Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 14 - April 8 2006

Scientology a Model for Health Care Fraud

On April 7, 2006 the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported:

Ex-chiropractor to plead guilty in health care fraud case
By Torsten Ove

The jailed owner of the Hemorrhoid Relief Centers of Pittsburgh is set to plead guilty today in Columbus, Ohio, to multiple charges in connection with his role as an orchestrator of one of the largest health care fraud cases in the United States.

Markell D. Boulis, 45, a former chiropractor from Collier who ran seminars across the country designed to illegally boost revenue for chiropractic practices, has informed federal authorities that he will enter a plea in two federal cases in Pittsburgh and Columbus.

Federal prosecutors won't comment on pending cases, although they did confirm the anticipated plea.

Mr. Boulis' Texas lawyer couldn't be reached for comment.

Court papers indicate Mr. Boulis and the various corporate entities he controlled will admit to running a complex false billing scheme for hundreds of chiropractors from 1999 through 2003, when he went to jail for cocaine dealing in Cleveland that violated his probation from an old drug case outside Atlanta.

He also has indicated he will plead guilty to tax evasion and health care fraud in connection with his three Hemorrhoid Relief Centers in the region, which he ran with his wife, Angel.

He was indicted in that case in Pittsburgh in February while he continued to negotiate a plea with the U.S. attorney's office in Columbus in the much larger chiropractic scheme.

Before Mr. Boulis went to jail, he had been traveling the country as head of Practice Solutions, which he and Angel ran from the basement of their $600,000 house in the Nevillewood golf course community in Collier.

Much of the business was in Ohio; that's why the federal case developed out of Columbus.

Mr. Boulis patterned his company on Practice Mechanix, a firm he ran in South Florida with a fellow Scientologist, David Gorroway, until the two split in a money dispute in 2001. The men had based their seminars on business models taught by the Church of Scientology.


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Sexual Abuse Coverup

On April 1, "Simkatu" posted:
The Church of Scientology condones and covers up the molestation and rape of its minor children under the care of church staff.

Gabriel Williams is now listed in the Sex Offender registry of California.


Or if the above link is broken:

Also on October 2, 2005 the New York Post wrote the following article:


October 2, 2005 -- A FORMER Scientology staffer is breaking her silence about being sexually assaulted 100 times at ages 16 and 17 by the church supervisor she was "ordered" to live with, and then receiving threats and intimidating phone calls when she reported the abuse. Five years ago, Gabriel Williams, then a 27-year-old chief supervisor at the Church of Scientology in Mountain View, Calif., forced then-16-year-old Jennifer Stewart to have intercourse with him on the first evening she moved in, according to her statements in court records.

Check out the whole story at:


Read the complete police reports here:

No wonder the Church of Scientology hates the Internet!

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Scientology-related Video

"Grace Aaron" posted:


My name is Grace Aaron. My husband, Ken, and I were both declared suppressive by the Church of Scientology in the spring of 2000. Our son, Zachary, was pressured to disconnect from me, his mother, Ken, his father, and Johnny, his brother. We have had only minimal communication with him since that time.

We have done several interviews with other victims of the Scientology practise of disconnection. These videos can be accessed at:


Thanks to all of you who have given me feedback already. Many, many people have already viewed my interviews with Dave Sweetland, Patty Braine and Kelly Blanpied.

If you are a victim of religious shunning and would like to be interviewed please contact us by e-mail. Also, if any of you would be willing to be interviewed who have enforced, ordered or shunned another or others we would be very interested. We are in the Los Angeles area, so that is where the interview would take place. Religious shunning is practiced by other groups besides Scientology and we are more than willing to interview anyone who has experienced shunning related to any group.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of religious shunning (or perpetrator, for that matter) and would like us to post your story on our website but are not close enough to Los Angeles to be interviewed, please contact us. We can work with written communications, photos, home video, etc. The more people who speak out using their real names the better.

Again, thank you all for the encouragement, assistance and support. It is much appreciated.


"Neil C" posted:

from pigeon on

Short Scientology Documentary

hi i made this documentary about scientology as a 2nd year university project and thought i might post it here as some may find it intresting or entertaining.

its not great and if you start getting bored i pleed with you to stick to it for at least 3 and a half mins, also the creadits is quite entertaining any kind of feed back is welcome.

thank you


"Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

This guy went to Big Blue with his video camera. How long did it take before the Scientology security guards approached him? Seconds? Hours? Days? Never?


