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Volume 10, Issue 6 - February 11 2006

Hubbard Quack Claims for Dianetics

On February 4, 2006 "wbarwell" posted:




The basic use of Dianetics is to make a well body and to augment physical treatment.

Any injurious experience can be erased by Dianetics. It is very easy to use and if one wants people well and happy it should be used at every occasion.


Recovery from disease under treatment is speeded by Dianetic auditing.

Where the incident of the break is, with any chain, run out, a broken limb will heal (by x-ray evidence) in two instead of six weeks.


Chronic, which is to say, long-term illnesses cease when audited by Dianetics and then medical treatment which was earlier ineffective.

Whole classes of "mentally retarded" children have been made more normal by teachers in London County Council schools using relatively unskilled Dianetics.

Tiredness, unwanted sensations, bizarre pains and aches, bad hearing or sight also routinely respond to Dianetic processing.

The sickness and death rate of persons who are part of Dianetic groups is only a small fraction of that of other groups.

Pilots audited with Dianetics, by a test involving a whole squadron, went without a single even minor accident for the following year.

Scientists audited with Dianetics have greatly improved intelligence. Dianetics raises IQ as a side product to usual auditing, at a rate of about one point of IQ per hour of processing.

Withered limbs, skin blotches and rashes and even blindness and deafness have all responded to Dianetics.

Possibly the point which counted most against Dianetics in the early attacks on it was that it did a vast array of things. The truth was, it actually did them. When you have the answer to the human mind as in Dianetics, of course anything caused by the mind can be remedied.




"Gerry Armstrong" posted:

See also this bulletin Hubbard wrote twenty days earlier in 1969:


For many years, 1950 onward, a Dianetic auditor was proudly capable of resolving mental and physical problems by his ability to find and run engrams and secondaries.

The Dianetic auditor had no other skill or tools than his understanding of mental image pictures, as locks, secondaries and engrams and the time track.

With these tools he produced many miracles. Broken bones healed in two weeks instead of six, withered limbs restored, burns vanished, swellings reduced visibly to nothing, lives wrecked by grief and loss recovered, women lost their aging wrinkles and sought-after abilities returned.


[End Quote]

-L. Ron Hubbard
HCOB Fundamental Auditing 04-06-1969
1991 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Gerry Armstrong

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Scientologist Bob Carroll to Reap $40M Texas Windfall

On February 4, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

Bob Carroll, a long-time Scientologist whose name first turned up in the ATEG (American Technologies Group) scandal, is about to reap a whopping $40 million windfall thanks to an inexplicably compliant Texas regulator. For background on ATEG, see

Caroll's company, BioFriendly ( has a fuel additive product called GreenPlus that they claim is effective at reducing diesel emissions. The use of emissions reduction technology is required in Texas, but only technologies approved by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) can satisfy the requirement.

There are three labs in the US approved to do the kind of testing that can certify a diesel emissions reduction product for TCEQ. One of them is close to me; it's at West Virginia University, in Morgantown, WV. Another one is Southwest Research Institute, in San Antonio, TX. The third is in California.

My sources tell me that all three labs examined the product and determined that it does not reduce emissions. Furthermore, its composition is 98% rubbing alcohol.

BioFriendly managed to get the TCEQ to agree to allow a fourth lab, which is NOT approved for this kind of emissions testing, to test their product. This lab, Olson-Ecologic Testing of Fullerton, CA, turned in a satisfactory result, and on that basis, TCEQ granted provisional approval. Full approval is expected soon: [pdf file]

The GreenPlus product appears to be based on the same kind of homeopathic nonsense that Carroll was peddling previously in the "Clean Air Pak", which later became ATG's product "The Force", the latter fortified with Dr. Shui-Yin Low's magic "IE Crystals". BioFriendly says only one ounce of GreenPlus is required to treat 500 gallons of fuel. Their laughable "explanation" of how the product works is here:

Now here's the rub: at one ounce per 500 gallons, GreenPlus is so cheap to use that it will force all other emissions reduction technologies out of the Texas market. It doesn't matter that the product is 98% rubbing alcohol and 2% homeopathic bullshit; as long as it has TCEQ approval, the customer has met its statutory obligations. The Texas market is worth $40 million. And all that business is going to go to BioFriendly.

