Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 35 - September 3 2005

Critics on the radio

On August 27, 2005, "Magoo" posted news about a live Internet radio show:

"Steve Hansen can be heard re Scientology and cults at"

Dave Touretzky and she were also on the broadcast.

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Confessional material used against critic

On August 28, 2005, Chuck Beatty gave an example of "earlier forced admissions"

"I am receiving a shoddy typical Office of Special Affairs Church of Scientology International covert operation based on L. Ron Hubbard's still employed covert intelligence tactics policies.

This is most likely being done by a hired Scn Private Eye (Gene Ingram, David Lebow, OSA subcontracted persons, or a OSA volunteer).

The 'Nad' character emails me once every 5 days to ask me why I won't give the big REASON I gave when I was routing out which I supposedly gave as the reason I said for why I wasn't good enough and I had to leave the Sea Org.

Nad is trying to lure me into repeating the inflated exaggerated things I said about myself when I was in the RPF, desperate to get the hell out, and when I was applying all my many years of conditioned Scientologist self-criticism to blame myself for leaving the Sea Org, etc., thinking it was part of the bargain to get the final okay to leave. Even before going to the RPF, even months before being busted off post, 7 years earlier, I knew what I'd be forced to do the self-criticism trashing, as the bargain for going out 'standardly.' (My advice today is BLOW, no matter what. Don't get any more brainwashing/sec checking which only ends you up trashing yourself, and praising Hubbard, and your overts will be used to trash and silence you later.)


Scientology and Hubbard's dabble brain-washing doesn't work, but it got me to dutifully semi-trash myself in forced admissions, which now OSA will use to leak and smear me.

I keep asking Nad to identify himself. He says he was on the PAC RPF, which limits it down a bit. He's screwed up his story a few times, and tried so many angles so far, he could only be an OSA concoction, because NO RPFer would bother to pester me this long, they'd have long ago just contacted me, like any normal ex-Scn or ex-Sea Org person does."


Cult writes critic's employer

On August 31, 2005, Andreas Heldal-Lund posted:

"The Church of Scientology, through their lackey Joel Phillips, are sending letters and calling the top management and senior directors (including the board) of the international company I am employed by.

This is the letter they are sending:

Religious Freedom Watch
Defending Religious Rights

August 18, 2005


Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individuals who breed intolerance of religion an incite acts of hatred against Churches and their parishioners. For that purpose, we bring to your attention Andreas Heldal-Lund who claims to be employed by your company as the Operations and IT Director [...].

Mr. Heldal-Lund is one of Europe's leading anti-religious extremists. [...]

In late 1966 he joined with a group of copyright anarchists in posting on the Internet copies of Church of Scientology intellectual properties that had been stolen from the Church in the past. When some of these copyright infringers were sued successfully by the copyright holders, Heldal-Lund and his associates embarked on an anti-religious hate campaign utilizing Internet newsgroups, websites and the press, that continues to this day.




Wanted: Dialogue with OSA

On August 26, Phil Scott posted an invitation to meet with OSA/FSM's for dinner.

"Probably will be at an all you can eat sushi place in SF, $25 or a Tai place near the north end of Van Ness ave $11... the others will decide and we will set the exact place and time."

Follow-up comments included:

"They used cell phones last time as best I can tell. Left em laying on the table near me by accident... then split mid dinner en mass to confab in the john... it was entertaining."

A response to the question "why" from "Kass," Scott answered:

"Thats a good and a fair question. What I get out of it is a bit intangible. I had been in scn as public for 12 years or so in which time I was ruthlessly mind phucked and hosed at every turn. So meeting the latest batch of people and telling them what really happens to public, not just me but virtually everyone else sort of reverses the damage. the cult abuses people cellularly.. that is one cell of people has no idea what the next does.. the compound effect is a complete disaster yet each indivdual cult member is not in a position to see the net effect... they just suspect something is wrong but they really have no faintest clue how wrong [...]

