Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 7 - February 18 2006

Communities in Schools yields money to Scientology

On February 12, 2006 "Feisty" posted:

"Communites in schools" has a "Lunch with a Leader" program where you bid for the opportunity to win lunch with celebs, (Feb 10 through 20). Money donated goes to charity of the celebs choice. In the case of $cientology, it's Criminon.

clicking on anyone of these brings you to page about money going to Criminon

Marison Nichols
Nancy Cartwright
Jenna Elfman
Catherine Bell

"This lunch will benefit Communities In Schools of Greater Los Angeles and a portion of the proceeds will be shared with Criminon, an international, non-profit organization, which addresses the cause of criminality and seeks to rehabilitate inmates."


CIS = Communities in Schools who is sponsoring the Lunch with $cienos is being funded by "Choicepoint." The CIS website also links to where $cienos are listed as "partners" as the Hollywood Education Literacy Project. $cientology on both sides..


[long link]

In Appreciation

We would like to acknowledge the following funders for helping Communities In Schools continue its vital work of matching resources with kids in need:

ChoicePoint for selecting CIS to be a part of its employee giving program. ChoicePoint matches employee giving on a quarterly basis. Also, *ChoicePoint is providing background screenings* for CIS affiliates across the country, resulting in significant savings.

ChoicePoint data breach settlement: $15-million


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Magoo's Valentines Day Party

On February 12, 2006 "Tory Christman" (Magoo) posted:

The night began perfectly, with the full moon out (my favorite).

With all of my parties, there's quite a bit of set up to do prior to the party actually beginning (true for more parties). Michael T was here, and he agreed to help me clean my home, as well as another friend helped do the back area, where people always end up chatting while sitting in the twinkle lights, candles and tables. I have to tell you all, if you've never had an X-Sea Org member Clean your house, you've missed something amazing.

In the Sea Org, they're taught to "White Glove" ...and of course Hubbard was a loon at it, so they are dead serious about it. I've known people to be sent to Ethics, put it "Treason" for flunking their "White Glove". I've had 3 X-Sea Org members help me clean, and it's always a ~totally~ fantastic experience. (Granted, he said his Mom had him clean that way, and mine did too, but this has a special perfection that is above the call :)

I decorated the house with hearts, Valentines bowls, candies, etc. and of course, as always, lots of candles burning.

This party was fantastic! Tons of people came...and a few more than usual. We had one more OT 8 there, and a Class 8 (both no longer with C of S---way to go OSA!)

Actually, much of the party last night were X-Sea Org, with a few X-members, about 4 people no longer with the "Church" [Spit!] and some critics, who are always a riot to hear them chat with the X-Scios, as they're so knowledgeable.

Also, the girl I car pool with came, as she hears all about this stuff, and I wanted her to meet my friends, and see the party. She's helped me find a location for CNN, find a spot for XM Internet radio, and just learns more and more about Scientology daily, and can hardly believe it. She was quite amazing, as she knew so much herself~ We both agreed, it's just fun listening to everyone chat away.

Each person brought some tasty food to eat, and the table was overflowing with delicious food, salads, wraps, dips, fruit salad Michael Pattinson brought and one of the X-members brought the world's greatest cake! (I'm not sure if you want me to say your names, so please do if you'd like to).

As usual, the living room was packed, the dining room filled with tasty foods and drinks, the kitchen always has interesting conversations going there, and finally my back patio was filled with more discussions. The house was rockin!

I love each of these people..........truly it makes my heart sing to see them all together....and hear how much communication, humor and delight occurs when they all get together.

If you've never been to one of my parties, and you'd like to come, give me a call. If you came last night, and you'd like to add any comments to this, please do :)

My best to all.........and Happy Valentines Day!!!


Tory/Magoo~Dancing in the moonlight~

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Keith Henson's letter and reply from RTC on Warren McShane

On February 12, 2006 "Keith Henson" posted:

I have to get this out tonight, but if anyone wants to make a quick comment on the draft, please do. Or email me.


Pro Se


Defendant. CASE NO.: 98-51326


Per statement of intent to do so in defendant's January 3, 2005 motion reply, defendant sent interrogatory questions (Exhibit A) to RTC President (or former President) Warren McShane. Defendant received an email from RTC attorney Elane Sied, (Exhibit B) which said in part:

Dear Mr. Henson:

Please be informed that Mr. McShane will not be responding to the interrogatories that you sent to me. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 33, the rule that governs interrogatories and under which you have propounded these interrogatories, is entitled "Interrogatories to Parties." Rule 33 states that "any party may serve upon any other party written interrogatories . . . ." (Emphasis supplied.)

Mr. McShane is not a party to the adversary proceeding entitled Dezotell v. Henson, Case No. 035136.

