Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 17 - April 29 2006

Visions from "The Profit"

This week on a.r.s. critics of Scientology were caught up between support for an anti-Scientology movie and support for cult smear tactics to eradicate any possibility that the movie be seen. Years ago millionaire Bob Minton financed "The Profit", a movie whose biggest success, to put it kindly, was in having Scientology stop it. In an unprecedented move to keep Minton from finding out what happened to his investment, representatives of "The Profit" promoted adversarial, erroneous assumptions against its investor. This past week a legal representative of "The Profit" appears to have used similar innuendo against Operation Clambake. Specifically, (if the lawyer's "courtesy" letter is genuine), Operation Clambake operator Heldal-Lund was urged, although he never claimed to have a copy of "The Profit", to return alleged copies of the movie. The lawyer further urged Norwegian Heldal-Lund to comply so as to avoid an embarassing international situation with the U.S. State Department, etc.

Heldal-Lund, who has experience with derogatory insinuations from a cult in purported defense of copyright, put the matter up for discussion.

On April 27, 2006 "Tardis Box" posted " News; Peter Alexander/Luke Lirot give Legal Notice to Andreas Hilda-Lund" from News"

April 20 2006
Two almost identical legal notices from a lawyer claiming to represent Mr. Peter Alexander was received by e-mail today. It is likely to refer to the following post to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology:

"What if there was to be a special closed screening of The Profit at the Operation Clambake 10 years anniversary?"
[end snip]

[long link]

Legal Notice to Andreas Hilda-Lund [sic] (original format)
Reply-To: [...]
From: "Jessica" [...]
To: "Andreas Hilda-Lund" [sic] [...]
Subject: Formal Legal Notice
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 15:43:47 -0400
Organization: Luke Charles Lirot, P.A.
Message-ID: 000001c664b2$bf408230$8ba2fdd8@Rebecca


April 20, 2006


Andreas Hilda-Lund [sic]
Tanager, Norway

Dear Mr. Hilda-Lund, [sic]

My Law Office represents Mr. Peter Alexander, screenwriter, director and owner of the copyrights for the film titled "The Profit." As managing member of Courage Productions, LLC., it has been brought to my attention that you are advertising on the internet that you will be showing the aforementioned film in the near future. While my Client has great respect for you and truly appreciates your efforts in your activities involving Scientology, the exhibition of "The Profit" without appropriate approval would have very adverse consequences on the desire to exhibit the film internationally to a much larger audience. My client totally supports you and your work, but please do not work against him by showing this unfinished film. I will explain our position as follows.

Since my client owns the rights to the film and has not provided you a copy, we can only safely assume that you have an improperly obtained copy. Please be advised that no one, including financial investors, is able or authorized to legally copy or distribute copies of the film. This leaves the only conclusion that your copy, or any copy that you have access to, has been unlawfully obtained or illegally copied and distributed.

Considering your position in the anti-Scientology community, I am confident that you are also aware of the injunction placed on the film by a court of law in the United States, preventing the exhibition of the film without court approval. This fact, as well as the above stated position regarding ownership of the copyrights, puts my client in the unfortunate position of formally demanding that you do not exhibit "The Profit," or any segment thereof, unless and until you are given legal authority to do so,

Whereas your internet activities of posting allegedly copyrighted "documents" from the Church of Scientology is apparently meant to expose the dangers you and others believe are inherent in the continued existence of Scientology, violating copyrights on a movie that was paid for and created as a commercial and profit-making venture is a completely different issue, governed and protected by international laws. Your stated intention to show this film can only be viewed as an attempt to tortiously interfere with a commercial enterprise as well as diluting the profit potential of the film, not to mention damaging the impact that international exhibition of the film would have in furtherance of free expression and social comment.

Based on the foregoing, we must request that you return any copies you have of this film and if you claim not to have a copy, please indicate how you were planning to obtain a copy for the showing that you have advertised. We do not want to be put in the position of notifying the authorities in Norway about this situation, or have to seek the assistance from our State Department in order to invoke international copyright and other laws. This letter is sent as a courtesy and a sincere request that you will "do the right thing,"


Luke Lirot, Esq.
Attorney and Counselor at Law



I read nothing, on the ARS thread in question, which Andreas believes "likely" as source of concern for the Legal Notice, to see *any* justification for that Legal Notice being sent. If the Notice is in reference to something other than what Andreas believes was written by him, as source for the Notice, than I'd like to know what Luke Lirot is referring when claiming that rogue 'Copies' of The Profit might exist which could be in possession of that should to be delivered to Mr. Lirot's office if Andreas does have such pirated copies.