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Anti-Psych Propaganda a Smokescreen

On April 2, 2006 "Feisty" posted:

from your friends at

More than ten years ago author and FACTNet researcher Jon Atack noted similarities to Scientology processing in a book called "The Trauma of Birth" by Otto Rank, a German-speaking psychotherapist. A recent comparison of Rank's and Scientology founder Hubbard's texts has confirmed Atack's suspicions. Rank was a student of Sigmund Freud, whom Hubbard misleadingly credited as a source of his own work. On the topic of myths, Rank wrote about Ixion, which corresponds to Hubbard's Xenu story on the theme of murder, betrayal, eternal punishishment and a declaration of loyalty.

Scientology training and ethics likewise relates to "Science and Human Behavior" by B.F. Skinner. Skinner, an American behavioralist, was occasionally criticized for using rats and pigeons to predict behavior in humans. Among the animal tests Skinner reported upon were some that induced abulia. Abulia is the loss or impairment of the ability to make decisions or act independently. In contrast to Rank, Skinner minimized the role of human will as an inner causal agent for behavior.

L. Ron Hubbard obsessively condemned psychology and related sciences in an effort that successfully, during his lifetime, covered up the most likely sources of material for his confrontational mind control technology, Otto Rank and B.F. Skinner.

Capitalizing on Controversy and Confusion

The efforts to which Scientology's lawyers went to cover up advanced Scientology teachings about Xenu, the evil intergalactic overlord, are legendary. First, critics posted some of Scientology's secret teachings, which included the Xenu myth, to the Internet. As a result, Scientology lawyers used copyright violation as an excuse to take legal action against the critics. This included having critics' houses raided and hard drives confiscated. By doing this, the Scientologists confirmed that the Xenu story really was part of their secret teachings. After critics realized what happened, the chances of squelching the incident were zero. Scientology had effectively undone its own cover-up. Since most people do not give money to Scientology and so do not really care about Xenu, however, the big confrontation was and still is about the critics' freedom of speech.

more at

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To Sea Org Kids

On April 2, 2006 "Barbara Graham" posted:

Hey there.

Have you ever looked around you while walking around Los Angeles? Do you ever notice other kids your age, driving cars, shopping for clothes, enjoying a meal on a restaurant patio?

Some of them are devoted to saving the world, and dedicate some of their time to saving the environment, being politically active, adopting causes. But children, these kids aren't spending 99% of their time running on the Hamster Wheel to Toadle Freedom!

Youth is a time of discovery. Parties with friends, a day at the beach, your first car, dating, and learning what the real world is all about.

Have you ever been to the mountains or the desert? Or, is your time spent within the Scientology reality bubble?

So much of what Scientology is teaching you is not true. If you're reading this, it's possible that you, yourself have nagging doubts, but you keep them to yourself, don't you? Because you know what will happen if you dare to share them with a reports, Ethics, the RPF.

Kids, out in the real world, we have the right to speak out about things we feel aren't "right." Real communication means sharing your thoughts with others, and getting their input. I have met many ex-Scientologists. They are, like you, often intelligent people who misplaced their trust. One thing I think is interesting is, they all harbored these doubts. So, if there are things about the Sea Org that bother you, be assured that the people around you are also harboring doubts about Scientology, yet none of you dare to mention them for fear of reprisal.

This isn't freedom! The gate to the Auschwitz concentration camp had a message to the prisoners on it; 'Arbeit macht frei,' work makes you free. The Nazis twisted these words around, being in a concentration camp doing slave labor isn't freedom!

You are at a time in your life when you should be getting your first car and exploring the world around you. Like the song says, 'Nobody walks in L.A."

You should be playing at the beach. You should have your first job, and be earning your own money for toys like Ipods, computers, video games. You should have a dog. You should have real friends, who like you for who you are, friendship not dependant upon membership in a group.

Saving the world is a noble endeavor. But Scientology is a mock-up; the organization isn't really working in that direction. Deep down inside, you probably know this, but you don't want to know. Your youth is being stolen. Many members, when they finally leave, are in their 20s and 30s. You can never get the time back when you are free to explore the world. You'll be spit out as an adult into the real world, with no skills, no connections, no friends. It's harder as you get older.


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A look at 2005 Completion Stats

On April 2, 2006 "Krist Wachter" posted:

The very first glance at 2005 stats can now be found here:

I've given a quick glimpse of tallies for Celebrity, Freewinds, and Source, including the first three pretty graphs.

There is much more to come, ...


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Celebrity Freebies from Georgia Congresswoman

On April 3, 2006 WSB-TV in Georgia reported:
[corrective link and title to article, original changed]

Rep. Cynthia McKinney admits that she broke government rules by spending money to fly a celebrity to Atlanta.

