Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 38 - September 24 2005

Picket in London

On September 19, 2005, "Tony" posted a Picket Report from London, UK.

"Xemu smiled on us as it was a clear crisp autumn day, and the clams were nice and snappy. Seven suppressives turned up, Tony, Jens, John, Hartley, Dave G, Arkady and one guest.

We pitched up outside the org on Tottenham Court Rd at 1 o-clock which was bang on time, probably a first for us :)

I guess the police have more important things to do these days as there wasn't one single uniform in sight.

Three or four of them did turn up in a car about three quarters of an hour later. They seemed very surprised to find just the seven of us and kept asking were we expecting more. The clams had obviously phoned in to say there were a plague of us outside.

They stayed about five minutes, told us to stay on our side of the pavement, told the clams to stay on their side of the pavement and departed. After that there was no police presence at all. Fair play to the British police I say.

Anyway, the only slight downside was the boom-box started to die a bit towards the end and John's lovely spiel started getting fainter and fainter. Jens assures us that it'll be fixed for next time.

The public were very supportive and we handed out about five hundred leaflets. ..."


Scientology prosecuting Armstrong

On September 16, 2005, Gerry Armstrong posted a note about oral argument time, Scientology v. Armstrong, September 21, 2005 in San Francisco.

"I've been told that oral argument in Scientology's petition for writ of mandate or certiorari is on line five of the five-line Division Four calendar for the September 21 morning session.

All the cases are given the same starting time, 9:30 a.m., but the fifth case, Scientology v. Marin Superior Court, in which I am the real party in interest, will probably only be called around 11:00 a.m.

I'll be there at 9:30 in any event, but be prepared for a wait of more than an hour.

If anyone is interested, directions to the Court of Appeal in San Francisco and parking are here: [long link]"


"Magoo" asked,

"Can you simply explain what 'writ of mandate or certiorari' is? How does this effect you?"


Gerry Armstrong replied,

"A writ is generally an order issued by a court requiring the performance of some act.

In Scientology's petition, the cult is asking the California Court of Appeal to issue a writ ordering the Marin County Superior Court to reinstate the punishments against me for contempt that the Marin Court discharged at trial in April 2004.

Here's Scientology's writ petition:

Here's my opposition to the petition:

And here's Kendrick Moxon's reply brief:

Essentially, Scientology wants the Court of Appeal to order the Marin Court to order me to jail for a bunch of time and fine me several thousand dollars. All of that punishment was dispensed with by Marin Superior Court Judge Lynn Duryee at trial in 2004.

This letter to Moxon explains my position about what he and the cult are doing in prosecuting their petition after dismissing their appeal."


Further clarification was also provided.

"Writ of Certiorari:

n. (sersh-oh-rare-ee) a writ (order) of a higher court to a lower court to send all the documents in a case to it so the higher court can review the lower court's decision. Certiorari is most commonly used by the U.S. Supreme Court, which is selective about which cases it will hear on appeal. To appeal to the Supreme Court one applies to the Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari, which it grants at its discretion and only when at least three members believe that the case involves a sufficiently significant federal question in the public interest. By denying such a writ the Supreme Court says it will let the lower court decision stand, particularly if it conforms to accepted precedents (previously decided cases)."


Pm September 23, 2005, Chuck Beatty gave an observer's view of Gerry's, Wed, Sept 21, 2005 Marin County Court case.

"Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005 Gerry Armstrong argued logically and well against the Scientology challenge to last year's Marin County Courtcase in the 9th Circuit Appeals Court. Ken Moxon spoke for Scientology. Ford Greene arrived in support of Gerry but minutes into Gerry's statement (which was after Ken Moxon's first statement), wearing his self-designed anti-cult tee-shirt, jeans, and leather jacket. Ford and another supporter of Gerry's (who had been there all morning) sat in the back row; Gerry wife Carolyn sat in the front row just behind Gerry. Although Moxon had at least one other attorney there with him, there were very few other people in the courtroom by the time this case was argued, as it was the last case heard.

'^Ĉerry was well prepared, answered the judges' questions articulately, and also succinctly presented the high social and emotional cost of an ex -SCN'er now being a 'declared suppressive person,' targeted by SCN. The judges listened intently to his brief account of this aspect of dealing with SCN.