From their end... these pump me for information. It seems they they think that just because I am fleet commander of Machu Picu/ Ruby mountain Underground ARSCC wdne operations that I run the show... so they drop hints to see what triggers comment from me and from that they can then deduce which of their govt infiltrations I am hip to, and which disinformation they put out I believed... a good deal for 25 bucks.


I will state my case accurately but without lies or vitriol or spin or attempts to change them in any way. They will state their case as they lie, spin and make attempts to change me or my views in anyway they can.

And this will be a good demonstration for them....they will see as Tory did when she was in, that 'these critics' are really not such scum but very bright capable, free and decent people... those at the dinner will get to compare that with their organization (which is cleaning up a bit in the last year, no screaming, no chaining people in the basement apparently... progress)

A taste of reality... its a good thanng. At closing I will wish each of them the best of the best and mean it...and I will wish that their organization succeeds in its truthful aspects and mean every word of that as well.

One must notice that sentence is delimited...and that entire issue will be on the front burner throughout.

OSA called this meeting, this time... I had previously cancelled any fruther meetings. But they called this one and are obliging me with the two additional people, local FSM's or OSA people so there should be 4 or 5 of them.

The agenda will be entirely theirs...I will simply be responding.


Kass... your contributions btw have been way beyond world class. You will be standing long after many of us are gone... I am sure many including myself, especially the finest of us are very happy to say the least that you are here.

I hope you are learning from all of the demonsrations."

Scott was also warned not to go to the meeting.

"...Don't meet with or eat with these people. You would deserve to get everything they thereafter do to you if you do.

And yes, their first order of business would be to steal your water glass and acquire your fingerprints. They'll take record everything you say and cut it up and tape it together to the point where the crime syndicate will have you saying anything. ..."


Cult of Greed covered

On August 27, 2005, Gerry Armstrong posted an excerpt from the August 25th Folio Magazine article, "For Magazines, the Summer of Scientology Was Not Endless" by Dylan Stableford


But while there are a handful of exceptions, magazines have largely passed on Scientology this summer. Instead, many have opted to focus on Cruise the Actor, occasionally Cruise the Evangelist, but not on the church directly.

One notable exception,, offered a four part series chronicling the 'suddenly higher profile' church, replete with a 'Summer of Scientology' logo and a scathing review of Dianetics, the church’s 'fantastically dull, terribly written, crackpot rant' and founding text by L. Ron Hubbard, published in 1950. The series included an article, 'The press vs. Scientology,' recounting the church’s adversarial relationship with the media, the cornerstone being the May 6, 1991 Time article by Richard Behar entitled 'The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,' a watershed moment for the media’s relationship with Scientology, and vice-versa. The article elicited a frenzied response from the church in the form of a reported $400 million libel suit, a suit that was eventually dismissed. But some think the suit -- and swirling rumors of the church's fear-tactics to silence its critics -- effectively frightened major magazine publishers from covering Scientology in the years that followed.



News from Russia

An article about "No Hubbardist rock festival in Nizhniy Novgorod" was posted August 27, 2005:

"The 'Say No to Drugs!' rock festival scheduled for August 20 in the 'Trud' stadium in Nizhniy Novgorod will not take place, reported 'Kommersant.'

Numerous posters and television commercials had advertised the rock festival. Appearing for the organizers were the Nizhegorod charitable foundation 'Children without drugs.' Invited to speak at the festival were 'well-known anti-drug celebrities from Ukraine and Sweden who used the methods of Ron Hubbard in the fight against drugs.' However foundation director Irina Ovchinikova sent a letter to Nizhniy Novgorod Mayor Vadim Bulavinov with a request not to consider the application to hold the rock festival. As was reported in the 'Children without Drugs' foundation, the reason for cancelling the festival was 'objective' - repair of power cables at the stadium in preparation for the winter season. 'The advertisements were actually launched prematurely, because at the time we had only just received confirmation of assistance from the Sormovsky administration,' said Ovchinikova.

Meanwhile the amount of loss the foundation has to bear was not cited, but since entrance to the festival was free, there will be no increase in the cost of tickets. The foundation had not examined the possibility of carrying out the event in another location.

