Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 3 - January 21 2006

Nevada Sheriff Removes Ignatius Piazza Deputy Status

On January 14, 2006 the Pahrump Valley Times reported on Scientologist, Ignatius Piazza and the Front Site Firearms Training Institute:

Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo explained that soon after taking office, he met with Front Sight's founder, Ignatius Piazza. At that meeting, the sheriff found that if the county wanted to continue qualifying and training deputies at Front Sight, DeMeo had to give Piazza "special consideration."

Instead the newly-elected sheriff did just the opposite. DeMeo took away what Piazza wanted most - his special deputy status.


Front Sight's founder was also given notarized letters, written on Nye County letterhead and signed by then-sheriff Lieseke. The Pahrump Valley Times obtained a copy of a letter renewing Piazza's status, dated Sept. 16, 2002. It reads: "To Whom it may concern: Due to his duties and exposure as a Special Deputy, Ignatius A. Piazza is required to be armed 24 hours per day. This includes maintaining his firearm, concealed on his person when flying commercial airlines. Special Deputy Ignatius Piazza has received an extensive amount of specialized and advanced firearms training."


"Piazza demanded that I reissue the letter," said Sheriff DeMeo. "I said no. He may not have known it was illegal before then, but from that point on he knew it was illegal (to have and use the special deputy badge and to fly with a firearm).


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Scientology P.I. Edwin Richardson Serves Graham Berry

On January 14, 2006 "Keith Henson" posted:

Graham tells me:

"About 5.30 PM this evening Edwin Richardson rang my doorbell. He politely introduced himself and served me with a Debtors Examination for the sanction judgements they have against me. The Examination/Deposition is calendared for February 27, 2006. I guess Moxon wants to coax me out of my pleasant "loafing" around and stir me into some anti-cult activity. In 1966 Hubbard was asked what he was doing on the Apollo in Algiers. "Just loafing," he said. If it's okay for Ron then it should be for me too! Richardson was unshaven, thin, gaunt and looked ill. Most unlike the Richardson who would walk with us as we picketed 'The Base" at Gilman Hot Springs.

Moxon wants to know the documents relating to all personal and real property I have purchased since my last deposition. Very funny, for someone living around the national poverty figure."


"Keith Henson" wrote:

One has to wonder why the cult is out there stirring up Graham Berry again?

If it was because his Hamburg speech was recently put, that's a wrong target, Bunker put it up.

If it was because of Andrew Morton's book on Tom Cruise and his cult, wrong target again, going after Graham will only make more copy for Andrew.

If it was because of the Fishman Declaration that let Xenu out of the bag (not to mention his mountaintop prison with the eternal battery) then the cult should come up to present time.

One assumes that Moxon (and Richardson) are not doing this on their own, but are ordered by David Miscavige. Having gotten rid of Warran McShane and Marty Rathbun and even the positions they occupied, you would think DM would be too busy to order his henchmen out to stir up more trouble. There are some awful things Graham could do without much effort in the current shifting political environment.

On the other hand, maybe the cult has shrunk down the point DM could manage it without help.

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Scientology-Related Photos

On January 15, 2006, "Mike Gormez" posted:

This photo album is dedicated to those people who have lost a loved one to the Scientology organization. Due to Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard's heinous policy of Disconnection, many families lose a son, a daughter and even a Mom, a Dad or Grandparents to Scientology.

The disconnection policy of Scientology demands cutting off all communication with people perceived as antagonistic toward the organization and who are labeled "suppressive persons". Scientologists comply with these harsh rules or are branded suppressive themselves and are expelled out of Scientology.

Those people depicted here are the most vulnerable to this threat as they are part of Scientology's most indoctrinated members: the "Sea Organization" or Sea Org for short. These members have pledged themselves to Scientology by signing a contract to serve for a billion years and their entire life is controlled by its doctrines.

Day after day, their loved ones are trying to get news about their "missing person" in the Sea Org and are repeatedly thwarted by this group's ability to block all access to the outside world.

