Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 12 - March 25 2006

Hayes blows and Cruise censors South Park

On March 16, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted an editorial column and replies from Pittsburgh News:

The Pitt News has published a bunch of replies to their editorial calling Isaac Hayes a hippocrite for quitting South Park. Half the letters are from people familiar to readers of this newsgroup. One is from me. None are pro-Scientology.


"Mark Bunker" posted:

The Drudge Report linked to a Variety article on the sudden yanking of "Trapped in the Closet."

Favorite quote? Matt and Trey's press release:
"So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!"

The duo signed the statement "Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu."


The Post Chronicle reported:

Tom Cruise Blackmails Comedy Central Over Scientology South Park

Tom Cruise reportedly got Comedy Central to cancel Wednesday night's cablecast of the controversial "South Park" episode about Scientology by warning that he'd refuse to promote "Mission Impossible 3," reports today's Page Six.

Paramount, the film company who holds Cruise's contract, is counting on "MI3" to bring in blockbuster profits this summer, and Paramount is owned by parent company Viacom, which so happens to also own Comedy Central.

The "South Park" episode entitled, "Trapped in the Closet," takes jabs at Scientology and shows Cruise, John Travolta and R. Kelly (who is not a Scientologist, but has a song called "Trapped in the Closet") literally in a closet.

The episode, which first aired last November, was suppose to rerun on Wednesday night, but was mysteriously yanked at the last minute. reports that Cruise went straight to the top - to the execs at Viacom - and warned he'd boycott the promotion for "MI3" unless the "South Park" episode was pulled, reports Page Six. Continue reading this article below

Richard Johnson has the details: 'Series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been told not to discuss the matter - to avoid embarrassing Cruise as they did Isaac Hayes last week when Hayes, also a Scientologist, quit his role as the voice of the Chef character.



From the Qando Blog:

Tom Cruise's sexual preferences are of negligible moment to me. His serial Actress PR (Public Relations-ships), however, fall somewhere between awkward and creepy.

I'm more intrigued by his recent public bout of positively missionary Scientology - and by Scientologists, in general. Let's face it, even by the standards of semi-obscure Cults, Scientology is weird. Is it a religion? A philosophy? A self-help program? A science? (hint: No!)

Scientology is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a scam. And practiced, apparently, by quite a lot of wealthy celebrities. In fairness, with luxurious resorts around the world and a cruise ship, Scientology does offer a lot of very nice earthly benefits that you just don't get from your mainstream kooky cults. I mean, sure, followers of Jim Jones got a trip to exotic Guyana and free drinks, but Scientology has more return business.

But a lot of that return business certainly does come across as...well, business. With Tom Cruise threatening economic sanctions against Viacom for South Park's parody of Scientology, Isaac Hayes quitting South Park, er, allegedly, for their "bigotry toward religious beliefs" (Note: by "bigotry toward religious beliefs", he means "I can dish it, but I can't take it"), and the well-known tendency of Scientology to file nuisance lawsuits to quash criticism - i.e., barratry. ("the purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win"-L. Ron Hubbard) Indeed, and in the interests of full disclosure, my own father's ministry has been sued by the "Church" of Scientology and even given "a detailed description making it appear that Scientologists or agents of the church may have gained access to Watchman Fellowship's Texas office without our knowledge."



The UK Independent reported:

South Park declares war on Tom Cruise

Cartoon's parody of Scientology is taken off air, prompting accusations of censorship
By David Usborne

"... Isaac Hayes, who since 1997 has been the voice of Chef, suddenly upped and left in a huff. Hayes declared that South Park, which follows the hell-raising of the four kids, had gone too far in its lampooning of religion. Specifically, he was cross about its recent mocking of the Church of Scientology. Hayes is a Scientologist. So is Cruise."


"... Cruise has a secret weapon. It is alleged that he threatened to withdraw from any promotional activity for his next film, Mission: Impossible III, out on 5 May. The movie has been made by Paramount, which is owned by Viacom. And Viacom owns Comedy Central."


The Cinematical Blog reported:

Will Viacom Keep Tom Cruise in the Closet?
by Kim Voynar

A couple days ago, I posted about the supposed controversy around the South Park episode "Trapped in the Closet" being pulled by parent company Viacom, ostensibly in response to Tom Cruise threatening to pull ads for Mission: Impossible: 3 if the episode was aired. Daily Variety reported yesterday that an anonymous Cruise spokesman denied the allegations, but an interesting statement from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone - signed "Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu" - seems to indicate otherwise. Parker and Stone were reportedly told not to discuss the reasons behind the episode being pulled, but did anyone really expect those boys to stay muzzled for long? I think not.

Now the heavies are getting into the game. Jim Emerson, writing on the Scanners blog on Roger Ebert's website, wrote earlier this week about the brouhaha around Isaac Hayes' abrupt departure from South Park, and yesterday posted another lengthy piece about the issue of Scientology and the First Amendment. Now even Andrew Sullivan is getting on the bandwagon, urging his readers to demand the airing of "Trapped in the Closet" and, while they're at it, to boycott Mission: Impossible: 3. Rolling Stone has a really good in-depth article on Scientology in general, as well - one of the few pieces with which the Scientology bigwigs actually cooperated. It's long, but an ngrossing read.



Fox News reported:,2933,188463,00.html

Chef's Quitting Controversy
By Roger Friedman

Isaac Hayes' Quitting Controversy

Isaac Hayes did not quit "South Park." My sources say that someone quit it for him.

I can tell you that Hayes is in no position to have quit anything. Contrary to news reports, the great writer, singer and musician suffered a stroke on Jan. 17. At the time it was said that he was hospitalized and suffering from exhaustion.

It’s also absolutely ridiculous to think that Hayes, who loved playing Chef on "South Park," would suddenly turn against the show because they were poking fun at Scientology.

Last November, when the Trapped in a Closet episode of the comedy aired, I saw Hayes and spent time with him in Memphis for the annual Blues Ball.