Channel 2 Action News has uncovered documents showing McKinney, D-Ga., spent about $1,000 of taxpayer's money to fly singer Isaac Hayes to Georgia to help dedicate a new office in Atlanta.

The money came from a fund members of Congress are supposed to use for office supplies.

Using the money to pay for Hayes' airline ticket and hotel expenses is a violation of strict congressional rules.


Watchdog groups call taxpayer-funded celebrity travel a blatant waste of taxpayer money.

McKinney staffers say they will reimburse the congressional fund for the cost of Hayes' flight and hotel room.


"Moontaco" posted:

I don't know that she is directly involved in Scientology, but it's worth a closer look. A search through old ARS posts comes up with these mentions:

1997 George magazine mentioned her as a congresswoman who was critical of Germany's policy re Scientology (says she was alerted to the situation by Isaac Hayes):

In 2001, Hayes testified about Scientology and religious freedom before a House subcommittee at the invitation of McKinney:

This has reminded me of the situation in St. Louis, when an article critical of Applied Scholastics was pulled from the St. Louis Argus after the publisher was taken to a CoS "headquarters" to meet Isaac Hayes: and

They seem to have used Hayes to influence black people who can help them. I bet it has happened more often than just these two times.


"Tilman Hausherr" posted:

She's a scientology puppet.

Title: Expressing the sense of the Congress with respect to the discrimination by the German Government against members of minority religious groups, particularly the continued and increasing discrimination by the German Government against performers, entertainers, and other artists from the United States associated with Scientology.

Hayes croons about Scientology on Hill

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Baritone crooner Isaac Hayes, who has a home in Atlanta, was in Washington last week on the invitation of Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.). Hayes came to testify about Scientology, religious discrimination and religious freedom before the House international operations and human rights subcommittee, for which McKinney is ranking Democrat


"Moontaco" posted:

A blogger posted about this today--and he quotes from the transcript of the hearing where Hayes spoke. Here's the link:


"Flip" posted:

Hi, Folks. This is the blogger in question. A lot of that info I got from chasing down leads linked to and discussed in this thread, so thanks! Anything else you come across would be very helpful in continuing to try to get this story told in full.


"Feisty" posted:

Looks like Project Celebrity/Politician

On McKinneys website:

"Cynthia held three Hip Hop Powershops featuring Kevin Powell, Afeni Shakur, Li'l Zane, and media executives."

Tupac Shakur is the son of Afeni Shakur and here is a website that pays tribute to him. (He was shot in 1996.) Youth for Human Rights International has been producing hip hop music videos and Isaac Hayes appears in them:



"Ida Camburn" posted:

The mention of Cong. Maxine Waters reminded me of this letter I wrote with regard to a Calif.bill which was defeated. Waters was in the Calif. Assembly at that time. I also wonder at this time if she is one of the National Foundation Women Legislature . IN that she seems to have no problem with destructive cults I wonder is she is getting attention from their treasurer Bruce Wiseman OT8.

Copy of letter dated 9-12-1980 to:
The Honorable Gov.Jerry Brown
State Capitol
Sacramento, Ca. 95814

Dear Governor Brown:

My letter to you is to ask that you veto the Petris bill (SB1493) which would strip our Attorney Genral of his powers to protect the people of this state. I feel this bill needs much further study. I attended the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing and was appalled by the lack of attention given to the people who opposed this bill. The prime concern was to get this hearing over with so they could proceed to the next bill.

The problem of protecting the pubic without trampling upon constitutional principles, separating church and state was met satisfactorily for thirty years by Section 9505 of the State Corporation Code. Perhaps the new section 9320 should be amended to some degree. In view of the fact one year and a half of careful study by a committee of legislators, lawyers and clergymen I find it frightening that SB1493, following heavy lobby by Synanon and World Wide Church of God should be rushed to your desk with little or no thought as to the effect this will have on the public.

In my opinion SB1493 gives those with religious licenses the freedom to lie, to cheat and to steal without an answer to anyone. This bill gives an open invitation to those in other states to bring their groups here without the worry of investigation for any act. I understand the first amendment rights of our Constitution -my right to a belief is protected, however the practice of that belief can be questioned. SB1392 removes the right of the Attorney General to question --this his right to provide me with protection.

