Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 45 - November 12 2005

Ex-Scientologist against silent birth

With regard to new Scientology pregnant celebrity convert Katie Holmes, "Batchild" posted on November 5, 2005,

"The new edition (November 14, 2005, with Kelly Ripa cover story) of the National Enquirer has an article by Bonnie Wood as told to Jane Ridley titled, 'My 36 hour Scientology labor was hell. Please Katie, don't join this cult' where she describes her ordeal whille practicing the 'silent birth' technique.



Education in Russia

Two translations on the general subject of education in Russia were posted, one about the Russian school system and one about educating the public about cults.

November 2, 2005

The Duma refused to send a request to Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko to instruct children in educational institutions about basic religions.


While this proposal was under discussion, 'Rodina' faction Sergei Glazyev recalled that some time ago the deputies passed a resolution recommending courses in basic religions be introduced into schools. 'The people who prepared that course were let go and today are teaching religious education in Scientology schools,' Glazyev asserted.

Nevertheless 61 deputies supported the 'Rodina' faction initiative, with the minimum required at 226. Reported by 'Interfax-Religiya.'"


"Novosibirsk, November 3, 2005, ANN corr. Dmitriy Kokoulin.

A collection of speeches from world-renowned sectologists has been released by the Novosibirsk 'Knizhitsa' publishing house with the blessing of Archbishop Tikhon of Novosibirsk & Bedsk.

Protopriest Alexander Novopashin, the compiler of the collection, said at the presentation that all the speeches and reports contained in the book would be of interest not only to specialists but also to the public at large. It was the most complete collection of material and documents presented at the international conference on the theme of totalitarian sectarianism that was held in Novosibirsk.

Among the authors protopriest Alexander Novopashin noted in particular were: Jacques Richard, former president of Federation of European Centers Research into Sects (FECRIS); Thomas Gandow, the Berlin-Brandenburg Evangelical Lutheran Church's spokesman on the problems of sects; professor Alexander Dvorkin, president of the Center for Religious Research; and also Gerald Armstrong, Ron Hubbard's former archivist.

To a question from Novosibirsk Eparchy journalist Kaleria Karamnova as to what most struck father Alexander about his colleagues' presentations, the clergyman replied that he was literally shocked by Gerald Armstrong's narrative about his life, even though he had heard it before. 'Attempting to break the will of this fearless man, the Scientologists kept him for a total of 25 months in their Scientology concentration camp - a special psychological gulag. He didn't let the punishments he experienced overpower him,' said protopriest Alexander."

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More than one way out

On November 6, 2005 "Feisty" posted from

that the road out of Scientology may be paved with doubt.

"November 2005 anniversary: Escape Route from Scientology

As the one-year anniversary of the webbing of Willis Carto's and The Spotlight's documentation on Lermanet draws near, feedback is accumulating that shows this material is the basis for a quick & easy escape route from Scientology.

Specifically, every Scientologist, at some point in time, experiences doubt as to whether certain parts of Scientology actually work. The formula provided by Scientology to the doubter to remedy this circumstance, which is potentially fatal for the cult, is to be applied to self. As one becomes more like L. Ron Hubbard than even, perhaps, Hubbard himself, what if the formula is applied to L. Ron Hubbard? Whose side is Hubbard really on -- that of doubtful uncertainty, or that of the behind-the-scenes manipulators who, one may believe without ill effect if one chooses, are trying to take over this planet?

The Carto pages provide documentation that Hubbard and his organizations are part of a conspiracy to suppress the very people whose help Hubbard systematically sought and received. For those already receptive to this sort of belief, it is a small step to apply it to the founder of the ungodly church.

Not so surprisingly, the same conspiracy theories by which Carto's detractors sought to discredit him form the substance of this simple cult exit. In response a new Lermanet project hereby expresses its appreciation and recognizes some past feats of Anti-cult Snafupermen and Snafuperwomen.


Meanwhile, here are a few final odds and ends about the conspiracy.

SPOTLIGHT March 20, 2000 - 21
Liberty Lobby Beats the Odds Again

On March 22, 1995-five years ago -- a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team staged an early-morning raid on the West Coast office of Liberty Lobby, the Washington-bused populist lnstitution that publishes The SPOTLIGHT.

