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Volume 10, Issue 13 - April 1 2006

Scientology Facing Lawsuit in Belgium

On March 24, 2006 "Roger Gonnet" posted an article from the Belgian, Le Vif L'Express:

(google translation and original)

Towards a lawsuit against the Church of Scientologie Bron:


According to any probability, there will be, this year still, a big lawsuit against the Church of Scientologie in Belgium, affirms Friday "De Morgen". The federal parquet floor confirms that a file is ripe for a lawsuit. A legal instruction has been in hand for several years against the Church of Scientology for setting-up of a criminal organization, illegal exercise of medicine and swindle, on basis, in particular, of complaints of former members of Scientologie. (NLE)

[untranslated article]


Roger Gonnet
Opposant à la scientologie depuis 23 ans
Opposing scientology crime cult since 23 Years


"Mike Gormez" posted a link to an untranslated article:

This year in all likelihood the case against scientology will be filed in Belgium. The charges will be practicing medicine without license, forming a criminal organization and fraud. Some of the complaints stem from former members.



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Pellicano under investigation

On March 25, 2006 the New York Post reported;

March 25, 2006 -- NICOLE Kidman was well aware that Tom Cruise was using a private detective to wiretap her phones during their 2001 divorce. Kidman hired private eye Richie Di Sabatino, who told Page Six last week, "We swept her phones and put on an encryption device, so she couldn't be wiretapped . . . We tried to keep one step ahead." But Kidman knew that Cruise's private detective, Anthony Pellicano, was a resourceful opponent.


In fact, Pellicano may have been successful in his phone snooping. Kidman has been questioned by the FBI in the Pellicano investigation because the feds found a recording of her talking to Cruise in computers they seized from Pellicano's office in 2002. DiSabatino suggests the tape was from Cruise's phone.

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Cult Musicians

On March 25, 2006 The Guardian reported:,,1739025,00.html

Scientology has long been regarded as 'a Hollywood thing', but as Isaac Hayes cooks up a storm and quits his role as South Park's Chef, Jonathan Leggett reveals other musical followers

Jonathan Leggett


For some pop stars, the more established quasi-religious movements such as Scientology fit the bill. And it's not hard to see the appeal. Just as John Travolta was drawn to the movement as a salvation from the vicissitudes of his Hollywood career, L Ron Hubbard's teachings seem to offer musicians an insurance policy against the ignominy of declining chart positions and a life on the chicken in a basket gig circuit.

Just as depressing as the news that Bart Simpson is a Scientologist, or more accurately Nancy Cartwright who voices him, is that some of the group's more unlikely acolytes are much-respected musicians. Advocates of the creed include the until now impenetrably cool Beck, funk pioneer Isaac Hayes and, at one stage, lovers' favourite Van Morrison, who devoted an album to founder L Ron Hubbard in the 1980s. Hip-hop pioneer Doug E Fresh, Chaka Khan and Courtney Love, who thanked the church in the sleevenotes of her America's Sweetheart album, are also followers. Even Leonard Cohen flirted with the alien creed when he was feeling even less sunny than usual in the 1990s.


But for Hayes, leaving the environs of South Park might prove a blessing in disguise. Freed from the obligation of entertaining ladies as the priapic Chef, he'll now be free to concentrate on recording the devotional music he's favoured since his conversion. In 2001 he recorded an album with Doug E Fresh called The Joy Of Creating - The Golden Era Musicians And Friends Play L Ron Hubbard. Over what sounds like the kind of watered down hip-hop backing that served between scenes in the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Doug E freestyles in his inimitable style. To his credit, he starts well enough: "Hey! Can someone tell me where the party's at? I see a bassline!" But it's not long before he slips into a mélange of self-help speak, laying some grimy scientology learnin' on us. "Let me tell you something. Wax enthusiastic and you'll feel so. A being causes his own feelings. It's the Joy Of Creating. Uh!" Quite.

Fresh and Hayes aren't the only ones to have contributed to Scientology's musical canon. Using vocals that Hubbard recorded prior to his death, with contributions from John Travolta, jazz musician Chick Corea (best known for playing on Miles Davis' Bitches Brew) recorded the 1986 album The Road To Freedom. As with Joy Of Creating, the lyrics are rotten. At one stage Travolta croons: "Reality is me. Reality is you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." But this time it's the musical backing that really nails it. Although praised on websites as "a musical masterpiece" it actually sounds like the kind of jazz noodle that they used to demonstrate CD players in Dixons in the 1980s.