Sincerely ,
Ida Watson Camburn

This was an interesting day. Henrietta Crampton along with some members of the Berkely parent group attended. I recall vividly Willie Brown and Maxine Waters giggling and visiting through most of the testimony and throwing the packets that were given to them to read on the floor. Below is a clip from a speech given by the late and honorable Jolly West.

lectures on "Cult Phenomenon - Mental Health, Legal and Religious Implications" The entire speech is on

Many respectable religious organizations took great pains to press the Petris bill through to the final passage by the legislature, even bringing a legal expert from Harvard and an executive of the National Council of Churches to testify for it. What was the result of the passage of that bill? Well, here's one example. When machine guns were found in the possession of Hare Krishna members, the Petris Bill made it impossible for investigators to check the Krishna records to see if the guns were purchased with money collected at the airport. In fact there is some who say that if the Petris Bill had been law, before the Peoples Temple had moved to South America, Jonestown might have happened in Mendocino County

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Xenu in the News

[Interview with Xenu]

A link was posted to the "First Church of Xenu" website [mp3 file]


"Dave Touretzky" posted:

From the April 1, 2006 edition of Carnegie Mellon's newspaper, The Tartan: [pdf file]

by Ginger Snapp
Assistant to the Director

Xenu, former leader of the Galactic Confederacy that once included Earth and a junior H&SS [Humanities & Social Sciences] major, has recently become a star of Carnegie Mellon s tennis team. Xenu has made steady progress on the team since joining during his first year, all the more impressive considering Xenu was revived from 75 million years of stasis only five years ago, according to his coach L. Ron Johnson. "Xenu is one of our most improved players this season, Johnson said. He has a great career ahead of him, whether he decides to pursue the sport professionally or go back to being ruler of the Confederacy."

One of Xenu's signature moves lately has been what he calls his "thetan serve," during which he disorients his opponent by instantaneously lowering their thetan levels. The player comes back to life just in time to realize that they just missed the serve. The player's Operating Thetan Levels (OTLs) have usually become affected Mellon's team a hefty advantage this season. According to Johnson, the thetan levels of Duquesne, Franklin & Marshall, and Case Western s teams have been nearly obliterated.

"Xenu has really saved our team this season, said teammate Eddie Chin. It s a good thing he found his way out of that mountain fortress, or we would have been creamed this year!" Xenu is optimistic about once again obtaining control of this sector of the galaxy. But for the time being, he's focusing on the team and his studies of intellectual property law. "We've got some really good guys here," he said. "My OTL trick just lets their talents shine through, really. They're the ones who deserve the credit."

Editor s note: We are sad to report that this will be the final contribution by Ginger, who has been fired due to his death from pneumonia. In lieu of flowers, Ms. Snap would have wanted donations sent to the Annual Scandal Issue, which desperately needs to make rent and legal fees this month.

[ photo: see p. 7 of ]
Courtesy of

Full Name: Xenu (sometimes goes by Xemu )
Age: 75,000,038
Hometown: The Pyrenees mountains, Teegeeack
College/Major: H&SS; Policy & Management

On page 5 of the same issue of Carnegie Mellon's newspaper, The Tartan: [pdf file]

A funny article about Scientology promoting a mixture of "intelligent design" (by space aliens) and other wacky New Age nonsense.

But you have to check out the graphic of L. Ron Hubbard wearing a t-shirt with the Scientology double-triangle logo, in front of a blackboard. And guess what they use for a "Z-meter" ?

I don't know anyone on the editorial staff at the Tartan, and I had nothing to do with these spoof articles. But judging from the newspaper coverage, I'm getting the feeling that the CMU student body is really disgusted with Scientology right now.

What could have brought that on?


From the Orbitcase:

Scientology Condemns Satellite Radio Industry

The Church of Scientology has officially condemned both SIRIUS Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio and their operations; claiming that the SDARS signal interferes with an invisible force field, and more specifically the eternal battery powering it, that currently imprisons Xenu in his mountain prison.

The Evil Ex-Ruler of the Galactic Confederacy, Xenu (or Xemu), was imprisoned over 75 million years ago within a mountain - some believe on the planet of Teegeeack (Earth) - after he stacked hundreds of billions of frozen victims around Earth's volcanoes before blowing them up with hydrogen bombs and brainwashing them with a "three-D, super colossal motion picture" for 36 days


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South Park Episode Lives and receives Peabody Award

On April 4, 2006 reported:

'South Park' Episode Lives

Scientology Story Line Thrives Online as Comedy Central Looks the Other Way

The now-infamous Scientology episode of "South Park" is out of the closet.

Since Comedy Central pulled the repeat of the episode "Trapped in the Closet" from its schedule last month, the episode has nevertheless been available to viewers online, where fans posted it in droves on file-sharing sites.