If he hated the show so much, I doubt he would have performed his trademark hit song from the show, Chocolate Salty Balls. He tossed the song into the middle of one of his less salacious hits and got the whole audience in the Memphis Pyramid to sing along.

I can tell you, Hayes was very pleased with himself, was in a great mood and, as always, loved his fans' coming up to him and asking him about Chef.

As recently as early January, before his stroke, Hayes defended the "South Park" creators in an interview with The AV Club, the serious side of the satirical newspaper, The Onion.

AV Club: They did just do an episode that made fun of your religion, Scientology. Did that bother you?

Hayes: Well, I talked to Matt [Stone] and Trey [Parker] about that. They didn't let me know until it was done. I said, 'Guys, you have it all wrong. We're not like that. I know that's your thing, but get your information correct, because somebody might believe that [expletive], you know?' But I understand what they're doing. I told them to take a couple of Scientology courses and understand what we do. [Laughs.]

The truth is, Hayes has a sly sense of humor and loves everything about "South Park." It’s provided him a much-needed income stream since losing the royalties to the many hits he’s written, such as Shaft and Soul Man, in the mid-1970s.

Even though he’s one of America’s most prolific hit writers, Hayes has been denied access to profits from his own material for almost 30 years.

But it’s hard to know anything since Hayes, like Katie Holmes, is constantly monitored by a Scientologist representative most of the time. Luckily, at the Blues Ball he was on his own, partying just with family and friends. He was very excited about having gotten married and about the impending birth of a new child.

Friends in Memphis tell me that Hayes did not issue any statements on his own about South Park. They are mystified.

Isaac’s been concentrating on his recuperation for the last two and a half, three months, a close friend told me.

Hayes did not suffer paralysis, but the mild stroke may have affected his speech and his memory. He’s been having home therapy since it happened.

That certainly begs the question of who issued the statement that Hayes was quitting "South Park" now because it mocked Scientology four months ago. If it wasn’t Hayes, then who would have done such a thing?

Meantime, Tom Cruise may have gotten Comedy Central to pull its repeat of "South Park"'s Scientology spoof last week, but the result is that episode is all over the Web. You can see it for free at



"Tory Christman" posted:

[Congratulations To the Today Show!]

The Today Show once again nails it!

Katie did a brief response re "Did TC help in canceling South Park?"

It was fantastic. First they showed a bit out "Out of the Closet"

Secondly, they weren't sure if TC did it or not, but Isaac and TC and Scientology have sure nailed it so that the whole world sees what they hope will be hid.

Third: They gave the address of Comedy Central, where more can go see it.

Lastly, Katie said "Someone sent a copy to me" and you could see from her smile, it made her laugh.

Way to go,once again, to The Today Show!!!

And if Isaac did have a stroke: So sorry, Doc, hope you get some PTS handlings soon, and don't leave out C of S as ~the~ key suppressives on your lines.



Dateline Hollywood reported:

[long link]


Shocking documents reveal truth about how Cruise pulled South Park episode

Hollywood Dateline Hollywood has compiled a shocking investigative report based on internal corporate memos that reveal how Tom Cruise forced Comedy Central to cancel the repeat of a South Park episode, Trapped in the Closet, about the actor and Scientology. Cruise allegedly threatened to boycott publicity for “Mission: Impossible III for Paramount Pictures, which, like Comedy Central, is owned by Viacom. Dateline Hollywood believes this is the worst form of censorship and, after consulting with our attorneys, we have decided to publish this report that reveals the truth about this scandal.



"Otmar Lendl" posted a link to an Austrian webpage with South Park coverage and the Xenu story:

[fyi, South Park coverage in Austria]


This includes a link to

Very well done. Indeed. The Xenu story is on Austria's public TV's webpage


"Roberto Diaz" posted a link to his webpage with South Park coverage and other information "in Espanol:"

[B]South Park: Cienciologia al descubierto[/B]

Bueno luego de tanto buscar lo podes encontrar en :
CIENCIOLOGIA: En las Noticias

[long link]

Roberto :)

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South Park Strikes Back

On March 20, 2006 MSNBC reported:

Isaac Hayes may have quit, but his character lives on in season 10


Fox said he assumed someone besides Hayes would supply Chef's voice. Details of the new episode were vague.

But a network synopsis said the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, is "jolted out of a case of the doldrums when Chef suddenly reappears," leading to new antics by the group of foul-mouthed fourth graders who are the show's stars.

"While Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are thrilled to have their old friend back, they notice that something about Chef seems different. When Chef's strange behavior starts getting him in trouble, the boys pull out all the stops to save him," the network said.

"South Park," launched in 1997, remains the highest-rated series on Comedy Central, which like Paramount, is owned by Viacom Inc..



Reuters reported:

[long link]

"South Park" Chef back after Scientology skirmish
By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Soul singer Isaac Hayes may have quit his job as the voice of Chef on "South Park" after a disagreement over religion, but his character will live on when the satiric cable TV cartoon returns to Comedy Central this week, the network said on Monday.

Hayes and his "South Park" alter ego are at the center of an ongoing flap over an episode last November that poked fun at the Church of Scientology and its celebrity adherents, including actor Tom Cruise.

The tenth season of "South Park" will launch on Wednesday with a new episode titled "The Return of Chef!", marking the "triumphant homecoming" of lusty school cafeteria cook James "Chef" McElroy to the show, the network said in a statement.

Hayes, 63, himself a follower of Scientology, surprised producers a week ago by announcing he was leaving the series because he objected to its "inappropriate ridicule" of religion, though he made no reference to the show's spoof of Scientology last fall.

Two days later, Comedy Central abruptly pulled a scheduled repeat of that episode, titled "Trapped in the Closet." Sources close to the show said the rerun was canceled after Cruise threatened to boycott promotion of his upcoming film, "Mission: Impossible III," for sister studio Paramount Pictures.

