology, technology and astrology.

It's a reflection of how Hollywood's rich and famous generate positive buzz for Scientology, recognized by the federal government as a religious organization but denounced by critics as a cult that extracts tens of thousands of dollars from its followers. Central to its adherents' beliefs: Earthlings were invaded millions of years ago by alien souls sent here from outer space. Scientology, in turn, has always had a special place for artists.


Clearing out the thetans

At first blush, Scientology resembles other New Age spiritual practices. The initiate starts with a process of 'auditing,' which is cross between an interview and confession employing a rudimentary lie detector. The idea is to learn about, target, and shed negative forces - the reactive mind - said to blunt potential. For a regular person, the first step might be a free stress test administered at a public booth in a shopping mall or Grand Central Station.

A Scientologist who is in the beginning stages of auditing - the stage Katie Holmes is reportedly in at this point - would be considered a 'pre-clear.' If she persists through these lower levels, which address career and other earthly struggles, she will reach the state of 'clear.'

Once 'clear,' Scientologists work on more otherworldly concerns through a series of levels starting with 'Operating Thetan 1.' It is only at this point that Scientologists can begin receiving knowledge of confidential teachings of Scientology. Cruise, said to be an OT6, and Travolta - reportedly OT7 - are well into this realm.

Among the secrets revealed to adherents who reach the OT3 level is the incident that led to the current evils of the Earth. In leaked documents now posted on the Internet, this incident started with a galactic shake-up 75 million years ago, when an alien ruler sent billions of subjects to this planet to solve an overpopulation problem. These 'thetan' souls dispersed and invaded humans. Scientology is the means through which one's Body Thetans (BTs) are purged.

Hubbard was a science-fiction writer and self-styled philosopher and scientist who died in 1986. Though he spent his later life lecturing and writing about what he called the 'applied technology' of Scientology and Dianetics, he never won over the scientific community. Instead, in 1993, Scientology won status as a tax-exempt religious organization.


From the "Smoking Gun" at

"Scientology's Nut Job Founder

Cruise a kook? Check out these gems from L. Ron's FBI file

JUNE 24 -- As Tom Cruise and his Scientology cohorts show Katie Holmes the religion's ropes, they surely won't be spending any time focusing on L. Ron Hubbard's wonderfully entertaining FBI file. Which, of course, is TSG's job. This Hubbard guy, the bureau documents reveal, was quite a raving lunatic (who could have imagined?). When he wasn't diming out a supposed Nazi, beefing about his wife, or complaining about being harassed by Cuban commies, Hubbard wrote to the FBI about a bizarre home invasion.

Hubbard, the guiding light to nitwits like Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Lisa Marie Presley, told agents in a May 1951 letter about being attacked in his crib. After being knocked out by the intruder(s), the science fiction author claimed, a needle was 'thrust into his heart to produce a coronary thrombosis and he was given an electric shock.' Little wonder Cruise & Co. are so down on electro convulsive therapy considering what happened to this poor mother Hubbard, who died in 1986 at age 74.


Mark Bunker posted that Dave Touretzky appeared on the Ron Insana Show.

"From this morning's Ron Ansana Show, here is Dave Touretzky responding to Scientology's Ed Parkin. Peter Alexander is among the callers:"


"The hits keep on coming! Tom Cruise has more to worry about than a squirt of water on his face. Shows across the nation are turning to Professor Dave Touretzky to fill in the blanks on the issue of Scientology. Here he is on a Cincinnati show from Friday morning:"

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Scientology debated in UK Parliament

Quote from:

posted June 22, 2005

Mr. John Gummer (Suffolk, Coastal) (Con): May I take the Home Secretary back to the point about who defines what a religion is? When Lafayette Ron Hubbard set up scientology, he found it convenient to call it the Church of Scientology, but it is actually a dangerous organisation that preys on people with mental illness, and most of us would want to make that clear. However, it would be difficult to do so without indicating that one was very unhappy about those who promulgate scientology and make money from it. Self-certification of religion could be a means for outrageous and sometimes criminal organisations to protect themselves, which must be of considerable concern.
Mr. Clarke: The right hon. Gentleman and I have never discussed scientology, but on the basis of what he has just said I suspect we hold a similar view of the nature of that organisation. I must return to a point I have made already: the fact is that the Bill is about incitement to hatred, so for the right hon. Gentleman, or indeed me as Home Secretary, to set out our views and approaches about scientology is perfectly legitimate and will continue to be so. [END]


Tom Cruise Meltdown

Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise has been attracting a more than usual amount of negative publicity for the cult lately.

