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Volume 9, Issue 40 - October 6 2005

Scientology sex assault nightmare

From the New York Post,



October 2, 2005 -- A FORMER Scientology staffer is breaking her silence about being sexually assaulted 100 times at ages 16 and 17 by the church supervisor she was 'ordered' to live with, and then receiving threats and intimidating phone calls when she reported the abuse. Five years ago, Gabriel Williams, then a 27-year-old chief supervisor at the Church of Scientology in Mountain View, Calif., forced then-16-year-old Jennifer Stewart to have intercourse with him on the first evening she moved in, according to her statements in court records.

After Williams was charged with rape and sodomy with a minor - and later convicted of sexual battery and sodomy - Stewart's family endured death threats, stalkers and other harassment.

'We want the world to know that when Tom Cruise calls psychiatry a 'pseudoscience,' it's all part of Scientology's plan to brainwash people,' said Stewart's husband, Tom Gorman, referring to the actor's 'Today' show interview in June.

Stewart believed that if she went to the police, she would not be able to avoid being sent to a psychiatrist. According to Scientology, psychiatry is a source of evil. Members who see 'psychs' or take psychiatric drugs will be declared 'SP' - 'suppressive person' - and can't achieve spiritual freedom.


'Williams told me everything that was happening was my fault because I'd been evil in a past life,' said Stewart. 'If I told anyone, I'd be sent to a psych and be taken away from my family.'

Only after Gorman became suspicious of bruises on Stewart's body in May 2001 did she admit what Williams had been doing, he said.


After doing about eight months in jail, Williams was released last year. Now on probation, he lives in Clearlake Oaks, Calif., with his wife and two kids.

'I paid my debt to society in this matter, and I was not found liable in the civil action,' Williams said through his attorney."


Gerry Armstrong posted an article about Ford Greene, the lawyer who took the case against Scientology.

San Francisco Weekly, "Sign of the Cult-Buster," October 5, 2005


An outspoken ex-Moonie-turned-cult-deprogrammer-turned-lawyer, Ford Greene has cultivated a reputation that has earned him the ire of Scientologists (who follow the teachings of the late science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard), the Unification Church (founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who claims to have met Jesus on a Korean mountainside in 1935), and other so-called new religious movements.


Perhaps chief among those enemies [of Ford] is the Church of Scientology, which over the years has gained a reputation for relentless litigation and other tactics -- including picketing the homes and workplaces of detractors -- aimed at thwarting its critics. That reputation stems, in part, from a 1960s Hubbard edict proclaiming that persons interfering with Scientology were 'fair game' for church efforts to discredit them.

Greene believes that he became fair game in 1989 after signing on to represent the church's former head of worldwide security and his wife, who at the time were the highest-ranking officials ever to bolt the Los Angeles-based organization, which is perhaps best known for its celebrity adherents, including Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Since then, he claims, he's been spied on, his home and office have been broken into, and he's been the subject of smear campaigns targeting his neighbors, clients, and associates.



On October 5, 2005 Barb posted a letter to the editor of the San Francisco Weekly.

"Dear Editor,

Thank you for the extensive article on cult-buster Ford Greene. I was made aware of the nasty website put up by the mysterious 'Friends of San Anselmo' last year during a visit to Stinson Beach. It looks remarkably similar to the Religious Freedom Watch website, an admittedly Scientology linked site which features pages on their perceived enemies under the label 'religious extremists.' Apparently, Ford is so reviled, he gets a whole website, rather than a couple of pages.

It is likely that the recent activity against Ford is linked to his victory for the woman who was sexually abused by a high level Scientologist in Mountain View.

While Ford may be barred from talking about the case, the woman's husband is not, and recently gave an interview to Arnie Lerma, a prominent ex-Scientologist turned critic. This detailed account of the sexual abuse of a then-sixteen-year-old girl, and the attempt of Scientology officials to hush it up, is disgusting yet revealing.

Having read Mr. Gorman's account, I find it rather hypocritical of Scientology spokesman Jeff Quiros to criticize Ford Greene so vociferously.

