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Volume 9, Issue 39 - October 1 2005

Former members speak out

Last week Lermanet published two more accounts from former members who were kind enough to share their experiences of life in the cult, -- Creed Pearson on Hubbard the Racist, and Tom Gorman, who performed some irregular volunteer work for OSA.

Posted September 25, 2005 under "Tom Gorman - about Scientology San Francisco's Jeff Quiros directions to revenge picketers":

"Interview of Ex-Scientologist of Tom Gorman
By Arnie Lerma
16 September 2005

Arnie: What was your job called at Scientology in San Francisco?

Gorman: I was an OSA Volunteer

Arnie: What sorts of things would you be called upon to do?

Gorman: To confront and deal with Sps, to handle Sps.

Arnie: When did you do this?

Gorman: 1990 through the beginning of 2000

Arnie: Were there any specific names you called upon to deal with?

Gorman: Kristi Whachter who runs in San Francisco and Peaches Pook in Oakland California.

Arnie: Describe what you did to handle Kristi Whachter

Gorman: I went to her home, to pass out flyers and give them to all her neighbors, so when she came home and came outside she would see her face everywhere saying she was a bigot. When I would see a crowd of people nearby, I would say things like: 'you are psychotic', 'You came out of an institution', 'you like to fuck little cats', 'See you later Psycho' to get her angry, so she would look crazy to others. 'I know you don’t like men'

Arnie: Describe what you did to handle Peaches

I would talk in a very smart ass voice, tell her she was ugly and old, tell me your crimes peaches, I said: 'You are psychotic' 'you are crazy' 'no one cares about you' 'the world would be better without you on it' 'You are a bitch' 'You are a bigot' 'I’m never going to leave until you stop picketing my church' 'I’m going to let all your neighbors know what a psychopath you are'

Arnie: Who told you to do and say these things and what did they direct you to say and do?

In my presence, Scientology’s Director of Special Affairs (DSA) of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) for San Francisco, Church of Scientology who is Jeff Quiros, stated the following:

'Under oath doesn’t mean shit.'

Arnie: Did he say this often?

Mr. Gorman: He said this at least ten times.

Arnie: what else did he say?

Mr. Gorman: Jeff Quiros said that 'The court system is just a bunch of WOGs and they are suppressive and that the US government is suppressive'


Mr. Gorman: Based on Jeff Quiros instruction to me, I was not just friendly with the police, but I became their friends. I would tell the police that Kristi was a psycho, tell them that she pickets our church…

After a while, the police stopped responding to Kristi and Peach’s telephone calls, when Scientology would harass her at home.


Arnie: How did you know whom to picket?

A; I was shown a picture. Often of two or three different targets, if we would see one of them we would picket them and pass out flyers about how horrible psychiatry is


Tom Gorman interview webbed at


Lermanet also posted:

"And no I havent webbed this yet

San Francisco Police Report 030769038

Incident narrative report page 3 of 3

R-1 Gorman and R-4 Gorman Jr came to co. 1 and told me that last night they were celebrating gotrman jr's and his sister's birthday. Gorman said that at about 10:30 last night, he received a call on his cell phone. Gorman answered the call. The caller was a man with a deep voice, the caller asked 'Tom'?

Gorman said 'yes'

The man then said, 'S.P.s (supressive person) don;t live long!

Gorman said 'What?'! Who is the SP?!

The man said: 'Your son and his wife Jennifer will be dead soon'

Excerpt from San Francisco Police Report #031403528:

'On 11/26/03 at 730 hours he was traveling in his car. CA Plate 2XPJ851, a 1991 Lexus ES250, driven by his wife J. Gorman, down Park Presidio near MacArthur Tunnel when the car suddeenlt became difficult to control. They pulled over and called for assistance. The Gorman's had their car towed to the J&R Automotive shop for a repair. Today, the first full working day after the Thanksgiving holiday, their mechanic, (R/w) Vaknin, notified them that their car was missing all six bolts connecting the left axel to the transmission. Vanknin said this was highly unusual situation.....

....Vankin said the six bolts that were missing were probobly removed purposely.'