We hope that with this site, someone will be able to identify these Scientology Sea Org members that someone is desperately seeking to find....if only to see that they're alive and currently stationed at the Flag Land Base, as Scientology's second headquarters is called in the US and based in Clearwater, Florida.

Please leave a comment if you recognize any of these Sea Org members---we're trying to bring a small glimmer of hope to those folks who have all but given up their search.


On January 16, 2006, "hwy 12 at bicksler road" posted a link with text:

The Real Face of Scientology

I was walking along Hollywood Boulevard today and came across one of their little prostelytizing stations where they administer "stress tests" to whatever sucker cares to try.

I started snapping pictures of the procedure when this cult lackey came over and started getting in my face. At one point she actually grabbed my camera. I mentioned that this was a public sidewalk and that touching me was assault. It was at this point that she gave me the finger(s).[photo in top URL]


'Stress test' woman giving 'the finger' blocks the above authors' camera:


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Fraud complaint against DM and conspirators

On January 16, 2006 "Michael Tilse" posted:


I am in the process of filing a major fraud complaint against DM and is conspirators. I have a number of documents and of course I have my testimony. I will be filing this ASAP.

If you feel you have been defrauded by DM and the cult of "scientology", then I invite you to join in this complaint with your own documentation and testimony.

I may be reached by several methods:

Michael Leonard Tilse
[phone number]
[e-mail address]

also via the OCMB private email: michaeltilse

If you send snail mail, please request delivery confirmation and check to be sure it was delivered to my box.

I think it is important to the healing process to take whatever action can be taken to bring justice to those who have harmed us.

Michael Leonard Tilse


"Gerry Armstrong" posted:

Hi Michael:

Please count me in. Give your attorneys my contact information, and send them here to see the sort of documentation I have and the kind of testimony I can offer:

Gerry Armstrong
[phone number]

Also feel free to join in Caroline's campaign to make DM cough up our money.

Gerry Armstrong

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ARS: A forum for Scientology to denigrate psychiatry

On January 17, 2006, "Heffer" posted:

Now that *is* a smart move. This is why Scientology is getting nowhere, they're trying to meme us out on anti-psychiatry.

Scientology has very little of substance to say in public forums, preferring to attack, denigrate and bitch. Hey wait! That *IS* Scientology. Or so it appears to casual readers.

Scientology has spawned a bevy of fruitcakes that in no way contributes to sane discussion, and actual Scientologists are just way to busy re-posting clip tripe to work out that if they really were striving to shape a world without insanity, it looks like the one and only popular form is nothing but a massive failure on their part.

It must look odd to any passers-by in ARS that Scientology actually has NOTHING constructive to offer. Apparently the destruction of psychiatry is the prime goal. Yep, that's a winner. Why do it the sane way?

BTW: This is how they handle people in real life. Once labeled an enemy of Scientology, there's plenty in store for the unwary, as there's always some kind of illegal plot frothing away in the orgs to deal with the dissident public. Remember Snow White! And the dwarf...

A constant reminder of the criminal past and present of Scientology is always worthwhile. Let them not eleminate facts.

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Scientology Tax Returns not Filed?

On January 17, 2006 "David Cary Hart" posted:

It seems that the vast majority of returns due November 15 (last extension) for FY 2004 have not been filed. One exception is Narconon (York Blvd., LA). Revenues declined about 40% over 2003 and the two paid officers took a similar pay cut. Of course this is just one of the small satellites. Hollywood Narconon, CCHR and the large fronts have, apparently, not yet filed returns (or, possibly, they have not been scanned).

If not filed, this could trigger a massive audit.

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SP Declare on Dorthe Mai

On January 17, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

This one is interesting:

I can't remember seing someone being declared for asking for their money back. Dorthe Mai did actually get her money back (!) and all she threatened with was that if she didn't she would go to a lawyer for help.

Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund


"mad_kow" posted:

"Dorthe has committed the following Suppressive Act:




Gerry Armstrong posted:

Cult head David Miscavige had Caroline declared for asking for her money back.