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1989 Declaration of Richard Aznaran

On March 25, 2006 "Roger Gonnet" posted:

[EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Richard Aznaran's declaration webbed]

[long link] [pdf file] ( 1 meg)

This is *highly* important piece. First part around 250 pages.
Second part soon to be webbed too.

I believe it's not yet been OCRed and webbed (at least, I did not find it)

This declaration demonstrates some very good points.


The second part of Richard Aznaran's affidavit is posted here:

[long link] [pdf file] (820 K)

Interesting parts :

p 327-28 "Who stole" materials (NOTs) to scientology...

p 333: plaintiff attorney relates having also been sued by the cult (one more such case)

348: methods of RTC described as harrassive

362: one more mention of pc folders culling (on David Mayo's folders)

362-365: important mention about the "compartementalization" of corporate sort-out of the cult to avoid taxes, and the "travelling" of income to some of its associations already tax-exempted

383: description of the INCOMM-MERC/computer systems and of Hubbard armoured Van and Peterbilt vehicles.

389: the cult buys handcuffs and keys, as well as weapons.

404: the desert-"ship" at Hemet used for special parties

424: use of faked journalist to spy people

430: planting bugs to listen "concurrents" Hubbard asking two of his 45" be repaired

433: Scientology bugging its own staffs inside.

434: DM cancelling all by himself the findings of a "committee of evidence"

- That David Mayo was co-authoring and the writer of the NOTs series

- That scientology has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to fabricate an armor plated car for Hubbard

- that Ingber , Rathbun and some others were transporting enormous sums, stolen to scientology, to Hubbard

- the doc exposes CST/RTC chiefs

- that scientologists were preparing setting-up opponents (putting drugs in their luggages, by instance, was imagined by Aznaran and... refused by the lieutnant of Gene Ingram, and not criticized as a method by secret affairs directors)

- that scientology attorneys hates to hear questions about who was paying security officer /safety officers for Hubbard - that Mayo was guarded and stopped to leave, his car's key and battery being stolen by Miscavige's orders

- that Mayo went very ill and gaunt, emaciated during months of torture "running program" (with description of the program)

- that scientology had sent plants to the AAC (Mayo's group), one of them being Robert/bob Mithoff the brother of C/S international Mithoff

- that scientology was fabricating false letters "from AAC"

- That scientology was practicing culling pc files on Mayo, and Fair Gaming tactics

- that INCOMM, its criminally involved computer system, was using incredible security measures to avoid problems - by instance, the INCOMM part in Hemet is with antibullet glasses etc.

- that Dean Stokes, a franchise holder, went beserk/bozo (supposedly making clears only by chanting!)

- that scientology had many people "handling" ex-GO staffs

- good description of Golden Era

- that already then, staffs at Hemet were forbidden to phone call, and to receive letters without security chiefs being present - having opened mail etc. So, cell-stealing by DM order is not a new thing.

- that main scientology directors like Heber Jentsch were not even knowing who were the other directors of RTC or CSI etc.

- that scientology attorney Heller (here) was bad faith and visibly slowing etc... his attempts to avoid some specific discoveries are quite evident

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Season Premiere of South Park

Various Reports:

On March 26, 2006 the Times Online, UK reported:,,2092-2103334,00.html

Hey Chef, these guys are killing free speech
Andrew Sullivan

We have a new cartoon-blasphemy scandal. No, it's not Islamists burning down Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in Pakistan because a few Danish cartoonists had the gall to draw the prophet Muhammad. Now it's Scientology versus the popular and hilarious cartoon television programme South Park. And the Scientologists, like the Islamists before them, are winning.

South Park is a potty-mouthed series created by two young iconoclasts, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It features a group of nine-year-old cardboard cut-out pals whose adventures include run-ins with a talking piece of Christmas poo, Jesus, Saddam Hussein and Mel Gibson. The show is both highbrow, it has dissected left-wing political correctness along with Vatican hypocrisy, and lowbrow.