The court's remarks concerning non-parties apply equally to Mr. McShane. The interrogatories you propounded on him are a nullity. . . .

Ms Seid makes the argument that McShane is not a party to the adversary proceedings, but Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 33(a) only says parties. The question of sending an interrogatory to Mr. McShane could hinge on RTC being a party and Warren McShane being a person to whom an RTC interrogatory should be addressed.

There no doubt RTC is a party to the bankruptcy case. Ms Seid does not argue that Warren McShane is not the proper person to address an interrogatory to in his capacity as President or former President of RTC.

But even if the court were to accept Ms Seid's argument that RTC is not a named party in the adversary proceeding, and apply FRCP 33 to this more restricted list of parties, there is evidence before the court from the Hoden interrogatory response that the Dezotell parties are under RTC's control since RTC or a legally indistinguishable Scientology corporation, Church of Scientology International (CSI) supplies their legal funding . That would make RTC a party to the adversary proceeding if the proceedings were initiated by RTC working through a cat's paw of the Dezotell parties.

As a further indication, defendant attaches Exhibit C, a letter from Helena Kobrin dated June 2, 2004 discussing settlement terms. Quoting from the section "Pending Claims and Adversary Proceedings":

RTC has an adversary proceeding for non-dischargeability of its claims.


Respectfully submitted,

H. Keith Henson, pro se
Dated February 13, 2006

[added to the motion]

I posted the above on a.r.s to get corrections at 5:28 pm (I got a few typos corrected).

By 10:55 pm there were 5 public responses, which are attached as Exhibit D. Three of these were through the remailer network and cannot be traced to an individual. Realpch [e-mail address] is a woman I have picketed with in San Francisco. The last one is a mentally disturbed German citizen who lives in Salt Lake City. She seems to be in the US illegally and is widely considered to be (in spite of her mental problems) a paid asset of RTC/Scientology. "Uncle Tom" may be another name she posts under.


Keith Henson

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Scientology-Related Videos

On February 12, 2006 "Grace Aaron" posted:

Dear All,

My name is Grace Aaron. My husband and I were declared suppressive in the spring of 2000. Our son, Zachary, was pressured to disconnect from his family including me, Ken and his brother, Johnny.

The following link shows a video I produced of an interview of Dave Sweetland, another person who is a victim of the Scientology policy of disconnection. Take a look at it if you are interested and send me any feedback.

I have also produced 3 other programs on this topic and will post links to them as soon as they are webcast.

Grace Aaron


On February 13, 2006 "Mark Bunker" posted:

On October 11, 2005 Astra Woocraft appeared on England's most popular daytime talk show along with a Scientologist spokesperson. Unfortunately, Astra's time on the show was limited but she did a great job. My favorite moment is when the host ends the segment by saying he is glad Astra got out of Scientology.

I've also added a link to Grace [Aaron] and Dave's [Sweetland] fine program on disconnection on my main page. If you haven't watched it yet, you must do so promptly.

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Did L Ron Hubbard Plagiarize from this Book?

On February 12, 2006, "Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

I was at a big used book sale today and ran across "Have you lived other lives?" by Ernest C. Wilson. It's copyright 1956. LRH wrote a book in 1960 called "Have you lived before this life?" which is also about reincarnation. Both books give examples of people who supposedly could recall previous lives. Wilson's book claims to be from a Christian perspective, however.

I suspect that LRH may have known about Wilson's book because Clara DeMille is in Wilson's book. As you may know, Richard DeMille was one of Hubbard's sidekicks in the early Dianetics days. Also, Peter Hurkos is discussed in Wilson's book. I believe Hurkos had some connection to Scientology but don't know where or when.

It's amazing to go back to the times when Hubbard was writing and see that his books appear to have been attempts to capitalize on what was popular at that time.

wbarwell" posted:

The other big reincarnation fad was The Search For Bridey McMurphy. Hubbaard HAD to know about that. You had to be a hermit in the 50's not the hear about it. If Hubbard knew, it probably was no so much a case of plagerism as seeing that there was a wide acceptance for this booshwah among the great unwashed. We also had theosophy and and other kooks that peddled reincarnation and past lives. Hubbard probably knew of the Lobsang Rampa nonsense starting in 1956. The public was hungry for faux oriental wisdom and we see Hubbo playing that card by the late 60's too. Rampa, an Englishman Cyril Hoskins, that had never been to Tibet wrote over a dozen successful books, including on trasmigration of souls. Not to mention as an early member of the Rosacrucians briefly, Hubbard had to know this jive sold.

In that regard, he was nothing different from these fellow fakes except much more mercenary, and a bit more savage.