Last week announced "Creed Pearson's story Part 6 - L Ron Hubbard the Racist" with new pictures at

"'L Ron Hubbard - The Racist'

'How I Became Like a Nazi and How I Ceased to be One'

'The whole idea of a savior and the sacredness of things and so on, is about one and a quarter million years old. The earliest implant about Jesus and so forth is about one and a quarter million years old. Now you can say that’s very remarkable, very, very remarkable, because Jesus was supposed to be here about nineteen hundred and fifty seven years ago. And to find preclears with this implant one and a quarter years old then rather tells us some odd tales. I’m not just gibbering you know? I mean, this is history the way you should have been taught it in school, if people had been honest.' - L Ron Hubbard 3 February 1958 The Phenomena of Entrapment in the Physical Universe

Which School? The Space Cadets? - Creed J. Pearson 29 September 2005

I came into Scientology in the late 1970’s in Washington DC. I was handed a booklet put out by the founding church in Washington DC of L. Ron Hubbard’s 'Code of Honor', which I have in storage and I will impart now from memory. It was the first thing I ever read in Scientology and is different than the code of honor published by the church today in that it described the old Germanic tribes at the time of the Roman Empire. Hubbard depicted the Germans of this day as nearly unaberrated, meaning that they were spiritually perfect and living in harmony with one another. He said that the Germans of this era viewed themselves as superior to other races and hence were. According to Hubbard it was not unusual for a German to challenge 100 Italians and win single handedly. He went on to say that the only way to defeat the German Nation was to convince them that they were not superior to other races. Once they agreed that they were not then they could be defeated. In the original Volunteer Minister Handbook he lamented the fact that Hitler declared war when the world around him was already giving him what he had asked for. There is no doubt that Hubbard was a racist and was proud to proclaim his new 'science' of the mind as the first 'Anglo-Saxon' development in the history of religious movements.




Critics & Xenu in the News

On September 24, 2005, Andreas Heldal-Lund posted an excerpt from a large paper in Norway about Operation Clambake's encounter with Scientology in 2002 via Google:

"... The biggest business newspaper in Norway ( has an 7 page article today on Google titled 'Business by the book'. It's about the power of Goggle and features Operation Clambake and what happened back in 2002. Page 3 of the article has an almost full page picture of me and this is a translation of where it mentions O[peration] C[lambake]:

When Google use the power

On March 20th 2002 a website was suddenly impossible to find on Google which before came up first when you searched on the word 'scientology'. It was the website of Norwegian Andreas Heldal-Lund in Stavanger. The website - - was critical to the disputed Church of Scientology - the church that has science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard as guru and leader.

The Church of Scientology demanded that Google stopped his website and claimed the content on it belonged to them. Google gave easily in and accepted the censorship.

- Google didn't even notify me when they removed my web site, says Andreas Heldal-Lund today. At the same time his site was fully searchable through other search engines.

The name of the website is not without reason. One of the doctrines of Hubbard is that a so called overlord names Xenu 75 million years ago froze down people from other parts of our galaxy and transported them to Earth. This was how they solved the problem with overpopulation for other parts of the universe, according to Hubbard & Co.

But the removal of Heldal-Lund's site from Google did not pass unnoticed. The church has always had a high media profile - with superstars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta among their members. Soon American newspapers started writing about Scientology's and Google's censorship of the Norwegian website. The noise became so unpleasant that Google was forced to retreat.

- Google reopened almost all of my pages, says Heldal-Lund. At the same time the company also published all complaints from the Church of Scientology.

- My case was solved, but only because the world media helped. A small organization who gets no public attention will get run over. Google might have censored more web sites without us knowing. We need a watchdog to defend freedom of speech on the Internet, says Andreas Heldal-Lund.


This is a _very_ popular Saturday newspaper


"Picture of the article here:"


September 30, 2005

"Operation Clambake is proud to present the 21st translation of the Xenu leaflet: Serbian"


On September 30, 2005, Mark Bunker announced:

"Last month, Dave Touretzky, Tory Christman and Steve Hassan all appeared on 'The Many Moods of Vince Daniels.' Highly recommended:"


"Another fine show courtesy of Susan. Last week, the Satellite Sisters spoke with Kim Masters who plugged her article from Radar Magazine, 'The Passion of Tom Cruise.'"


