Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 50 - December 17 2005

XS4ALL and Spaink win Scientology battle

On December 16, 2005 Karin Spaink posted:

"The legal battle that the Church of Scientology has conducted against XS4ALL and Karin Spaink reached its grand finale today. The Dutch Supreme court dismissed Scientology's claims, which means that a decade of legal skirmishes has finally come to an end. The Supreme Court decided that the previous ruling, which was in favour of XS4ALL and Spaink, still holds. Scientology lost again. Freedom of speech prevailed over the alleged copyright of the Scientology Church, and Spaink can quote from Scientology's higher - and supposedly secret - course levels.

In July this year, a few days before the Supreme Court was to rule upon the case, Scientology suddenly dropped its appeal. XS4ALL and Spaink formally objected this withdrawal: it is a known Scientology tactic to draw out its legal battles, and to suddenly drop them when it appears that they will lose the case. The Supreme Court accepts the cult's withdrawal, thereby pre-empting the need for a legal evaluation of the case. Attorney-general Verkade had advised a different strategy: he had wanted the Supreme Court to accept Scientology's withdrawal while still judging the merits of the case. Earlier, Verkade had advised the Supreme Court to dismiss all Scientology's claims against XS4ALL and Spaink. Apparently, the Supreme Court thinks that it needn't add its own assessment to that of previous courts.

All in all, XS4ALL and Spaink have gained four victories (summary proceedings, full proceedings, appeal, dismissal of appeal). After more than ten years of legal battling, freedom of speech has finally prevailed. Criticism on the internet cannot be quenched by appealing to copyright.

Because the Supreme Court has accepted Scientology's withdrawal, the Church cannot turn to the European Court. The European Court is only a recourse when all national means have been explored, and Scientology was too afraid to do so. That means that the battle is over and has been won by XS4ALL and Spaink.



On December 13, 2005 a translation from

(long link)

was posted curtesy of

"Supreme Court pronounces sentence concerning matter Scientology-Spaink

THE HAGUE - the Supreme Court pronounces sentence Friday in the lawsuit of the Scientology church against publiciste Karin Spaink and some Internet proposers. The matter has played already since 1995.

The church summoned Spaink several turns for the judge because she had put confidential pieces from the belief leathers of the grouping on its Internet page. Scientology accused the its and internet providers of breach of the copyright.

The Court of Justice in The Hague judged two years suffered that Spaink indeed made violation on the copyright, but that the freedom of opinion expression justified that. ..."


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London Picket

Several accounts of a picket against Scientology in London were posted.

On December 10, 2005, John Ritson posted:

"A cold but clear day, and four suppressives (myself, Andreas, Hartley and Jens) turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road 'org' to commemorate the death of Lisa McPherson in Scientology's headquarters.We were a bit late because of transport problems, so found the police waiting for us for a change, but we carried on for later than scheduled to make up for that.

We agreed with the police that we would have the boom-box at the opposite side of the road from the 'org'. We decided to have two people on each side of the road, and were very much supported by the passers-by, with people shaking our hands and thanking us.


The 'org' had a banner above their door celebrating Human Rights Day, which gave us just the opportunity we needed to raise the issue of the human rights of the victims of Scientology such as Lisa McPherson the prisoners of the RPF.......

After a couple of hours we retreated to a warm hostelry to discuss suppressive matters."


Hartley Patterson posted:

"... The only surprise was when the culties objected to the small toy 'grey' attached to my picket sign (for photos of Mr Xenu see the UK picket page) who apparently offended their religious beliefs. ..."


Jens Tingleff posted pictures of the picket "Lisa McPherson day, Dec 10th 2005" to alt.binaries.scientology, which Arnaldo Lerma webbed at



CST Tour

Posted from the Albuquerque Journal of December 11, 2005 about CST (Church of Spiritual Technology, a name associated with Scientology):

"Scientology Center Invites San Miguel Contingent to Tour Facility

By Dave Kavanaugh


But in their invitation-only tour, [Sheriff Chris] Najar and the other county officials found no major surprises - just an apparently expensive archival center designed to safeguard many of Scientology's key works. Three main buildings make up the compound; one of them contains the depository, Najar said. Storage involves vaults with specially designed bolts and wrapping in a Kevlar-type material, he said. 'When they talk about preservation,' Najar said, 'they're not talking 50 years. They're talking 1,000 years ... It's quite a place.'