The Catholic League managed to stop a rerun of an episode called Bloody Mary. But now things have become really ugly. Though South Park is broadcast in Britain one episode has never been aired in the UK, and has just been pulled in the US. The show mocked Scientology. In the episode one of the kids, Stan, takes a Scientology "stress test" and does so well he is hailed as the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard, the science-fiction writer who started Scientology.

Suddenly the child is mobbed. John Travolta shows up. Stan is sent to his room, where he finds Tom Cruise. When Stan tells Cruise what he thinks of his acting skills, Cruise is so crushed to have been dissed by the new prophet of Scientology that he runs into a closet and won't come out. A chorus of people then implore Cruise to "come out of the closet". Not exactly subtle. But it's a cartoon; the episode begins with a disclaimer that none of this is supposed to be mistaken for reality.


Orwell once remarked that one reason fascism never took off in Britain was because the sight of a goose-stepping soldier would prompt your average Englishman to giggle. Someone is now silencing the giggles. And our world is a lot creepier because of it.


From the London Evening Standard:

Oh My God, They Killed Chef!
By Aidan Radnedge, Metro

Oh my God - Chef is dead! The creators of South Park have taken revenge on soul singer Isaac Hayes by turning his character into a paedophile and then killing him off.

The first show of the controversial US cartoon's new series reheated a long-running feud with Scientology.

And after Hayes quit the programme in protest at the religious mockery, his Chef character turned from hero to villain.

South Park founders Matt Stone and Trey Parker stitched together previous recordings Hayes made for the show.

In the programme, first shown in America on Wednesday, he repeatedly vows to 'make sweet love' to the South Park schoolchildren.

Despite their attempts to redeem him, Chef falls off a bridge on to rocks, suffers severe burns, gets stabbed and then mauled by a mountain lion and bear - before dying.

The show seems to place the blame for his personality change on the 'Super Adventure Club' - a thinly-disguised satire of Scientologists.


"KnightOfXenu" posted:

[Filibuster Cartoons presents..]

This Chefgate thing seems to have had quite the booming affect for the population of Scientology critics.


Chef gets big send-off on 'South Park'
An untimely death for a dear character after Isaac Hayes leaves show

Isaac Hayes' Chef character got a true "South Park" send-off Wednesday night - seemingly killed off but mourned as a jolly old guy whose brains were scrambled by the "Super Adventure Club."

The thinly disguised satire continued the show's feud with Scientologists in its 10th season premiere on Comedy Central.

The soul singer has voiced the Chef character in "South Park" since 1997, but left recently because of what he called the animated show's religious "intolerance and bigotry." Founders Matt Stone and Trey Parker said Hayes, a Scientologist, was mad that "South Park" mocked the religion in an episode last November.

A rerun of that Scientology episode was mysteriously pulled off the air last week amid published reports that actor Tom Cruise, another Scientologist, had used his clout to bury it. A Cruise spokesman denied that.

Hayes didn't participate in making Wednesday's episode; the character's lines appeared to be patched together through tapes of past dialogue.

Chef repeatedly said he wanted to "make sweet love" to the "South Park" elementary school kids - it seems the "Super Adventure Club" turns its members into child molesters.


"We shouldn't be mad at Chef for leaving us," the eulogy concludes. "We should be mad at that fruity little club for scrambling his brains." The door for Hayes' return wasn't completely closed. In the show's final scene, members of the "Super Adventure Club" try to revive Chef, and it's not clear he's really dead.


From the WWTDD Blog:

"I guess this could be more despicable, but only if Scientology attached the statement to a ten year old with cancer in a wheelchair, and then delivered the statement by pushing him down some stairs. And also, there's a puppy in the wheelchair too. And the puppy also has cancer."


From the Backstage:

[long link]

'South Park' Co-Conspirators Swing One Fearless Ax
By Ray Richmond

So in the wake of the events of the past few weeks during which South Park" grew to become the center of the entertainment universe, let's try to get a handle on just what we've learned from all of this.

The first thing we've learned is that Tom Cruise is the best thing ever to happen to Comedy Central. He allegedly demanded that a rerun of the "South Park" episode "Trapped in the Closet" be pulled from the schedule or he'd beg off publicizing "Mission: Impossible III." If true, this would seem even more self-destructive than his gymnastics routine on "Oprah."