Some traffic ranking statistics for top critic web sites.

Rank out of all websites sorted by unique visitors is #1

Page Views: is #1



"Weird Scientology

Tom Cruise is bad for your mental health.

by Steven Novella - September 22, 2005

Scientology spiritual home of Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Jenna Elfman and a lot of Hollywood actors you've never heard of has gotten a lot of press for what some say is its cult-like devotion to secrecy, not to mention its hefty charges for counseling services. (See 'Battlefield New Haven,' Nov. 4, 2004, But it's not Scientology's recruiting strategies, nor its finances, that could cause the most harm; from the point of view of public nuisance, what's most worrying is Scientology's opposition to anti-depressants, and its general denial of chemical imbalances in the brain and organic mental illness. Take, for example, Tom Cruise's public spat with Brooke Shields last summer, as he derided her use of anti-depressants to cope with post-partum depression.

As laid out in Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's book, Dianetics , the real causes of everyone's mental distress are painful memories suppressed from childhood, even the womb. These traumatic memories create 'engrams' on our brains. The only way to be mentally healthy is to be 'cleared' of these traumatic memories, which can only be accomplished through scientology 'auditing.' (In the cult-jargon of scientology, the rest of us are PC, or pre-clear.) And auditing costs money.

But wait, there's more.

Talk about traumatic memories and engrams is just another covera superficial scientology 'reality level.'

Scientology's real dogma is that we are all suffering from the traumatic memories of aliens, called thetans, who were murdered on Earth millions of years ago by the evil overlord Xenu, who trapped them in a volcano and then blew them up with nuclear weapons (hence the volcano reference on the cover of Dianetics ). So what we all need to be cleared of are parasitic alien ghosts haunting us with bad memories.



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Swedish Scientologist challenges psychiatrist

On September 24, 2005, Ulf Brettstam posted:

"[edited for clarity, sorry, Swedish letters displayed in =hex]

An uncontrolled outburst against scientology and several serious errors in facts

That is how Gullevi Almgren, public relations officer from the Church of Scientology describes psychiatrist Ulf Brettstams information in Tuesdays newspaper regarding Narconons plans to start a treatment centre in L=E4ttarp. Narconon is to the Church of Scientology, closely related activity. Gullevi Almgren, who by the way is born in Landsbro (small village in Sm=E5land) , gives a totally different picture of scientology, to the one upheld by Brettstam. Among other things, she reveals why representatives from psychiatry usually is extremely prejudiced against the church. This is what she says:


I have for long now wanted a review where you compare the drugfree alternatives with established psychiatry. Does psychiatry risk such a comparison? - she wonders and challenges Brettstam.


"Brettstam wellcomes the challenge of comparison

Narconon reviews - secret so far

- It sounds to good to be true. The proposal from the scientology PRO, Gullevi Almgren, concerning a comparisional evaluation between medical and scientologybased treatmentmethods , is wellcomed with open arms. This says Ulf Brettstam chief psychiatrist regarding the press debate about a Narconon established treatment centre at L=E4ttarp outside Forserum.

Brettstam is strongly critical to Church of Scientology and its branches like Narconon an others. He says:

- Many serious scientists and health authority employees all over the world ,has for decades been trying to get hold of the statistical data behind scientologists claims of sensationally successful treatment results within Narconon. According to scientologists own different evaluations of Narconon, success rates are between 60 - 85 %. Another general claim is that they can reach the same success independently of where, when and whom they are treating. So far the scientologists have not provided any data that could verify the correctness of their claims.


Brettstam put it like this:

Hubbard and his followers has deemed psychiatrists being an alian invasion force from outer space, out to get them especially. This does give the accusations from scientologists a sense of 'clearness' about it.


Clearly false

Brettstam also wants to refute the medical claims made in connection with the Narconon rehab program:

-Narconon claims that you with saunas and daily physical excecises can speed up the elimination of toxic substances. This is clearly false. To detox a drug addict without drugs can seem to be a good thing to do, but in a worst case scenario it could prove fatal.Especially without access to a highly specialized intensive care unit. Acute psychotic states (Delirium Tremens) and epileptic seizures, is to every basically trained physician, well known complications in the abstinence fase after a long addiction to alcohol or certain anxiolytics . Both these conditions can be fatal if untreated with certified drugs, partly to minimize the risk of developing delirium and / or seizures and partly to minimize the risc of secondary braindamages.