The CST site had made news on a different front.

On December 15, 2005, Mark Bunker posted:

"Here's a short clip from one of last week's episodes of 'The Colbert Report.' It's a very funny take on the Scientology crop circles during a bit called 'Threat Down.' Stephen Colbert counts down the five biggest threats of the week. The circles came in at number 3.

Dial Up:




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Planning for the Final Collapse of Scientology

On December 11, 2005 Lermanet posted some plans "for the Final Collapse of Scientology" that were "adapted from pages 47-54 from the once classified OSS - Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler with suggestions for dealing with him. The Harvard Psychological Clinic, Henry A. Murray M.D. October 1943"

"Possibly the first four steps in the treatment of a single paranoid personality can be adapted to the conversion of Scientolog[ists]. In attempting this we must not forget that the source of their psychic sickness was Hubbard's wounded pride.

First Step - The Physician must gain the respect of the patient

Individual paranoids can not be treated successfully if they are not impressed, consciously or unconsciously) by the ability, knowledge, wisdom, or perhaps mere magnetic force, of the physician. Special efforts must sometimes be made to achieve this end, since paranoids, being full of scorn, are not easy to impress.

The joint task force that seizes Scientology's installations should be the finest men that the united states can assemble. Only those units with histories of victories, composed of tall well disciplined soldiers with the finest commanders.

Scientologists will be compelled to admit 'These are splendid men, not the weak, degenerates ( suppressives, criminals and degraded beings ) we were led to expect. Scientologists admire orderliness, precision, efficiency.


Ex-Scientologists of the old school should be hired to teach the current believers exactly what was done to them. Editions of books banned by Scientology should be published and made available immediately.

1) Individual paranoid - individually, step by step, the patient is enlightened as to his own paranoid mechanisms. Pride in being uncriticizable and always in the right must be gradually replaced by pride in being able to rise above his own mechanisms and criticize himself, pride in being strong enough to admit some weaknesses and errors. He should be made to understand that he has been victimized by unconscious forces which gained control over his proper self. During the course of these talks the physician should freely confess his own weaknesses and errors, the patient being treated as an equal.

(ii) Scientology - The last 55 years of Scientology history should be interpreted as an infectious fever, a possession of the spirit, which took hold of the people as soon as they gave their ear to the false prophet Hubbard.

A series of articles, editorials, essays and short books should be written now by ex-Scientologists aided possibly by suggestions from psychiatrists, to be published in Scientology newspapers and distributed soon after the raid.

They should be theraputic essays essentially - perhaps signed by a nom de plume as if written by a minister, physician or writer inside Scientology.

Not too much should be said in any one paper, but, in time, the lies, delusions, treacheries and crimes of the Scientology should be reviewed objectively in historical sequence. Scientologists should be made to understand that the world regards them as unwitting and unhappy victims of instinctual forces. Those opposing them should be magnanimous enough to admit their own errors and misdeeds.

3. (a) Fourth step - The patient should be insociated in a group.

(1) Individual paranoid - Having attained a measure of satisfaction by winning the respect and friendship of his physician and then having gained some insight and control, the patient is ready for group therapy. Gradually he must learn to take his place and cooperate on an equal basis with others. The group he joins should have a goal.

(above based on page 50-53)

and I will close this excerpt with this direct quote:

'The greatest problem will be in dealing with a whole generation of brutalized and hardened young nazis'"



Magdeburg international anti-cult conference

On December 11, 2005 a report from Siberia was posted about a sect seminar in Magdeburg, Germany

"Magdeburg sect seminar: exchanging information and experiences

Novosibirsk, December 6, 2005, ANN correspondent Dmitriy Kokoulin. Father Superior Novopashin of the Prince Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral gave an agency correspondent national news about a seminar that took place in Magdeburg.

Taking part in the international seminar were representatives from sixteen countries: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Israel, Poland, Russia, Serbia, USA, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden. Representatives from Japan, Lithuania and Slovakia had expressed interest in participating in the seminar, but were not able to come. Appearing as organizers of the eastern European seminar were the Berlin Dialogue Center, the Conrad Adenauer Foundation and the Berlin-Brandenburg Lutheran Church. Our country was represented by a renowned sectologist from Moscow, professor of theology Alexander Leonidovich Dvorkin and from Novosibirsk, Father Superior Alexander Novopashin of the Cathedral of Holy Prince Alexander Nevskiy.

