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Volume 9, Issue 36 - September 10 2005

Critics on the radio

On September 3, 2005, Dave Touretzky posted a url to MP3 files containing the August 27th interview by Vince Daniels, host of 'The Many Moods of Vince Daniels' on KPMD in Cerritos, California, with Touretzky, Tory Christman, and Steve Hassan on Daniel's show, talking about cults in general and Scientology in particular. About this he posted:

"Scientology tried to prevent this show from airing by whining to the station management, but their efforts only proved my and Tory's points about the cult's opposition to critical speech.

Thanks to the ARSCC Audio I/C for recording these segments. They will appear at soon, but for now, I have placed temporary copies on my site. These are MP3 files that total 54 MB:"

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Scientology not open to interpretation

"From (long link)

L. Ron Hubbard, GW & Scientology
A religion of his own
by Maura Judkis
Arts Editor
Published: 9/2/2005


'Poor Jesus,' Taylor said. 'Christianity was founded so many years ago, and because it's all verbal, there were no copyrights, and his word was open to interpretation. We do not have that problem - Ron wrote everything down, so we're very fortunate that the religion has remained pure.'


(Rev. Susan Taylor is president of the Founding Church of Scientology)"


Award for Russian critic

From a September 3, 2005 post,

"Press Release

On the evening of 31 August, during services in the Church of the Pentecost in Veshnyaky to begin the new school year, protopriest Vladimir Borobev read a decree from Holy Patriarch Alexiy concerning an award for A.L. Dvorkin 'in consideration of his diligent missionary work and in connection with his 50th birthday,' the order of St. Innocents of Mosocw, 3rd degree. This is the second high award the Patriarch has given A.L. Dvorkin. In 2003, in connection with his 10-year leadership of the St. Irenaeus de Lyon Center, Dvorkin was awarded the order of Fr. Sergiy Radonezhsky, 3rd degree.

That same evening, attending in honor of the birthday, the general director of the Foundation of St. Nikolai Chudotvorets, M.I. Chepel, awarded A.L. Dvorkin the medal of the order of St. Nikolai. This award is registered with the Heraldic Chamber of the Russian Federation and is correspondingly included in the register of state awards.

Happy Birthday, again!

Staff of the St. Irenaeus de Lyon Center"

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Cult of Celebrities

Some excerpts from "The cult of celebrity" of 6 July 2005 by Karen Whitty, posted September 4, 2005:

"Its scary, isnt it? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes picture perfect relationship. The public snogging, talk-show jigging and over-zealous declarations of adoration have got the celebrity press drooling all over itself, and the entertainment-hungry public is swooning.

A recent Telegraph article showed how Katie was coaxed through her first big interview by a Scientology minder: 'Katie Holmes, whose whirlwind engagement to Tom Cruise has produced one of Hollywoods more improbable unions, has taken on a new role - that of a lovestruck automaton.

'In her first big interview since her betrothal to Cruise, the actress responded to every question with gushing platitudes as her Scientologist 'minder' looked on approvingly.'

In an interview with Der Spiegel, a vehement Tom Cruise said that the reason he had a Scientology tent pitched on the War of the Worlds set was that he was 'only trying to help people'.


And right now Scientology is enjoying a lot of time in the limelight thanks be to Tom and Katie.


According to author Peter Forde, who was once a member of the Church of Scientologys elite Sea Organisation: 'OT3 is a secret, senior level within Scientology that can only be done after many other courses, by which time the client is well prepared, well behaved and ready to, if not believe, at least work with anything Hubbard says as being truth, ignoring all evidence to the contrary.'

John Travolta is an OT3. So is Priscilla Presley.

You think this is bizarre? Wait for it: According to Scientology doctrine, 'OT3 mainly concerns a supposed Incident II happening 75 Million years ago, when Xenu an officer in charge of the 76 local planets of the Galactic Confederation, solved overpopulation by mass exterminations, mostly by shootings.'

'The souls of those killed were collected together, transported to volcanoes on earth, H-bombed at the volcanoes, collected up again using electronic ribbons and transported to Hawaii or Las Palmas. They were there subjected to 36 days of hypnotic implants using films and simple apparatus, which in their already shocked state was supposedly very effective and kept them clustered together and trapped on earth as demons.'

Scientologists say that each person has a number of these traumatised souls stuck on their bodies Hubbard (the genius!) referred to them as 'fleas'. OT3 processing involves hypnosis the subject is supposed to communicate with these souls and, in line with Dianetics theory, relieve their trauma by recalling the said Incident II.