On alone, versions of "Closet" posted during the past two months have generated more than 700,000 views, according to data on the site last Thursday.

An online petition on garnered more than 5,000 signatures to protest the network's pulling the episode and linked to the episode on, an anti-Scientology site.

Though big media companies such as NBC Universal and CBS Corp. have thrown their weight against YouTube in recent weeks over its illegal use of copyrighted video, MTV Networks' Comedy Central, which like CBS is owned by Viacom, has so far looked the other way at the online proliferation of the controversial "South Park" episode, just as it has with bootlegging of the hot-button show in the past. An MTV Networks spokesman confirmed the company has not asked YouTube to pull the show, but declined further comment for this report.

By staying mum, in effect allowing unauthorized play of a copyrighted Comedy Central television show, Comedy Central executives appear to be coming out winners.

Fans Flock to Premiere

The new media-assisted fan rebellion against the removal very well may have helped the network's ratings. The first "South Park" episode to follow the flap, the 10th-season premiere "The Return of Chef," was the show's highest-rated season premiere since 2002 and up 21 percent over last year, according to Nielsen Media Research. Also, the show is selling briskly on iTunes-last week the season premiere was No. 4 in video sales, according to iTunes.

"The vibe is the programming is doing really well, iTunes is doing well, and we know our quality is better than on the file-sharing sites," one MTV Networks source said. "So from what we can see, it's not impacting our sales."

Such postings technically constitute a violation of the show's copyright. But according to sources within MTV Networks and Comedy Central, the company does not mind the online proliferation of the show.

That the Scientology furor has actually benefited Comedy Central plays in stark contrast to how the network appeared to have fared in media reports after yanking the episode.

The move was widely considered to be a result of a decision high up the Viacom ladder and against the wills of executives at Comedy Central and of "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. This made the Comedy crew appear powerless, and it compromised the bold, irreverent reputation the network had earned in the days when it was operated more independently, as a co-venture of Viacom and Time Warner.

The episode in question, which originally ran in November, mocked Scientology's tenets and depicted one of the religion's most notable practitioners, actor Tom Cruise, as having locked himself in a closet for various plot reasons. In the days last month before Comedy Central planned to televise the repeat, "South Park" cast member and Scientologist Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef, quit the show in protest.

A few days later, Comedy Central canceled a planned rerun of the episode. Industry blogs speculated that Comedy Central was forced to pull the show because Mr. Cruise was displeased with the episode. Mr. Cruise is in the upcoming Paramount film "Mission: Impossible III." Paramount, like Comedy Central, is owned by Viacom. The movie star's spokesman has denied the charge.


"Trapped in the Closet" first appeared on YouTube in February. Julie Supan, senior director of marketing for the site, said YouTube does not police the content of its service because more than 35,000 videos are posted daily. "We rely on the content providers to alert us to what is unauthorized video," she said.

Online Viewing Matters

Though the "Closet" episode's half-million-plus YouTube views may not be enough to rank it among the site's top videos, most viral clips run anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes-much shorter than a 22-minute "South Park" episode. Also, last season of "South Park" averaged about 2.6 million viewers, making a half-million online views significant.

In mid-March, YouTube pulled a full-length copy of "Trapped in the Closet" from its Web site and said it was instituting a policy of banning material more than 10 minutes long. When site visitors clicked on the thumbnail for the video, a message read "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

"The technology basically forbids uploading anything longer than 10 minutes," Ms. Supan said.

Yet, last Thursday a full 22-minute episode of "Trapped in the Closet" was back up on the site.

Ms. Supan asked a reporter for a link to the video so she could remove it."


"" posted:

That's my video they pulled too the wankers... that's why I moved to


On April 5, 2006 the New York Times reported:

`South Park' Wins Peabody Award

Comedy Central's ''South Park'' won its first Peabody Award on Wednesday, winning praise from judges as TV's boldest, most politically incorrect satirical series.

Two Gulf Coast stations that stayed on the air throughout Hurricane Katrina won awards as well, and CNN and NBC were also honored for their coverage of the deadly storm.


The George Foster Peabody Awards, for broadcasting excellence in both news and entertainment, are given annually by the University of Georgia. Thirty-two awards will be handed out June 5 in New York, hosted by two-time recipient Jon Stewart, who anchors Comedy Central's ''The Daily Show.''

''South Park'' was praised as a show that ''pushes all the buttons, turns up the heat and shatters every taboo,'' Peabody Awards Director Horace Newcomb said. ''Through that process of offending it reminds us of the need for being tolerant.''