The second thing is that the Church of Scientology really is the most controlling force in our galaxy, capable not only of putting seemingly half the celebrities on the planet under spiritual contract but also of allegedly convincing voice performers who have suffered recent strokes (say, Isaac Hayes) to suddenly and inexplicably decide that their religious convictions trumped a well-paying gig. This is to say nothing of the catatonic trance in which church operatives seem to hold poor Katie Holmes.

Scientology is perpetually embroiled in enough conspiracy theories to fill a grassy knoll or two. Its image isn't of a religion so much as an Orwellian shadow society carrying out its deceased leader's will via mind control while zealously protecting the brand.



On March 31, 2006 "Patty Pieniadz" posted:


Entire thread here:

[long link]



Post subject: My story about CoS in the school paper

Hey, I did an undercover story on the CoS in Kansas City for my college paper. Since it has my real name on it, I guess I am no longer incognito here, but what the hell-I think it's a good story and I hope you do too.

I would appreciate any comments, even if they are critical.

What's Going On:Inside the Church of Scientology
By Lydia Fultz

Scientology is a subject that has been in the spotlight recently. What with Isaac Hayes leaving South Park over the controversial "Trapped in the Closet" episode that poked fun at Scientology, and Tom Cruise verbally attacking Matt Lauer, it seems this new religion is on the tip of everyone's tongue these days.

So, I couldn't resist doing a story about Scientology. And what better way to do a Scientology article than going undercover? Here it is folks, the real deal, honest-to-L-Ron truth about what goes on in the Church of Scientology.



"Cults on Campus" posted:

March 21, 2006 South Park vs. Scientology, Google Current (Video Duration 00:01:39) [video file]

...nearly doubled searches for Scientology...

You will also find a link to the news item above located at Church of Scientology in the News


From Blog Critics:

"South Park and Scientology are two great tastes that taste great together. It's a bit like the classic battles between Larry Flynt and Jerry Falwell, but better on both ends. Parker and Stone are FAR sharper tools than the old pornographer - and the Scientologists far more venal and despicable than a simple country preacher like Falwell."


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Tom Cruise Grooms Wealthy Jamie Packer

On March 28, 2006 the Daily Telegraph reported:,20281,18620798-5001025,00.html

Tom's a believer in need

HOLLYWOOD is pinning its hopes on Jamie Packer to pull the Church of Scientology out of financial distress, say US reports.

Heading the charge is celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise who has been grooming Packer to give his money - and now the proceeds of Kerry's empire - to the church, the New York Post reports.

Scientology is having difficulty attracting new members thanks to a growing celebrity trend towards Kaballah, the religion favoured by Madonna and - ironically - Packer's girl Erica Baxter.


Scientology preaches that alien souls, sent by evil alien lord Xenu, are trapped inside us and have to be removed using an "e-meter".

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Narconon Leona Valley Approval on Hold

On March 28, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

On Tuesday, March 28, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich will ask his fellow members of the Board of Supervisors to place a hold on the approval of Narconon's request to open a facility in Leona Valley, pending further review.

Antonovich's request will almost certainly be approved. Once that happens, a formal review will be scheduled. This most likely won't occur until summer, unless the matter is given special priority by the board.

Critics of Narconon should put this time to good use, to assure that the Board of Supervisors is fully informed of the problems with allowing an unaccredited cult-run drug rehabilitiation scam to set up shop in a rural community.


On March 29, 2006:

As expected, on March 28 the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors agreed to Supervisor Michael Antonovich's motion to delay approval of the Narconon Leona Valley facility and conduct a hearing into the matter.

A hearing date has not yet been set, but will probably be in June or July.

Narconon will be using this time to lobby, bribe, or threaten anyone it thinks might influence the board's decision. Critics of Narconon should be using the time to prepare persuasive arguments for the board, and to let them know what they will be up against when the hearing takes place.

Narconon has already demonstrated their strong-arm tactics by packing a town council hearing with Scientologist non-residents who shouted down a critic when he attempted to speak. You can read about this here: [see March 16 article]

No wonder Narconon (Scientology) hates the Internet.