Representatives for Cruise and the studio denied this. But "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone fed the furor by issuing a statement suggesting the Church of Scientology was behind the decision to scrap the rerun.


Fox said he assumed someone besides Hayes would supply Chef's voice. Details of the new episode were vague.

But a network synopsis said the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, is "jolted out of a case of the doldrums when Chef suddenly reappears," leading to new antics by the group of foul-mouthed fourth graders who are the show's stars.

"While Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are thrilled to have their old friend back, they notice that something about Chef seems different. When Chef's strange behavior starts getting him in trouble, the boys pull out all the stops to save him."

Both Comedy Central and Paramount are owned by Viacom Inc..


Fox News reported:,2933,188615,00.html

'South Park' to Fire Back in Season Premiere


The creators of "South Park" appear ready to fire back at Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology following a dust up earlier this month that included soul singer Isaac Hayes quitting the series.

On Wednesday's ninth-season debut, Hayes' character, Chef, pops up in an episode which creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are devoting to his mysterious return to "South Park." They are expected to poke fun at his religion, Scientology.

While details are scarce, Comedy Central officials say the duo are putting the finishing touches on the episode (Wednesday, 10 p.m.) -- which, like many others, is being written and animated in less than a week.



From the UK Times Online:,,1055-2096100,00.html

Opinion - Michael Gove
What Scientology needs most is to be ridiculed

I suppose if you want a champion of broadcasting decency, a soul starwhose biggest hit invited listeners to suck on my chocolate, saltyballs. (Put 'em in your mouth!) Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em . .. wouldn't automatically be your first choice. Isaac Hayes, the wonderfully gifted singer who sang the theme from Shaft, reached No1 with Chocolate Salty Balls in 1999. The song was one of a number that Hayes performed while playing the school Chef in the US cartoon series South Park. Among the other Chef tunes, the Christmas song stands out,with its seductive lyrics, which I believe ran:


And there's the rub. Isaac Hayes has been happy to collaborate with the South Park team over the past decade while they merrily subverted, parodied, trashed, mocked and ridiculed a variety of faiths. But now he's walked after the screening of an episode in which his own "faith", Scientology, received the full SP treatment.


The episode in question, entitled Trapped in the Closet, features ananimated version of the world's most famous Scientologist, Tom Cruise.And while some of you may be thinking that the most interesting thing about the show would be seeing Tom Cruise animated, a state he certainly hasn't been in for any of his previous screen appearances, the episode has become controversial for other reasons. It depicts Scientologists as gullible souls, with the cartoon Tom believing that one of the South Park regulars, Stan, is a reincarnation of Scientology's founding father, L. Ron Hubbard. The episode was first screened in the US in November but has never been seen in the UK, for legal reasons. And then, last week, hot on the heels of Isaac Hayes'swalkout, the US channel Comedy Central suddenly pulled a repeat of the episode from its schedules. After the decision to dump the show, theHollywood newspaper Daily ariety reported rumours that Cruise hadmade an ultimatum - drop the episode or he would decline to do any interviews or promotions for his forthcoming film Mission Impossible3. The film is made by Paramount, which is owned by the company that oversees Comedy Central. Tom Cruise's people, it must be said, flatly deny the insinuation. But then Cruise need not have said anything for someone to conclude that perhaps it wasn' t a good idea to mock his "faith" in this way. Because a lot has changed since the episode was first screened, and I don't just mean Isaac Hayes hanging up his Chef's hat. the whole climate in which religion is discussed has chilled notably in the past few months. After the Danish cartoon controversy, the momentum is with those people who use their particular, narrow faith to silence other voices.

If you doubt that's so, just ask why no British newspaper felt that it could reproduce those cartoons. And reflect on why the British and American governments had to apologise for the offence caused. What were governments doing saying sorry for the independent actions of free citizens? Bending before a very ill wind. When the House of Commons debated the Religious Hatred Bill, the argument was made that criminalising what one said about faith would have a chilling effecton debate overall. And, even without the law having been passed, one section of our community has succeeded in just that aim. I'm sure that Trapped in the Closet is wildly offensive. I certainly hope so, anyway. Because the one thing that Scientologists need more than anything else is ridicule. A religion founded by a science-fiction writer in the 1950s which invites its followers to believe in an inter-galactic tyrant called Xenu and offers them the chance to control time itself by becoming "Operating Thetans" deserves nothing less. Recently in the House of Commons I reminded the House that "Scientology is an evil cult founded by an individual purely in the interests of enriching himself and sustained by those who are either wicked or wayward". But perhaps after everything that's happened in the past week I should just have said that it's so much transparent, sugary, balls.


The Washington Post reported:

Hayes' Chef Sort of Returns on 'South Park'

NEW YORK -- "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker vowed vengeance last week in their running battle with Scientology _ and Wednesday night's new-season premiere appears to be the start.

Isaac Hayes may have left the animated satire in a huff over what he described as religious "intolerance and bigotry," but his Chef character, which he's voiced since 1997, isn't forgotten.


The show's feud with Scientology heated up further last week when, a couple of days after Hayes' blast, a scheduled rerun of an episode skewering Scientology, and famous follower Tom Cruise, was pulled without notice. A blogger site reported that Cruise had used his clout to force the episode's removal, a charge Cruise's representative denied. The next day Parker and Stone issued a statement promising more to come. Wednesday's show is the first of seven new "South Park" episodes.


The Chicago Sun-Times reported:

Scientologists not given to turning other cheek


Today marks the premiere of "The Return of Chef!," presumably with a new actor voicing Chef. No doubt the satire will be vicious -- and funny.

In the meantime, I watched the episode that has everyone so worked up.

It begins with Stan wandering into a Scientology center. Stan's e-meter reading has Scientology leaders convinced he's the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.