"Quaoar" responded, in part:


The point is Lirot's using a nuclear notice in response to a simple question posted on OCMB. The response shows a certain level of paranoia completely out of context to the simple question.



Dave Touretzky posted:


Tikk got it exactly right. Peter Alexander is in real danger of being raped yet again by Scientology if they can convince one of the corrupt Pinellas judges that he violated a still-in-force injunction -- or through inaction allowed a violation to take place. And that injunction, as written, applies worldwide. (It may well be unconstitutional, but at present it has not been overturned.) Andreas may be in Norway, but Peter is still in Tampa, well witihin the cult's reach.

Luke Lirot went to extraordinary lengths in his letter to praise Andreas and express Peter's admiration for him. It really is much more eloquent and gracious than a phone call. And, as tikk pointed out, it's in print and on the record, which is what Peter needs should CoS ask for a "show cause" hearing for a contempt citation.



Andreas Heldal-Lund posted:

I just want to make one important point here: I have actually _never_ claimed I had a copy of the movie and I have _never_ said I would show it. However, the e-mails received from Lirot writes as if I have made such claims. I must admit I don't like that, no matter what else it says.



Andreas Heldal-Lund posted:


Some quotes from Lirot:

"you are advertising on the internet that you will be showing the aforementioned film"

"we can only safely assume that you have an improperly obtained copy"

"This leaves the only conclusion that your copy, or any copy that you have access to"

"Your stated intention to show this film"

"for the showing that you have advertised."

You can argue the legal/lawyer 'way of writing', but he's not writing to a lawyer. He is misrepresenting what I have actually written and it even seems like he hasn't read my original post. He fails to properly take in account that there has not been a claim of any sort. All I posted was a hypothetical question. While I recognize his job is to protect his client, he does not start off with a good foot here. I expect him to be able to protect his client without misrepresenting me.


Even if a copy of this movie surfaces at the anniversary party or not, this topic is worth debating. I've learned a lot from the discussions here and elsewhere, and my actions and opinions now have a better foundations and a wider perspective. Thanks for that.


On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 21:49:35 -0400, "tikk" wrote:


It's true, lawyers use scary words. But the Lirot letter was not an attack in any sense. It merely asserted what was necessary to protect his client's rights under the circumstances. Nor did Lirot even make a single assumption, much less an an erroneous one.



Tardis Box responded to "tikk" on Sat, 29 Apr 2006 04:28:19

Legal Notice Extract:

Since my client owns the rights to the film and has not provided you a copy, we can only safely *assume* that you have an improperly obtained copy. "


Message-ID: 44527719$
Message-ID: 4452c62c$

Lisa McPherson case not settled

One of the visions arising from discussion about "The Profit" is publication of the non-settlement of the Lisa McPherson case. This contradicted previous newspaper reports.


"Zinj" posted:


The SP Times announced a settlement more than a year ago.

Since then, we have 'heard' from you and tikk and maybe other 'sources' that there has *not* been a settlement (nor a gag agreement), but, while that seems believable and nobody doubts your word, neither of you are 'public' sources; neither of you are 'official spokesmen' for any party in the dispute; and neither you nor anyone else is any kind of official 'liason' between the parties in the Lisa Case and the unwashed masses of Scientology Critics.

If you have 'insider info'; fine. If you can't share it; also fine; but there is no absolute that says that unsubstantiated 'info' from any unofficial 'Source' should be swallowed unquestioned.



Mark Bunker wrote:

... I believe when the estate settled, the counterclaim was settled as well. ...


"Dave Touretzky" wrote:

How many times do I have to point this out: the estate HAS NOT SETTLED. No settlement documents have been signed. No money has changed hands. The cult is stalling, the family has received nothing so far, and the courts -- as ever in this case -- are of no help.