According to Novopashin, profound interesting speeches were given at the seminar. All the speakers underscored the danger of totalitarian sects for society in general, for family and for individuals. In particular, German specialists on sects explained that the neo-Pentecostal movement had an extremely remote connection with Christianity and tended more towards pseudo-Christian occult organizations.

Swedish doctors Per and Gutrun Swartling gave a comprehensive speech at the seminar about the psychic health of neo-Pentecostals, which was accompanies by a video. It was several years ago that the Swedes managed to examine several dozen adepts from one of the largest and most influential neo-Pentecostal sects, 'Word of Life.' The results of the examination are still a source of astonishment for doctors and psychiatrists in various countries. The scholars explained that 93% of the sectarians experienced panicky fear, 86% suffered sleep disturbances, 88% experienced a feeling of emptiness, 75% had difficulty concentrating, 77% were afraid of losing their minds, and 60% remarked upon a loss of personality in themselves. Every fourth respondent had undertaken a serious attempt at suicide, and 56% were haunted by suicidal feelings.

'In the conference hall all seminar participants were given brochures, prepared and published by the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution (secret police), which summarized the results of this office's surveillance of Scientology (Church of Scientology, Dianetics), the criminal character of which German officials have noted repeatedly,' remarked clergyman Alexander Novopashin. 'A speech by Benjamin Beit-Khalami, the greatest specialist on sects in his country, was read in which the activities of Scientologists were frankly called a racket.'


Professor Alexander Leonidovich Dvorkin appeared at the seminar with information about sects of Russian origin that have recently been taking (unfortunately successful) steps to spread to countries in eastern and western Europe. In particular he gave detailed accounts of: Sergei Torop's sect Vissarion; 'Zvenyashchie kedry Rossii' (Cult of Anastasia); and the teachings of 'resurrector' Grigoriy Grabovoi, who recently proclaimed himself Jesus Christ.

'I spoke about which totalitarian sects are currently operating on Siberian territory, including those of local origin such as the fanatical totalitarian sect 'Strana Anura,' said protopriest Alexander Novopashin.

According to the clergyman, many of the seminar's participants knew about the interconfessional conference, the largest in Russia, that occurred in Novosibirsk the end of last year. Two of them, seminar organizer Pastor Thomas Gandow and Friedrich Griess, president of FECRIS (Federation Europeenne des Centres de Recherche et d'Information sur le Sectarisme), participated in it. His fellow sectologists approached the clergyman to pay their compliments and to once again say that the conference had been held on a good international level.

Moreover, a member of the French Interministerial Mission on Issues of Sectarianism said that they would not mind using the experience of his Russian colleagues - staff at the Novosibirsk regional department of the interregional social organization 'Center for Religious Research' - in distributing true information about sects (which the sectarians are careful to conceal).

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Miscellaneous Cult Promo

The following are excerpts from articles about cult promotional pieces in the country of Belgium and the cities of Salt Lake City, Utah and Buffalo, New York posted December 11 & 12, 2005:

"Scientology plans to hold a conference in Brussels on children's rights
The Delegate General responsible for the rights of the Child warned, on Tuesday, about a public conference organized by the Church of Scientology in Brussels. He is was amazed that the cult had invited a member of the Committee of the rights of the child of United Nations, established in Geneva. The Serbo-Montenegrin Nevena Vuckowic Sahovic who will indeed participate on November 22, in the conference on 'the children victims of abuse in Europe and in the world'.
© La libre Belgique 2005"



University is ideal place
for a Scientology office


The Nov. 29 editorial urging the University at Buffalo not to allow the Church of Scientology to rent space on campus does UB students a disservice by referring to them as 'wide-eyed,' implying they are naive and gullible. It assumes that students dazzled by posters of celebrities would be incapable of critical thinking concerning Scientology.

What better place than a university for students to develop creative thinking skills? The presence of Scientology representatives on campus would offer an ideal tool for sharpening those skills.