From "A Couch Tom Cruise Won't Jump On" By Richard Leiby, posted June 25:

Okay, should we address him as Dr. Tom Cruise from now on? Or will the Rev. Dr. Cruise suffice?

Whatever: Anybody who watched the actor's performance on NBC's 'Today' show yesterday witnessed an unsettling transformation. The movie star, who has long embraced Scientology, launched a full-bore assault on the psychiatric profession, sticking to a script that his church (founded, mind you, by a hack science fiction writer) has been promoting for decades.

'Psychiatry is a pseudoscience,' he told host Matt Lauer, later saying: 'You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do.'

Cruise looked like a man possessed -- or at least in need of an Ativan -- leaning insistently forward in his chair, hammering Lauer when the host suggested that some people were actually, you know, helped when doctors prescribed psychiatric drugs. Lauer sparred with Cruise specifically over whether it made sense for Brooke Shields to have sought therapy and taken antidepressants for postpartum depression -- a decision that Cruise had previously criticized.

Forget medical research: 'There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance in a body,' said Cruise, who prescribed vitamins and exercise for depression. 'The thing that I'm saying about Brooke is that there's misinformation, okay? And she doesn't understand the history of psychiatry. She -- she doesn't understand, in the same way that you don't understand it, Matt.'

This is the second time in recent weeks that Cruise has made an issue of the mental state of Shields, who previously termed 'irresponsible and dangerous' his comments about her medical treatment for depression.


A transcript of Tom Cruise's angry showdown with Matt Lauer on "Today" was printed in the "Drudge Report"


NBC 'TODAY SHOW' host Matt Lauer was lectured by star Tom Cruise on the dangers of psychiatry and antidepressant during a promotional interview for WAR OF THE WORLDS." Message-ID: Message-ID:

The Press and Scientology

With so much Scientology in the media, naturally the media had to do a piece about Scientology in the media.


"The Press and Scientology
June 21, 2005
by Cliff Kincaid

Actress Katie Holmes, who was raised a Catholic, has announced that she is excited about taking lessons in Scientology, a New Age religion started by the late science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Her new boyfriend and future husband, box-office megastar Tom Cruise, 42, is a Scientologist and has become very vocal in the media about it. A flurry of stories has appeared about Holmes, 26, converting to Scientology.

But the Los Angeles Times noted a bit of hypocrisy in the reaction of Hollywood to this development: 'Although Hollywood reacted in panic last year to Mel Gibson's evangelical zeal tied to the release of 'The Passion of the Christ,' it has generally responded to Cruise's Scientology fervor with determinedly closed-lipped tolerance.'

It's much more than tolerance. Converting to Scientology is considered fashionable. But if Mel Gibson were dating a young lady and it was announced that she was leaving her established religion or church to convert to his brand of conservative Catholicism, you could anticipate a wave of revulsion and horror.


'I think it's weird that (journalists) put up with it,' Martin Kaplan, associate dean of the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication, told the Times. 'It's OK for him or anyone to try to evangelize if they want to. It's a two-way street. What it demonstrates to me is how degraded the position of entertainment journalism is, that it not only succumbs to conditions like byline approval and photo approval, but also Scientology boot camp.'

Journalists do put up with it -- in order to get a story about Cruise. But there are things Cruise won't put up with. On Sunday he was squirted in the face by a fake reporter and camera crew working for a British comedy show. The squirt gun was in the form of a fake microphone. Cruise told the fake reporter, 'You're a jerk.'

The water attack was in bad taste. We need fewer fake reporters and more real ones. But perhaps it's safer to squirt water at Cruise than scrutinize his religious evangelizing."


Katie Holmes' conversion to Scientology

Katie Holmes and her new cult minder have also attracted attention.

Posted June 21, 2005 from Foxnews411 (,2933,160192,00.html)

"The newly engaged Katie Holmes still has some explaining to do to her friends and family.

There are 16 missing days on her calendar from April 2005. No one seems to know where she was during that time.

Holmes made a public appearance on Monday, April 4 at the premiere of 'Steel Magnolias' on Broadway. She came with her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, and a couple of other friends. They were there to support Rebecca Gayheart, who was making her Broadway debut.

