Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 30 - July 30 2005

Television coverage

Two broadcasts featuring Scientology were mentioned on the news group, a promotional piece from KABC and a more critical show on the Daily Show.

"When it comes to good PR, Mr. KABC giveth...and the Daily Show taketh away.

First the appalling Mr. KABC show. Has any talk show host ever rolled over for Scientology in such a disgusting manner? Well, yeah, if you include any of the show biz Access Hollywood type shows...but this chat with Scientology's new L.A. President and the head of Religious Freedom Watch is pretty bad:

But to make up for it, The Daily Show tells a huge, receptive audience the story of Xenu and all is right again with the world:

Comments from critic Tory on the KABC show regarding Scientologist Chel Stith included:

"Well...first off, I have to say she's a million times better than Heber ever was. However, she's an auditor, and just a nice person. It's too bad that she's lying for Scientology.

Just a few lies:

a) Xenu..............she fluffed it off, saying 'Scientologists don't believe anything. If they use it and it works, great. I'm not going to talk about that Sci-Fi stuff'.

b) Does one HAVE to do the Xenu stuff? She: Oh no..........not at all."


"Oh yea.....and another I heard was about the staff getting paid. She made is sound like they get great pay, and auditing. In truth, we all know the staff pay sucks, few get any auditing, (Most are Clear or below), and the Sea Org get even less."

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Radio coverage

On July 24, Dave Touretzky posted a transcript of Steve & DC Radio Show 2005-07-14.

"Thanks to Felinity for the many hours she spent transcribing this. You should be able to find the audio at soon. The mp3 we have is missing the last few minutes of the show, but the very best part is in there, where I got the Scientologists to admit on the air to both recall of past lives as space aliens and the authenticity of the OT III/Xenu story. Gotta love 'em!


The Steve & DC Radio Show, July 14, 2005

Reverend Ellen Maher-Forney and Mr. Brad Baumann, Church of Scientology of St. Louis
Professor David Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon University

Transcriber Notes: This transcription is verbatim. Some limitations based on web site Real Audio transfer and recording audibility are included. Efforts have been made to be accurate. Question marks indicate something that could not be deciphered (or spelled).


HOST 1: Well, the movie War of the Worlds has made three hundred and seventy million bucks ($370,000,000) in just like 2 weeks. Tom Cruise has been everywhere talking about Scientology.

HOST 2: Will he give 10% to the church?

HOST 1: I don't know!

HOST 2: How much would that come out to be?

HOST 1: What is scientology? What is it? You see it a lot lately. ..."

Mark Bunker subsequently added a url for the show.

"Here is the show and it is a doozy. Thanks to DST for making it available."


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Critical press

Batchild posted, "Today's [Sunday, July 24, 2005] Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an article called 'Scientology comes to town' where Dave Touretzky is interviewed. There are also links to several sidebar articles on the same page, including, 'From the outside, looking in', about Chuck Beatty. The complete article is available at:"


"Feisty" posted comments on the radio show hosted by Alan Colmes, who interviewed Dave Touretzky.

I couldn't find the thread that was started on the radio show where Alan Colmes hosted Dave Touretzky and Bruce Wiseman, so here are some of the things that struck me as most bizarre.

Alan Colmes: By the way, I've read Dianetics, and it does talk, doesn't $cientology talk about the scriptures that were were evil aliens on Mars and Venus plotting to keep us here on earth as prison planet?

Bruce Wiseman: If you've read Dianetics Alan, you've read a verison of Dianetics that I haven't read.

Alan Colmes: Wait, wait, doesn't it say that? Bruce Wiseman: unintelligable

Bruce Wiseman: you can certainly be a $cientologist and have other religious beliefs.

Alan Colmes: then its not it's own religion

Alan Colmes: The philosophical basis for the holocaust came from what? wait wait, the nazi psychiatrists caused the holocaust..?

Bruce Wiseman also said that Jeremy Perkins was 'like that 'since he hit his head on a truck in 2002, and that was the cause of his problem. ..."


"Tigger" posted a response from news group poster Frederic Rice to a Scientology press release on July 23, 2005.

Scientology puts out its press release of lies

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Assist Emergency Services in London
(long link)

and Fredric Rice shoots it down with a press release of facts and SCN's own *battle plan* e-mails.

Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Trained to Lie
(long link)

International: Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Trained to Lie

Added: (Fri Jul 22 2005)

Scientology Caught Deliberately Disrupting Terrorist Relief Efforts

In the past week following the WTC tragedy, we have heard amazing stories of heroism and acts of selfless courage and generousity. Sadly, it has become necessary to warn people of the small number of hucksters, jackals, and scam artists attempting to profit from this terrible event. Recently, one such scam came to light, perpetrated by the Church of Scientology.

By presenting themselves as 'National Mental Health Assistance,' they managed to deceive Fox News into running their telephone number across the screen on their broadcasts for five hours. People calling for help unknowingly wound up speaking to representatives for Scientology, a group well-known for opposing the real mental health industry.