In the meantime, Stan learns the great doctrine of Scientology:

"It all begin 75 million years ago . . . there was a galactic federation of planets . . . ruled over by the evil Lord Xenu. Xenu thought his galaxy was overpopulated, so he rounded up countless aliens . . . and had those aliens frozen."


"The souls were taken to a huge soul brain-washing facility . . .There the souls were forced to watch . . . brain-washing material.

"At the dawn of man, the souls . . . attached themselves to all mankind, which still to this day causes all our fears, confusions and problems."

Hmm. Cruise never mentioned any of THAT to Matt Lauer.



The Student Operated Press reported:

The War To End All Wars: South Park vs. Scientology
by Richard Smith

The battle of the century is upon us. In one corner, we have Scientology and its massive celebrity following being led by a wild eyed Tom Cruise. In the other corner, we have Tre, Matt, Stan, Cartman, and Kyle. Not since the famed Jay Z and Nas debacle have we seen such cultural heavyweights face off in mortal combat. This could turn out to be the most entertaining slugfest of the year.

It began with the Colorado natives poking a bit of fun at L. Ron Hubbard's made-up religion. As it turned out, Isaac Hayes, the voice of the popular "Chef" character on the whacky cartoon, happens to be a Scientologist himself. Last week he announced he "wanted out" because he just discovered that the show makes fun of certain religious sects. Apparently, he was the only one in the world who didn't realize this.

As we, all know Tre and Matt are not ones to leave well enough alone. They quickly slapped together the opener for the 10th season entitled "Return of the Chef", which spliced the popular characters lines from previous episodes, putting words in his mouth like "How about I meet you guys after work and we make love . . . come on children, you're my sexual fantasy, let's all make sweet love."

In the episode, the kids save Chef from an evil "Super Adventure Club" and bring him back to South Park. It was clear to anyone watching what they meant by the episode. Then, they have declared war on the whacky religion. "So, Scientology, you may have won this battle, but the million-year war for Earth has just begun!" the 'South Park' creators were quoted as saying recently, "You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail!". It is now on like Donkey Kong.


Only one thing is for sure. The real winners here will be the public. Before the final bell has sounded we will all have cried tears of hysterical laughter


On March 22, 2006, Phil Scott posted "I called OSA, SF, LA and Hemet" in which he related that he called up a few Scientology numbers to ask if anyone there had heard about the South Park episode.

I talked to 5 people, one was in a position that should have known all about south park...but no. hadn't heard.

I went over the utter insanity of trying to smear critics with their employers and how that back flashes on scientology about 9,000 times worse than the damage it does to the targeted critic... it ends up on TV comedy shows etc. These were unware of any of that.


I told these that I am just trying to figure out why on earth the organization is doing such stunningly counter productive things... no one knew of any of it was even going on it seems... hard to fathom that though.

Especially at Moxon and Kobrin...

... the public people and most staff by my own experience are completely in the dark....the others shouldn't be... they are running the ops... so its plausable deniability in part, but that has limits.

I think most actually had not heard of any of it...its an air tight cult in a mass media world.


Picketing may be the one and only way that these people inside are ever reached... thats no doubt why the windows in clearwater are papered over... but the orgs windows cannot be...and thats why all stops are pulled to try and stop or ruin those who picket, as with Fiesty lately. (congratulations Fiesty)

Picketing empties the orgs.


Message to OSA:
You have been more or less off of my case for a few years, if I hear that you have contacted one of my clients or business associates, friends or neighbors...or if you do in the future...I will take 6 months off and picket your San Francisco org until its empty (again).

If you people had any actual brains you wouldnt be making such mistakes, or tolerating the sawed off jerk, David Miscavige that brought you such destruction.

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News from Hungary

On March 19, 2006 "Anonymous" posted:

Istvan Horvath was a designing engineer at the Hungarian phone company, Matav.
He was even the man of the year in 2003 at the company.
In 2004 he got some pain in the chest.
Some physicists examined him but they couldn't help. He went to psychologists who gave him some medicine against depression.
It seemed to work and he had much less pain now. At that point the husband of the sister of Istvan Horvath showed up. His name is István Demecs and he is an auditor of the Church of Scientology in Hungary.
He called the psychologist of Horvath and told her that his patient stops with the medicine immediately. He took Horvath to a so called "Purification Rundown" and Demecs delivered the program himself. Demecs ordered Horvath to be in a sauna 5-6 hours a day and he gave him enormous amounts of vitamins. The health of Horvath deteriorated very fast during the "Purification". He vomited a lot and smelled badly according the his family. Because of the "purification" didn't work Demecs suggested Horvath to take some other courses of Scientology in the Church. Horvath had to pay 682,078 HUF (about $3,194.93, a half year of salary in Hungary) for the courses + the Purification. According to Horvath's family he had to pay much more money but he never received any bill for it, so it is not clear how much more money he payed.
In October 2004 Horvath became very ill. The Church told him that the reason that he so very ill was was that his wife didn't want to be a member of the Church of Scientology and Horvath has to go to the ethics officer. In the winter of 2004 Horvath went to the director of his company and tried to persuade him to use Scientology technics in the company.
In February 2005, the family of Horvath and his colleagues finally could persuade him to go to a psychiatric institute. In the beginning he was rejective but later his health improved drastically. When he was healthy again he was dismissed and he went back to work.
When Demecs heard that Horvath visited a psychiatrist he went to Horvath. The whole family was there. Demecs didn't say a word just looked at him with disapproval.
The 6th of May 2005, Istvan Horvath went out to his garden, he poured petrol on himself and set fire to himself. He died immediately.