I know this because I spoke to Holmes at length during the play's intermission. She said she had just moved into her New York apartment and was looking forward to seeing the city.

I also know that on April 4, she had not yet made the acquaintance of Tom Cruise. She briefly dated Josh Hartnett after breaking up with actor Chris Klein.

Hartnett, Klein, Cruise: Which of these three is not like the others?

Klein and Hartnett are young and tall. Cruise is middle-aged and height-challenged.

On the other hand, he's the biggest movie star in the world. They are not.

Holmes was busy during that first week in April. On Thursday, April 7, she was photographed at the Fragrance Foundation's FiFi event.

Four days later, Holmes was still in New York and was photographed at VH1's 'Save the Music' concert. She still had not met Tom Cruise.

Sometime that week, her friends say, she flew to Los Angeles for a meeting with Tom Cruise about a role in 'Mission: Impossible 3.' The meeting took place after April 11.

The next time anyone heard from Katie Holmes was on April 27, when she appeared in public as Cruise's girlfriend and love of his life.

Where was she during those 16 days?

Somewhere during that time she decided to fire both her manager and agent, each of whom she had been with for years and who were devoted to her. The manager, John Carrabino, also handles Renιe Zellweger and is beloved by his clients.

Holmes also acquired a new best friend, Jessica Feshbach, the daughter of Joe Feshbach, a controversial Palo Alto, Calif., bond trader.

The Feshbach family, according to published documents, has donated millions to the Church of Scientology. Jessica's aunt even runs a Scientology center in Florida.


There is some fear among Holmes' close circle that her instant romance with Tom Cruise is not as organic as portrayed.


And history has been rewritten since the April 27 unveiling.

Curiously, since the Cruise-Holmes situation popped up, we have heard over and over again that Cruise was the young actress' idol when she was growing up.

That's certainly interesting because all of the publicity that used to run on Holmes - still found all over the Internet - lists another Tom as her favorite actor.

That would be Tom Hanks."

Ida Camburn suggested picking up a copy of William Sargant's "Battle for the Mind."

"This will explain what very likely happened to Katie in her 'missing' l6 days. The first few days may have been setting the stage and from there on in --there was 'no tomorrow'."

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In a separate thread, Chip Gallo wrote:

"My copy of BATTLE FOR THE MIND arrives in 3-8 business days from Barnes & Noble. ISBN 1883536065, $15.00"

"Some engaging tidbits" from the New York Daily News ( on "that relationship" were posted:

"So here's what I'm hearing about that relationship.

A source VERY close to the deal is saying there's a contract.

It's worth $5 million.

It's for five years.

There will be no sex.

The deal was sealed June 7.

That's what I'm hearing."

The New York Post of June 19, 2005 ran a story on Katie Holmes'cult minder.


"June 19, 2005 -- KATIE HOLMES' new Scientology 'handler' is church 'royalty' whose family made millions in business and the stock market — and went on to be plagued by charges of religious harassment and linked to Medicare fraud, The Post has learned.

Jessica Rodriguez has emerged as the woman who's been irking Warner Bros. Pictures by shadowing the 'Batman Begins' star 24/7 during Holmes' press blitz.

Since meeting Holmes in April, Rodriguez — who believes in reincarnation and wears a Navy-like uniform while on duty at the church — has been her constant companion, shadowing the next Mrs. Tom Cruise wherever she goes on both sides of the Atlantic.

Earlier this month, she was spotted trying on shoes at Barneys in Manhattan, as Holmes gabbed away on her cellphone. She was reportedly disruptive during Holmes' interviews with the British press a few weeks ago. And yes, she was in France last week when hyper movie star Cruise popped the question to the perky starlet in Paris.

Some have described her as Holmes' new best friend. But others see her more as Katie's Scientologist mentor — or is it monitor?

The 29-year-old was born Jessica Feshbach, daughter of 'stock buster' Joe Feshbach.

The elder Feshbach — along with brothers Matt and Kurt — earned his moniker during the go-go '80s by managing a hedge fund that shorted stocks. He attributed the millions he amassed to his adherence to Scientology and, in return, lavished the church with equally rich contributions.

But not everyone was enamoured of his business practices.

After Feshbach and his siblings took control of the San Francisco-area chocolate company Chocolat in 1990, 13 managers quit, reportedly claiming they were disturbed by the Feshbachs' use of Scientological management techniques. Another six said they were axed for not toeing the Scientological line.