Tikk got it exactly right. Peter Alexander is in real danger of being raped yet again by Scientology if they can convince one of the corrupt Pinellas judges that he violated a still-in-force injunction -- or through inaction allowed a violation to take place. And that injunction, as written, applies worldwide. (It may well be unconstitutional, but at present it has not been overturned.) Andreas may be in Norway, but Peter is still in Tampa, well witihin the cult's reach.

Luke Lirot went to extraordinary lengths in his letter to praise Andreas and express Peter's admiration for him. It really is much more eloquent and gracious than a phone call. And, as tikk pointed out, it's in print and on the record, which is what Peter needs should CoS ask for a "show cause" hearing for a contempt citation.



"tikk" wrote:

Here are the last 10 docket entries in the wrongful death case, obtainable through the Pinellas County site. The counterclaim shares the same case number, so any of these pleadings could be related to either the wrongful death suit or Scientology's counterclaim.

05/18/05 DEFENDANT NOTICE OF HEARING 051805 9:00



"cultxpt" wrote:

I thought this deserved its own thread. The discussion of Luke Lirot threatening Andreas for suggesting that he might like to show "The Prophet" led to people arguing that the movie is tied up in ongoing court cases involving the Lisa McPherson civil suit. In that case, that means the Lisa McPherson case(s) are not yet settled.

Dell Leibrich, Lisa's aunt, stated in May 2004 that "The court forced us to go to the fifth and final mediation as demanded by Scientology. I decided to settle the case. It was time to move on. There is plenty of information on the Internet and in magazines and newspapers that will forever tell the story of how our niece died while in the "care" of Scientology. I truly believe that Fannie's goal has been met: tell the world what happened to Lisa and obtain justice from Scientology."

Do people outside the case no more about it than Dell does?

Now, there may be related cases somehow involving this case, but David Touretsky stated emphatically that "How many times do I have to point this out: the estate HAS NOT SETTLED. No settlement documents have been signed. No money has changed hands. The cult is stalling, the family has received nothing so far, and the courts -- as ever in this case -- are of no help."

Are we to believe that the court, after forcing settlement talks, now refuses to have this case finalized? And if that is the case, that Dandar is not able to push a final settlement when the court itself essentially forced a settlement in the first place?



"tikk" wrote:

Whether the main case has been formally settled I have no idea. And settlement agreements generally don't generate much public paperwork. Email Dandar or Dell and ask, because I doubt either read ARS. But it seems entirely possible that a settlement agreement was announced, and then the parties balked because they held different perceptions on what they had actually agreed upon, which is what Dave suggests.



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Message-ID: 4452d240$

Picket in Paris

On April 27, 2006 "neil c" posted:

Zorro wrote:

picket in paris tom cruise was there so xenu too

... I went to "la defence" (the southern business city in paris)

mister tom "nutty" cruise was invited for a new movie theater complex opening ,it was a live local radio show ,with music ,the MI 3 theme playing again and again , I was there alone in my orange galactic pilot jump suit ,my alien mask and my camrecorder along and a thoudant french leaflets to give away

I starting to give away flyers and then came "the star" the security was high but we could be close of mister tomkat so I gave flyers around and said a few words , then ,lots of scienos into the crowd got around me and pushed me back quite away from mister cruise,

I stood nearby policemen and they gave me protection when they saw how the scienos were arrogant and violent toward my extra terrestrialperson, a few people in the audiance, yelled after them too" leave alone, it's only a joke " please be nice, he's cool and funny" talking about me the supreme rulah, then a big tall guy came around and talk to them "I know you guys , you do the same in the usa, leave this guy alone, he has the right to be there and demonstrate" he gave flyers away with me for an hour all the parisaian executives scientos were there nicely dressed up in their better outfit and they were very upset ans so agressive but we kept giving away the xenu leaflet and, then we skipped away, giving our goodbye to the police forces and wished them a pleasant evening, by the way they took for themselves a few leaflets and there were not for keeping files update but personal purpose, so we went to a small cafe in the neighbourhood we has an sp talk ,zorro



Earth Day Activity in California

On April 23, 2006 "Barbara Graham" posted:

Yeah, so Earth Day was celebrated Sunday with an Earth Fair in Balboa Park here. This is a pretty large event, attracting thousands of people.

There were two small booths from the local org, offering Free Stress Tests. They had a prime stakeout spot near both main entrances. An associate and I loitered around the southwest entrance, intercepting unwary celebrants as they left the booth.