Intercepted emails from Scientologists in New York City are revealing, it shows that this group is intentionally using deceit to gain access to the vulnerable people still suffering from shock and grief. Moreover, it has deliberately interfered with legitimate mental health practitioners sent there to assist. Below are a few excerpts from these emails, sent out to Scientologists to promote this parasitic behavior by 'Lt.' Simon Hare, CO, I HELP Canada (in NY). (Note: the 'Lieutenant' Sea Org, not to be confused with actual military rank)

'Dear All,

For the last two days I have been in New York Org running, with several other Sea Org members, the deployment of Volunteer Ministers into the disaster zone.'

The 'Sea Org' is the Scientology organization's pretend Navy, and consists of their most dedicated members. These people sign a billion year contract when joining up. Volunteer Ministers have undergone an hour's training in Scientology style disaster training, mostly a technique known as a 'touch assist,' which is supposed to make one feel better. This was dreamed up by founder L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer and college dropout, a man who's 'Doctorate' degree was purched from a diploma mill. ..."


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Uncritical press

Besides mainstream press, PR releases, some of them highly suspect, are also posted to the news group. This week at least two of these were caught, one anti-cult and one cult. From (long link)

"Scientology Volunteer Ministers told to Leave Crisis Areas
Added: (Mon Jul 25 2005)

LONDON - Police have told Scientologists to leave the bombed London areas at the request of trauma therapists and medical workers. The request follows in the wake of attempts by Scientologists to make a financial profit from the terrorist attack that has so far claimed 56 lives and injured over 200 others.

'They are in the way,' says emergency medical specialist Dr. Eugene Nakie of the London Crisis and Mobilization Team. '(The Scientologists) showed up here with their cameras and their books for sale, taking photographs of the victims and rescue workers, and getting between victims in need of treatment and medical personnel.' Dr. Nakie was treating a head wound on one victim when he was approached by a man wearing a brilliant yellow jacket and was asked by the man if he could touch the victim. 'I told the man to leave, but he would not. When I looked up for a police officer, I noticed a woman, also in a bright yellow jacket, taking photographs of me, the victim, and my assailant.' Dr. Nakie stood up and physically pushed the man away. ..."

"Tikk" posted comments to the referenced released including:

"Before everyone excitedly starts emailing this out, please note that this 'article' appears on a PR newswire dump, marking its legitimacy as less than certain. The article appears nowhere else. Additionally, none of the people quoted in the article appear elsewhere in Google relative to their alleged organizations (and zero Google hits for 'London Crisis and Mobilization Team').

The article reads like it was made up too - the Red Cross has been far more politically subtle commenting on the Scientologists' involvement in the past. Also, the account of 'Dr. Nakie' is sensationally framed as if the reporter is actually present, the Doctor calmly answering his questions while treating head wounds. Right. An actual reporter would write that 'Dr. Nakie claimed that he was treating a head wound when...' and 'Dr. Nakie says he then stood up...'., since he/she would have no way of knowing whether Nakie was telling the truth.


It's a shame that someone would make this up, because it is probably a fair and accurate *fictional* account of what the actual medical professionals on the scene of the London bombings might have *thought* of the VMs who ghoulishly arrived to deliver massages, pseudoscience, and pamphlets. There is enough bad inside the truth about Scientology to alert the press without resorting to making stories up. If you burn the press with a fake story they'll be less likely to believe you next time around."

To the above Hartley Patterson added:

"I'm afraid my reaction was the same. It reads like a journalist on the spot, but has not appeared as yet on any of the websites of newspapers/TV stations that we are monitoring via Google or directly. Its origin is not given.

Its new content, that 'Police have told Scientologists to leave the bombed London areas at the request of trauma therapists and medical workers', will surely appear in genuine news outlets if true. Meanwhile, I'd strongly suggest that no one repost or repeat it." [a.r.s. week-in-review makes an exception to put the critical comments in context.]

"Tn" later posted:

"The article has been removed by now."

Meanwhile, a similar sort of press release from the cult was less cause for concern:

"British Academic Authorities on Medical Ethics Back up Tom Cruise :
ArriveNet Press Releases : Entertainment Changed:1:04 PM on Monday, July 25, 2005

British Academic Authorities on Medical Ethics Back up Tom Cruise

Barry Turner - University Lecturer on Medical Ethics and Law, University of Lincoln issues the strongest formal valitation yet of Mr. Cruise's campaign and compares psychiatric pseudoscience to eugenics. ..."

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Media gives cult bad PR

According to a July 25, 2005 article posted from the "Vancounver News," called "Defending her Scientology"

"Committed Scientologist Juliette Lewis is angry at the way the controversial religion is portrayed in the media ... 'And it's a true non-conformist religion, it's just the media makes it really negative,' she said, according to ..."


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