According to Tom Gorman, Mr. Quiros stalked his daughter, tried to bargain for his silence, and accused Mrs. Gorman of being promiscuous, calling her a whore and a slut. Mr. Quiros blamed a 16 year old rape victim for what happened to her at the hands of rapist and Scientologist Gabriel Williams.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Quiros would choose to protect his fellow Scientologist over a teenaged staff member. Gabriel Williams was good at bringing in money for Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard said,

'In short a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can't sneeze without a chop if it's down. ... When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report.'

--L. Ron Hubbard
HCOPL 1 September 1965, 'Ethics Protection'


Your article states that Quiros referred to Greene as a 'mosquito,' a 'pig,' and a 'pathetic individual.'

Let's see...Ford took on the case of a young girl who was victimized by members of the church she believed in and trusted, and helped her get justice. She was victimized, not only by rapist Gabriel Williams, but also Jeff Quiros, who should have helped her instead of supporting her abuser.

And Quiros has the gall to call Ford Greene pathetic?



Ford Greene posted "Gabriel Scott Williams: Amends For Putting Scientology At Risk?" to the news group on October 5, 2005

"In a legal consequence of his felony convictions for statutory rape and sexual battery, Gabriel Scott Williams is required to register as a sex offender with the State of California.

Although the Santa Clara County District Attorney originally charged Williams with forcible rape and other charges of violent behavior sufficiently severe to cause bail to be set at $10,000,000, Williams' supporters made sure that declarations of Ms. Stewart nee Gorman's 'friends,' which stated she was 'in love with Gabe,' 'had sex with Gabe' and so on, caused the prosecutor to back off both from taking the case to trial and pursuing the rape count. Doing his time in county jail as a condition of probation, Williams never went to State Prison where he might have to face being Bubba's shower toy. He got off easy and is probably back auditing by now.

I wonder how long those declarations had been eating a hole in a file in Scientology's Office of Special Affairs Legal? Probably since Jeff Quiros warned Jennifer's father not to report Williams' abuse and torture of his daughter to the police because as a minor CPS would get her, and everybody knows it was a hop, skip and a jump to the psychs from there.

And you know what happens when THEY get a hold of you.


I suspect that Scientology's strategy as to Gabriel Scott Williams - a Flag Trained Golden Age of Tech Supervisor - that David Miscavige reportedly deigned a Kha-Khan who would 'make Mountain View go Saint Hill Size and win the Birthday Game' - was to insure that the criminal rap stopped with him. I don't think Scientology declared Williams a Suppressive Person. But if they did, he could still make amends (steps A to E) and have the SP Declare lifted after he made enough of those amends. Either way, doing what it took to preserve his line on immorthetanality by staying a Scientologist - even if one with shaky standing - I suspect he pleaded guilty.



Jeff Quiros joins Tom Cruise in the role of Honorary SP and Barb is his biggest fan, according to "Thank you Jeff Quiros!" on October 5, 2005.

"Oh, baby, [Barb speaking to Jeff] I just LOVE you as spokesperson for the SF Org! I mean, could you have possibly done a better job in your interview for the SF Weekly?"


Arnie Lerma posted the url for a policy analysis of Scientology sex assault "compiled for Lermanet October 2, 2005 by a graduate of Scientology Staff Status 0, 1 & 2"

and noticed strange traffic patterns on October 5. Upon inquiry he was assured by news group posters that the patterns were not unique to his site.

On October 6 Tory/Magoo pointed out an old OSA program against Arnie Lerma, in response to "Nobody's" vote for Arnie Lerma as the "biggest nutscase of all times."

"You all need a new program. OSA was running this exact program re Arnie when I was 'in' the '90's.

Why does this poster have to hide behind a secret remailer? Read their OSA Int Top Secret Internet Mafia actions, here: and find out why."


Zinj posted a quote relevant to the Scientology sex assault nightmare.

"In short a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can't sneeze without a chop if it's down. ... When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report.

L. Ron Hubbard"

which was later attributed to

"HCO Policy Letter 1 Sept 65 Issue VII Ethics Protection. Page 133 latest OEC Volume 0, paragraphs 4 and 6. (1999 edition)"


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Critical web site difficulties

Both Kristi Wachter and Roger Gonnet reported web site difficulties.