See specifically Caroline's refund request:

And see the cult's SP declare on her: [long link]

Give DM a good swift click and do your part to make him cough up everyone's money.

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Hubbard's War on Psychiatry

On January 17, 2006 "olihilyu" posted:

The Church of Scientology's world war on psychiatry arose from it's zealous founder. For reasons known only to Hubbard himself, the science fiction author and budding church leader conceived a violent hatred of psychiatry. Perhaps his animus took root when the American Psychological Association, following the 1950 publication of Hubbard's self-help treatise, "Dianetics," advised its members against using Hubbard's psychological techniques with their patients.

Hubbard wrote "the psychiatrist and his front groups operate straight out of the terrorist textbooks. The Mafia looks like a convention of Sunday school teachers compared to these terrorist groups." Hubbard went on to say, "The psychiatrist kidnaps, tortures and murders without any slightest police interference or action by western security forces." Hubbard also wrote, "there's only one remedy for crime -- to get rid of the psychs! They are causing it!"

The Church of Scientology's front group, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, puts up on their web pages such silly notions as "No mental diseases have ever been proven to medically exist." This coming from an organization that actually gets their members to believe that they are infested with invisible "body thetans" that must be exorcised using electric soup cans so that they can achieve the state of "operating thetan" and eventually have control over matter, energy, space and time, and be able to fly through the universe unfettered by a body.

The CCHR's Florida chapter president, David Figueroa, actually made a statement saying that "there is zero amount of proof that schizophrenia exists as a singular mental illness." Hey, Mr. Figueroa, show us proof that engrams, body thetans, operating thetans and Xenu exist!! Figueroa says that attention-deficit disorder and attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder are "scams" and "We know that there has never been any biological proof that any of these so-called mental illnesses these kids have been tagged with, whether it's ADD or ADHD. They don't exist. It's 100 percent fraud." Sounds like classic projection to me, the fraud is the Church of Scientology and their scamming thousands of vulnerable people of money, telling them that if it doesn't work it's because they didn't do it right. They even go so far as to say that those who are critics of the Church of Scientology are mentally ill...even though they don't believe in mental illness. Of course, it is well known that the Church of Scientology will not take any mentally ill people into their organization, they consider them to be potential trouble sources (PTS). Need I reference the many suicides and deaths that occured to members of the Church of Scientology due to improper care...Lisa McPherson, who was held against her will for 17 days, tried to leave, became violent, refused to eat. At the time of her death, she had bruises and abrasions on her body, lost over 30 pounds in 17 days.

Then there was Heribert Pfaff, who had an epileptic attack, hit his head on the night table and died...the Scientology doctor prescirbed vitamins despite regular attacks.

There were so many more.


Let's see your published, peer-reviewed material so that we can understand the scientific evidence of the effectiveness of Hubbard's "tech." Oh, I forgot, it's all trademarked and secret, so that we actually can't see for ourselves unless we join and pay out upwards of $250,000 to get to the upper levels where we will be able to leave our bodies and fly around the universe. By the way, where is your proof of that?

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Paulette Cooper Harassment Diaries

On January 17, 2006 "wbarwell" posted:

Long ago when Paulette Cooper was posting to ARS, she posted a series of diary entries to ARS. I an missing HARASSMENT DIARY, by Paulette Cooper (1982) parts 8, 12, and 16. Does anybody have those on their hard disk? If so could you post them here? I would most appreciate it. Last part I had was 19. Does anybody know how many parts were posted in all?


"Rev. David Rice" posted:

I have only seen 19. has the articles. The following are Part 8, Part 12, and part 16.

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Jenna Elfman shilling for Scientology at prayer breakfast

[long link]

Jenna Elfman shilling for Scientology at prayer breakfast
01.17.06 by Rick Ross


Elfman put in an appearance at a prayer breakfast in Inglewood Saturday and the invocation was done by her fearless leader, Scientology's apparent President for life Heber Jentzch.