The mayor's press office also referred to a problem with the power cables at the 'Trud' stadium, and emphasized that the foundation had clearly been in a hurry with the advertising campaign. In the meantime, at a forum on the official web pages of Nizhnegorodsky eparchy the need to stop the rock festival, during which young people 'will be treated' with the assistance of Ron Hubbard's technology, has already been under discussion for more than a week. 'The Russian Orthodox Church is categorically against Hubbardist programs, methods and organizations. 'Narconon' is one of them,'' said archpriest Igor Pchelintsev. He also referred to RF Health Ministry order of 19 June 1996 'On the repeal of methodical recommendation of the 'Detoxification program,' which spoke about the impermissibility of 'propaganda and application of methods of detoxification and other methods of Scientology and Dianetics originating from the teachings of Ron Hubbard in the practice of health care.'

'Blagovest-Info' reported this.

August 22, 2005"

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Xenu in the news

Posted from "Readers Forum: Is Tom Cruise an expert in psychopharmacology?" on August 28, 2005,

"Tulsa World


Scientology, a Los Angeles based pseudo-religion, was invented in the 1950s, by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard said the thetan (soul) suffered from negative 'engrams' implanted in previous lives. The cure for this negativity is to be 'cleared' through use of a polygraph-type of machine called an 'e-meter,' aided by expensive 'dianetics' workshops.

Members are taught that 75 million years ago the cosmic ruler Xenu paralyzed billions of people within our galaxy, brought them to Earth and destroyed their bodies with H-bombs. Their tormented thetans survived, however. Now I realize that every religion requires a leap of faith, but to me the breadth of this leap is something only a Californian is capable of executing, not a practical Midwesterner like me.

Yet, it is a growing 'religion,' and its anti-psychiatry jihad has escalated over the past few decades. Scientologists have peppered the Internet with fear-mongering Web sites.


Jeff Mitchell, MD, is medical director at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital."


Org sizes

Chuck Beatty posted some reported statistics from Scientology organizations this past week.

"Melbourne Org sizes, Day and Fdn. For the record Aug 2005

Melbourne Day (Australia) 70 staff members.
Melbourne Foundation 15 staff members

Subject: Vital data, good experienced opinion on the sizes of the official Class V orgs continent by continent, from Anne Maire Woodword, dozen year Data Bu veteran


[...] sizes of the Class V orgs around the world, continent by continent, from the experienced opinion of Ann Marie Woodward, 12 year plus veteran of the middle management Data Bu, Church of Scientology, as of 2002 when she defected."

"TINY 3-10 staff
SMALL 10-20 staff
MEDIUM 20-50 staff
LARGE 50-150 staff

(size is not official sizes, and I might revise this criteria, once I get more input on this, since there are NO official rules really on what constitutes the bracketing, this is all opinion, and just for communicating roughly, until we get MORE info accumulated.)"


WISE business practice

On August 31, 2005, an anonymous poster reported "WISE black lists those that don't pay up."

"WISE sends out a sort of 'black-list' , called 'Non-Member Issues' against anyone who does not pay their yearly dues.

If a company/ individual does not pay their yearly fee then WISE posts a nasty notice at the local org bulletin board about the person/company to the effect the person cannot be trusted, is out-ethics ..."

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Scientology in NY politics

Excerpted from Gay City News, Volume 75, Number 35 of September 1 - 7, 2005 (

"In a statement of gay pride that was also a brilliant political stroke, Brian Ellner, a gay attorney and former elected community school board president running in the crowded September 13 Democratic Party primary for Manhattan borough president, ... [had] a chance to remind gay and lesbian voters, in a way undoubtedly calculated to win their hearts, that one of their own community could be the next borough president. In the wake of recent revelations about ties between Margarita Lopez, the city councilwoman who is the race's other openly lesbian or gay candidate, and the Scientology Church-involving funding for a medical facility backed by the church and donations to Lopez's campaign-the commercial may also be a way for Ellner to grab some of the vote that might otherwise have gone to the better-known councilwoman.

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