From an article in The Salt Lake Tribune by Heather May

"With U2's 'Beautiful Day' playing in the background and a picture of the late L. Ron Hubbard standing by, the Church of Scientology celebrated the opening of a 'mission' in Salt Lake City on Saturday.


About 100 people attended the ribbon cutting at 353 E. 400 South, including Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka. Anderson acknowledged the strange pairing - he's a liberal and she a conservative - saying he wanted photos taken of the two of them together.

Quoting from Hubbard and then from her church president, LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley, on the importance of family, Ruzicka praised the Scientologists. She has worked with some at the Legislature against state intervention in family affairs. 'What a great blessing this will be for the city of Salt Lake to have you here,' she said.

Anderson welcomed the mission as a 'beacon of spirituality' and beacon of health and nurturing.'


There are between 200 and 300 active Church of Scientology members in Utah."



Cult Promo backfires

Support for Scientology's Purification Rundown backfired when Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise tried to include New York City firefighters in promoting the cult's recruitment program.

From the December 14, 2005 New York Post

"December 14, 2005 -- TOM Cruise will make a rare personal appearance tonight at the Tribeca Rooftop to raise money for a controversial Church of Scientology program that claims to be healing firefighters and rescue workers who breathed toxic smoke on 9/11.


Tickets starting at $6,250 get you face time and a picture with Cruise, plus dinner and dancing to the Alex Donner Orchestra. No word on whether pregnant Katie Holmes will be by his side. 'It will be a night you will never forget,' a mailing from Cruise promises.

However, doctors say the 'purification rundown' dreamed up by science fiction writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is worthless quackery consisting of sauna sweating, ingestion of cooking oil and large doses of niacin.

And the program could even be harmful, because Cruise and company advise everyone to stop taking their prescription medications or using inhalers, just as he criticized Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants to relieve her postpartum depression.

'If our doctors are prescribing medication, and they are saying 'don't take it,' that's a problem for us,' Deputy Fire Commissioner Frank Gribbon told PAGE SIX.

Gribbon said Dr. David Prezant, the department's deputy chief medical officer, withdrew support for the Scientologist treatment because 'he is not pleased when patients are advised to disobey doctors' orders. That's where he drew the line.'

Rick Ross, who covers Scientology on his Web site, said, ... 'They used the firemen like so many props. They treat the firemen for free and charge other people $5,200.'"



"Tom Cruise Under Attack From New York Fire Fighters Over His Scientology Beliefs...

By: Lowri Williams on 12/14/2005"

"Tom Cruise has come under fire yet again for his outspokenness over his scientology beliefs.

Cruise attacked the treatment used by New York fire fighters following attacks like the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Cruise has attempted to get fire fighters to give up using medication and inhalers after suffering the effects of smoke and has co-founded the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.

He calls the dismissal of this type of medication a 'purification rundown', fire fighters are encouraged to use sauna sessions, ingestion of cooking oil and large doses of niacin as cures instead.



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Remembering Robert Vaughn Young

On December 13, 2005 "Warrior" remembered Robert Vaughn Young.

"An archive of many of RVY's postings is here:

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
'Scientology: it's about deception.'"


Cult abused French legal system

On December 14, 2005 a French poster reported that Scientology lost a major trial in France against UNADFI, the French "CAN".

"The TGI of Paris refuses to dissolve the UNADFI Observant Nouvel [ ] AP|14.12.05|12:24 PARIS (AP) -- the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) of Paris has dismisssed Tuesday a lawyers' collective related to CAP association for the freedom of conscience (Cape-LC) {CAP LC is only a front for cults, and is led by scientology) which asked the dissolution of the national Union of associations of defense of the families and from individual (UNADFI), responsible for information on the sects, one learned Wednesday at the TGI.

The court went further, [sentencing] the plaintiffs to [pay] 10.000 euros of damages for abusive procedure against the UNADFI and to publish the judgement in eight newspapers of their choice.


The French tribunal also mentioned that the Scientology complaint was "not without bad faith".



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Goon Squad Follies remembered

"Posts by a.r.s. participants who claim to not be formally employed OSA staff or formally operated OSA agents but who, in and with pretended stupidity, forward OSA's purposes by attacking the Scientology cult's fair game victims."


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