Religious figures like Christ and Buddha, according to Scientologists, existed well above the level of 'clear'. So, according to Scientology, has John Travolta there are pictures of him undergoing his routine OT3 processing on the internet, as are there of Priscilla Presley.

OT3s are, therefore, demi-gods.

Its no wonder that Scientology appeals to celebrities, many of whom have a penchant to view themselves as the said demi-gods. It is these celebrities, who have easily accessible 'emotional buttons' (translate: big egos), and are vulnerable to 'admiration bombing' (Scientology-speak for flooding them with attention and admiration) that are easy targets.

Take the jazz musician Chick Corea: a former head of the Celebrity Center, the late Yvonne Jentzsch would say: 'I can get him to do anything for me, just give me the phone'.


But for all its power, Scientology has its critics and theyre celebs too. Take Elvis Presley for one. Alanna Nash writes in Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From The Memphis Mafia: 'One day, in LA, we got in the limousine and went down to the Scientology Centre on Sunset, and Elvis went in and talked to them. We waited in the car, but apparently they started doing all these charts and crap for him. Elvis came out and said 'Fuck those people! Theres no way Ill ever get involved with that son-of-a-bitchin group. All they want is my money'. Well, Peggy still kept on about it, so Elvis didnt date her any more. And he stayed away from Scientology like it was a cobra. Hed shit a brick to see how far Lisa Maries gotten into it.'

Other critics include Brad Pitt, Nick Cage, Frank Zappa and Jerry Seinfeld. Jim Carey has been known to play prank calls on the Celebrity Center, shouting about how hes got these 'things' stuck all over his body and he needs to get them off apparently his ravings have the centre staff in a frenzy.

But for all its bizarre nature, Scientology is no joke. Like most cults (it enjoys an amicable relationship with the notorious Heavens Gate group), it targets the young and the vulnerable, recruiting by offering seemingly harmless and free personality tests. Swing the spotlight away from the Hollywood walk of fame and the organisations activities become a lot darker.

Scientology is seen as a dangerous cult in France and Germany protestors to Tom Cruises visit to Paris will attest to this and it is not recognised as a religion in either the UK or Canada, though it enjoys tax-exempt status as a legal religion in the United States.

Scientology makes money and because of that it likes nothing more than having celebrities in its arsenal: as much as for their pulling power than for their deep pockets.

But by staying uncritical, and lapping up the Tom-Katie claptrap, the media and the public are making the Scientology myth which hinges on the belief that ordinary people can become demi-gods a reality."


2 Reports from Gerry Armstrong

Long-term Scientology critic Gerry Armstrong posted a declaration on September 6, 2005 about questionable activity on the part of a stranger who sought contact with and information from him.

"Webbed with links to exhibits at:


1. I, Gerry Armstrong, declare as follows.

2. Since the end of January 2004, I have lived with my wife Caroline Letkeman in a second floor apartment at 45950 Alexander Avenue in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.

3. I first became aware of a man named Rene Helmer when an invitation to an open house to be held August 27, 2004 for a company called Techno-Cine was left at our apartment door about a week before that date. The open house invitation, a true correct copy of which is appended hereto as Exhibit A, identified Rene Helmer as Techno-Cine's proprietor.

4. Techno-Cine's address is 45967 Alexander Avenue, across the street and visible from our apartment, and in a position to observe our apartment and our comings and goings It's a shop or office in a large concrete block commercial building containing several shops and offices. Ever since Techno-Cine moved into this address, Caroline and I have suspected that it was related to a Scientology organization intelligence operation against us, and that the location was chosen to facilitate our surveillance, both visual, audio and electronic. Scientology's intelligence personnel or hired PIs have in the past rented, leased or purchased properties for the purpose of getting physically close to the organization's targets. Obviously, renting, leasing or purchasing properties for the purpose of getting close to their targets is a very desirable goal for any intelligence network or service. I have been a high level target of Scientology's intelligence personnel, as well as the organ! ization's leaders, lawyers and PIs for over 23 years. Caroline and I have been joint targets since 2001, shortly after we met. Being high level Scientology targets affects virtually every aspect of our lives and produces a constant awareness of threat, which we deal with as we can. We have been virtually without monetary resources throughout this period, whereas Scientology has immense sums of cash available and a global network of agents to target people like Caroline and me. We are both targets because we discovered and exposed massive Scientology fraud, organization-wide abuses, and criminal conspiracy. Scientology agents have physically assaulted me on multiple occasions, attempted several times to have me prosecuted on false criminal charges, published defamatory materials about me internationally, threatened me with assassination, sued me six times, and ruined many good things in my life utterly.