Clarifying report

Ulf Brettstam refers to an authority on highest level, when he makeshis statements regarding Narconon.

-Prof.Folke Sj=F6qvist, scientific advisor to the National Board of Health and Wellfare, stated in his report to the board 26 nov 1996 (Dnr.00-10129/95), that the methods used by Narconon was based on directly false and untrue theories. He also states that the documentation provided by for instance Bo Persson, in principle was without substance and with meaningless references and certificates. He totally dissmisses the claims made by Narconon, to be able to speed up elimination of toxic substances and that this claim totally lacks evidence in the scientific litterature. Hes definit opinion was that Narconons methods should be forbidden because they contradict swedish medical laws of scientific and evidence based treatment traditions. He also warned about using the method.


A good startingpoint on the net is the honored and prize awarded Information about Narconon can be read on Narconon Exposed"



A related item at was posted September 29:

"We have a new item in the Document Archive at a picture of Clark Carr, now the president of Narconon International, using an E-meter on a Narconon client.

So much for Narconon's claim to be separate from Scientology."

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Seattle Org shakedown

On September 26, 2005, Dave Touretzky posted:

"Apparently the SuperPower scam isn't the only building project Scientology is using to suck cash out of its members' wallets. The Seattle Org is one of about 20 orgs trying to raise funds for an 'Ideal Org' renovation project. As related in the email below, INT Management has decided to shakedown these groups for $350,000 each. The money comes off the top of any local fundraising efforts and must be remitted immediately. And it looks like other payment demands may follow.


and cited a September 25, 2005 Scientology e-mail on "Urgent Update on Our Building Strategy from the Seattle Day ED, Mark Arnold":

"We have just been informed by Management of a change in how the rest of the Ideal Org projects are to be carried out and we want to ensure this data is duplicated by our entire field. As we have informed you earlier an international project management firm has been retained by the Church of Scientology International to manage the Ideal Org renovation projects worldwide including ours here in Seattle. While this is still the case we have just been informed that a second firm has been retained to handle the architectural and design aspects of these projects. This firm will be responsible for the entire architectural and design aspect of our project in Seattle. Besides us there are about 19 other Orgs at the stage of having bought a building and ready to get started on plans. Each Org is required to make a payment of $350,000 to get started. As these plans are required before any renos can begin and they will take some time to do, the money is needed now. Up to this point our priority has been to pay off our mortgage but due to this shift in plans we are now going to raise this money to get the plans moving forward as priority #1. Doing this ensures we will stay in the next wave of Ideal Orgs and not fall to a later group. We want to get this project done now, not in a year or two.


Call the Org ... and tell the receptionist you want to donate to the Seattle Ideal Org Project and someone will help you. With your continued support an Ideal org in Seattle will be a reality.



Test ARS Week-in-Review via e-mail

On September 26, 2005 Simkatu posted:

"If you want to receive weekly copies of the ARS Week in Review in your e-mail inbox then send an e-mail request to:

You should receive an e-mail response with 10 minutes for you to confirm your membership in the ARSCC group.

You will only receive 1 e-mail a week if you sign up to this group and that will be the ARS Week-in-Review.

The e-mail addresses of the members will be kept hidden so nobody will be able to see your e-mail address."

Hartley Patterson commented:

"I didn't know that. Nor perhaps does Andreas, as he doesn't mention it on the Clambake archive page at"

Simkatu replied:

"That is because I just set it up after noticing that Roger didn't have the means of doing this easily. Roger will be allowed to send his one weekly email to all the subscribers. No other postings will be approved to make sure that people don't get any unwanted e-mail.

After a few weeks to make sure everything is working properly we can notify Andreas to make a mention of it on his page."


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BBC TV program investigates Narconon

On September 27, 2005, Hartley Patterson posted:

"As advertised on ARS, today the BBC TV Consumer program 'Watchdog' contained a section on Narconon. It was their first headline item. Watchdog goes out at 7 PM on the main BBC channel and is a long running and popular series.


