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Volume 10, Issue 22 - June 3 2006

Scientology News in Belgium

On May 27, 2006, "Piltdown Man" posted a translation of the first part in a series of reports from an article from the Le Soir Magazine in Brussels:

From: Le Soir Magazine, Brussels, May 16, 2006, p. 10-12.

Original title: "BRUXELLES - Nouveau centre européen de la Scientologie"
By Julie Barreau


[ ]

Further translation of the Belgian article this week:

On May 28, 2006 "Eldon Braun" posted:


HEAD: The true face of scientology
SUBHEAD: How Scientology treats its members

Scientology claims 8 to 10 million followers worldwide. In reality, the total would be more like 100,000 to 200,000 members. "Scientology is the biggest pseudo-religious swindle of the 20th and 21st centuries!" declares Roger Gonnet, a former member who established the Church of Scientology of Lyon(1). Scientology promises supreme freedom and absolute power. But if you believe the testimony of former followers, it can only ruin and destroy you.

SUBHEAD: A person's ruin


Scientology "recruits" followers by different means. Initially, it is through word of mouth: members are duty-bound to proselytize. Front groups such as Criminon, Narconon, U-man [business consultants] or Management Efficiency [corporate training] are also used. But the most widespread method is the personality test. "These tests are a crock!" says Roger Gonnet, laughing. "In fact, the results are always catastrophic. 'You are depressed, you have no goals, no control over your life.' That's the explanation you'll get when a Scientologist administers the test. But they'll offer a solution -- courses in Dianetics!"

A huge number of courses are available. But watch out -- at each step, the price increases. In all, there are about thirty levels to go from "raw meat" (non-Scientologist status) to OT 15, the ultimate level. To traverse all these stages, the devotee will pay between 300,000 and 500,000 euros. People spend fortunes for courses that never bring the answers they're searching for. "They're selling hot air", says one despairing former member. Scientology is a system that stretches over a long duration. The "truth" is delivered drop by drop. When you arrive at level OT III, you'll be taught that each of us is not a single human being, but that thousands of spirits are interacting within every one of us. Yes, this is a serious belief -- that there are numerous entities within each body! "If those things were known at the beginning, nobody would have ever joined Scientology," Gonnet continues. For people within the system, this belief is cast in stone, insists the former member.

Besides taking courses, followers need "auditing". This is a form of psychoanalysis where the person describes a traumatic event until she finds it laughable. Then the event supposedly has no more influence over her. Imagine a girl who was a victim of incest quaking with laughter about describing the crime!

Finally, every good scientologist must be equipped with an e-meter. Price: 5,000 euros (manufacturing cost: about 100 euros). Scientologists often go to work for the organization because that way, their courses are supposedly free. But should they decide to leave the church, they will have to pay back the total price of the courses they took. Scientology has various contracts with durations ranging from two-and-a-half years to five years, or for a billion years -- since members believe themselves to be immortal!

SUBHEAD: Making a robot

The unacknowledged goal of Scientology is to teach its followers absolute obedience to its authority. "After a few years, I had become a genuine robot. I was ready to defend scientology at any cost," Roger Gonnet admits. "Scientology convinces people that they are profoundly flawed; the way to improve is spending enormous sums of money to reach the upper OT levels." The former member adds: "And by defending Scientology with body and soul." Reports of expulsion are mandatory. Excommunications from Scientology are made in writing, publicly, in sixteen languages on one of their websites ( established for this purpose, states Gonnet.

Scientology teaches its members how they are required to behave. These indoctrination sessions can last hours and even whole days. They are spread out over months, even years. "It's worse than a major military attack!" says a former member. And of course, in case of an error, Scientology also has its own "justice" system. Anyone with an "ethics folder" accusation must go before a "committee of evidence", which is actually a tribunal. If you are summoned by this pseudo-jurisdiction, your judgment is certain. You do not have a lawyer, are rarely allowed to testify, and are absent most of the time. These evaluations are practised undercover, by people with no legal competence. "My committee of evidence lasted more than a week," recalls Roger Gonnet.

Finally, Scientology has little tolerance for critics. It categorizes them as "suppressive". Ron Hubbard stated that 2.5% of the world's population are suppressive people. Here is how David Miscavige, the current leader, plans to conquer his opponents: "We will shoot down the suppressives like ducks in a pond."

The ultimate goal of Scientology is to have complete power over time, matter, energy and space. In two words: Become Superman!

Beginning at a certain level, you supposedly gain the ability to levitate a building, to displace yourself in time and so on. But it is forbidden in Scientology to demonstrate these super powers to anyone, because that might be traumatic, our apostate explains. Former members of Scientology still continue to suffer from this fraud for a long time after leaving the church. "The after-effects are incalculable, he concludes. They rip lives apart."