5. Some time after Techno-Cine's open house, a man rapped on our ground-level apartment door, and when I answered the door he introduced himself as Rene Helmer. He said his reason for contacting us was to be neighborly and tell us that someone had reported some people trying doors in the neighborhood to break in, and he wanted to alert us. He wanted to know if we'd observed anything suspicious, and I told him I'd sure keep an eye open.


22. Following our meeting with Mr. Helmer, Caroline and I did an Internet Whois search for the domain. The Whois search result, a true and correct copy of the printout of which is appended hereto as Exhibit C, gave the address of the domain registrant as 11519 - 142nd Str., Surrey, B.C. V3R 3L2, Canada. The search result also listed the administrative contact as 'Philip Helmer' at the same address, with phone number 604-582-0193, and e-mail address

23. We did an Internet search for the name 'Philip Helmer,' and 'Phil Helmer,'and found that a Phil Helmer of Vancouver is listed as Scientology Clear No. 12,273 in a webbed organization publication 'The Auditor' from April 1979. We found a Phil Helmer listed as having been on board the Scientology ship 'Freewinds' in 1989 during her maiden voyage, and having completed a course on board called the 'Route to Infinity Course.' We found a Phil R. Helmer listed as a 'Sponsor' of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) in a webbed organization publication 'Impact' in 1998, and listed as an IAS 'Crusader' in 'Impact' in 2000. A Sponsor is a person who donates five thousand dollars to the IAS, and a Crusader donates ten thousand dollars. One of the functions of the IAS is to fund legal and extra-legal attacks on Scientology's victims and targets such as Caroline and I.


34. Attached to Mr. Helmer's e-mail message was a document entitled 'Questions' listing the following seventeen:

What was your background prior to scientology? There's reference to UBC.
How long were you involved and what prompted you to leave that group?
What were the effects of belonging to the group in relationships with your parents?
What other personal costs were there?
Has there been any effects regarding employment?
How do you support yourselves and your activities?
Do you find your Christian faith supports you through the difficulties you experience?
When were you married?
What have been the monetary costs in your legal battles with cientology?
Are there any court judgements against you in Canada?
What attempts have been made on your life?
Have there been any problems for you here in Chilliwack?
What other security concerns do you have?
Why are your names, address and telephone number posted on the Internet?
Do you believe that your efforts are having an effect on scientology?
What do you see yourself doing in the future? What would you be doing if not this?
Do you and Caroline create and maintain your web sites?


36. Mr. Helmer and I have spoken by telephone over the past few days and have agreed to meet this afternoon at 4:00 P.M. in the Rhombus Lounge. I expect to give Mr. Helmer a copy of this declaration at that time.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed this fifth day of September, 2005 in Chilliwack, B.C.

Gerry Armstrong

© Gerry Armstrong"


On September 8, 2005, Gerry Armstrong posted an "Appellant's Request for Dismissal of Appeal, No. A107100 Scientology v. Armstrong, CA CoA, Cases A107100 and A107095":

"Webbed at:



nonprofit religious corporation,



individual; and DOES 1
THROUGH 50, inclusive.


Case No. A107100



Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 20 (c) Plaintiff and Appellant, Church of Scientology International hereby requests this Court to enter an order dismissing the appeal with prejudice in Case No. A107100.

The appeal in Case No. A107100 concerns the trial court's ruling, imposing a $500,000 cap on the damages awarded for defendant/appellee Armstrong's intentional breaches of contract. In light of Mr. Armstrong's flight from the United States and the unlikelihood that the $500,000 awarded can be collected, appellant sees no point under the present circumstances, in expending its time and resources or the time and resources of the Court only to increase those damages.

This dismissal does not apply to Appeal Case No. A107095 and is not applicable to the consolidated case No. A107095, the issues of which are wholly separate and distinct from the issues in Case No. A107100 and which remains active and pending, and which is fully briefed.

Appeal No. A107100 should accordingly be dismissed.