The whole story in the news (in Hungarian):

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Scientology-related Video and Audio

On March 16, 2006 "cults on campus" posted:

Mar 14 '06 CNN Video - 'Chef' fed up with South Park
[long link]

Singer Isaac Hayes, who plays 'Chef' on 'South Park,' is leaving the show. Showbiz Tonight's Sibila Vargas reports

You will also find a link to the news item above located at


"Tardis Box" posted:

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" this past week did an 'Isaac Hayes' voice over bit of Tom Cruise sounding like Isaac Hayes when Tom was on the Oprah Winfrey show. Kimmel's people voice edited it perfectly syncing Tom's edited out lips to the Isaac Hayes sound alike track. That voice makeover (to me) sounds like Chef doing an impersonation of Barry White rapping about ~~"Love"~~ with Cruise as the sockpuppet foil...

Watch it! It's hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel Live:
[quicktime enable]

Taken from:

Sunday, March 19, 2006
The Unemployed Issac Hayes

Now that Issac Hayes has quit South Park in a flap over Scientology, he needs a new gig... and he found one, as the new voice of Tom Cruise. I might have to start watching Jimmy Kimmel!"


"Chuck Beatty posted:

The weekly npr news quiz show, wait, wait, don't tell me, lampooned hayes' resignation and the cofs connection in this week's program.

Click on listen to this week's show and download. Runs on RealPlayer.

The excerpt is from 35:10 to 36:28 minutes into the show


Mark Bunker posted:

Here's the clips from tonight's Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Janet Reitman discusses the South Park Scientology episode:

56k: Play Download

CABLE/DSL: Play Download

Again, I repeat that this is the best newscast on TV so watch the show nightly and help it grow a deserving audience.


Mark Bunker posted:

Here's the Scarborough Report on the South Park episode. He started with the news piece which was also shown on Countdown so I left it off of this clip and picked it up at the interview with Rick Ross and the managing editor of "Television Week."

I like how Scarborough points out the fear of reporting on Scientology:

56k: Play Play

DSL/CABLE: Play Play


"Neil C" posted:

posted by OT4FREE on today:


Current Superpower Status:

The Advanced Org(AO)

The Osceola Hotel(for Scientologists only)

The Ft. Harrison(FH)

The Coachman(delivery for almost everything below OT)


"Android Cat" posted:


Another good cartoon skewering:


"Mark Bunker" posted:

[NEW FROM XENU TV: Perkins Ad Newscast]

A certain Southern California TV station did a story on the South Park episode...but then turned it into a story about the Perkins newspaper ad. This story was also considered important enough to make it into the headines at the top of the show.

Thanks to Dr. Dave for taking out the ad...and a pat on my own back for making sure the South Park sound bite opened the story:

56k: Play Download

DSL/CABLE: Play Download


"Grace" posted:

[KCRW segment on Scientology]

Galactic Gospel [Listen]

At first blush, the idea that Tom Cruise might have gotten an episode of "South Park" yanked off the air because it spoofed his favorite cult, Scientology, didn't seem like a big deal. Movie stars have pulled rank in Hollywood for decades, and the studios that rely on them for box-office dollars are not in the habit of denying them anything...


Rest of transcript at:

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Clearwater Scientology Building Not Done

On March 19, 2006 Tampa Bay Online reported:

The cream-colored, seven-story building with a red Mediterranean tile roof takes up an entire block downtown.


Although construction on the 380,000-square-foot building began in 1999, it is unfinished, a virtual shell.


Construction on the new Flag building has been slow.

Last month, the city asked that the safety fence around the building be removed and landscaping added, said Kevin Garriott, a city building inspector. The fence came down, but a new fence recently was installed.

Garriott said electrical inspections were done and permits were issued to build out a couple of rooms in May 2004. In January, a water pipe was installed, and stormwater and water main work was done.

"But generally, not much was done inside," Garriott said. "They still need to do all the build-out construction for all the floors."


Message ID:

MSNBC links Tom Cruise to Perkins death

On March 21, 2006 MSNBC reported:

Scientology foes blast Cruise in ad

Scientologist Tom Cruise's nagative opinions about psychiatric care are well-known.
By Jeannette Walls


"Thanks, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, for your expert advice on mental health," blasts an ad in LA Weekly. The ad goes on to say that a woman was killed "by the schizophrenic son she was told to treat with vitamins instead of psychiatric care."

The ad refers readers to a Web site, which provides details on the case of Jeremy Perkins, a 28-year-old schizophrenic who stabbed his mother to death. Perkins was a staunch Scientologist and his mother was a counselor in the church -- which opposes psychiatry and psychiatric drugs and "believes modern psychiatric medicine derives from an ancient alien civilization's plot to drug and enslave humanity," notes the site.



"David Touretzky" posted:

The web site in question is, of course, And the ad that ran in LA Weekly can be viewed here:

No wonder Tom Cruise hates the Internet.

Dave Touretzky: "Bertram Fields seething on line 1."

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Boycotting Mission Impossible 3

On March 21, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

One wrote to me:

"On May 5th, I will be standing outside my local movie theatre holding a sign that says "The Church of Scientology Stifles Free Speech" and passing out leaflets garnered from your website."

How many will join in showing their disgust to Tom Cruise and the cult he so willingly represent? He dragged MI III into this, why should we not reply?

Mission Impossible III is released in cinemas internationally on May 5th 2006.


"Fred Durks" posted:

Tom Cruise will receive almost 25% of the money made from Mission Impossible 3.
Tom Cruise is the biggest contributor to the Church of Scientology.

I say that when MI:3 releases we show our support for Hollywood and for theater owners by simply going to the theater and watching a movie other than MI:3. In this way, we support all of the little people behind the scenes who work in Hollywood and in the theaters and depend upon a paycheck like the rest of us. - J Swift

Sign the petition to show your support


The Washington Post reported:

[long link]

'South Park' Responds: Chef's Goose Is Cooked
By Lisa de Moraes

"South Park" fans have struck back, threatening to boycott Viacom's upcoming Tom Cruise flick "Mission: Impossible III" until Viacom's Comedy Central puts back on its schedule the show's Scientology spoof episode the network yanked last week.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central and the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, hoped to placate the angry mob (as if) with a hastily thrown together season-opening episode in which Chef is brainwashed by "a fruity little club" whose members travel the globe having sex with children.