- Julie Barreau

(1) Roger Gonnet, author of La Secte [The Cult], Alban, and the website

If you wish to report a problem with Scientology in Belgium, contact:

HEAD: The power of censorship

The creators of the subversive American TV serial South Park dared to take on Scientology. In an hilarious episode called "Trapped in the closet", they exposed the truth about the methods and religious secrets of Scientology.

Stan, one of the four famous kids, takes a personality test at the Church of Scientology to kill time. He learns, to his great surprise, that he suffers from depression. Then he has other tests with the church's famous instrument, the e-meter. Immediately, it shows extraordinary results. The scientologists then take him for the reincarnation of their guru, Ron Hubbard.

The animated cartoon doesn't neglect Tom Cruise, the enthusiastic ambassador of Scientology. After Stan says his acting is poor, Cruise locks himself in a closet and refuses to come out. John Travolta and Nicole Kidman try to convince him to come out of the closet, a reference to the actor's alleged homosexuality.

Scientology beliefs like the "Wall of fire" are also objects of ridicule. "Trapped in the closet" is one of the more incisive satirical episodes of this program. It was scheduled to be repeated on a British channel in March 2006, but Scientology used its clout to prevent the repeat broadcast -- and succeeded.

Comedy Central, the cable channel that produces and broadcasts the series, suddenly decided to cancel the repeat broadcast of this polemical episode. Tom Cruise may have threatened to boycott promotion for the premiere of his current film, Mission Impossible III. The film is, in fact, produced and distributed by Paramount, which owns the Comedy Central channel.

And that's not all! South Park lost its chef in the battle. The character of Jerome McElroy, the school cook, will not appear in future episodes. Isaac Hayes' suave voice provides a high level of sarcasm to the animated cartoons. The singer is a follower of Scientology. He didn't appreciate this affront to his "beliefs", so he turned in his audio apron.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn't lose their sense of humour. They gave Chef a spectacular finale. In the episode entitled "The return of chef", Jerome McElroy is brainwashed by the Super Adventure Club, a reference to the Church of Scientology. This organization turns him into a paedophile before he falls from a bridge onto the rocks below to be burned, impaled, and finally devoured by a lion and a bear at the same time!

-- Julie Barreau


"Piltdown Man" posted:

And here, finally, is part 2, all about the upcoming trial... I've decided not to add the second sidebar, which is background information about the French trial resulting from the suicide of Patrick Vic in 1988. More detail about this can be found on several websites.

From: Le Soir Magazine, Brussels, May 16, 2006, p. 10-12.

Original title: "BRUXELLES - Nouveau centre européen de la Scientologie"
By Julie Barreau

[Translator's note: Everything between square brackets is mine. I have used my own invention "legal entity" as a translation for "personne morale", partly because I don't have a specialist legal dictionary to hand. Maybe there is a more common lawyerly translation, but I think mine is at least fairly clear if YANAL.]


[headline]In the line of fire of Belgian justice

[sub-headline]Scientology to stand in the dock before the end of the year

After an investigation lasting nine years, with no less than 27 search warrants executed and multiple complaints filed by former members, the long-awaited trial of the Church of Scientology in Belgium is finally due to start. The stakes are high, and the case will have repercussions far outside our borders. For the very first time, Scientology itself could be convicted as being a criminal organisation.

[sub-headline]Four main charges

The judicial investigation started in 1997, and concerned nine Scientologists. The files on Scientology gathered since then, which take up four meters, cover offenses from the end of the 1980's until 2004. The drawing up of the formal charges that will complete matters will be finished within two months from now. The investigation took this long because two additional plaintiffs came forward. They are former members of Scientology who had risen to high levels in the church hierarchy, and where thus able to provide extremely important information. Four main charges have been established: being a criminal organisation (1), fraud, the illegal practice of medicine, and violations of the law on privacy.

[footnote] (1) According to Belgian law, a criminal organisation is a group consisting of more than two people, which exists over a period of time, with as its aim the concerted commission of criminal offenses to obtain, directly or indirectly, material advantages, by using intimidation, threats, violence, fraud or corruption, or by using commercial or other entities to hide or facilitate the commission of such offenses. [end of footnote]

Scientology until now has managed to avoid any convictions as a criminal organisation. However, this legal concept is very important, because it is the association "Church of Scientology Belgium" as a legal entity which is on trial, not its individual officials. "The people responsible will probably have made sure to be insolvent by the beginning of the trial. But if the organisation itself is found guilty, things will be quite different", explains Jean-Pierre Jouglas, a lawyer with Unafdi, the 'Union nationale des Associations de Défense des Familles et de l'Individu victimes de Sectes' [national union of defense groups for families and individuals victimised by cults]. If the Church of Scientology were to be found guilty on this charge, it would probably be instantly dissolved, on the basis of the 1998 law on the criminal responsibility of legal entities.