The winners were announced at the University of Georgia in Athens. The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia has administered the Peabodys since the program's inception in 1940.

On the Net:


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Earthlink Founder Sky Dayton

On April 4, 2006 "JFH" posted a story from

Ah, this is why you shouldn't run tech from Hollywood. A friend of Valleywag was browsing Rolling Stone's Scientology article (to ogle at Tom Cruise and maybe catch a peek of Beck, natch) when he stumbled on this:

Scientologists run a number of boarding schools around the country, including the prestigious Delphian School, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, which counts Earthlink founder Sky Dayton among its graduates.

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Revealing Tom Cruise Interview

On April 5, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted a comment received from a Scientologist and url to a Tom Cruise interview:

Hi Arnie:

It would be a good idea to put this in ARS, so people can see Tom Cruise's point of view as well. After I read that, I felt really sorry for him. He is a victim that is being betrayed by the Cult. Scientology offered him an "fake cure" for his dyslexia.

Poor Tom has no idea how he is being used.


(A long time scientologist)
(Please remove my name)

Tom Cruise's Revealing New Interview

As superstar TOM CRUISE awaits the arrival of both his first child with bride-to-be KATIE HOLMES as well as his highly anticipated blockbuster flick 'Mission: Impossible III,' he gets candid about his dyslexia, his volatile relationship with his father and his own childhood.


The headline-making celebrity says the poor treatment actually taught him a lot. "It was a great lesson in my life -- how he'd lull you in, make you feel safe and then, bang!" he says. "For me it was like, 'There's something wrong with this guy. Don't trust him. Be careful around him.' There's that anxiety."

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Tom says he did see his father one last time -- after a 10-year estrangement -- while he was terminally ill. "He was in the hospital dying of cancer, and he would only meet me on the basis that I didn't ask him anything about the past," he says. "When I saw him in pain, I thought, 'What a lonely life.' He was in his late 40s. It was sad."

The A-lister also opens up about his battle with dyslexia and recalls how perplexing it was for him to receive the diagnosis.

"The school took me to a psychiatrist to get tested," he says. "They said, 'Oh, he's dyslexic.' I'm labeled. It instantly put me into confusion. It was an absolute affront to my dignity."

It made him determined to get to the bottom of the condition. "I remember thinking, 'I've got to figure this out. What's normal? Am I normal? Who's to say what's normal?' I didn't understand what 'normal' is. It still doesn't make sense."


Dear Mr Cruise,,

Give me a call at [phone number] and I'll try to explain what happened to you...

Arnie Lerma


"l.l.lipshitz" posted:

tom keeps telling this tale but i find it hard to swallow. it's possible, of course, but i don't think it's very likely. firstly, what school, especially 35 years ago when tom was diagnosed, sends its students to a psychiatrist? did the school pay for the visit? did they have a psych on staff, or call one in for a special consult?

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Israeli School teaching Hubbard Tech

On April 5, 2006 "Roger Gonnet" posted:

April 3, 2006,, Israeli News

(translated from russian. Thanks for the work done!)


Children studying Scientology textbooks in Kiryat Shmona schools Gilad Grosman, Maariv, April 3, 2006

In two elementary schools in the city of Kiryat Shmona - A-Maginim and Korchaka -- children are given study material written by Scientology and Dianetics sect founder Ron L. Hubbard. It is remarked that the Education Ministry prohibits the distribution by schools of study material that supports the ideology of religious sects.

This is in reference to the book "Learning how to Learn," written by Hubbard. The book is based on the teachings of Scientology, and its use in Kiryat-Shmona schools was allowed by Ofra Stein, local inspector of the Ministry of Education.

Representatives from school offices claim that they are not teaching children according to Hubbard's system, but are only giving them basic concepts. "We know that part of the instruction is based on Hubbard's book, but it should be stated that this was permitted by the local inspector," said the head of the Korchaka School parents committee, Saadiya Xelsi. "We are acting in cooperation with the inspector and with the permission of the Ministry of Education."

Nisim Weitsman, head of the education office for the municipality of Kiryat-Shmona, said, "I don't see any harm in this. The school is giving lessons in a program that is based on Hubbard's book, but this has no connection with Scientology." As he said, this was about a system of study based on three principles: intense work with words, the study of understanding complex things and understanding the consequences of events.

The Ministry of Education said that the program of study had not been officially confirmed, and promised to check up on the matter within the near future. Concerning Kiryat-Shmona schools the Education Ministry explained, "The instructional program had to have been approved by the pedagogic secretariate. The program for Kiryat-Shmona school has not been authorized by the appropriate organizations. We will look into the issue immediately and will act in accordance with the results of our findings.