A lot of people are wondering what led TCEQ deputy director David Schanbacher to ignore the negative results of three established testing labs and accept the contradictory findings of an un-approved lab. I have no idea; I haven't spoken with him. But the word is getting out about this very odd situation. A Dallas TV station is investigating, and other media are starting to get interested.

If BioFriendly takes over the Texas emissions reduction market, how much of that money will flow to Scientology?

-- Dave Touretzky: "Where there's Scientology, there's a scam."

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Black Dahlia - Hubbard/Parsons Connection?

Just a thought. The gruesome, unsolved murder from 1947. Any connection with our favorite mysogenist L. Ron Hubbard?


"Android Cat" posted:

Two minutes of looking, and already I have a connection between the Black Dahlia cases and Hubbard! - An article by Russell Miller.

Kind of amusing, since I already had Russell Miller's Bare-Faced Messiah open to see where Hubbard was in January 1947. Looks like that wasn't a great year for Hubbard. Married Sara in August 1946. At the end of 1946, he was still trying to con Veterans Administration with fake illnesses. In April 1947, Polly divorced him. No sign of the Clears he later claimed he was creating in 1947. In June, the Navy tried to promote him to Lieutenant Commander, but Hubbard never heard about it to accept. (Possibly Parsons burnt the letter rather than forwarding it, heh.)

There it is: Hubbard had already split with Parsons previously (and Parsons had already sold the big house), and Mr. Miller would likely have spotted any obvious connections (other than himself) between the murder and Hubbard already.


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

John W. Parsons


Lafayette Ron Hubbard and
Sara Elizabeth Northrup


That W. F. Reinhardt be, and he is hereby appointed Receiver in this cause, and said receiever is hereby directed and empowered and commanded to immediately take into physical possession the following:

  1. The funds on deposit in the name of Lafayette Ron Hubbard, and, or, Sara Elizabeth Northrup, and, or, Allied Enterprises, or Allied Enterprises, a partnership or co-partnership, in any bank or trust company within the jurisdiction of this court.

  2. Any property, personal or real, found in the possession of the defendants herein within the jurisdiction of this court.

  3. Any property, either personal or real, which the defendants may own jointly or severally, found within the jurisdiction of this court

  4. The yachts herinafter described and the property contained


16 July 1946
Recorded this 17th day of July 1946
In Chancery book 777 on Page 1
E. Leatherman
Clerk Circuit Court







CONSIDERED, ORDERED AND DECREED by the Court as follows:

  1. That the stipulation entered into by the parties to this cause, together with 'Agreement of Dissolution of Copartnership, known as "ALLIED ENTERPRISES",' which is made a part of said Stipulation by reference, be and the same is hereby ratified, approved and confirmed in every respect.

  2. That the Defendants are hereby divested of all their rights, title and interests in any of the property, either real or personal, tangible or intangible which the defendants claim or may claim in the property aforedescribed of the Plaintiff and Defendants are hereby further divested of all right, title and interest in the Vulcan Powder Corporation, a California Corporation.


Notes by Arnie Lerma:
Vulcan, in Roman mythology, is the son of Jupiter and Juno, and husband of Maia and Venus. He was god of fire and volcanoes,

In 1946 a house that now goes for $500,000 cost $5,000 to build... so the $1,000 'bond' would be roughly equivalent to $100,000 today

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March 11, 2006; A Good Day to Picket on Hubbard's Birthday

On February 5, 2006 "Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

I'm guessing that Scientology will be celebrating Hubbard's birthday (actually March 13) on the previous Saturday, which would be March 11. Weather permitting, this may be a good day to picket.