[Tr.: IANAL, but I think this is the law that finally solved a longstanding problem with Belgian criminal law: that only individual persons could be found guilty of crimes, not the companies or organisations they were part of.] At the same time, the judge could also order the confiscation of all real estate it owns in Belgium, including the newly acquired buildings in the Avenue de Waterloo in Brussels. What's more, such a conviction would inflict serious damage on Scientology's attempts at creating an image of respectability through its volunteer ministers and its various front groups.

But we are not yet at that stage, the more so because in this matter Belgian justice has to walk on eggshells. A conviction of Scientology as a criminal organisation could provoke a serious diplomatic incident with the United States, where the cult is considered respectable and has support at the highest levels of government.

The charges of fraud on the other hand are easier to prove. The testimony of the people who believe they have been defrauded by Scientology will however be essential. "The prohibitive prices of courses which are sold to members as well as the price of the e-meter may also be taken into consideration", adds Jean-Pierre Jouglas. As to the illegal practice of medicine, the prosecutors will build their case on the "purification", or "sweating", courses prescribed to members. The expert explains: "during these courses, Scientologists exercise, spend three hours a day in a sauna and take hugely excessive doses of vitamins, which weakens them considerably. The rest of the time is devoted to the lectures of L. Ron Hubbard, the only intellectual nourishment members are allowed". The auditing sessions, which are very similar to psychoanalytic sessions, may also be taken into account.

The last point of the charges, violations of the privacy law, should be able to be proven without any difficulty, thanks to the documents seized during the raids. As Jean-Pierre Jouglas explains: "Scientology keeps a file on every one of its members, containing everything that has been 'confessed' during auditing sessions".

[sub-headline]Defense through attack

With the charges almost finalised, both sides are now readying their arms. The prosecutors are using all legal means at their disposal. Scientology on its part has hired a number of well-known Brussels lawyers, and is working on its defense strategy of... attacking the plaintiffs! Many victims of Scientology don't have the courage to demand justice. Even after they've left the Church, it still holds a considerable grip on its former members. Jean-Pierre Jouglas explains: "Many victims never file a complaint. This is because these people continue to think along the lines of the cult's belief system for a long time. Such a break happens very gradually and is quite distressing. Victims don't want to hear anything about Scientology anymore, and are afraid to go beyond that because they are still intimidated." As an illustration, not one of the plaintiffs in this case was willing to have their identity revealed in this article. One plaintiff says: "When you leave Scientology, all your values, all your truths fall apart, and you're left in total confusion. You don't have any certainties left. You feel guilty and afraid. The only thing you want to do is unplug the phone and lock yourself in at home." In a stroke of luck for Scientology, its victims continue to protect it indirectly. For those who might be brave enough to go the authorities, it has several means at its disposal to persuade them otherwise. The plaintiff: "Scientology knows all the weaknesses of each of the plaintiffs, and knows how to manipulate them to achieve its aims. They don't have scruples. They are well-trained, willing to do anything, and think they're immortal. They are real kamikazes". In this case, three people have been offered settlements for undisclosed amounts. Jean-Pierre Jouglas explains: "Scientology's method to defend itself against any charges is to pay the people who come forward to withdraw their complaint. They usually pay the amount the plaintiff is demanding. With the plaintiff gone, Scientology concludes that there has been no breach of the law. What's more, plaintiffs are often in debt as a result of paying for courses. They therefore often prefer getting their money back immediately, rather than sit through ten years of legal proceedings". Other methods have also been revealed by former members. "Through intimidation, spying, slander, threats, harassment, dirty tricks, blackmail, and... suing people at every possible opportunity. That's how Scientology defends itself", Roger Gonnet, a former member, says angrily. The Church of Scientology has its own intelligence service in Belgium, called the 'Office of Special Affairs'. Jean-Pierre Jouglas adds: "Scientology thinks it wields all powers. It has its own police, its own system of justice... It is really a state within the state. The system of values of any country where it installs itself is thus thought irrelevant. This is why the cult thinks it is above any law that doesn't suit it. It threatens to blackmail its supposed enemies with the information it gathers on them. Also, confidential information revealed during auditing sessions is used to put pressure on people to stay in the cult, or not do anything that might harm it." But despite all of Scientology's efforts to keep its alleged crimes from being put under the public spotlight and avoid a conviction, the trial is definitely going ahead. In criminal law, even if the plaintiffs withdraw their complaints, the judicial authorities continue their work.