Jentzch seems to have some juice with Los Angeles Country Sheriff Lee Baca who it appears appointed him to a slot on his "Executive Clergy Advisory Council."

Mr. Jentzch knows something about jails. He was once jailed by Spanish authorities, but later released along with other Scientologists on $1 million dollars bail.


Elfman used her speaking time to pitch a program called "Criminon," which she claims assists prisoners.


However, Criminon literature was banned in Britain where its efforts caused "alarm."

The program also was called "an experimental, gimmicky program that has absolutely no scientific validation for it" by Nevada Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley.


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Warnings and threats of violence received

On January 18, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

Over the last 6 months I have received two unsolicited threats of violence and criminal acts that have stood out. Both were detailing, hinting or warning about criminal acts against CoS.

I immediately reported it to the FBI (it was in US), to CoS and to the Norwegian police.

I asked CoS the first time for a confirmation that they had received it. They never confirmed despite my repeated attempts to submit it over web and e-mail. Since the cult management and OSA obviously are unreachable for me I reported the second incident only to the authorities.

The second incident was a warning of events planned to happened January 17th 2006. I was advised to stay away from certain CoS buildings etc.

I am releasing this information now to document it and my reaction to them. I suspect both incident were hoaxes and/or authored by very disturbed individuals. I will not treat any threats of violence differently in the future.

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Tying up a Few Loose Ends re Bob Minton

On January 18, 2006, "A Few Loose Ends" was posted from

Now that four years have passed, a few aspects of the betrayal of Bob Minton can be examined not only in more detail, but with less passion.

When Bob Minton had a financial disagreement with Ken Dandar, who was the first to blow the disagreement out of proportion by spotlighting it in the press?

1. Scientology
2. Bob Minton
3. Critics
4. Critics who were interested in evading consequences of their financial dealings with Bob Minton

It's obvious now that the last answer is true.

The three parties who gained from this propaganda war against Bob Minton were Ken Dandar, Ursula Caberta and the makers of "The Profit," a failed anti-Scientology movie. The one person assoiated with all three of these groups is Patricia Greenway, which is why the efforts against Minton have been labeled "The Greenway Theater Group" elsewhere in these pages.

Four years after Minton's disagreement was made into an international scandal, was it worth it?

1. Ken Dandar's case against Scientology in all likelihood ended up just about the same way it would have had Minton never given Dandar more than the original $100,000. The case was settled with a gag agreement.
2. While Caberta was cleared of corruption charges within a matter of weeks of Berry's hatchet job, since then she has served as a brilliant example of government ineptitude. Her office, the department of the Hamburg Interior (Spy) Ministry that surveils Scientology, has gone steadily downhill year after year since then. The main factor for this is that Caberta went to Florida and she told the Scientology lawyers that she accepted money from Bob Minton. Her doing this cannot be blamed on Bob Minton, Scientology or the critics.
3. "The Profit" movie never got its head above water. It is too anti-Scientology and therefore will appeal only to the most minute segment of society -- the people who are willing to have the Scientologists photograph them as they go into the theater, whether this happens or not. There could not be a greater contrast between the failure of "The Profit" and the success of Renate Hartwig's book for young adults, "Gefaehrliche Neugier" ("Dangerous Curiosity"). Her book has been distributed in German schools. In reverse gratitude radical German anti-Scientologists took her photograph from a web site that talked about the appearance of her book (it was a big event) and used it on a "critical" page denouncing her as a Scientology apologist, thus pushing her even harder towards defending her fellow dissidents, the cult.

In addition to blowing the disagreement with Minton out of proportion, having this unfortunate misunderstanding be the last bit of news about the Lisa McPherson case implicitly gives the false impression that Bob Minton was responsible for the lack of success in that case. If this had in fact been a disagreement among friends, there would have been no need to trumpet news of Bob's "reversal of testimony" around the globe, any more than it was necessary to describe the charges of corruption against Ursula Caberta in the international press as the "Minton improper loan."