"Barbara Graham" posted:

Regarding the Leona Valley proposed Narconon;

Dear Supervisor Antonovich,

I am writing you out of concern over the Narconon in Leona Valley proposal.

When Scientology proposed a Narconon here in San Diego County, I put in my application at the County Admin Building to speak in opposition.

A week before the hearing, two San Diego detectives from the Criminal Intelligence Unit appeared at my door! They were following up on an anonymous phone call, which reported my plans to "blow up the church of Scientology" here! The Criminal Intelligence Unit handles domestic terrorism cases. Who do you think would do something like that?

I was not intimidated; indeed, I sent the detectives away with a lot of information about Scientology's abuse of people and the law. Using our police department as their personal whacking stick is just offensive and wrong. Surely the Criminal Intel Unit has better things to do than chase around after Scientology's perceived enemies!

Mr. Antonovich, the Scientologists packed that meeting! They bussed people in from Newport Beach, Warner Springs and Arizona! They all had the same anecdotal information to share.

As you are no doubt aware, Narconon's drug education program was expelled from California public schools last year. A board of qualified medical personnel found it to be inaccurate, ineffective, unscientific and misinformative. The theories behind Narconon were soundly rejected.

The application of these theories, concocted by a science fiction writer/college dropout, are dangerous. People have suffered permanent liver damage from the toxic dosages of vitamins they administer. Furthermore, the excessively long sauna sessions have seriously disabled some clients.

Narconon has a history of ignoring the laws it agrees to uphold. There have been serious problems in Newport Beach, with neighbors being threatened, overcrowding, excessive noise and vehicular traffic.

In Warner Springs, there have been problems with clients tresspassing on private property, floodlights, noise and litter, including cigarette butts. Warner Springs is in the chapparal. Residents fear that some day, a wildfire will be started by Narconon clients smoking in the bushes out back.

No doubt, you have been flooded with letters of support from Scientologists. I hope you know the difference between anecdotal "it worked for me!" stories and documented information, such as found on these two well-researched websites:



From the Valley Press:

Antonovich: Rethink Scientology rehab center

This story appeared in the Antelope Valley Press on Tuesday, March 28, 2006.

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich wants the Board of Supervisors to reconsider plans approved for a Scientology-based drug rehab facility in Leona Valley.

In a motion expected to be approved at today's board meeting, Antonovich is requesting the board conduct a public hearing for Narconon Southern California's proposal to offer treatment to up to 66 clients at a time in Bouquet Canyon.

The proposal was OK'd by the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission on March 15, but the board could overturn the approval, add new conditions or allow the plan to go forward as approved.

On the morning of the Planning Commission hearing, the Leona Valley Town Council sent a letter indicating that the vast majority of respondents to a community poll opposed the plan. The item was on the commission's consent calendar, as it already had been approved in January.

Right up to the time the matter was brought up as a consent item with the planning commission, there was still a tremendous amount of very emotional correspondence as to the concerns and possible effects" of the rehab facility, said Norm Hickling, an Antonovich aide. Antonovich's 5th District includes the Antelope Valley.

"Some letters came in support," Hickling added. "Because there was such diversity of viewpoints, Supervisor Antonovich felt it necessary and prudent to call it up."

The Leona Valley Town Council letter said two informal surveys of the community showed 55 of 65 respondents did not support Narconon's plans, compared to eight who expressed support and two who had no opinion.


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Reports of Petty Abuse Confirmed

On March 28, 2006 "Chuck Beatty" reported:

One more person confirmed to me the petty physical abuse was real.

Then from another person I learned of a specific story where DM [David Miscavige] ordered another Int staffer to strike another Int staffer. The order was complied with, and the other Int staffer was struck. DM was there to see the order being complied with.

This sounds like a perfect example of the Milgram experiment:

I gathered this was several years ago, and not a 2005 nor 2006 incident though. More like 2003, my guess.


Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)

[contact information]

Messsage ID:

Non-Enturbulation Order

On March 28, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

[ASHOF Ethics Order 6276]

Dear Arnie,

Tonight I got a Goldenrod "non-enturbulation" order from the Dir I&R ASHOF. It would consider it an honor to have you post it on ARS for me.