As a helicopter buzzed overhead and will, snipers in place, some 100 armed officers from the San Diego County's sheriff's office and the Costa Mesa, Calif., police department accompanied by agents from several federal agencies including the FBI, the BATF and the IRS -- attacked in force.

They maced the Carto's dog, broke the gate and ransacked the Carto home.


No evidence was found. No charges were ever filed.


SPOTLIGHT August 28, 1995 -15

Federal Marshals Raid Critic of Scientology A populist activist also involved to active criticism of the Church of Scientology has been raided by federal marshals and had all his electronic equipment confiscated.


Arnaldo Lerma, longtime populist activist and prominent critic of the Church of Scientology, had his computer, 400 computer disks, four hard drives, keyboard, mouse and scanner confiscated, from his home in Arlington, Virginia by federal marshals accompanied by lawyers for Scientology. Lerma has been posting factual information on the church, of which he is a former member, on the Internet for over a year.


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Scientology caught jury tampering

Regarding an incident which occurred during Lawrence Wollersheim's attempt in court to collect his money from Scientology a court order was posted.

Nov - 3, 2005
John A. Clarke, Clerk



ORDER C 3322027

NOTICE TO: Ellen Marie Farny, Pursuant to their obligations under C.C.P. 611 and 1209(a)(10), members of the jury pool have informed the Court that you have commnicated or attempted to communicate with jurors regarding the substance of the above-entitled action. You are hereby notified that this conduct, if true, is contemptuous and punishable as such. Further, this conduct may subject you to arrest and prosecution for a violation of Penal Code 95.

Under the Court's inherent authority to control its proceedings, and in furtherance of protecting the integrity of the jury process, you are hereby ordered as follows:

1. You shall not communicate or attempt to communicate in any manner with any person known to you to be a member of the jury pool in this case.
2. You shall not enter the Stanley Mosk Courthouse at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles at any time during the pendency of this action unless required to conduct official court business and then only upon the advance written permission of the official court business and then only upon the advance written permission of the Presiding Judge.

Any violation of this Order is punishable as contempt and may subject you to arrest and criminal prosecution.


Dated: November 3, 2005

Presiding Judge"

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Scientology on campus

Xenu made press in a college paper in Buffalo, New York.

"Scientology extortion should not be on campus
Letter to the Editor
ROSS STEIN - UB student

The Spectrum's article on the Church of Scientology ('Scientology center to open on campus,' Nov. 2) in Wednesday's issue missed some important facts.

The Church of Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who was previously a science fiction writer. One of the hidden beliefs of Scientology is that suffering exists on Earth because an alien warlord named Xenu brought millions of beings to earth and slaughtered them.

The souls of these beings now haunt mankind, causing sickness, depression and insanity. The teachings of Scientology are supposed to be able to remove these ghosts. This is not revealed to members until they reach a high enough level, probably because no one would believe it without previous indoctrination.

While the respected religions of the world give their knowledge freely, the Church of Scientology requires its members to pay for courses.



"there were two other articles in the spectrum:
'Solving Scientology's mysteries' (By: CHRISSY DRAKE - Staff Writer)
. . . which was already posted on a.r.s.
'Students should beware of Scientology's background' ( By: DALENE M. AYLWARD - University at Buffalo, Convener, Campus Minister)

After reading the article about a Scientology Center coming to campus ('Scientology center to open on campus,' Nov. 2), I felt the immediate need to inform students of two very important points:

1) The Commons is not owned by UB, but by a private real estate owner who will rent space to any constituency who can afford it.

2) Any religious/spiritual organization on campus must either be recognized by the Student Association or the Campus Ministries Association.

The article did not state that this organization is recognized by anyone at the University at Buffalo.

Further, I would caution students to be wary of any organization that has allegations of brainwashing, causes of death or cult-like traits. One common trait of a cult is to first earn your trust, then begin to teach/convince you to think as they do-not empowering you to think critically for yourself, but conform to their ways. This is not freeing and will not help a student to 'understand life.'