Celebrity Scientologist Isaac Hayes, who had provided the voice of Chef, South Park's beloved school cook, since the show started, announced early last week that he wanted out because he had discovered "South Park" pokes fun at "religious communities." Two days later, Comedy Central yanked the scheduled rerun of the "Trapped in the Closet" episode that skewered Scientology and its most famous member, Tom Cruise.

The response to Hayes's exit was last night's slapped-together 10th-season opener, "The Return of Chef!" The producers sliced and diced lines Hayes had recorded in previous seasons to produce Chef's new lines for the episode, a Comedy Central rep told The Post's John Maynard.

In the episode, pals Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are thrilled when Chef, who'd left South Park to join the Super Adventure Club, returns. But in school the next day, he says to them, "How about I meet you guys after work and we make love . . . come on children, you're my sexual fantasy, let's all make sweet love." Those are the printable things, anyway.

The guys take Chef to a shrink, who pronounces him the worst case of brainwashing he's ever seen.

They take him to a strip club to try to deprogram him. Chef is cured, but then is shot with darts by members of the Super Adventure Club -- "South Park's" new, thinly veiled metaphor, in case you haven't figured it out yet, for Scientology.

Chef is taken back to HQ, where the Super Adventure Club continues the brainwashing.

The boys follow and learn the secret of the Super Adventure Club, founded by a guy who was an explorer, only every time he got someplace he discovered someone had beat him there. So he decided to become the first explorer to have sex with the native children in the various remote locations, which he felt would make him immortal.

Long story short: The boys rescue Chef and they run across the rope bridge over the deep ravine that takes them to safety. But once they're on the other side, the Super Adventure Club's big chief shouts to Chef, "Don't you remember why you left South Park in the first place? You sought adventure. . . because your life had become dull and empty."


We're guessing the episode may still not be enough raw meat for the piranha-esque "South Park" fans, who took to the Internet yesterday urging people to write, phone or e-mail Viacom, or sign their Chef Gate petition, letting the corporation know they and their loved ones will not see "Mission: Impossible III" (due in theaters on May 5) until Comedy Central runs the more direct Scientology-skewering episode "Trapped in the Closet."

(Normally these kinds of petitions are quixotic and kinda sweet, but there's no denying that "South Park's" core demographic -- 70 percent male, 20 percent male teens, 30 percent men age 18-34 -- is a bull's-eye for action flicks such as "Mission: Impossible.")

In the episode, Scientologists become convinced that Stan is the reincarnation of founder L. Ron Hubbard. Cruise shows up at Stan's house seeking praise for his acting work, but Stan pronounces it inferior to "that guy who played Napoleon Dynamite." Cruise, crushed, locks himself in Stan's closet. For the rest of the episode, Stan, his family, celeb Scientologist John Travolta and R&B artist R. Kelly try to get Cruise to "come out of the closet."

Immediately after Hayes made his announcement last week, Stone and Parker claimed in interviews that his exit from the show was entirely about his being a Scientologist. The publicity ginned up by the kerfuffle drove viewers to the show, only to be disappointed when the "Trapped" episode did not run last Wednesday night. That set off speculation it had been yanked because Cruise, or someone acting on his behalf, had said he would stop promoting "M:I3" if it aired.

"We, the loyal viewers of television's 'South Park' do hereby protest against the removal of the episode 'Trapped in the Closet,' " the fans' petition reads.

"We demand that Comedy Central put this episode back on the air and show it as soon as possible; we want everyone, including Tom Cruise, to know that censorship is wrong."

Far more fun are the comments attached to some of the more than 2,000 signatures that had been collected by the time the petition's Web server apparently crashed around 7 p.m. yesterday:


And, our personal fave:

Free Katie!


WGAL 8 in Susquehanna Valley, Pennsylvania reported:

'South Park' Fans Threaten To Boycott New Tom Cruise Film

WASHINGTON -- Turning Chef into a child molester and then having him mauled to death by a lion and bear apparently isn't enough for some "South Park" fans.

The Washington Post said fans have started a campaign urging people to write, phone or e-mail Viacom threatening to boycott "Mission Impossible 3" -- unless Comedy Central reruns the episode spoofing Scientology that caused Isaac Hayes to quit.

The rerun of that Scientology episode was mysteriously pulled off the air last week amid published reports that Cruise, another Scientologist, had used his clout to get the episode yanked.

Series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker said there would be retribution, and came through with their promise when Hayes' Chef was skewered with the episode that kicked off "South Park's" 10th season Wednesday night.

Stone and Parker took a big shot at Scientology, too, on the show, albiet through a thinly veiled metaphor. In the show, the boys of South Park try to save Chef after he is brainwashed by "The Super Adventure Club." The club, as we come to find out, is a group of child molesters.

At the end of the show, Kyle said they shouldn't be mad at Chef for leaving, they should be "mad at that fruity little club for scrambling his brains."


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Operation Clambake's Tenth Anniversary

On March 21, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Operation Clambake we plan to make an unique anniversary CD with music etc made by critics around the world. The theme is simple: CoS, Hubbard and Scientology.

I have collected many related sound bits over the years, but need help to find all the best and to chase down the authors to get their permission. I also need proposals for the cover design.

More info:

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Washington DC Picket Report

Last week, after the receipt of a second mailing from "Religious Freedom Watch" at another workplace address, (return address California, postmark NO VA), it became the perfect time to exercise my Constitutional right to assemble, to free speech. Since the mailed flyers and $cientology denounce the United States Constitution by saying that I (and generally people who picket) are participating in "hate marches," I used these very serious and un Democratic words as my inspiration to stand up and picket in Washington D.C. on a sunny, crisp Sunday, March 19.