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UK Passes Racial and Religious Hatred Bill

On February 5, 2006 "Hartley Patterson" posted:

UK Racial and Religious Hatred Bill passed Jan 30th 2006

The debate in the Commons starts at [long link]

The Bill was an attempt to extend the protection afforded in UK law to racial groups to members of religions.


The only mention of Scientology was by Michael Gove MP at [long link]


"I have no hesitation in saying, safeguarded by privilege as I am, that I regard Scientology as an evil cult founded by an individual purely in the interests of enriching himself and sustained by those who are either wicked or wayward. But if the Bill were to pass and I were to repeat those comments outside this House as an ordinary civilian, I would lay myself open to prosecution simply for having sought to point out the dangers of a fraudulent organisation masquerading as a religion."

We may all quote that in the UK without fear of prosecution.

Alt.Religion.Scientology FAQ

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2004 Narconon Tax Return Nonsense

On February 5, 2006 "David Cary Hart" posted:

The numbers don't work. They are claiming an average population of 910 (measured weekly) with 1,400 completers during the year.

WITHOUT my using a CHI distribution curve (January intake is probably higher than all other months) and WITH a number of assumptions, the proforma numbers simply don't make sense. Namely, this depicts revenues per head of less than $636. BTW, the completion rate appears to be only 35%.

If anyone has a Narconon contract or knows the payment/refund terms, please forward it to me so that I can refine these calculations.


"David Touretzky" posted:

Here you go:

Scroll down to the bottom to see the contract.

The usual fee at Narconons is around $20,000.


"Android Cat" posted:

So that means that $2,000 _immediately_ goes to Narconon International from the particular Narconon center. (Gross income, before costs like food, salaries, electricity, phones, etc. In other words, the profit comes off the top leaving the center "non profit".)
(There are also payments for books and materials that also go to Narconon International.)

I'm hoping to document the money path from Narconon International further up the ladder to ABLE and the L. Ron Hubbard Library aka CST.

Since Applied Scholastics franchises only pay 4% of the gross, and probably have much lower costs, Narconon feeds a lot more cash uplines.

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Scary Movie 4 - Comedy, Aliens and Tom Cruise

On February 5, 2006 "Feisty" posted:

Can you say "Xenu?" :-))))

check out the trailer!

Scary Movie 4
See horror spoof veteran Anna Farris in the exclusive trailer for 'Scary Movie 4.' This time the joke's on recent box office hits, 'War of the Worlds,' 'The Grudge,' and 'Saw.'

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Where is Mark (Marty) Rathbun?

On February 5, 2006 " Simkatu" posted:

It's been over 4 months since the Church of Scientology made Mark (aka Marty) Rathbun a complete "unperson" on their web pages. The Church of Scientology used to list Marty's name proudly as one of their top leaders for over 20 years, but in September of 2005 they completely removed every single trace of Marty's existence and all his accomplishments from their own web pages.

Why did the Church of Scientology remove Marty Rathbun's name and the record of all his 20 plus years of good deeds and accomplishments from their webpages?

Did Marty Rathbun die? If so, did he die at the behest of someone in the Church of Scientology? Did he die of cancer?

Is Marty been imprisoned somewhere by the Church of Scientology? Is he off doing some amends project in some RPF gulag?

Is Marty in hiding, running for his life to escape the Church of Scientology?

The one thing that is certain: Mark Rathbun was erased from the memory of the Church of Scientology and nobody in the Church of Scientology will even talk about why he was erased.

It is high time the police and media get involved and locate Mr. Mark C. Rathbun to make sure that he is OK, or if he is not OK, they need to make sure the people responsible for his death are punished accordingly.


"Keith Henson" posted:

Lots of luck trying to report it to the Sheriffs. I got a commitment from them to go check on Marty and Warren over a week ago, then it seems that either the hammer came down (Trask?) or the deputies reconsidered the idea of checking on someone at freak city.