Research Scientology allegations and look for anything that does not have to do with Tom Cruise. Research for yourself. For example, I have found that Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico and Spain do not believe that Scientology is a religion.

Think for yourself! And please heed this advice for your own safety.


Xenu leaflet in Japanese

On November 8, 2005 Andreas Heldal-Lund posted that the Xenu leaflet was available in a total of 21 languages, including Japanese, on Operation Clambake at

"Barbz" asked in response

"Might this be some kind of Guiness record for protest fliers?"

This question was likely spurred by a new propaganda ploy from the cult about Ron Hubbard making the Guinness World Records for most translated author.

"Scientology Founder Awarded Guinness Certificate For Literary Work

November 8, 2005 2:07 p.m. EST

Ayinde O. Chase - All Headline News Staff Writer

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) - Guinness World Records has officially recognized L. Ron Hubbard, acclaimed author and the founder of Scientology Dianetics, as the world's most translated author.



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U.S. State Department Report

"Two countries with a clue:


'In January 2005, the Chair of the House of Representatives working group on sects urged the Foreign Minister to ensure that Church of Scientology workers had no access to tsunami relief funds sent by the country.'


'The Church of Scientology remained under scrutiny by both federal and state officials, who contended that its ideology is opposed to the democratic constitutional order. The Government continued to prohibit firms bidding on government training contracts from using technology associated with the Church of Scientology.'"

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Cruise changes PR strategists

Nepotism took a toll on Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise's PR strategy.

From the November 8, 2005 Miami Herald

"Tom Cruise has told his sister and publicist Lee Anne DeVette to take a hike, to be replaced by celebrity P.R. pro Paul Bloch, reports

DeVette, whose client roster now falls to approximately zero, has flacked for her bro since March 2004. Now she's being put in charge of Cruise's philanthropic work.



Excerpts from

"When Tom Cruise (DVDs) promoted War Of The Worlds earlier in the year, he embarked upon one of the strangest publicity campaigns the world had ever seen. He'd sacked his controlling old publicist Pat Kingsley, and under his sister he could finally be the real Tom Cruise. Only, nobody was expecting the real Tom Cruise to be such a freaking oddball.

Getting engaged to the virgin Katie Holmes, leaping all over Oprah's sofa, punching the ground in delight, signing Holmes over to Scientology, getting squirted in the face at a premiere, criticising Brooke Shields (and thousands of women who have suffered from postpartum depression), shouting Matt Lauer down about prescription drugs during a televised interview, seemingly getting his virgin fiance pregnant... for a few months, a day wouldn't go by without a story about Tom Cruise getting a little crazier.

The effects of this strange publicity campaign were not difficult to miss. A New York marketing and research company discovered that in Spring 2005, Tom Cruise was the 11th most-liked celebrity among 13-49 year-olds - but by the Summer, he was languishing as the 197th most-liked. Not only that, he was named in a list of the five most polarising celebrities along with David Spade, Pauly Shore, AshtonKutcher and Tom Green, a man who swung a new-born baby around his head by it's umbilical cord once.




Cult picket dispersed

Roger Gonnet wrote that the cultists had planned to picket the largest French anticult organization, the UNADFI (Union Nationale des Associations de Defense de la Famille et de l'Individu.

"They had not asked the authorization in time, so, they came nevertheless, sprouted some of their usuaul slogans, and as far as I know, they were dispersed by the Police. ..."

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FrontSight firearms training academy

On November 10, 2005, Andreas Heldal-Lund posted that

"Scientology member Ignatius Piazza, owner of the FrontSight firearms training academy is back in the news:

Colleen McCarty, Investigative Reporter
A Gun And a Dream
Nov 9, 2005, 05:10 AM

Its founder billed it as a Disneyland for gun enthusiasts, a 550-acre master planned community with a shooting range as the draw. The concept was unveiled in the late 1990s, complete with artist renderings and a miniature model. Today, the model remains on site but so far its the only house there.

'The safest community in America,' that was the pitch to people seeking a home at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. For upwards of $200,000 members were promised a one-acre luxury home site in an exclusive resort. Instead they got a thank you letter, a baseball hat and a map of a lot they don't own.

Some previous news on this guy here:"


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