The hearing was taped as one judge could not be there. (Please see for all the pertinent court documents.) The two judges on the bench asked astute questions of both Moxon and Armstrong and seemed to grasp all the main issues. They had obviously done their homework.

In spite of its reputation as a liberal Court of Appeals, in fact this 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, like the others, is loath to over-turn another court's decisions unless there is overwhelming compelling documented evidence that procedural due process or other legal matters have been violated. One could check with a good attorney for their opinion if SCN met the burden of proof from the evidence given in the oral hearing and in the written appeal. From an admittedly non-legally trained viewpoint, it did not seem that SCN did so."


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Critics at the Humanist Society

On September 18, 2005 Tory/Magoo posted about speaking in Santa Barbara with the Humanist Society.

"First of all, my thanks to each of you who are critics, and help expose the abuses of Scientology. Each time I speak, actually each day, I realize more and more how much you've helped myself and many others, and I think you need to know this.

I of course mentioned you, the critics, and let's face it..... Andreas is part of my life... whether he wants to be, or not! People love to hear our story of my waking up, meeting who I *thought* was 'The Devil' and finding out he not only wasn't..........but is a truly wonderful person.

Santa Barbara was a totally fabulous trip. They sent me a train ticket, so it was a delightful ride up, and back. They picket me up, treated me to lunch and then off to meet the Humanist Society. What a great group! They had way more than they thought come to this meeting, (est: 90 people) and that's always fun, so they were very happy, and got a few new members, too.

Mark was kind enough to drive up there, and ended up being a BIG HIT! One lady who helped set up my entire talk, wants Mark to come back and speak. How cool is that???

Another amazing thing for all of us was one man who came up after the talk. He introduced himself, said he'd just done Scientology's Introductory services and looked on the Internet. He found the Humanist Society and that I was speaking there, so he came! He told me it was very educational for him, and he way VERY happy he had come

It's always fun to help educate all walks of life.

They had invited me to stay at one of the Board Member's Homes who I had met here in LA. I was happy to do so, and having a dinner after ended up being a terrific idea. 25 people showed up at the Sizzler, and Mark stayed to that was perfect. He chatted with one end, and I chatted with the other.

Later we went to a beautiful hotel on the ocean for drinks after, and again had some delightful conversation. They're a great group of people! Staying at my new friend's home was fantastic, too. They have a gorgeous home that over looks all of Santa Barbara, so I was extremely comfortable there and enjoyed more discussions at their home.

The kind lady and her husband who I stayed with set up a Brunch for this morning, also. What a treat! Again, about 10 people showed up, which they said was more than they'd planned for, and we had fantastic discussions about everything from Politics, to more Scios stories, to travel where they'd all been, and some are leaving to soon.

Finally one of the members and I cruised around Santa Barbara for an hour or so before I got on the train to come home. What a totally delightful town. My ride home was excellent, very comfortable and relaxing.

I can't thank you all enough who have offered your kind words to me, and support over the years. Daily each of you helps more people than you can imagine! ..."

"One of the men took some photos while I was there, and here's a link to one:"


On September 21, 2005, Mark Bunker" provided A.R.S. with a sneak peek at Tory's speech. v "I haven't made a page for it yet but here are the first two parts of Tory's recent speech in Santa Barbara. The third segment featuring the Q and A will be up soon.

Bowing to all the people complaining about Real Video. I have encoded these as Windows Media Player files, Let me know what you think.



Week-In-Review anticipates that part 3 will be:

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Henson Update

Several years ago Keith Henson fled to Canada after he was convicted and sentenced on a charge filed by Scientology for picketing in California. The latest update is that he fled Canada to avoid deportation back to the US.

from: [long link]

"Scientology critic leaves country before deportation

By Susan Gamble
Local News - Friday, September 16, 2005 @ 01:00

Keith Henson -- the anti-Scientologist engineer who ran to Canada from foes in the U.S. -- lost his fight to stay in this country last week.

He was to be deported on Wednesday.