We handed out business cards that Susan printed up. They have a picture of Xenu (old school Ming the Merciless Xenu) and some URLs, including, along with a suggestion to look at both sides.

Nowhere on the booth was Scientology mentioned. In fact, one man told us he asked if it was Scientology, and they said no, it wasn't. Technically true, they were selling Dianetics books, not Scientology. But, all roads lead to Ron, and we repeatedly pointed that out.

Quite a few people had no idea that it was Scientology-related until we told them. "But, why don't they mention it?" a few asked.

Why, indeed. "Read the websites, all your questions will be answered."

When we began our two-hour loiter at 10:00 am, the older woman at the booth approached us to ask us what we had against Dianetics and Scientology. My associate gave her a card and said, "Read this and you'll understand."


A few people asked us the same thing...what's wrong with Scientology? Well, for example, I told them, the material printed on the back of my tee shirt costs Scientologists up to $300,000 to access.

People would read my shirt and say, "That's crazy!"

Other people asked if we had any group affiliation. Nope, just concerned citizens, we.

Some people knew it was Scientology, and just took the Free Stress Test for kicks. Other people knew about Tom Cruise, Xenu, and barley water.

What made the effort worthwhile were the people who knew about Scientology, but had no idea that the Free Stress Test they'd just taken had anything to do with it. Shock n' awe, baby! Coupled with a healthy dose of disgust.

I asked a few peeps if their stress test results were "You're screwed up. We can help you with that. Bring money." Nope, it wasn't like that. The stress test was simply being used to get passersby close enough to try and sell them a book.

And yet, during those three hours, I didn't see one book change hands! I was watching, mind you. Waiting for the innocent lambs to leave the Scientologists' sphere of influence, so I could swoop and slip them a card and a head's up, I didn't see anyone come away with a copy of The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Last year, the clams had a massive yellow tent, probably a Cavalcade of Lies shindig borrowed from the Volunteer Ministers.This year, they only had a couple of smaller booths covered by those 12'X12' tent things popular at dog shows.

After we handed out all our cards, we wandered over to the other Scientology outpost, just to put in a presence. There, sure enough, was my old pal Lou Gonzalez, whom I've encountered at Comic Conventions and Humanist Society lectures! Interestingly enough, Lou told my associate that he'd read all the critical websites. But, at the Humanist Society meeting, he said he didn't have time to look at stuff on the web. So, I guess he's just a more personable liar than the ones we usually see. He likes to lean forward and touch your arm when making a point. That guy Brian kind of reminded me of Lou.

We strolled past and my companion yelled out, "Hi Lou!" as we went by. He looked up, briefly in confusion. Then he recognized us, and waved. He said he had no idea we were there! Interesting...since the people at the other tent constantly had cell phones screwed to their ears.

And when I got home, there was a DA flier on my porch! (pic on ABS)

This is true.


Message ID: MOU2g.11294$Oe2.7843@fed1read07

News from St. Petersburg Russia

"St Petersburg - Russia - article" was posted April 27, 2006

AIF Petersburg - (Arguments & Facts, St. Petersburg, Russia)
No. 15 (660) of April 12, 2006

Uncle Ron's Cabin
by A. Kostyukovskiy


An AIF-Petersburg correspondent decided to risk his own skin to see how the followers of the great and awesome L. Ron Hubbard tried to lure people into their net. And so set off for the Scientology Center. Why not?

The Hubbardists are settled in on the third floor, in spacious rooms. There are rows upon rows of shelves jam-packed with books by a single author - Hubbard. Fastened to one of the shelves was a sign, "Books -- best sellers". On the wall is a notice, "Wanted: office worker, bookkeeper, cashier". Judging by everything here, they were doing well.

Four o'clock in the afternoon and there are plenty of people. I receive a list of 200 questions. I sit at a table and take a look around. I have a sensation that something here is essentially wrong. Before long I see what it is. Never in my life have I seen such a number of perfectly unsympathetic young women (among both the staff and the clientele of the Scientology center.) So fine, that's not what I came here for.