Years ago I talked to some of them about what kind of assault force they would need to go in given the 300 weapons Tabayoyon discussed in his declaration. The guys I talked to figured it was well beyond what they wanted to mess with.

But if you want to give it a try, the dispatch number is [phone number] or [phone number]. Mornings are best since they get awful busy some evenings. Be sure to get an incident number.

I suggest contacting the business magazines. Scientology at one time had a cash flow that put it in the top 400 or so business. "Non personing" two executives who have been with them for decades should be news to a business publication.

Another idea might be to contact the county supervisors. Could someone post a list of them with phone numbers?


"Ida Camburn" posted:

Is it true that Warren McShane has found refuge at Golden Era Productions? Perhaps a call to one of these three numbers which are listed in the phone book would get his attention. Would be nice to learn that Marty Rathbun was there also and hopefully safe from harm.

Golden Era Productions
[phone number]
[phone number]
[phone number]


"Simkatu" posted:

Go to the following web page:

Type "RATHBUN" into the search box on the top right.

You should get to this page:

[long link]

On this page you will see "snippets" of the text like this:

begin quote from search page

1. (100%) Scientology Resource Directory - Religious Technology Center: Marty Rathbun Mr. Mark Rathbun / Mr. Marty Rathbun Mark (Marty) Rathbun is a member of the Board and the Inspector General of Religious Technology Center (RTC), which exists to monitor and safeguard the orthodox p ......ns/churches/rtc/marty-rathbun/index.html


Notice how the search engine on the pages has captured the text that used to include Mark Rathbun? Notice where it says, "Mr. Mark Rathbun / Mr. Marty Rathbun Mark (Marty) Rathbun is a member of the Board and the Inspector General of Religious Technology Center (RTC),"

Notice how the name Rathbun used to appear on 46 seperate pages on the Church of Scientology's web site?

Notice how if you click on any of the links that used to contain the name Rathbun, they have all been eliminated?

Why was Marty's name and all his 20 plus years of accomplishments been completely erased from the Church of Scientology's web pages?

Did Marty run away? Is he in hiding?


It is odd that his ex-wife Anne Rathbun and the Sheriff in Hemet, CA were unable to locate Mark C. Rathbun in order to serve him with divorce papers. Is that because Marty was already buried at sea or at the bottom of the lake on Gold?

It's time for the police and media to demand the Church of Scientology reveal the whereabouts of Marty Rathbun.

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Research, Scientology Deaths

On February 5, 2006 "Mike Gormez" posted:

Preliminary list intended to illicit comments (but no jokes). I haven't yet vetted them nor done exhaustive research.

The time range of these is about 10 to 15 years ago:

- Ian Tampion. He was an OT 5 and died from (brain?) cancer at the age of 59 around 10 years ago. (In 1973 he was president of the Church of the New Faith in Victoria, Australia.)

- Erica Laws. An OT 3 who died of cancer at the age of 57.

- Pat Bloomberg. A SO member at AOSH ANZO. Was a very heavy smoker who died of lung cancer. She was believed to have been in her mid 50s to mid 60s.

- A young SO member from AOSH ANZO of chinese origin. Probably in his late 20s to early 30s. he died of cancer. Perhaps his sur name was Wo or waugh.

- Threse Murphy. A clear who died of cancer in her late 20s.

- Dorothy Barton, also known as Dot. An OT 5 who died of cancer in her mid to late 40s.

- Peter Sparshot.Was the C/S at AOSH ANZO. Died of cancer. He was around 60 years old. He C/Sed folders of people up to OT5.

Mike Gormez

- World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) -
- - Why Are They Dead, Scientology?
- Child abuse and neglect by scientologists
- - Scientology hatred of mental health (CCHR)

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Notice of Copyright Infringement

On February 6, 2006 "Homer Wilson Smith" posted:

Dear Ms. Paquette,

The article in question looks to me like a public record court document.

If you wish this removed you will need to discuss the matter with our attorneys.