The 'we were ripped off' subjects were a couple who paid 3,500 pounds for a 'home detrox' for their heroin addicted son. 'Home detox'? Anyone heard of this before? They were promised a refund if not satisfied, their son declined to cooperate and Narconon didn't answer letters asking for the refund.

Next up, none other than Russell Miller, Ron's unofficial biographer, to tell us about Scientology. He did good.

He was followed by A Doctor, who pointed out that taking vitamins was not proven to be any help with drug addiction.

The Narconon program was briefly described. The California school ban was mentioned. A CoS webpage briefly appeared on the screen.


I taped it, and if my video skills don't fail me a copy will available real soon from the usual suspects."


Fake Press Releases

Linked from the front page)

It links to this story:

Tom Won't Teach After All
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
By Roger Friedman

Tom Cruise: Hoaxers Get Him, Web Site

Don't believe a word of a press release put on the Internet last night about Tom Cruise conducting Scientology lectures in Los Angeles next month. Unfortunately, the gossip site took the bait and posted a link to something called That site reports that Cruise is planning four free lectures at Scientology's Celebrity Centre in October. The titles of these bogus lectures are: 'How Psychiatry Invented Schizophrenia, and What Scientologists Can Do About It,' 'Handling Sexual Dis-Orientation: Out of the Closet and Into the Auditing Room,' 'Diagnosis and Treatment of So-Called Clinical Depression with the Hubbard Mark Super VII Quantum Electropsychometer,' and 'Neuroanatomical Changes Resulting from Chronic Methamphetamine Abuse: Can Narconon's Sauna and Niacin Treatment Program Help?' Clever, no? If it were only true, the media would have a field day.

But a quick call to Scientology spokesman Greg LeClaire scotched the whole thing. Tom Cruise and You've been 'Punk'd.' So what is It's a site where anyone can post a press release and no one checks its veracity. Ironically, LeClaire told me, 'I've posted press releases there myself.'


On September 30, 2005, Mark Bunker posted:

"Susan passed along this fun clip from yesterday's 'Handle on the News' show. It deals with the phony press release touting Tom Cruise's purported lectures:"


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Critic suing Miscavige

On September 29, 2005, Gerry Armstrong posted a letter from Caroline Letkeman, his wife, advising David Miscavige to address her claims or face a lawsuit.

"Webbed with links at:

September 28, 2005

David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California 90028

Also by e-mail via RTC

Mr. Miscavige:

I am writing to advise you that if you do not take action to peacefully, ethically and immediately address the claims I make and issues I raise in this letter, it is my intention to file suit against you, and against RTC where you are sole managing agent. Any scheme you had of escaping as managing agent disappeared when Rathbun and McShane disappeared.

As you know, I have had a monetary demand to you and various components of the enterprise you head for some time for the promised on-policy refund of the money your organizationists defrauded from me, specifically $61,500 plus interest. I have continued, every time I have found myself doing any Scientology services, to be completely dissatisfied with them. I know you understand this. Since you are Scientology’s head, and are uniquely responsible for all organization purity of policy enforcement, you are the only person who has prevented and continues to prevent the organization’s refund personnel from refunding my money. You are forcing Scientology’s refund personnel to violate Scientology’s own published refund policy.

As you also know, you and your organizationists have declared me a 'Suppressive Person,' and subjected me and Gerry to unending ops and a slick form of psychoterrorism ever since we met. You black PR me, maintain personal hate on me on your RFW site, and certainly connect me to your global black PR hate campaign on Gerry. You prevent me from having and developing loving relationships with my daughter and granddaughter, or even having any relationship with them at all. You intentionally inflict emotional distress upon me, in fact seek my emotional obliteration, because your organization’s wealth serves your pathological cruelty. The Helmer Op is ongoing, targets both Gerry and me, and is in every way created and executed to harm and torment us. What you and your organizationists are doing to me is willful, deliberately threatening, and intended to suppress and destroy me emotionally, financially, socially and physically.

I am acutely aware of your continuing efforts to have Gerry jailed and fined for violations of your injunction that you got Marin Judge Gary Thomas to sign. What you are still doing in the Court of Appeal, your Helmer Op that Gerry and I exposed just this month, and your recent public assumption of the one-man dictatorship over the whole Scientology enterprise have caused me to write to you with extreme urgency, and demand your immediate response.