But Henson refused to co-operate with plans that called for him to be transferred at the border and, instead, quietly left Brantford on Tuesday, without an escort.

'I'm not going to be shoved across the border into the hands of Scientologists,' Henson said last week as he began packing.

'I'll go to the border somewhere else, hand in my papers and disappear, preferably to a state where you can legitimately shoot bounty hunters.'

Henson believes he has valid reason for his concerns.

For years, Henson sniped against and picketed Scientologist in California, ending up in court cases but with a huge following on the Internet.

He came to Canada in 2001 after being bankrupted by his fight -- which cost the Scientologists $1.4 million -- convicted of interfering with a religion and sentenced to the maximum of a year in jail. Henson chose to skip to Canada.

The Scientologists, he says, labelled him a child molester and a self-proclaimed bomb expert, comparing him to bomber Timothy McVeigh, and says they hinted that he wouldn't survive jail.

Scientologists tipped off Toronto-area police about the 'dangerous fugitive' in 2001 which led to a bizarre SWAT-like take-down at a mall where Henson was arrested and held in maximum security for 12 days.


He was officially turned down at the end of 2004, but Henson continued to hope that raising the issue politically might save him from a return to the U.S.


Henson didn't get escorted to the border.

Because he opted to cross on his own terms, he may have a problem, should he ever return to this country.

Anna Pate, a spokesperson for the Canadian Border Services Agency, the group that enforces deportations, says that without an escort taking Henson to the border, there's no proof he left the country.

'Generally speaking, when you have a deportation order,' said Pate, 'if it's not confirmed, it's not considered enforced. So a warrant could be issued and if he comes back, he could be arrested.'



John Dorsay posted "the text of the last correspondence Keith received from Canadian immigration officials" and "Keith's reply to the letter from Canadian Border services," which "was faxed shortly after he left the country."


Several news group posters wished Henson well.

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Spielberg drops Scientology celebrity

From: "cultxpt"
Subject: Spielberg says Adios to Cruise
Date: 21 Sep 2005 07:52:22 -0700


"Reports from Budapest and Paris, where Spielberg is filming 'Munich,' say the director is still steamed at Cruise for ranting, during what were supposed to be promotional appearances for the Martian-invasion film, against the widespread use of Ritalin to treat unruly children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

One source said: 'Steven and his wife [Kate Capshaw] have five children themselves and know some children for whom Ritalin does a lot of good. They took exception to what Tom said about the drug.'

Spielberg was also said to be annoyed that Cruise played up Scientology more than the movie during press interviews."



WISE profits report

From [long link] (470 K)

"This document shows that some people were already making more than $100000 a year on IAS profitable scientology front.

Look, that's really interesting. Lots of known names here. And big money.

One sees also that the 1988 bail of the trial against scientologists in Madrid was paid by IAS, then refunded one year later... while the trial continued till it was stopped by the incredible USA embassy in Madrid..."

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St. Louis schools drop Scientology

From [long link] "St. Louis schools end training at center with Scientology ties


St. Louis Public Schools will no longer participate in teacher training at a center affiliated with the Church of Scientology, the district's superintendent said Wednesday.

The district's teachers union had complained that several schools had sent teachers to training at the center in Spanish Lake, called Applied Scholastics International.

Superintendent Creg Williams said that he wasn't familiar enough with the center's program to judge its worth, but he didn't want its training to distract from professional development that the district already provides its teachers.


Applied Scholastics International opened its teacher training center here in July 2003, relying on methods developed by the late L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer and the founder of Scientology.


School Board member Bill Purdy called for an investigation of the program last week, citing the union's concerns. He also visited the center.

The center's directors told Purdy that the training programs 'were not connected to the Church of Scientology,' he said. 'But all of the materials they sent home with me, on every cover, it says, 'Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.' It's right on the cover. You draw your own conclusions.'"


Scientology celebrity dodges critics


"September 22, 2005

She Ain't Heavy, She's Oprah
By Scott Rose
September 22, 2005


As reported in Star, Oprah was going to do a TV special with Cruise on Scientology but when he found out that critics of the cult would be given equal time with him, he said words to the effect that he'd rather go back with Nicole.


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