Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 41 - October 15 2005

No more Co$ junk mail

On October 6, 2005, Catarina reported she was no longer receiving Scientology junk mail after ten years.

"I used to get junk mail a couple of times per week from AOSH EU, Saint Hill UK and Flag. Now I haven't gotten a single piece since something like three months.

It's pretty impressive that they managed to stop the mail from three different orgs simultaneously. For CoS standard, that's not bad. (OK, so it took them some 10 years to get there, but still.) ..."


Supporting Ford Greene

On October 13, 2005, Chuck Beatty posted a letter he got published in the San Francisco Weekly.


This letter was in response to this good coverage of Ford Greene:

An insider's perspective: Excellent journalism on Ford Greene. Indeed Ford has done good things for ex-cult people, and I can confirm Ford inspires some who've been clobbered in various ways by cults. In the late summer of 2004, I publicly defected after being a 27-year lifetime staffer bureaucrat in the Scientology movement. I began posting my Scientology lifetime staffer experiences on the Internet. About a month and a half after going public, I got a surprise phone call from Scientology church lead attorney Elliot Abelson. Former staffers and critics of official Scientology generally characterize these types of conversations as 'gag' or 'silencing' tactics. When my phone conversation with Abelson came around to me saying I better check with some lawyers, Elliot somewhat anxiously blurted out one attorney I should stay away from: Ford Greene. And Elliot had a few more disparaging things to say about Ford Greene. Well, you can guess who I tried to contact right after getting off the phone with Scientology church attorney Abelson! ..."


New Scientologist disconnecting


"Katie Holmes Completely Cruise Controlled

Friday, October 07, 2005
By Roger Friedman

Katie Holmes Continues Purge of Inner Circle

Katie Holmes fired her publicist of nearly eight years on Tuesday.

During her conversation with Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, Holmes did not mention that she was pregnant by fiancÚ Tom Cruise. The next day, the news broke.

In short order, since meeting Cruise in April, Holmes has now fired her manager, changed agents and discharged her publicist. All had been her longtime allies.

And let's not forget the broken engagement to actor Chris Klein back in March. That's a lot of activity for seven months.

Where does that leave our Katie? I'm told that Holmes has claimed Cruise's sister, Lee Ann De Vette, as her new publicist.

Pictures of Holmes from just a few days ago with Cruise on the set of 'Mission: Impossible 3' are circulating on the Internet. There's no sign of a pregnancy, but there is a woman in the background of every picture.

She's been identified as Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez, Holmes' best friend since the spring and a high-level minder from the Church of Scientology. Her family has donated millions to Scientology.

As for Holmes' friends here in New York, the word is that not one of them has heard from the actress since she flew to L.A. to meet Cruise for the first time last April.

Since Holmes first became associated with Cruise, her career has come to a standstill. ..."

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Testing Center still closed

Tory/Magoo posted on October 4, 2005:

"If anyone has any question as to the status of Scientology, onemerely needs to LOOK at the Scientology Testing Center up on Hollywood Blvd.

Now, it Scientology's hay day, they bought this building when Hollywood was dead, and no one went there. Back then, they'd be out trying to do personality tests on the few people around, as it was supposed to be the starting point of getting new people 'in'.


I'm amazed at how things now just sit, and rot. It's a huge empty building, with no one around, the windows covered up. No one is working on it.

PS: I waived 'Hi' To OSA as I looked into their stupid camera glaring over the front door of their closed Testing Center. That sure looks 'religious' and welcoming, eh?


Still waiting for the Grand Opening.......:)"

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Paris picket

On October 9, 2005, Roger Gonnet report a Paris Picket against scientology by the First assistant of the Paris Mayor.

"[edited for clarity]

Picket against Scientologie

Elected officials of all edges and associations expressed in front of the Parisian seat of the Church of scientology to denounce its proselytism.

The church of scientology in Paris (AP) At the initiative of Anne Hidalgo, first assistant socialist with the mayor of Paris, and president of a committee of vigilance against the sects, a demonstration took place Saturday October 8 with 11h30 street Jules CÚsar in front of the Parisian seat of the Church of scientology.

The demonstration was open to all gathered person[s], elected official about fifty and member of associations. 'We want to warn the Parisians against the dangerousness of certain movements and to alert them on the presence of this type of places which is not something banal', explains Anne Hidalgo.


'The scientology, it is not a church, it is a movement which attacks the people in distress', she added.

Counter-demonstration a hundred members of Scientologie, regarded as 'sectarian movement' on the parliamentary list of 1996, have on their side organized a counter-demonstration in front of their buildings of the 7 street Jules CÚsar (XIIe district), by holding up signs 'do not touch my religion'. The elected officials ravelled, girded their tricolour scarves in front of the seat of Scientologie by singing the Marseillaise, under the ironic applause of the scientologists.


Note: friends were there, and said that the police almost forbade the picketers to come in front of the scam cult. Was scientology protected by some order, or had the cult sent anonymously some meneces against the life of Anne Hidalgo (Paris Mayor First adjointe)? I dunno.

Interesting nevertheless: the cultists counter-picketing were circa 100, while Paris org and CC Paris are supposed to have more tha 300 staffs... and thousands of clients."