Kristi Wachter posted "DMCA Complaint against - 600 pages down" on October 1, 2005 from

"Scientology Lawyer Files a DMCA Complaint Against

On September 30, 2005, attorney Ava Paquette, acting on behalf of 'a number of Churches of Scientology ... including but not limited to Church of Scientology Western United States, Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International, Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization, Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization', requested the removal of more than 600 pages from - all of them belonging to my Scientology statistics project ( ).

In her complaint, she claims that these pages - which consist of uncopyrightable raw data, lists of the names of individuals who have completed Scientology services - infringe her clients' copyright.

I am filing a counter-notification with my web hosting provider, but the law gives Scientology two weeks during which they may file a lawsuit against me. If they do not do so during that time, my host can put the pages back up - but not before.

This is not the first attempt Scientology attorneys have complained about this site ..."


Tikk posted relevant data from

for full opinion on leading copyright case regarding copyrightability of lists.

"In short, compilations enjoy the thinnest of copyright protection; and even then, the factual data within the compilation is not copyrightable - only the format or manner in which it's presented, and only if that format is sufficiently creative. Alphabetical lists are not sufficiently creative.

The only way to infringe on Scn's lists is to reproduce - practically verbatim - the original pages where the names first appeared, in the same format and manner.



On October 2, 2005, Cerridwen made a connection between the publishing of the Scientology Sex Nightmare and the takedown of

"Call me paranoid, but it seems really strange that Kristie's 'Truth About Scn' site has 600 pages taken down, two days before it is exposed that the C of S was involved in the coverup of rape by Scientologist Gabriel Williams.

Reporters googling Williams name will not find any information on him due to the Church's DMCA of Kristie's site.

For those looking for information on Gabriel Williams, here's his completion list

Gabriel Williams BASIC STUDY MANUAL 96 Source 05/01/95
Gabriel Williams PURIFICATION RUNDOWN 97 Source 08/01/95
Gabriel Williams OBJECTIVE AUDITING 97 Source 08/01/95
Gabriel Williams STUDENT HAT 97 Source 08/01/95
Gabriel Williams SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN 98 Source 11/01/95
Gabriel Williams TRS AND OBJECTIVES CO-AUDIT COURSE 98 Source 11/01/95
Gabriel Williams SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN CO-AUDIT COURSE 98 Source 11/01/95
Gabriel Williams HUBBARD KEY TO LIFE COURSE 100 Source 04/01/96
Gabriel Williams METHOD ONE WORD CLEARING 101 Source 07/01/96
Gabriel Williams NEW HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE 102 Source 09/01/96
Gabriel Williams STUDY CERRTAINTY COURSE 117 Source 06/01/98
Gabriel Williams PTS/SP DETECTION, ROUTING AND HANDLING COURSE 117 Source 06/01/98
Gabriel Williams HUBBARD DIANETICS AUDITOR COURSE 118 Source 08/01/98
Gabriel Williams THE NEW HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE 120 Source 12/01/98
Gabriel Williams ARC STRAIGHTWIRE EXPANDED 122 Source 03/01/99
Gabriel Williams TRS CLAY TABLE PROCESSING DELIVERY COURSE 122 Source 03/01/99


Mike Gormez posted October 5, 2005 that he

"mirrored the PDFs, renamed them and put them in a time line in the form of Supplemental-report_Sexual_assault_110702_19-17.pdf

Which tells what it is about, the date 11 July 2002, and the last numbers are the filesnames underwhich they appear on Arnie's site, so they still correlate. Scientologist rapist Gabriel got his dedicated page thusly here:"


On October 6, 2005, Roger Gonnet posted that the French web site was down

"I dunno what happens to my main website.


I get an 'index' thing when trying to go there, and if I try the ftp link to reload the website, my password does not open the site.

So, I suspect some complaint from the attorney who wrote me some days ago, and is probably one of the worse on the planet. If it's him, he'll get an immediate complaint from me before courts for a libelous denounciation."

Gonnet has secondary sites.

"Five others, four on scientology:"


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Front group infiltration

Mark Bunker posted "District Scrambles to Ensure Human Rights Event Is Religion-Free" from the LA Daily News on October 2, 2005.

"District Scrambles to Ensure Human Rights Event Is Religion-Free Officials were unaware of Scientology's role in the international forum at Jordan High in Watts.