Dated: September 2, 2005

Kendrick Moxon, SBN 128240
3055 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 900
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Attorneys of Plaintiff and Appellant
Church of Scientology International



Disaster PR

On September 9, 2005, Hartley Patterson posted an excerpt from CHICAGO (PRWEB) of September 9, 2005,,:

"'We worked on two different teams, one in St. Charles Parish, and the other one at one of the first Scientology Volunteer Ministry base in New Orleans. Our people didn't just hand out food and water, we carried out conversations, got people smiling, took them out of their grief and brought them up to present time,' says Brackett."

and commented

"A long PR piece on how a company is helping the VMs. CEO Eric Brackett and some of his staff are presumably CoS members, though their website doesn't mention Scientology."

In connection with Scientology Volunteer Ministers at the hurricane Katrina site, Mark Bunker posted on September 6, 2005:

"Since the stunning announcement that Scientology Volunteer Ministers are handing out special 'Black' copies of The Way to Happiness (with Isaac Hayes on the cover) to Katrina victims, the relentless spam messages have stopped. Either Truth Seeker and his assorted other nicks doesn't want these VM posts buried or he has donned one of the magical yellow shirts and headed to the disaster scene to exploit the victims of this immense tragedy.

What a shame that the donations wasted on printing up these booklets and t-shirts couldn't have gone to a reputable charity to pay for food, water, clothing and shelter. But it is far more important to promote the 'good works' of Scientology than to actually do good works."

Tory/Magoo responded: "Channel 9 just showed them 'working right next to the Baptists were the Scientologists'. Well, hopefully they do actually help out. I know for me, each time I did such and saw the only real concern was PR, that helped me wake up some more. ..."

Bunker: "In what ways could you tell that your VM work was primarily for PR? Do you have any specifics?"


"The main example that sticks out in my mind right now was after the Earthquake. Scientology gathered up clothing for the people, and a bunch of us were asked to go help give these out to people, along with of course Way to Happiness booklets.

I was excited as it seemed we were finally doing something I felt showed compassion for our community. We passed out the clothes and the folks were very happy. Then we passed out WTH, which some liked, some did not. But when we got back..........that told all. The Exec's at the time zoomed up with one question: 'Were the press there, and did we get any press?' They never asked how were the people, did they need more, were they happy. That told me a lot about their true goals.


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News from Las Vegas

On September 8, 2005, Ted Mayett posted Vegas Update: Mission Closed message:


The story of Missions in Las Vegas Nevada, that I've told on this N[ews] G[group], start with Missions in Mail Boxes Etc. February 1999. Today though the story starts with 2 Missions in October 2003.

One of the Missions, the one on Bermuda Rd, is still in business it would seem. I called the number just before starting this post, and the answering machine kicked in. The message has been changed, the new hours are something like 7pm-10pm weekdays. Sunday services on Sunday at 5pm. And open Saturday by appointment. It used to be that the answering machine claimed there were courses on a Saturday.

And now onto the closed Mission. And this thing is truly closed, gone, out of business, does not exist anymore. I'm not the one who learned about this, I'm just making the post. Perhaps the person who spotted this will do a follow up.

It was a private home, never a real Mission, not in the times I went by to take pictures anyway. Here is a picture:
From this:

AND, this is that same Mission that is *still* listed on the official web site:

According to some info on something called Tax Accessors web page, they sold this house January 2004. So this 'Mission' would have closed Jan 2004. A follow up post might contain more dates on this house/mission.

And here comes the profound part of this... On the SMI web site: The listing for this mission is *gone*. It is not there. Where there used to be two listing of Missions in Vegas, now there is only one listing!!! And the listing on Dianetics: is also updated in that the Mission/Dianetics is gone for this mission.


I've been tracking two orgs and two missions for ten years now. And today, 8 September 2005 there is one org, and one mission."

Mayett subsequently confirmed the poster of the following as his source

"... When Ted first told me about this 'Montessouri' mission (circa Fall of 2003) - I alerted a City of Vegas permit/licensing offical. She did not take kindly to this 'house-church' and went to speak to the Calley's (mission holders) in person. They told her something like - 'Oh, we have some church materials here, but we're not really doing anything.' lol. I also let the official know they were advertising this 'church' on the Cof$ website. She said the Calley's will have to have that removed as well. And possible fines could ensue. [...] I allowed some time for the Cof$ to update their site and take down this mission. In early 2004 - when I saw that the Cof$ still had the data posted - I called the City offical again. She was quite disgusted. NOW she was going to talk to her supervisor about them! And then get back to me. I never heard from her again. [...] Just yesterday I discovered - the Calleys had sold their house in Jan of 2004 - unbeknownst to moi. That's why the city didn't get back to me. [...]"


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