It has also been a busy last few weeks with news of the greatest South Park Episode and the Xenu story, with Isaac Hayes and Tom Cruise vocally fighting to silence freedom of speech and $cientology out of the public eye. The phrase "bigotry towards religious beliefs of others," has reemerged in reference to the South Park Episode 912 where the secret, OT III, $cientology advanced technology of the "Xenu Story" is recited for all to hear. (more thoughts below about this issue)

Dedicated to the Xenu Story, and South Park

So on Sunday the 19th, the "Advanced Technology Panel Tech" truck pulled up at the $cientology Org, also known as the "Martian Embassy." Parked right near the corner of the org, the truck was filled with space aliens to reflect the Xenu story as recently depicted in Episode 912 of the South Park Show. The flyers used listed the South Park Episode and pictures with captions depicting the relevant events of the $cientology secret Xenu story and news clips about Isaac Hayes in the news, as he quit because of this episode.

I wore a small yellow tag above my sunglasses that quoted "," because as we all know, when you show up to picket, numerous camera-clad workers who joined $cientology for enlightenment also show up to intimidate and take pictures. So this gives them something else to look at in the pictures they take. This also helped some people to know, that we were not trying to recruit them into the org, as numerous people commented on this happening when passing by.

Metaphorically, there were clusters of aliens in the truck, parked by their home, the implant station.

Yellow signs on the side of the truck were:


Go South Park: "Trapped in the Closet!"

- Special Today -
Save $400,000 - Watch South Park
"Trapped in the Closet Episode"
The Xenu Story

Read About
$cientology Alien Secret

Bigotry is nothing compared to the inferiority
$cientology gives you
when they implant space aliens in your body

At least 150 flyers were passed out on Sunday. There was alot of foot traffic and many people were taking pictures with their cellphones and cameras of the colorful aliens as they passed by. Many came up to get flyers as the display of aliens drew curiosity.

A worker came out from the COSI Cafe across the street to take a flyer, and I asked of the COSI was owned by $cientology, (because of the ironic letters COSI) and the worker said, "no." I told the worker that the last time I picketed in Washington, I ended up on a cult hate page stating that the COSI cafe "was a bar." The worker laughed of course because the COSI cafe is a coffee and delicious snacks shop.

There were a few interesting people who stopped to tell interesting stories about other people, who had some real problems with $cientology in different parts of the United States. Some of the information beckons a followup. Other conversations people brought shows of the knowledge people have about the abuse, policies and occult nature of $cientology.

The reception to the South Park episode about Xenu was well known. When people come up and pronounce the word, body thetan (body theetan) you know they have watched South Park. The comments were so many, all I can say is South Park has reached the world. Most of the people were able to explain more than ever about $cientology - a real testament to the fact that the media, South Park's Matt and Trey, and what years worth of activism from many people have done much to expose this con.

Several people were coming out of the org after awhile, and headed up the street and took a flyer. The phrase used when passing out flyers, "your body is not full of space aliens" made some laugh and take a flyer. Of course they don't know about OT3, and who is going to tell them inside the org anyway? This may be severely upsetting to the gradient-style approach, but it is no lie, and we hope they appreciated this enough to go the Internet to read about what really -lies- ahead.

However, there were two women that came out of the org, one younger and one older. The older woman with a cane took a flyer and the younger woman took it out of her hand. I said, "why? how can you do that, she cannot read it?" The younger woman said something to the effect of - "don't give me that garbage," it was pretty derogatory. So I said, she doesn''t have the right to know she has space aliens? The younger woman turned and gave me the middle finger. I said something else and once again she turned around as she crossed the street and gave the middle finger.

Several people came out of the org strictly to see what we were doing on the corner. This did not detract from the message of the day, "your body is not infested with space aliens" we just saved you $400,000! To the backdrop of a truck filled next to the implant station, this was a testament and grateful acknowledgement to the activism, free speech, and to South Park who everyone has done a great thing.

There were 3 OSA gentlemen posing as interested passerbys, who just had to know, "who got those aliens?" "what group are you from?" "what made you do this?" "where did you get those aliens?" One of the three tried again later and received a special message to take back home to headquarters :)) ha ha, bad job! Of course, until the pictures get back to headquarters, to compare with all of those in $cientology's database of picketers, they didn't possibly know it was me at the picket! The same sort of database that you wonder where they probably have other intelligence such as mailing addresses of where they found out and sent RFW mail to - and all the creepy things they do intelligence-wise.

The picket ended and the truck was driven around DuPont Circle, then broken down by the stairs of the movie, "The Exorcist" in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Watch South Park again tonight!

Xenu, Xenu,



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Facts on Narconon in Rock River Times

On March 22, 2006 the Illinois Rock River Times published an article by Barbara Graham:

Guest Column: Exploring the relationship of Narconon and Scientology

By Barbara Graham

In searching your online edition for drug-related articles, I noticed that a number of them are press releases from the Scientology organization.

These articles are a good example of how Narconon combines scientific, medical fact, blended with founder L. Ron Hubbard’s fanciful theories on drug abuse. The press releases you’re picking up are released on several newswires by Scientology’s Public Relations office. Of course, they hope that mainstream publications will print them. The main use of these pieces is within Scientology’s internal publications. By quoting their own releases, it gives the membership a sense that Narconon is highly regarded by the outside world in general.

This combination of fact and fiction serves to promote the Narconon program.

The facts about heroin addiction in this story are probably verifiable.

Heroin was first developed by Bayer, who produced a cough syrup called Heroin. The bottles are collectibles.

Many people segue to heroin use from methamphetamine use. Heroin will allow a meth user to come down after a long binge of being awake for days.

Narconon’s Web site has many informative pages focusing on different drugs that are abused. This information is not a result of their own research. They use this information to promote their own program, attempting to achieve legitimacy in the drug rehab field. However, this legitimacy is spurious. Narconon’s representatives try to distance the program from Scientology by stating that it isn’t Scientology, just based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. This is Lie No. 1.