My thanks to you for your efforts through all these years.

BTW, one of the threatening things I did was tell John Dunn (an old friend of mine from INCOMM) "Chuck Beatty said hello".


Here yah go:

ASHOF Ethics Order 6276 26 March 2006.


Johan xxxxxx

Johan is hereby placed under a Non-Enturbulation Order.

Johan has come up with a history of spreading lies about the Church of Scientology and its executives, as well as making threatening remarks to its staff.

Johan is therefore forbidden to enturbulate others and if one more report is received of Johan enturbulating anyone, an SP order will be issued forthwith.

PO2 Dagny Ghiora
Dir I&R ASHO Fdn

Authorized by


Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON

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TV Boosting Public Cult Awareness

On March 28, 2006 the Los Angeles Times reported:

[long link]

By Scott Collins

Could a CBS fall pilot be the next flashpoint in Hollywood's growing conflict with Scientology?

With Comedy Central's "South Park" in a fracas involving celebrity Scientologists Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes, CBS is scheduled to wrap shooting late this week on "Orpheus," a drama by writer and executive producer Nicholas Meyer ("Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan") about an organization that bears a striking resemblance to L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.

According to a copy of the script, "Orpheus" concerns Guy (Nicholas D'Agosto), a young would-be lawyer whose whirlwind romance with small-town siren Sue Ellen (Mena Suvari) sidetracks him into a shadowy, menacing group called "Grand Design," or GD. GD attracts new believers with a bestselling quasi-philosophical book akin to Hubbard's "Dianetics" and, like Scientology, uses a complicated ranking system for followers. GD-ers even boast of their exploits on behalf of victims of Hurricane Katrina, recalling similar missions publicized by Scientologists.


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Critics on Radio and TV

On March 29, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

[Arnie Lerma on radio show, Tommy Gorman, Gerry Armstrong and Pepper call in March 29th] [corrected url]


topics include, Woodstock, Hubbard the Nuclear Physicist, F, F, F, South Park, Space Cooties, Fair Game, harassment, L Ron Hubbard, Military Record, College Grades, David Miscavige's grades, Global Scams, Pyramid Schemes, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, RPF, Alestair Crowley, Satanism, Nazis, OSA, David Miscavige, David Miscavige's height, Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise's height, Non disclosure Agreements, Auschwitz, Paulette Cooper, Richard Leiby, Richard Behar, Pedophilia, The First Church of Xenu,,


On March 30, 2006 "Tory Christman" posted:

KROQ "The Kevin & Bean Show" ROCKS!

Today was a wild day:

I arrived last night to 2 e-mails re media today. I e-mailed both back and got a call at 7 am: "This is ___from The Kevin & Bean show at KROQ, is this Tory?" We talked briefly, and she said they've got a show going in 10 minutes, could I do it?

I said, "Yes, let's do it". It was live, and it rocked. They're terrific people, and asked me many questions about

silent birth, what do Scientologists believe, do they use medication,


Kevin asked me some questions at the break, and I was able to tell him some facts he didn't know (and no, OSA....sorry, I won't tell ya Go your best to black pr me and others! They're waiting :)

Great guys. If you get a chance, please drop them a line and thank them for just doing shows on Scientology, where critics get to tell why they left, what's up, etc.

Here's their e-mail address (and you KNOW Scientology will be e-mailing them telling them how horrible we all are!):

attention: Kevin & Bean

Keep up the great work, critics! More shows are being heard daily.

Happiness IS the ability to speak freely.......


On March 31, 2006 "Tory Christman" posted:

CBS e-mailed me last night that they wanted to do an interview.

I sent them the times I'd be available, and to my great surprise they called today! Not only did they call, they came out to my work and did a half hour interview!


I'll let ya know if it's worth putting on. My thanks to CBS for taking the time to learn what I had to say!

I told ya this was going to be a wild year, and so far in the last few days, the critics are rockin on the media lines. If any other media would like to speak to an X-Scientologist about "Silent Birth" or any other parts of Scientology, please give me a call. I have 30 Y E A R S of experience, despite C of S now trying to slime myself and other X's and critics. What else is new?