As you are very aware, your injunction states that all the things thatGerry is restrained and enjoined from directly or indirectly doing, all of his agents, employees, and persons acting in concert or conspiracy with him are also restrained and enjoined from directly or indirectly doing. As you know, I advised you by letter to you personally and to a number of your organization juniors as early as February 8, 2002 that I am acting in concert and conspiracy with Gerry in directly and indirectly doing the things your injunction restrains and enjoins.

Unless you immediately act to have the Marin Superior Court amend your injunction to eliminate any language that restrains or enjoins anyone acting in concert or conspiracy with Gerry from doing anything, I will file an action for declaratory relief. You may believe that you have res judicataed Gerry’s rights away and successfully robbed him of a fair hearing for the rest of his life, but you have not yet destroyed my rights. I will challenge the lawfulness of your injunction and the lawfulness of your contract your injunction enforces. I have observed your hatred in action over the past four years I’ve been with Gerry, and have no doubt that you will try to have me jailed, fined and ruined for acting in concert with him just as you are still trying to have him jailed, fined and ruined. I will do whatever I can to demonstrate the judicial unenforceability and unlawfulness of your injunction and contract as they apply to someone such as myself acting in concert with Gerry.

You don’t have my signature on any contract, and by my signature on a contract of marriage to Gerry I certainly did not sign away my human rights to you.



Scientology and Schools

On October 1, 2005, Dave Touretzky posted "Scientology and the Schools" by Peter Downs of the Saint Louis Schools Watch:

"September 22, 2005 -- A controversy over sending St. Louis Public School teachers to a training program connected to the Church of Scientology underscores a major flaw in the federal No Child Left Behind Act: rigorous performance standards for public schools, but none for private companies that are supposed to repair the failures.

The controversy began to simmer before Labor Day when approximately two dozen teachers from Fanning and Long middle schools were sent for training to the Spanish Lake headquarters of Applied Scholastics International.

Some of the teachers complained to their union -- the St. Louis Teachers and School-Related Personnel Union, American Federation of Teachers Local 420 -- that the program is run by the Church of Scientology. Local 420 President Mary Armstrong and First Vice President Byron Clemons took the complaints about the workshops, Clemons called them 'Church of Scientology workshops,' to school board member Bill Purdy. On September 13, Purdy asked Superintendent Creg Williams to look into the complaints and report back to the school board at its regular meeting on September 20.

In an interview with St. Louis Schools Watch, Applied Scholastics Chief Executive Officer Bennetta Slaughter denied that her organization has any connection to Scientology, a 35-year-old religion that holds that humans are made of clusters of extraterrestrial spirits called 'thetans', who were banished to Earth million years ago by an cruel galactic ruler named Xenu.


No Child Left Behind

Applied Scholastics is an approved provider in Missouri for supplemental education services under Title I of No Child Left Behind. That law requires that public schools that are labeled as 'need improvement' have to set aside 20% of their Title I money for tutoring or transportation to tutoring from approved providers of supplemental education services.

Kaye Bartles, who is in charge of supplemental education services at Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), said Applied Scholastics is a new provider, 'so we don't know much about it.' She said organizations apply for approval by submitting an application, which gets read and graded by three people. There are no site visits to evaluate the organization, no review of the organization's texts, because DESE does not have the staff to do those things.

Randy Rook, director of federal grant management at DESE, said that when President George W. Bush signed No Child Left Behind four years ago, 'a lot of people saw this as a great way to get into real money.' Most of those people have dropped by the side, he said, but, he admitted, as of yet there has been no evaluation of those private tutoring programs. 'There will be,' he added. He said he does not know anything about Applied Scholastics.


At the school board meeting on September 20, Superintendent Williams concluded the discussion on Applied Scholastics with the declaration 'lesson learned.' He said he would instruct principals to stop sending teachers to the organization for training.

Meanwhile, Applied Scholastics is gearing up for a partnership with Hazelwood Public Schools as an approved provider of tutoring services to children, who attend underperforming schools in that north county school district."

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