Neither Feshbach, Jessica Rodriguez nor the Church of Scientology returned repeated phone calls and e-mails seeking comment.


Feshbach, 52, and wife Cindy raised their kids as Scientologists, enrolling them in the controversial religion's many obligatory courses as young as 15 years old.

Now Holmes' camp is downplaying Rodriguez's involvement with the former 'Dawson's Creek' star's life, calling her a friend rather than religious adviser.

But just days after Holmes announced she was converting to Scientology, others who have been privy to the church's innermost workings say that's hardly the case. And friends have complained that Holmes, an unassuming and loyal Midwesterner who once turned down a Hollywood audition to be in the school play, is now not returning their phone calls.

'Jessica is reporting back to top-level people on a daily basis about how Katie is faring,' said a source who spent three decades working with celebs like Kirstie Alley and Nicole Kidman before leaving the church in 2003.

'In all my years with the church, I never saw them assign a handler to travel with a celeb and sit in on interviews like Jessica's doing,' the source added. 'They're obviously worried that Katie's conversion will backfire.'


Chuck Beatty, who served as a Sea Org for 27 years before being leaving the church in 2003, noted how passionately Rodriguez believes in this transmigration.

Four years ago, soon after Sea Org Jill Burkhart had died of cancer, Rodriguez spent half an hour explaining to him and 90 fellow members that Burkhart had already found a home in the unborn baby of a young Scientologist couple. 'It was an immensely uplifting speech. By the time she finished, everyone was weeping with joy,' Beatty told The Post.

Sea Orgs dress in Navy-like outfits while on duty and — whether male or female — must be addressed as 'sir' by all lower-level believers.


'I remember a regular teenager, excited about life,' a boarding-school friend told The Post. 'Now all I see is a steely glare and determination to keep the truth about Scientology away from Katie.'"

Holmes was dropped from the sequel of her recently released movie.


"Tuesday June 21, 08:27 AM

Katie Dropped From Batman Sequel

Katie Holmes has reportedly been dropped from the next Batman movie - for getting engaged to laugh-a-minute Tom Cruise. Warners Bros chiefs are reportedly unhappy that her blossoming love for the Mission Impossible star diverted attention away from Batman Begins.


And the insider added Holmes is out.

'She won't be in the sequel, the next romantic interest will be a much stronger actress. Warner is happy that people are now focusing on who'll be playing the Joker rather than Katie and Tom,' he added."

"Free Katie" T-shirts are becoming the fashion.


"... Speaking of T-shirts again, PETER PASCO, who has a relatively minor role in the movie, appeared on the carpet wearing a 'Free Katie' shirt, referring to KATIE HOLMES, who as everyone knows was recently engaged to Scientology. Given that there is a Scientology booth within yards of the theater, we asked Mr. Pasco if he was not tempting fate.

'You know what?' he said. 'It's nothing against the Scientologists. I just think Katie should be free to call me at any time and hang out with me anytime.'

So this is not a T-shirt about Ms. Holmes's decision to convert to Scientology and marry TOM CRUISE?

'No, not at all.'"

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1000 ruble fine in Yekaterinenburg

Roger Gonnet posted on June 20 that Prof. Dvorkin's friend was fined 1000 rubles in Yekaterinenburg. This is a follow-up to previous posts.

"Clergyman guilty

Yekaterinburg, June 14, 2005, Interfax. On Tuesday the Chkalovskiy district court of Yekaterinburg confirmed the judge's decision about setting the fine for Yekaterinburg priest Vladimir Zaitsev for violating the law on organizing a mass gathering in a school.

As the eparchial press service reported, by decision of the eparchy, Father Vladimr will go the city administration building starting June 22nd to collect contributions to pay the fine. According to the preliminary plan, donations will be accepted only in the amount of one ruble.

Earlier the judge had fined Father Vladimir an amount of 1,000 rubles for violating the law on organizing mass gatherings. According to the facts of the case, on March 23rd the clergyman organized a gathering in Yekaterinburg on the topic of ''Novaya Zhizn' Totalitarian sect - seeker of power and money.'

But, as was explained, the principle of the school in which the organizers planned to hold the meeting with citizens did not give his consent to the meeting. Furthermore, the judge determined, that in any case the school was not suitable to conduct such a meeting. Therefore, in the court's opinion, Father Vladimir violated no. 1 art. 20.2 KoAP ('violation of established procedure for organizing assemblies, meetings, demonstrations').