Oh well, keep promoting that 'church' angle. :)

And my greatest congratulations to the critics for our fantastic abilities to network! It's truly wild these days. My thanks to Andreas in Norway for connecting up CBS with me. How cool is that? More good things to come......Happy week-end!


On March 30, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

Yesterday (Wednesday, March 29) I appeared on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles to talk about and the ad I ran in last week's LA Weekly. You can see the ad here:

It says: "Thanks, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, for your expert advice on mental health. Elli Perkins was killed on March 13, 2003 but the schizophrenic son she was told to treat with vitamins instead of psychiatric care." It was signed "".

This was supposed to be a 10 minute interview, but we ended up going for 15 minutes, with no interruptions, and covered:

the murder of Scientologist Elli Perkins, by her schizophrenic Scientologist son Jeremy Perkins

the role of Scientologist osteopath Dr. Conrad Maulfair in the Perkins affair

Maulfair's role in the anti-psychiatry hate group CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights

past lives, whole track recall, and "false memory syndrome is a sacrament in Scientology"

the OT levels, Xenu, body thetans, and self-exorcism

Narconon being kicked out of the Los Angeles and San Franciso schoool districts for giving bogus information to kids

Narconon rehab being a total scam, using scientifically invalid and medically dangerous treatments (including high doses of vitamins) and lying about their success rates

And finally, to bring it all home:

Tom Cruise making public pronouncements urging people to not use appropriately-prescribed psychotropic medications is reckless and irresponsible, and he should be held accountable for the results.

All-in-all, a highly concentrated entehta-blast, delivered at 4:35 pm local time to tens of thousnads of listeners in Los Angeles. The hosts plugged my web site, and I plugged

No wonder Scientology hates the radio (and the Internet).

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Cult material nixed as medical advice in Israel

On March 31, 2006 the Haaretz (Israel) reported:

All attention on Odetta
By Anat Balint

A large number of complaints have reached the Second Television and Radio Authority in recent weeks following Odetta Schwartz's program that aired in mid-February on Channel 10. "I was horrified to hear Odetta saying in her outrageous way that Ritalin is a drug in every sense and all the talk about ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder] is nonsense," said one letter of complaint.

She referred her readers to Ilan Solomon, formerly a pharmacist at Superpharm and now a marketer of natural medications. Solomon has been very busy ever since Schwartz published his name and phone number in the paper.

A Haaretz investigation found that Schwartz's column was copied almost in its entirety from an article written by Solomon, who draws his inspiration from the writings of the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Solomon even noted at the end of his article that all rights are reserved to the International Church of Scientology. For years, the Church of Scientology has been waging a campaign against psychiatry that focuses primarily on treating attention deficit disorders with Ritalin. Schwartz herself refuses to address the question of whether she personally has adopted the tenets of Scientology. "I won't comment on that, because it's irrelevant," she says.


After I received complaints and looked into the matter, I ordered that the letter sent by several doctors be printed in full and together with the editor of the supplement, I decided that writing on this subject would stop." Later on, Dankner called Schwartz directly and informed her that he was barring her from dealing with the issue and that he would not allow Maariv to serve as a platform for Scientology.

The Second Television and Radio Authority's ombudsman, Giora Rosen, was unaware Schwartz was drawing her inspiration from the writings of Scientology, but ruled she had ostensibly violated the rules of ethics and the Second Television Law by providing medical advice on television without being authorized to do so.

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Flag Vibrator Instructions

On March 29, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

FLAG Order 3433, Instructions on Use of a Vibrator, can be viewed here:

Note that the recipient of these vibratory attentions is referred to as the "patient", not the "preclear". More evidence of Scientology's pretensions of medical practice. And how naive: "get an anatomy book for location and flow of nerves". Please! As if it were that easy.

No copyright notice on the document, either. How about that?


"Warrior" posted:

In Hubbard's early writings he referred to "patients" instead of "pre-clears", "therapists" instead of "auditors", and "therapy" instead of "auditing". Hubbard's HCO Policy Letter "Propaganda by Redefinition of Words" is an applicable policy letter. See

Guilty of practicing psychotherapy without a license, Hubbard decided to incorporate as a "church" because he saw the advantages of the "religious angle". is a scan of an actual Flag Order that was issued from the Flagship Apollo.

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