The Israeli Dianetics and Scientology Center reported that the activity being conducted in the Kiryat-Shmona school has no connection with the sect.

Comments included:

I was told by a high school teacher here that she received a package of clam "lesson plans." Somebody else posted that here earlier. When I mentioned it, she said she'd received one, with a couple videos.

They're trying to sneak in under the barricades, just like the VMs did at Ground Zero in NYC. They know that administrators won't go for it, so they do the back door approach by hitting up individual teachers.

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Berry deposed by cult lawyers

On April 5, 2006 "Grahab Berry" posted:

April 4, 2006 was one of those rare early spring days in Los Angeles, when April sun showers have been replaced by major downpours, flash floods and traffic chaos. The city was already in a funk from the night before; when the Florida Gators snatched victory from the UCLA Bruins in the NCAA finals, 65-63. Add to that a heavy spring storm, drivers who are helpless and hopeless when there is even a drop of moisture, and it was a day when sensible folk who could, just stayed home. I would have stayed home too, if the Church of Scientology had not required otherwise.

Using now demonstrable blackmail, bribery, perjury and other corruption, Church of Scientology in-house lawyer Kendrick L. Moxon had obtained a $28,000 sanctions order against me, from U.S District Court Judge Christina A. Snyder (who has been 'randomly assigned' all of the recent Scientology-related cases), for daring to allege that Moxon had engaged in a pattern of criminal activity; now clearly true after the subsequent damning Cipriano, Hurtado and Apodeca testimony. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had a background in satanic rituals and once described himself as "the Devil." Truly, Rick Moxon is "the Devil's Advocate." See, Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide:

In fact, Moxon was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the "stipulation of evidence" in U.S. v. Hubbard which resulted from the largest ever known criminal infiltration and burglary of the United States government.
The Church of Scientology committed it as part of its' still on-going "Operation Snow White." Moxon was named for providing false documents and statements to the F.B.I. Moxon then became a California and Virginia lawyer and engaged in even greater and continuing criminal and unethical behavior. For example, he used Robert Cipriano, Michael Hurtado, Anthony Apodeca and others in a scheme of blackmail, bribery, corruption and perjury to successfully take away my career, home, car, retirement prospects, friends and former life.
See the Vexatious Litigant Hearing Transcript:

It has been said that Moxon also sought to drive me into living in the street and to suicide. He failed at that, but he has caused me on-going mild depression and social isolation. And that succeeded in making me available as an expert resource to the many media outlets commencing their research for a story on the Church of Scientology; the "Thriving Cult of Blackmail, Crime and Fraud," as the May 6, 1991 issue of Time Magazine wrote.

The litigation head of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, Neil Levin, had been writing to others accusing me of "covertly causing trouble for Scientology." Amazing. Who needs to do it covertly? Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, 'South Park' and James Packer (the cult's new Australian money man) are causing the world's most "dangerous cult" and "psycho-terror organization" enough trouble without my needing to engage in "covert" media activity.
On Katie Holmes, and "A Dianetic Birth," see:

Despite that, Moxon had spent the past three weeks showering me with multiple copies of an "Order to Appear for Examination" as a judgment debtor in Pattinson v. Church of Scientology; debtor's exam or Church espionage and data mining "cycle of action"? It was the Church's founder who wrote: "The purpose of the law suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway...would generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin utterly." I am Exhibit A for that particular copyrighted and tax exempt religious practice. Scientology cult lawyer Samuel Rosen, Esq., had argued in obtaining the Pattinson sanctions against me: "Berry has to be stopped, with whatever it takes." But later cult attorney Eric Lieberman, Esq. would complain to U.S. District Court Judge Christina A. Snyder: "Berry, like Lazarus, has risen from the dead." However, on this wet Los Angeles afternoon I would have preferred being 'dead to the world' before a television movie and a radiant heater than to be driving down the Santa Monica Freeway to the United States District Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

It was 2 PM when I checked in with the clerk in the courtroom of U.S. Magistrate Stephen Hill. Is he the cult's new judge in their pocket I wondered? "I'm here to be examined by the criminal cult of Scientology," I said to the clerk. She smiled sweetly and requested my business card. I saw Moxon and his Scientology Office of Special Affairs "handler" sitting with the others waiting for the Magistrate Judge to take the bench. "A very wet day for Body Thetans and Clusters," I called across to Moxon and his "handler." They slid lower into their seats and muttered to each other.