By Joel Rubin, Times Staff Writer

Los Angeles city school officials were caught off guard this week by the Church of Scientology's role in an upcoming event at a South Los Angeles high school, which, while not illegal, is considered unusual.

On Monday, teenagers from about 25 countries are expected to meet with students at Jordan High School in Watts for a conference on human rights. The gathering is part of a three-day event organized by Youth for Human Rights International - a group with close ties to the Church of Scientology.

Jordan Principal Stephen Strachan and school counselor Al Johnson said that when the idea was broached in early September, conference planners did not make clear the organization's links to Scientology or that the conference would be promoted as a Scientology-sponsored event.

'We never engaged in any conversation about the Church of Scientology,' Strachan said Friday. 'I never knew they were involved.'

Johnson said he was aware that some people involved in the planning were active Scientologists but was surprised Monday when Scientology staff sent out a news release in which the church was listed as a co-organizer.


State and Los Angeles Unified School District officials have confronted Scientology before. Last year, the district issued a warning to campuses after more than a dozen schools used a drug prevention program that bases its ideas partly on Scientology research and teachings. In February, a state investigation concluded that the program, called Narconon, failed to 'reflect accurate, widely accepted medical and scientific evidence.'

In the latest instance, Shuttleworth agreed to remove the church's name from the event's promotional material and said she and church officials had never meant to conceal Scientology's involvement.

'It's only fair that if someone helps you a lot, you give them credit for their work,' she said.

A revised news release was distributed the next day.


Area Supt. Rousseau said she might have canceled the event if alerted to it earlier, because of the appearance that the church is so closely linked to the event. But she said she was confident that Monday's gathering would remain focused on human rights.

'It is a good thing for young people around the world to meet and get a world view,' she said. 'But we made it very clear what the limitations of this event will be.'"


The same day Bunker posted

"For those who might like to attend Monday's event, here is some school info:"

and the

"Scientology PR for event: "


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On October 4, 2005, Roger Gonnet posted that

"M. Jean-Michel Roulet is the new president of the MIVILUDES, the french interministerial Mission to combat cults abuses.

He was named by the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin some weeks ago, and has taken his office's keys and responsabilities on october first.

He had given some interviews before to delineate what he thinks are the best ways to fill his office.

He said that he would like to help victims to complaint against the cults, and that he'd feel well if during his mandate, a pair of trials are done against cults.



For the story, M. Roulet has worked for years in a very sensitive area: the army secrets. He must be used a lot to spies and spying!"

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Disaster industrial complex

On October 3, 2005, Mark Bunker posted in "New Orleans Gripped by Greed"

"You just knew Scientology had to be mentioned, didn't you:

Disaster industrial complex: New Orleans gripped by greed

by Jordan Flaherty


But the worst damage is what is being done now, this confluence of forces barraging New Orleans and its Diaspora, what some local organizers have referred to as 'the Disaster Industrial Complex.' This is the perfect storm created by an orgy of greed and opportunism engaged in by the jackals of disaster profiteering.

The list of those who are gaining from our loss is large, and it includes everyone from the heavily armed thugs of Wackenhut Security and Blackwater USA, to the often well-meaning but ineffective bureaucrats of Red Cross and FEMA, to the Scientology missionaries crowding the shelters, to journalists and disaster-gazers taking up a chunk of available housing, to the major multi-nationals such as Halliburton, working in concert with rich elites from uptown New Orleans, seeking partners with which to exploit this tragedy.


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Comedy Central

On October 5, 2005 a poster noted that Comedy Center was picking on Scientology.

"Comedy Central seems to have referred to Scientology twice this week. ... I think it was David Spade who was talking about Scientology's attempt to attract more celebrities by laying a very long line of cocaine leading to the Scientology center, at that sadly it was successful. ..."

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Scientology pioneering Operation Transparent

On October 4, 2005 Barbara Schwarz reported on "Operation Transparent and Scientology in Germany".

"I read an article in the latest Impact article. (Impact is the magazine of the IAS.)

It is mentioned there that Scientologists drafted a Freedom of Information Law, the Operation Transparent for the German government and it passed German Congress and will be law in January 2006. It is mentioned that a German judge congratulated Scientologists to be the pioneers of this law. ..."


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