Please call me at [phone number] if you wish to persue this matter further, afternoons EST. I am not uncooperative, but I can not allow the Church to disgrace herself with apparently unconstitutional requests.

However I am not a lawyer.


Dear Mr. Smith:

As you know, our office represents Religious Technology Center ("RTC"), the owner of the confidential Advanced Technology of the Scientology religion and the holder of exclusive rights under the copyrights applicable to the Advanced Technology materials. The Advanced Technology materials are unpublished, copyrighted works, which include "OT II" and "OT III," which are registered with the United States Copyright Office under registration numbers TXu 303 388 and TXu 290 496.


Ava Paquette
Moxon & Kobrin
3055 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 900
Los Angeles, California 90010


From: [e-mail address] (Rev. David Rice, Esq.)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Another Scientology success story
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:23:33 GMT
Reply-To: [e-mail address]


"wbarwell" posted:

Dang! Did I miss some excitment? What legal file was this they were doing backflips over now?


"roger gonnet" posted:

It's there:

and the OT 3 part is there:

and contains this:


In OT III, ("OPERATING THETAN, Section Three") Hubbard explains his cosmology and the ins & outs of 'body thetans'. I will try to summarise it, because my lawyer, after finally having seen evidence handed over to him on behalf of RTC, has advised me that including the full text is at this time against my interests. So be it. I therefore will give you this summary, interspersed with comments. Your comments are kindly invited. Please correct any errors and tell me about any information that I may have missed. Page numbers refer to the version of OT III as given in the Fishman Affidavit. The following portion of OT III is quoted in full in Margery Wakefield's book The Road to Xenu, chapter 13, and I believe all of it has been quoted in other books and articles as well. It provides a nice context for my summary and comments:

The head of the Galactic Federation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (founded 5,000,000 years ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet, 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos (Incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there "packaged".

His name was Xenu. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of circuits etc. was placed in the implants.



"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

)T1-7 were previously copyright by Jeff Filburt 30 days prior to "RTC's" filing.

[OT1 from Filburt's Excalibur]
The processes are simply to spot the following list of things, each repetitively to EP:
Spot/Look at Matter
Spot/Look at Energy
Spot/Look at Space
Spot/Look at Time
Spot/Look at MEST combined
Spot/Look at an animal
Spot/Look at a person
Spot/Look at an object
Spot/Look at self
Spot/Look at another+s universe
Spot/Look at what you are doing
Spot/Look at what another is doing
By doing these, they have attained the state of freedom from the inability to identify self in relation to others, and the physical universe. They have gained the ability to be extroverted, and attained the awareness of oneself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe. So, they attest to that and you go on to OT II.


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USA Freedom Corps, and $cientology

On February 6, 2006 "Feisty" posted:

The "USA Freedom Corps" is the group that lists on their website.

Volunteermatch is listing numerous $cientology front groups that recruit people to volunteer for them. As listed on one $cientology entry, it says, "Categories: Community, Crisis Support, Education & Literacy, International, Religion"

They are plainly offering Scientology and Dianetics courses here, along with a mix of various front groups:
[long link]
[More results = tutors wanted, (obviously World Literacy Crusade) and a number of titles suggestive of looking like they train for "disaster response"

More specific front groups:

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: [long link]


They have several listings for Narconon:

Criminon: [long link]

(CCHR lists volunteermatch as a "resource" on their own webpage: )

An interesting point is that the "Freedom Corps" is registered TM of FEMA. The purpose:

Typed Drawing


$cientology's front groups are being allowed on, a partner of the Freedom Corps. It is not good that $cientology be allowed to recruit people for $cientology courses, or the anti-psych hate group CCHR, or any front group, as an extention of this FEMA website that is to reputably guide volunteers to legitimate sources.


They are recruiting for the CCHR, which means that people can volunteer to become antipsych advocates, like Tom Cruise addersses Matt Lauer! They are recruiting for Criminon volunteers, which means that people will be taught to bring TWTH booklets in prisons for $cientology. etc etc. Taxpayers funds do not need to help recruit for $cientology.