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The Fall from Grace

On October 10, 2005, Dave Touretzky posted:

"Eventually, we're going to need to put up a web page with copies of the original versions of all the CoS web pages from which Marty Rathbun and Warren McShane have been erased.

So please: save archived copies. Save what you pull out of the Google cache (because the cache only lasts about two weeks.) Save everything! ..."


In related news, Chuck Beatty posted on October 8, 2005

"1) DM has punched, slapped, and beaten (but not bloodied) several people to the ground in the past 2 years, Mark Yager included.

2) Greg Wilhere and quite a few RTC staffers were demoted from RTC to CMO Int. Late 2004-2005.

3) Kevin Caetano is Security Chief Gold recently.

4) Warren McShane before he was busted by the end of 2004, had been acting unofficially as DM's henchman, and dishing out the petty physical abuse and intimidation ethics gradients that are the current fad amongst a number of Int Base Execs who are now all following DM's bad example, and DM's following LRH's disgraceful harsh Sea Org policy parameters that allow physical abuse intimidation 'ethics gradient tool' so long at it does not require medical costs, or some such limit. LRH's example of physically abusing Mike Douglas and Otto Roos, are well known tactics long employed in the Sea Org's history off and on. That level physical abuse is being dished out by DM and other Int Execs in recent years, and the abuse climate is harshest ever in some people's opinions.

5) Marion Dendieu and John Brousseau were in RTC. Confirmed that Annie Broeker Tidman is recently CO CMO Gold.

6) Base staff numbers down from 700-800 in the late 90's to now at most 350 staff, is the estimate I heard.

7) The Int Ranch was sold, Castille Canyon ranch was sold to the Svoboba Indian reservation. Thus there IS no longer an Int RPF. OGH is the only on-base secluded 'ethics' lowest ethics category, in recent years. For a view of OGH (Old Gilman House) see this labelled photo:

8) In 2004 Chris Guider (former Int RPF I/C) was heading a group of about 40 Int Base staffers demoted to the former PAC ranch, and they were doing projects there. This PAC Ranch group overseen by Chris Guider at first was getting food ferried out from the PAC galley, thenlater in 2004 cooking was done at the PAC Ranch by this group of demoted Int Base staffers. Not sure the current status of the PACranch, if still going or it that closed down also.



1) Ex-Int Base Staffers who have physical abuse experiences within the last year, can call the Riverside County Sheriff's Dept (call information for the number connecting you).

2) Get a good lawyer to advise you.

3) Anyone reading this knowing law firms that will do pro bono work for these type of future defecting Int Base staffers, please answer this post, so the info is here for future Int Base staffers to read and find."


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A Moment of Thanks

Gerry Armstrong expressed appreciation for the the efforts of others:

"I am very gratified by the recent settlement of Jennifer Gorman's claims against the Scientology cult because there is no silence condition and no liquidated damages condition. The Gormans can speak freely about their religious experiences, and even about any experiences that might not be religious experiences. The Miscavige cultists may very well have learned from the public exposure and condemnation of their efforts to enforce such conditions against me that what they have been doing is not only unlawful, but suicidal.


In the meantime, the cultists' failure to gag the Gormans, and their failure to gag Chuck Beatty and probably a raft of ex-clams in his position, is a huge success for me in Miscavige's dirty war on human rights. The Miscavigeites failure to gag these people is also supportive of my legal position in their war's litigation channel. So this Canuck and his loved ones have great cause for Thanksgiving at this time."


Chuck Beatty also posted to the thread:

"... I particularly appreciate those on ARS who have leaked those wiser concepts here on ARS, those wiser thoughts are the lifelines OUT of the Hubbard platform of thought.

Good job Gerry, thanks for just keeping on keeping on!

People just need to keep defecting, honestly telling their firsthand deeds, the world forgives those that do, and help make Scientology transparent and honest, less abusive, and help those battered upper ranks Scientology leaders get back to sanity.

Happy Thanksgiving."


Captain Scott Mayer passed away

Arnie Lerma posted:

"Scott Mayer passed away at his home on Oct 6th 2005 of illness related to diabetes.
Scotts's Photo Album

Affidavit of Scott Mayer

ARS Literati Winner - Making God Swallow his laughter
Captains Corner

Clearwater Commission Hearings

Memorial Services to be announced ..."


Web site ups & downs

On October 11, 2005 Roger Gonnet posted that his site would be coming back up.

"My ISP handled badly a letter from an obscure attorney named Joseph , who's defending various cults.

So, I presume the situation should be handled once for all during the next hours."

On October 14, 2005 Gonnet also posted that

"Jean-Luc Barbier, webmaster of, got an attack from scientology criminal attornyes - Moxon and Kobrin attorney Ava Paquette. ..."

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Xenu Humor

On October 13, 2005, Mike O'Connor posted

"Conan O'Brian's first monologue joke Wednesday night:

... it's been rumored... that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, may name their child 'Xenu'.. -titters- I'm not done.. -laughs- And this is the setup ..... this is the true part, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may name their child 'Xenu', after the galactic ruler of Scientology. -titters- In a related story, the baby has already been asked to be put up for adoption. -laughs and applause-"


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