The police were sent to the site of the lecture being conducted. Three assembly participants, professor Alexander Dvorkin of Moscow, director of the missionary office of Yekaterinburg eparchy priest Vladimir Zaitsev and the eparchy videographer were held several hours at the Chkalovskiy district internal affairs station.

Soon afterwards a Chkalovskiy district internal affairs officer, who was the senior policeman present, was dismissed from Chkalovskiy district internal affairs 'for permitting vulgarity and non-tactical conduct with relation to the clergy.' Strict disciplinary measures were taken against a number of district management. Besides that, the Chalovsky district deputy attorney was sacked for not having reviewed a conflict between clergy and police."

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Scientology Toastmasters

Ida Campburn posted the following on June 18 from

"District 52 is one of 74 Toastmaster districts worldwide and is composed of over 70 clubs in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and downtown Los Angeles. See District 52 map. District 52 is home of the Renaissance Speakers Toastmasters of Celebrity Centre International, which boasts as being, 'one of the top five Toastmasters Clubs On Planet Earth!' Renaissance Speakers is a Toastmasters Club dedicated to training Scientologists in the skills of Public Speaking. A bona-fide TM Club, it is listed in the Toastmasters List of Clubs. Centre International, 5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028 is one of many Church of Scientology Celebrity Centres. From the linked Scientology Celebrity Centre site, L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology and Dianetics is quoted as writing, '... A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.'"


and from

"Some years earlier Bowen had fallen under the singular and charismatic influence of a mysterious guru-type figure named John Starr Cooke. A man of wealth and influential family connections, Cooke was no stranger to high-level CIA personnel. His sister, Alice, to whom he was very close, was married to Roger Kent, a prominent figure in the California state Democratic party; Roger's brother, Sherman Kent, was head of the CIA's National Board of Estimates (an extremely powerful position) and served as CIA director Allen Dulles's right~hand man during the Cold War. John Cooke hobnobbed with Sherman Kent at annual family reunions and is said to have made the acquaintance of a number of CIA operatives while traveling in Europe. Driven by an avid interest in the occult, Cooke journeyed around the world befriending an assortment of mystics and spiritual teachers. In the early 1950s he became a close confidant of L. Ron Hubbard, the ex-navy officer who founded the Scientology organization. Cooke rose high in the ranks of the newly formed religious cult. (He was the first 'clear' in America, meaning he had attained the level of an advanced Scientology initiate.) Before long, however, he grew disillusioned with Hubbard and they parted ways. A few years later, while living in Algiers, Cooke was stricken with polio, which left him crippled and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Despite his physical disability he was revered by a Sufi sect in northern Africa as a great healer and a saint. Some of his admirers claim he could activate shakti, or kundalini energy, and induce a blissful spinal seizure merely by touching people on the forehead. [See: More Manifestations, Less Bible]

By the early 1960s Cooke had moved back to California, he immersed himself in an intensive study of the tarot. Word quickly spread through the West Coast occult circuit about an extraordinary psychic who possessed a tarot deck with the handwritten annotations of its previous owner, the infamous Aleister Crowley. Crowds of young people started to flock to Carmel to visit Cooke, and they were not disappointed. With a bald head, goatee, and piercing eyes, Cooke looked as though he belonged behind a crystal ball. Shortly after he participated in a series of 'channeling' sessions which resulted in the New Tarot Deck for the Aquarian Age, he had his first taste of LSD-25. Apparently he found the psychedelic to his liking, as he proceeded to drop acid nearly every day for a two-year period. According to one of his disciple-associates, Cooke was something of a bacchant. At times his penchant for alcohol and acid left him drunk and crazed in his wheelchair. See the rest of the story!"


VMs at a California Arts Festival

From an anonymous poster on June 24, 2005:

"June 25/26th June

Right on the doorstep of Redondo Beach Mission, the Festival comes to the Village annually and provides an opportunity for us to disseminate LRH Tech to the thousands of visitors to this annual event.

Briefly, the Festival features a Fine Art and Craft exhibition, a children's area, a Food Court and live entertainment.

As always, we would welcome the participation of Volunteer Ministers from the area to join us over the two days to help with all the wonderful things VMs do as hosts, assist-givers, stress testers and so on ....


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