I start taking the test, honestly answering the questions. Next to me is a guy in a red jacket, tapping the table and looking at the questionnaire skeptically. I ask him how it is going. Without looking at me, the guy begins to mutter, but without finishing his sentences. I ask him again. He wails morosely and falls silent. I fall silent, too. A minute past the twenty, I hand in the test to be checked. And then we are all invited into the next room to see a 12-minute film about Dianetics.

Movie not for Everyone

Miss Vickie, in her introduction, tells us that us that the purpose of all our minds is to solve problems of survival. But in order to survive, we need to change ourselves. The guy in the red jacket objects. "It's all genetics! No matter how hard you try, there's no arguing with genetics."

Vickie turns on the videoplayer and leaves. The movie ran. What I mainly got from it was that engrams are to blame for all our troubles. Engrams are pictures that our brains record every moment that we are unconscious or stressed. And then ... I'll give you an example from the movie. A man is hit by a car. Unconscious, he is brought into surgery. When the doctors are discussing his case, one of them talks about why he left his girlfriend and says, "Life is short and I don't want anyone to tie me down." The man recovers, a year goes by, he finds a nice woman to marry and one fine moment he unexpectedly spouts off those exact words to his potential bride. I turn my head and glance at my neighbors' faces. There they sit with straight faces, perfectly quiet, nobody cracking a smile. Except for the guy with the red jacket. In the middle of the movie he gets up and leaves. You can't argue with genetics.

The movie was talking about how one may rid oneself of these accursed engrams when Vickie came in and turned off the player. She said we could see the rest once we signed up for a seminar. What was the seminar about, we ask. "They will tell you everything." Over there are some staff members looking at the audience and calling us one at a time to discuss the results of the test.

No Hypnosis Either!

Miss Zarina, who I got, asks me about the movie. I say it was pleasant, especially about the engrams. I feel, I say, that there are piles of engrams in me and that I am going to have to fish them out somehow. No problem, answers Zarina. Then she begins to study my test. I was certain she would tell me how bad everything was, but my results were very close to the zero line. She said I was cheerful, self-confident and persevering. On the other hand I was also absent-minded and unsocial (probably the price of my profession). Result: it was necessary to make some improvement. For this to happen I had to go to a 10-hour seminar, buy a Dianetics book and some other booklets. All told this would cost me 356 rubles.

Then I asked why Scientology is called a cult. It turns out that is a scheme by psychiatrists. They were hooking people on psychotropic drugs, but the Hubbardists would put a stop to that and, at the same time, help people mentally. The amount people would save not buying drugs, they could give straight to Scientology.

I was not able to ask what relationship Scienotologists had with the Church. Zarina said that in any case religion and Dianetics did not contradict each other. Besides that, she said, Dianetics was unspeakably happy to deal with believers. She said, "I am Orthodox myself, baptized!"

Our discussion finished like this.

"Can you pay 356 rubles now?"

"No, and I don't think I need the seminar at all."

"Too bad. How about 256 rubles?"


Message-ID: 44509d44$0$13232$

Official 2005 French Mission Report

"My gawd, the french official Mission 2005 report is very bad... very bad..." was posted April 26, 2006.

.... very bad for poor scientology cult starting to be quoted in the very first pages, with things ...

Here the entire report , in french:

page 13, the barley formula.
Page 15, Hubbard saying I'll make happy slaves (?)
then harsh witnessing (Tonya ? or someone else, I don't remember right now)
P 16 security checking kids, kids controlling their parents
p 18 again
p 58, the purif
p 69, scientology and tsunami
p 73, The way to stupidness and World Trade Center...
74: the VMs...
75... and TC... and 76, with horrible details !
p 118, CCDH fronts
as well as on page 126
on pages 154+, the attempts of our pet cult to block the acceptance of ONG statuses to the european FECRIS, which works with the European authorities etc. Though scientrology was'nt quoted, the evidence is there; the Mission quotes the theft of letters and the multip-spamming by mail of autorities etc.
168 Hubbard
170-171: the famous CCHR/CCDH again
172, scientology again
175: some websites URLs given -- Guess which ones:!


During the first announcement on TV, M. Jean Michel ROULET, président of the MIVILUDES, has hit the "false memory syndrom". On this topic, we'll have to push the false past lives syndroms, obtained exactly by the same methods as those people sent into false memories of incest etc.

I've see this happen in scientology, people thinking they had been sexually abused while they had'nt.