"Warrior" posted:

Ah, yes. Peter Hurkos, born Pieter Van der Hurk in 1911, the same year Hubbard was born. Hubbard most certainly would have known about Hurkos; many Scientologists knew of Hurkos back in April and May of 1961. See

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Hubbard False Claims of Curing

On February 13, 2006 "wbarwell" posted:

1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace,
London, W.8.
BAY 8881

17 January 1956


Back in Wichita when Susie and I were combing the whole track trying to plow up the various incidents which eventually became What to Audit (in England, The History of Man) we took on a series of polio cases by means of newspaper advertisement. The newspaper advertisement said, "Polio sufferers. A research foundation is undertaking an investigation of polio. Any persons so inflicted who would like to participate in this investigation should phone - - - - -." The same ad was also run for arthritics. People with arthritis and polio started to call in and we took these people on, the polio sufferers up at my house, the arthritics down at the foundation, and using the oldest known form of overt acts and motivators, and using effort processing, we alleviated the majority of the cases which presented themselves.


But remember this was 1951, and right there, auditing these people no more than three hours per preclear, we made the majority of these people feel so much better about life that they could get on with it. One girl threw away her crutches immediately. Another one, an old lady, got out of her wheel chair, and what we did in that short program just auditing these few hours using nothing but overt acts, motivators in the manner of effort processing, yet it did so much more for these people than had ever been done for them medically or ever could be done for them medically, that they were astonished beyond gratitude.


1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace,
London, W.8
BAY 8881
24 January 1956


Plan No. 2 is rather older and less known. It is still within the confines of ministerial activities but it was originally practised outside those confines. The original ad which was placed to execute the plan "Illness Researches" was placed in Wichita by Mary Sue and myself at the end of 1951.


The exact wording of the ad was as follows: "Polio victims. A research foundation, investigating polio desires volunteers suffering from the after effects of that illness to call for examination at address." When the people arrived usually with a phone interview first, they were immediately given about three hours of auditing. The techniques in use at that time were effort processing and overt acts and motivators. We alleviated the majority of preclears reporting using only those three hours. We did this for polio victims, arthritics and were about to do it for asthmatics when the surging success of the project frightened various individuals who had other plans for Dianetics. However there was no protest whatever from the newspapers, the public or the preclears. The auditing was given free of charge. It was given under the guise of investigation and was in actuality a research project. Any auditor anywhere can constitute himself as a minister or an auditor, a research worker in the field of any illness. In that he is not offering to treat or cure the illness but is strictly investigating it, the laws concerning medicine do not obtain to him. Anybody even a ditch-digger can look over


polio or arthritis or asthma or anything else. It is best that a minister representing himself as a "charitable organization", which is what he is, do the research so that the ad would then read: "Polio victims - a charitable organization investigating polio desires to examine several victims of the after effects of this illness. Phone So-and-so."


Via Hubbard Communications Office
Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W.8
6 March 1956



I have been conducting a series of experiments, one of them almost fatal to myself, on the auditing of radiation burns. I have found that we can make an enormous effect upon radiation burns and can cure them in a milder form. That means we are the only agency, the only people on the face of Earth who can cure the effect of atomic radiation.

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Narconon California, Letter to Leona Valley Town Council

On February 13, 2006 Chuck Beatty posted a letter from Dr. Linda Orozco to the Leona Valley Town Council concerning Narconon:

From: Orozco, Linda
Sent: Mon 2/13/2006 9:56 AM
Subject: For Public Meeting


Feb. 13, 2006
Leona Valley Town Council Meeting:

My name is Dr. Linda Orozco and I have lived with Narconon as a 'neighbor' for over 7 years. I strongly encourage you to reject Narconon, and work intensely to block them from coming into your neighborhood. Thank you for allowing me to share my experience and that of dozens of neighbors of the multi-million dollar Narconon business in Newport Beach.


Narconon rents an oceanfront residential triplex at 1810 W. Oceanfront, in the Newport Beach peninsula.


Based on our experience, we encourage Leona Valley to consider intervening to stop Narconon from entering additional residential neighborhoods based on the violations, intrusions, disruptions, and suffering we, the neighbors of this business in Newport Beach, have experienced.

In sharing my experience and FACTS with you-Narconon may try to silence me again with legal threats. These threats are illegal and violate 'anti-SLAPP' legislation in California, which protect individuals speaking/writing on public issues in a public meeting. Is THIS the kind of business you want in your neighborhood? One that has a proven record of threatening neighbors with legal action when they tell the TRUTH in public meetings, and try to protect their families, neighborhoods and others?

Dr. Linda Orozco
[phone number]

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Tom Cruise, Bert Fields, and Anthony Pellicano?

On February 15, 2006, Fox News reported:

Cruise Control Getting Confused,2933,184817,00.html

It's starting to confuse even those who've paid most diligent interest to Tom Cruise's personal life: exactly what is going on, and how do players in the Anthony Pellicano story come into it? Even Cruise may be having trouble deciphering who is friend or foe at this point.