By no means was Minton absolutely right. But the gist of his contention that Dandar was not a lawyer that he wanted to deal with was indisputably proven by the ensuing scandalous maelstrom which involved unreleased court records. The gist of Stacy Brooks' contention that there are a boatload of unethical anti-Scientologists was proven by the further fanning of the flames by a German official who may have been guilty of nothing more all these years than poor judgment. Of how many of us could this be said?

The first step to overcome these obstacles is to recognize what went wrong.


Your friends at Lermanet

Responses included:


Are you the author Feisty?
Arnie says that smearing "good critics" is doing OSA's work.
The sole purpose of this piece is to smear Patricia Greenway and to pretend otherwise insults everyones intelligence.

It doesnt matter what you or anyone thinks about thye movie-it struck a blow to Scientology and it's not over yet...

"Greenway Theatre Group"? nice..


What the hell? Now I guess we know what Arnie Lerma is up to.....this is from his website, isn't it? And look how it's signed....."Your friends at Lermanet? Whose "freidns"......Bob Minton's? Mark Bunker's? Stacy Brooks'? Mike Rinder's? $cientology's? Apparently Lerma doesn't even have the guts to sign his own name. If indeed Arnie Lerma, Joe Cisar and whoever else are "Your friends at Lermanet" I hope someone sues the hell out of them.

[signed] Tigger

and 3)

[Speaking of Hartwig's book] There was no success - the book was distributed for free at a few schools by the sponsors who financed the book.

It is available on amazon, and does not sell very well. (Of course, one might say that it was more successful than "The Profit", since the book is actually available to the public).

It is sold on ebay sometimes - usually without success. I bought one. The story is poorly written.


I wonder who were these "radical German anti-Scientologists", and what photograph he's talking about, and what website he means.

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San Diego picket

On January 20, 2006 Barb reported a solo picket San Diego:

Pretty low key. Got there a little after 4:00 pm.
Picketed until 5:00 pm.

One car full of geezers parked across the street for a while, no apparent reason.
No handlers.
Few passersby.
Quite a few thumbs up from passing drivers.
No stupid, misspelt fliers on my doorstep this time.


Barb later added an addendum:

My folks called just now..hehehehe...

Seems the cult went and papered THEIR neighborhood this time.
And, they spelled my name right! Who's at cause! HAHAHAHAHA!

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Experiences with Scientology aired

On January 20, 2006 Tory/Magoo posted:


Today, at 3:10 I was again on the air :) [XM Radio at 3:15 (PT) on Channel 155] XM had Richard [Leiby] on earlier to explain what the Scientology beliefs were, and then they asked me more specific questions.

Here's a brief rundown:

I was hoping someone would read this and tape it, as I couldn't.

It turned out quite good, so they said. We did it "live", and they're not allowed to make copies,


so we just re-capped what I knew. Basically what got me interested in Scientology. (Becoming an auditor). What do Scientologists believe? They wanted to know if they all believe Xenu, etc. I clarified that's only for those who fork out LOTS of $$$ and are higher up in the triangle. They asked if all celebrities get great treatment, and I said "no".... just the really big ones.
They thought people could just get into Scientology and immediately get big assistance with their acting careers. I said no, not at all. Actually JT was just an actor, until he got "Welcome Back Kodder" and then suddenly much more attention went his way.

I explained how Hubbard was a con man, Clear didn't work, so he created "OT" and "If you want to make $, start a religion".
Also how Scientology breaks up families, and they promote "Responsibility" yet they'll NEVER take ~any~responsibility for things they've done that are out and out w r o n g.

We discussed medicine, and Scientology abuses, inluding Lisa McPherson's death, and the introspection rundown. *(YUCK!) What went down re my situation, and also my escape.

Lastly, I was able to get on and and they mentioned for people to learn more.

There was some more, but that was quite a bit of it.

I'm always happy to speak about Scientology, and my experiences with it. If it helps one person, I'm happy.

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