Message-ID: 444f6b52$0$18275$

Attempted web site censorship

On April 25, 2006 "Fredric L. Rice" posted:

Someone has sent a bizarre email to me asking that I remove

claiming that she some how "owns" the contents of the web page.


"Dave Touretzky" responded:

That's Jolie Kanat, Peter Alexander's ex-wife, and a comitted Scientologist. (In fact, she's the one who got Peter into the cult.) She's apparently telling people that Peter assigned to her the copyright on some of his ARS postings as part of their divorce settlement.

Whether or not that is true, the mirroring of those postings on web sites such as yours is clearly an example of "fair use", and any demand to remove such postings on copyright grounds should be politely refused.


And here's another page Jolie wants to make disappear because it mentions her name:

For those curious about Ms. Kanat, here are a few links:

-- Dave Touretzky: "This is your ex-spouse on Scientology."


Message-ID: 444ed6e0$

San Francisco org Recon report

On April 25, 2006, "Phil Scott" posted "SF org Recon report"

I was in the area doing business today, and happened to pass by the borg... A young lady was handing out some real nice post card size pieces... with a much improved volcano on the front..very nice.. the fire ball coming out the top though could have use a little research, I don't think those things fart fire balls like that... very nice print job and layout though

she body routed me into the borg and asked me to sign the register which I did...Phil Scott. and she said the free movie was starting in 10 minutes.... my cell phone rang about then and I had to go outside to answer it.


The gist I got was that a crew of staff were hanging around behind the reception desk to make the place look like heavy traffic.. no way to tell for sure.

One guy gave me the heavy fish eye as I was body routed in by the first girl... I think he must have recognized me.. he was posing as one of the fake raw meats I think...but REALLY he was a staff person.... dang... who wooda thunk it.

then when I said my name and signed in, it was less than a minute, maybe 30 seconds before the terse white knuckled chinese woman burst forth and tried to railroad my ultra fit handsome muscular self across the street and down the road, off the end of peir 39, and into the bay no doubt.

She gives up easy though.

They must be doing the new gutless TR drills...all bluster no balls. When I was in, any babe I coached on the muscle em around TR's would of had me movin'.

The chinese woman is aging fast.. two years ago I would have figured her at 38 to she looked well over 50 or even 60.... Thats a hard deal they have going on with the staff apparently. If a person believes the brainwash and how anyone that objects is a vicious SP, and takes that seriously, all that hate and vitriol destroys their health it appears. Longgevity is surely not a characteristic of the scientologists Ive known. Its the hate that does that to a person.


I saw seriously accelerated aging with his auditor Bill Crawford also... Bill went from a vibrant healthy looking 40 or so in 1998 to pale, deathly sick and maybe 60 looking in just a year near the end of our pickets...

He was looking better but still not real good at our last dinner engagement (last fall). Bill has been off staff now for two years, he has a job and seems to be recovering some, but is still doing courses... thats a tough deal.


Message-ID: e2mh9i$vmo$

When Scientology Attacks

On April 24, 2006 "The Maquis" posted a link to Hollywood Interrupted:

Here's a shocker:

Scientology is up to their old "fair game" tactics again. For the uninitiated, "fair game" is a policy developed be the deceased madman L Ron Hubbard whereby the cult launches "noisy investigations" to intimidate, harass and attack their enemies.

Last week, a colleague of mine covering the "TomKat" baby affair pulled into the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood and was promptly surrounded by shreiking, sailor-suited Scientology swabbies. The Centre is open to the public, but they kicked him out. When he returned the next day, he witnessed one of the staffers papering flyers on automobiles (including his) parked on the public street outside the Centre. The flyer he grabbed from his windshield had his photo on it, with a bold caption reading: PEDOPHILE.

I will post the offending flyer as soon as my colleague sends it on, but in the meantime, enjoy my latest "fair game" folly...

I recently received a comment to my message board inviting readers to check out "the truth about Mark Ebner" from a woman I'd tangled with many years ago on the anti-Scientology newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. Her comment linked to a webpage attempting to defame me on an ISP owned and operated by a high level Scientologist named Andrew Hoare. Ironically, the criminal mind control cult of Scientology will not even stoop to recognizing this very disturbed woman as a member, but - by endorsing and publishing her - Mr. Hoare is actively trying to "dead agent" me. For those unfamiliar with Scientology's "dead agent" practice, allow me to define it:


D/A, verb. Dead Agent; to spread malicious lies and rumors about an Anti-Scientologist person or organization, in an attempt to so thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be disgusted with them, and not listen to the information they have to give about the cult.