Over the weekend, the less-than-reliable London Daily Mail, Sunday edition, raised a ruckus over a book being researched by Andrew Morton about Cruise.


A few years ago, Barresi, in his role as an investigator, helped Pellicano scare off a potentially damaging lawsuit against Cruise, thanks to his expert knowledge of the porn community (you see? You never know what's going to come in handy!)

But Cruise's personal business still may be encumbered by the recent indictment of another private detective, Pellicano.

On Sunday, the New York Times reported that the law firm of Bert Fields, Cruise's lawyer, helped Pellicano seek a patent for a wiretapping device called TeleSleuth - a device that Pellicano used to record phone conversations of his clients' enemies.

Fields' attorney insists that Fields himself didn't work on the patent, and that no one at the firm had any idea that TeleSleuth would be used for allegedly nefarious purposes.

All of this comes back to Morton: in the past, a book about Cruise would be dealt with harshly by Fields, who has already sent warning notices to author and publisher.

In the past, such a book would have been stopped cold before it was begun. But with Pellicano in prison and Fields being watched - fairly or unfairly - in the Pellicano case, the result may be that Morton has an open field.

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Dianetics in David Letterman's Top Ten

On February 15, 2006 CBS News reported:

Things You Don't Want To Hear On Valentine's Day


5. "Sure a diamond is forever, but this copy of 'Dianetics' will change your eternity"

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Narconon offering psychological counseling for $22,000


Residents irate over Narconon rehab
Antelope Valley Press, February 17, 2006.
Valley Press Staff Writer

LEONA VALLEY - A proposed drug rehabilitation facility with ties to Scientology has Leona Valley residents in an uproar.

Narconon at Canyon Oaks Ranch, a proposed 66-bed drug rehabilitation clinic on the 36400 block of Bouquet Canyon Road, is technically in Saugus but lies near Leona Valley.

The program, based on Scientology principles, offers clients psychological counseling and adds intense sauna treatments to sweat out drugs during their stay.

Treatment at such Scientology facilities costs $22,000 for what are normally three-month stays, said Clark Carr, president of Narconon International.


Town Council member Jan Powell was appointed to head a committee to study the proposed facility over the next three weeks. The committee will comprise four Leona Valley residents and, possibly, two residents from neighboring Green Valley.

"We don't want a debate," Powell said. She said the committee's purpose will be to study the proposed center from a neutral standpoint and discuss their findings.

A town hall forum has been set for 7 p.m. Monday, March 6, to discuss those findings.

"We're going to do our homework, bring topics for discussion and let the public know the facts," Powell said.



Scientology Separation Ritual at Birth


Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise: No Scientology Ritual at Birth
By Jennifer Cox
Feb 17, 2006

The fabulous Katie Holmes has reportedly declared to Tom Cruise that she will not allow Scientologists to commandeer her newborn at birth a published report details.

Is Katie Under Stress?

Mike Walker gives an account that reports that Katie is hysterical over the possibility of a Scientology birth ritual that is reportedly called "Processing of a New Mother."

In his Enquirer 'All the Gossip" weekly feature Walker claims that Katie is nervous over the fact that the baby will be controlled by the sects handlers.

The process is described in the article as a "bizarre ritual that separates mother and child for three days allowing only minimal contact."



For Recovering Scientologists

On February 17, 2006 posted "6 steps to take for recovering Scientologists":

This is a just a short note, in an effort to tweak a few more of you into taking your next 'step'.. out of scientology or out of the Freezone.

I would appreciate if this were sent to the ex-SO mailing list and emailed to all recovering scientologists.

See ten steps out of scientology:

1) Talk to another recovering scientologist who has already started doing these things

See the list HERE

2) TELL YOUR STORY - get everything you are afraid to say out of you. Consider this a soul cleansing

See a more detailed refutation of Scientology's gag agreements

3) Spend $70 for the first set of Robert Monroe's "Gateway Series"
You will find that you have the ability to generate a "cognition" at will.
Whenever you need one, without leaving your house, at minimal expense.

"Only you, know best, about you" Robert Monroe


Even the of BEST of Scientology, at its lowest levels, which hooked you.., which was, itself stolen from prior technologies without attribution, - is only able to metaphorically rearrange the furnature in your mind.

Robert Monroe's stuff, in comparison, shows you where the DOOR is.


5) Get your teeth fixed and get a full checkup, this is especially important for recent escapees.

6) Once you are confident, it will be time to practice the real Sea Org Motto...

WE COME BACK FOR OUR FRIENDS FAMILY, SONS and DAUGHTERS and get them out of Scientology.

Hubbard was a stealer of dreams.

It is time to get yours back.

Arnie Lerma


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