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City Monitoring Unfinished Clearwater Building

On April 6, 2006 the Clearwater Citzen reported:

Scientologists say they'll finish work on building

The Church of Scientology intends to comply with a city Code Enforcement edict that it finish outside work on its new flag building on Fort Harrison Avenue.

The $50 million building, intended to house the church's ministerial training and spiritual counseling sessions with students from around the world, was started in 1999. Work halted in 2003 with only the outside walls completed.

On March 22 the city Code Enforcement Board issued an ultimatum after local officials had received complaints about the growing amount of trash and weeds that were littering the grounds around the huge, slate-gray edifice.

The church must obtain new permits to complete the outside of the building and its grounds within 90 days and finish work to the city's satisfaction within 180 days or face $250 a-day fines.

A Church of Scientology spokesperson, Pat Harney, said Monday that the church fully intends to meet the city deadlines and actually resume work on the building's interior during 2006.

"If you look around Clearwater at all of our buildings, they are all nice-looking," said Harney. "We fully intend to maintain our standards but, after all, it is a construction site."


The church calls the building its flag nuilding, referring to the goal of making it stand out from the rest of the denomination's fleet.

"In 1975, church management and our advanced religious retreat were located on a ship," said Harney. "When we became too large, management looked for the ideal location on land. That became Clearwater.

"In 1982, church management moved to Los Angeles. In Clearwater, we have continued to grow and currently have 25 different properties in the larger Clearwater area."


Kevin Garriott, a Clearwater building official, said that, as of April 4, the church had not yet applied for the permits to resume work on the outside of the building.

"There have been some talks but no official action yet," he said.

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Brainwashing Price Update

On April 7, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

Got some updated CoS prices for 2006 here:

Appreciate ideas on how to update the page and make it simpler for visitors to Operation Clambake.

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A Scientology Propagandist

On April 8, 2006, "Tory Christman" posted:

Joel Phillips ...when he's being actually quite a nice guy, or at least he seemed so when I knew him while I was "In" the Cult.

Granted, I only met him at the very end, when he joined the group we named, "The Scientology Parishioners League" I cannot say I knew him long. But while I knew him, he seemed like a nice guy.

The Vice Pres of C of S, Janet Weiland, had appointed me "Executive Director" of this group, in 2000, and it was set up to "Handle the bad press about Scientology".

Ok, so after I woke up, I called Joel to say, "I'm leaving the "church" spit! of Scientology, and you're now the ED of SPL. He laughed, thinking I was kidding. Obviously I wasn't.

Now, years later, OSA has created their hate page: RFW, and low and behold, Joel Phillips proudly says it's HIS site.

I know it isn't, as there's no way he'd have access to that many lies about people. Scientology uses people's information which they get from folders and then twist things around to make them sound way worse than they are, or PI's, or just out and out made up flat out lies such as mine, and no doubt many others. They then post it as "Fact". As I said, they use PI's, they use their families---like my x-husband, to convince him those lies were "true". He then called me to proclaim what he now saw as "True" (Even though there was and is ZERO proof of any of the flat out lies). I called him on it telling him he could tell Bill Yaude (Who I knew was in on this bogus story), where he could shove it. Sure enough, three days later it was plastered up on their hate page as "Fact".

Ok, so tonight I went to the movies in Hollywood, and the Egyptian Theater is beyond the Scientology Testing Center. As I walked by, guess who was out there with the tacky card tables, out on the sidewalk (as their building is STILL Gutted)--- running the kids doing the Stress Tests? Good ol head of OSA's Libel pages (per his words): Joel Phillips.

It's Friday night, and Joel Phillips, used to be "Successful business man" is now out running the phony stress tests on the folding tables outside on the sidewalk? They had one or two people roped into doing them...but people now know their con. The gigs UP.

As I walked by I said, "Hi Joel!"

He looked up a deer caught in the headlights, and I just kept on going. I had somewhere to go, and I had no intentions of wasting time trying to talk to his Plexiglas (defensive walls built up so he cannot hear the truth) he has surrounding himself.

And to think that's what Scientology calls an "OT". Barf!

WAKE UP, Joel Phillips...will ya? You can't even find out the truth. How sad is that.


Tory/Magoo Dancing in the moonlight

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Operations Clambake almost 10 years old

On April 8, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

An anniversary party is planned in Norway November 11th 2006:

Suggestions have been made to push the date forward to fit more with the holiday period and a better Norwegian climate. August would be a good month to accommodate both.

My question is if there are any more or fewer who will come if the event date is changed? Please post here or e-mail me at: [e-mail address]

PS: An anniversary CD is also planned, still open for artistic contributions:

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