Message ID:

News from Plant City in Florida

On April 22, 2006, "Tilman Hausherr" forwarded "Plant City: New Neighbor Is Not So Welcome"

The Tampa Tribune


PLANT CITY - Some community leaders are worried about the Church of Scientology's plan to open an outreach center in the heart of the city's historic business district.

The church, known for its nontraditional beliefs and celebrity members, is buying Frenchman's Market, 102 N. Collins St.. The 12,000-square-foot facility now houses antique and collectible dealers. The church plans to offer books, films and self-improvement courses there.

Scientologists operate a similar outreach center in Ybor City and a church in West Tampa. The organization's headquarters are in downtown Clearwater.

Plant City's rapid growth drew the church to the east Hillsborough County community.

"It's getting bigger and bigger," said Yamila Sene, director of public affairs for the Church of Scientology in Tampa.

Sene declined to reveal the proposed purchase price. A real estate listing shows an asking price of $1.6 million.

The owner, David Hawthorne, is widely credited with sparking the revival of downtown with large investments there in the mid-1990s.


The deal is set to close next week.


Scientologists' Deal Has People Talking

The Tampa Tribune


PLANT CITY - The Church of Scientology has not sealed the deal to purchase Frenchman's Market, but the organization's presence already reverberates throughout the city.

On the streets, from the pulpits and in the shops and restaurants of the downtown business district, Plant City is abuzz with talk about the Scientologists coming to town.

Nonetheless, the sale of the Frenchman's Market at 102 N. Collins St. moved a step closer to fruition this week, when city officials issued necessary permits to Tim Martin of Heritage Construction for remodeling.

Closing on part of the transaction is scheduled for Monday, real estate agent Mac McGrath said.


The church did not respond to the Tribune's repeated requests for comment this week.



The Tampa Tribune

Church Will Improve Area

Relying on descriptions of "Dianetics" and Scientology from people who know nothing about us, The Tampa Tribune does a disservice to the citizens of Plant City with its coverage on our purchase of a building there for a new Life Improvement Center (Plant City, March 17 and April 8). The reporter could not even properly spell "Dianetics," the name of L. Ron Hubbard's best-selling book about the mind and spirit.


Since moving to West Tampa in 2003 and restoring the historical Andres Diaz cigar factory as the home of our church, the church and its parishioners have contributed hundreds of thousands of hours in community activities to create a better, happier environment. West Tampa is in the midst of a virtual rebirth. The crime rate has declined by 30 percent and the standard of living is on the rise. We bring that record to Plant City, where residents can expect the same dedication from Scientologists.

Our goals are similar to those of most people of goodwill. As stated by our founder, L. Ron Hubbard, "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology."

When we open our doors, we hope you will stop by. We look forward to being your neighbors in this special community.




Multi-Media Links

On April 23, "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

Here's a little contributed audio gem taken from the BBC TV show, "Friday Night with Jonathon Ross" (a very popular TV chat show broadcast nationally). It was aired on Friday 21st April and was repeated again the next day. [audio file]


"Android Cat" posted:

[Books Online: Bonnie Woods, Deceived] (MS Word format)

For those who have just tuned in and are wondering who Bonnie Woods is:


"Fred Durks" posted:

[ShowBiz Show star David Spade plays out the birth of Suri]

In case you haven't seen this- or if you have, it's still pretty funny.


"Mark Bunker" posted:

The day after Dave Touretzky scored a hit on Rover's Morning Glory, he appeared on another radio show; this one from Humboldt County, CA:


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On April 25, 2006, "Scientology tries to get gag orders in Belgium!!" was posted

(an article in french)


"antony pellicano gets a critical article in L'Express" was posted April 27, 2006

3 pages about Pellicano affair in L'Express magazine to-day.

Nicole Kidman is quoted as having been a victim of his methods. Cruise name is quoted at least twice, as well as his attorney who's not loving so much money. (for the rhyme).


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