This is explored in a couple of excellent, well-researched and documented websites, and

The relationship of Narconon to Scientology is explored here:

Not only is Narconon’s program identical to the courses purchased by public Scientologists, their position in Scientology’s corporate structure shows that they are, in fact, part of the Scientology corporation.

In 2005, the Narconon educational outreach program was reviewed by California. As a result, the program was expelled from California public schools as being inaccurate, misleading and unscientific theory. Hawaii and Boston followed suit. Narconon is no longer permitted to present its theories to public school children.

A series of articles about the issue was written by Nanette Asimov for the San Francisco Chronicle. These articles can be read here:

While the Narconon theory has been debunked, the physical application of these theories continues within Narconon facilities. The Purification Rundown has been described by medical reviewers as being potentially dangerous to the health of clients, due to the excessive use of saunas and administration of toxic vitamin doses. Niacin, in particular, can cause blindness as well as permanent liver damage. Why Narconon is permitted to continue administering this dangerous quackery is a mystery. The FDA should shut them down.


Scientology draws much of its factual information about drugs from free informational pamphlets put out by the U.S. government. Your paper would be doing the public a better service by relying upon these publications, rather than inadvertently promoting Scientology’s dangerous and inaccurate program via spurious press releases.

Barbara Graham is a free-lance writer who has studied Scientology from a critical point of view since 1999.

From the March 22-28, 2006, issue


"Patty Pieniadz" posted:


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Narconon Appeal in Leona Valley

On March 23, 2006 "Patty Pieniadz" posted a link to an Operation Clambake forum message asking for help in appealing on Narconon in Leona Valley:

Joined: 02 Nov 2005
Posts: 76

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 3:53 am Post subject: Narconon Appeal: 7 days left, $2100 required
Subject description: Anyone wanna do some fund raising? Or, make a phone call?

According to Los Angeles County officials, an appeal of the Planning Commission's approval March 15th of the Narconon Conditional Use Permit #04-023(5), has not yet been received.

An appeal would result in a hearing before the full Board of Supervisors for Los Angeles County, probably in early June -- Possibly on Election Day, Tuesday June 6th (too late, possibly, to affect Narconon sponsor Sheriff Lee Baca's reelection bid).

An appeal also costs just over $2100. Not sure, if or when the locals will submit an appeal with sufficient funds, to have this hearing. They have 15 days total to do this, which means the deadline would be about March 30th.

Anyone want to have a fund-raiser, with donations collected for the Leona Valley Town Council?

Or, continue to call the office of LA County Supervisor Antonovich, to ask him to waive the fee requirement for an appeal? Call [phone number] to state your request.

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E-Mail Death Threat from Scientologist

On March 23, 2006 "Gerry Armstrong" posted:

On March 19, Caroline received an e-mail message purporting to be from a "tony lavoie" or "j anthony lavoie," attacking Caroline as an "SP" and threatening her with reincarnation on a planet "far, far worse than this one." On March 20, Caroline responded, and the same day "Mr. Lavoie" replied.

His second e-mail threatens physical violence (YOU SHOULD BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS, LIKE OTHERS OF YOUR TYPE; BIN LADEN.; HITLER...ETC. [...] YOU NEED A BULLET!) and we have reported the threat to the RCMP.

For clarity, since Caroline and Mr. Lavoie both interlineated their responses, I have identified the writer of each part as [Caroline:], ["Mr. Lavoie-1":], or ["Mr. Lavoie-2":].

Also webbed at:


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A Critics Work is Never Done

On March 24, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

Yesterday I gave my annual "Scientology's War Against the Internet" guest lecture as part of the Information Warfare class a colleague teaches here.

This is the fifth or sixth time I've given this lecture. I enjoy revising it each year, adding new material and fine tuning the presentation. One of the points I made in this year's lecture is how Scientology has lost its ability to intimidate the media. It's hard for anyone to fear a group that is being mercilessly ridiculed on South Park.

Quite a diverse group of students. I noticed several in military uniforms.

No wonder Scientology hates Carnegie Mellon.

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Hubbard fraud on book covers

On March 24, 2006 "Warrior" posted:

Covers of Hubbard's 1956 US and British editions of Problems of Work on which he fraudulently claimed to be a C.E and Ph. D.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
"Scientology: it's about deception."

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Belgian bill to combat cults

Posted 22 March 2006:

Belgium has also launched a bill to combat abuse of weakened persons.

(google babblings and original text follow)

To defend the weak ones against the profiteurs

Roland Planchar Put on line 21/03/2006 a preliminary draft of law to punish the abuse weakness or state of ignorance. The topicality reconsiders the problem of the sects.


But it is joined in its intention by the Minister for Justice, Laurette Onkelinx (PS), which has just formalized a preliminary draft of law "aiming at repressing the abuse the state of ignorance or the situation of weakness of the people". It is a question of introducing an additional chapter into the penal code entitled "Of the abuse the state of ignorance or weakness" as well as an article laying out that "whoever will have misused the state of ignorance or the situation of weakness either of a minor, or of a particularly vulnerable person, because of its age, of a disease, an infirmity, a physical or psychic deficiency, its illegal or precarious administrative status or of a state of pregnancy to lead this minor or this person to an act or an abstention carrying seriously reached with its physical or mental integrity or its inheritance, The penalty envisaged would go from 3 months to 3 years of reclusion and, side fines, 250 to 20000 euros, and more in the event of death of the victim (6 months at 5 years, 500 to 40000 euros). It is also expected that the court can order the publication of the judgement in the daily newspapers, at the expenses of that which would be recognized guilty.


© Free Belgium 2006

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News from Denmark

"NEW Co$ HERO - Niels Glob the Danish 20 Mio Lottery Winner" was posted on March 23, 2006

He won 32.4 Mio DKK (The biggest lottery winning ever in DK) and donated 20 Mio DKK according to the newspaper BT.


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