If the attorney who registered the Volunteermatch TM is the same one who is listed as agent for a Scientology mission in San Bernardino California, and with the proliferation of $cientology groups now on, does not mean that everyone involved is aware of this being a feeder website for $cientology recruitment?



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Pellicano thread on OCMB

On February 6, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:


Reuters just reported that Pellicano was re-arrested today:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Private eye to the stars Anthony Pellicano, freed from prison on Friday after serving 2 1/2 years for firearms offenses, was immediately arrested again in a federal wiretap investigation closely watched in Hollywood.

The charges were contained in sealed court documents that will be made public when Pellicano, 61, is arraigned on Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, said Inspector Jimell Griffin, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service.

The former private detective whose clients have included Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Michael Jackson, has been quoted as vowing never to betray his high-profile clients.

Still, a number of Hollywood heavyweights have answered questions from federal agents or appeared before the grand jury that conducted the investigation, among them Paramount Pictures Group Chairman Brad Grey, Universal Studios President Ron Meyer and veteran entertainment lawyer Bert Fields....

ref: [long link]


I posted on the Pellicano case in Nov 05 when the indictments of several Hollywood insiders were expected shortly. However, the investigation slowed. Mr. Bertram Fields, Tom Cruise's attorney, has been repeatedly named as a person who may be indicted for having had Pellicano perform wiretaps. Fields hotly denies the allegations.

We will have to wait to see if the FBI arrests the almighty Fields. Talk is that the FBI will make high profile arrests for the media and make those arrested do the "perp walk" in front of cameras while handcuffed.

This story has been the biggest quiet story in Hollywood for almost a year and it is getting closer to its climax. Based on what I have read, my guess is that Fields will be arrested and charged. That does not mean he is guilty, for he is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

If Fields is arrested, it means another bad case of nerves in the Cruise camp: Did Fields use information gained from wiretaps while doing legal work for Cruise? If so, any cases, judgments, or contracts could be voided. Cruise will not be charged as he didn't know anything about wiretaps, but he may have benefitted from illegally obtained information.


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Class Action against the IAS

On February 7, 2006 "Pieter" posted:


We are looking for people who would like to join us in a class action suite against the IAS.

We will start when we have about 200 people. Maybe I am mistaken, but I guess this must be a target that can easily be made.

We will post the statistic on how many people joined already here on the newsgroups.

You also still need money back from the IAS?
You feel ripped off?
You were lied too?
You were pushed back when you wanted to go out?
You also had to sign that you "donated" where in fact the signing was done under huge pressure?
You also expected to be able to buy materials with reduction but you
got kicked out by them and they stole your money that way too?
You got insulted and harrased by OSA who gets funds from the IAS?
You also noticed that the IAS does not protect scientology and scientologists?

You know other people that would like to join?

Like always, your mails will be kept confidential.

Like to join? Please send an email to: [e-mail address]

founder of

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Tom Cruise Paranoid Over Nicole Kidman's New Cult Film

On February 8, 2006 reported:

Movie star Tom Cruise is reportedly livid with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman as she has agreed to star in a film based on a dangerous religious cult.

'A Better Life' is said to be loosely based on a Waco siege led by a Davidian cult leader in 1993 but Cruise is paranoid that Kidman's participation may link the film to scientology.

An insider told the Star: "Tom believes in Scientology and lives life through that. But even though it isn't a cult, he is very aware that some people think it is.

"And he's aware that with his ex-wife Nicole taking part in such a controversial film, it will only lead to attention he and his pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes can do without.

He never draws attention to himself does he?

The insider continued: "'A Better Life' is a fictional movie but if anything it's based on Waco. It'll follow the story of cult members as they join up and hurtle towards the inevitable tragedy."

"It will obviously get people talking about niche religions and the effect that they can have."

What, the effect religion can have on film stars with way too much money????

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