All over the world, organisations that fight against cults are awaiting the start of this trial with impatience. Will Belgium succeed where others have failed? The 65 boxes of documents seized during the raids might make all the difference...

- Julie Barreau.

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Russia: Loss in Court

On May 30, 2006 "Roger Gonnet' posted the translation of a report from ANNews in Russia:

Scientology 0: Government 1 [in Russian]

Velikiy Novgorod, May 22, 2006, ANN correspondent Gennadiy Aleksandrov. On Monday Novgorod City court validated the legal claim of city Duma deputy Aleksander Daina against Novgorod's "Scientology and Dianetics Distribution Center."

As the plaintiff, Aleksander Daina stated during the legal proceedings, the prior history of his conflict with the Novgorod Scientologists happened in Spring 2005, when voters came to the city Duma deputy with complaints about operations by activists from Novgorod's "Scientology and Dianetics Distribution Center."

According to Aleksander Daina, the methods of their activity in the Novgorod region did not differ much from the city. With an importunity typical for adepts of this organization, they "confronted" people on the street, at the large neighboring market and anyone who came into their office (the NPA company, which Daina manages, is in the same building as the "Scientology and Dianetics Distribution Center) and offered them "tests" and "promises." All this, in Aleksander Daina's opinion, served one purpose: "to attract city residents into the sect." In a fairly short period of time nearly 50 statements, written and verbal, appeared on his desk with requests to help and to somehow "regulate" the behavior of the Scientologists.

When Aleksander Daina got in touch with the Scientology Center's management and tried to make himself heard, they met with him in a way he says was unfriendly, and were indignant at the "interference with the activity of an officially registered organization" and declared that he was trying to restrict their freedom to practice religion.

What's more, on May 24, 2005 the Scientology Center's director sent letters to the city prosecutor, to the regional and city Dumas and to the Velikiy Novgorod city mayor's office. These letters asserted specifically that Deputy Daina "used his position" to encroach upon the religious rights of the people, a violation of the RF Constitution, and that his actions were unbecoming of a city Duma deputy. Scientology asked that "measures of an ethical character" be taken with regard to Aleksander Daina.

The mayor's office took the Scientologists' letter seriously and decided to bring the issue "on Aleksander Daina's conduct" to the ethics committee. This step, in the words of Aleksander Daina himself, was the straw that broke the camel's back. Without waiting to be called and be "put through the mill" by the committee, Aleksander Daina went to the Novgorod city court with a complaint concerning his defense of honor and dignity, and specifically asserted that the Scientologists' letter was a framework of negative information that, first, did not correspond to reality and second, did him mental harm. Aleksander Daina assessed his complaint against Scientology in the amount of one million and one rubles. He explained this figure by saying that in the event he won, he would give one million rubles to charity and keep the one for himself, "as a souvenir."

Legal proceedings chaired by Judge Anatoliy Viyuk began June of 2005. The defendants refused to acknowledge the legal claim, asserting that in no way could their letter have affected the deputy's honor and dignity. For an impartial assessment of the situation two linguistic experts were called: the first in Velikiy Novgorod and the second in Moscow. The experts worked nearly four months on the linguistic assessment of the Scientologists' letter, and at the end they came to the conclusion that the letter that had been distributed by the Scientologists contained "negative information" about the plaintiff.

Judge Anatoliy Viyuk concurred with that position on Monday, and he made a decision about satisfying, in part, the deputy's claim. The amount the court set in accordance with the principle of justice was 10,000 rubles, to be collected from the Novgorod "Scientology and Dianetics Distribution Center." Besides that, Scientology is instructed to rescind the letter sent to the city prosecutor, the regional and city Dumas and the mayor's office.

"The amount to be collected, of course, is not a big deal, but I still won't back down from what I said. When the Scientology Centers pays me 10,000 rubles for discrediting me, I will keep one ruble and all the rest goes to charity," Aleksander Daina told an ANN correspondent as soon as the court hearing, which had lasted a little less than year, ended.


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No Memorial Day for L Ron Hubbard

On May 27, 2006 "Muldoon" posted the topic, "L. Ron Hubbard's false claims to have been a war hero make Scientology's observance of Memorial Day an awkward issue:"

Scientology PR people are not patriotic, yet their anxiety at participating in ceremonies, honoring fallen soldiers and sailors, can be traced to the exposure of Hubbard's disgraceful lies about his past.

About Ron "the war hero":


"Tory Christman" posted the topic, "Memorial Day Week-end & Freedom, Scientology, and Suppression:"

What does Memorial Day Week-end, Scientology--Freedom and Suppression have in common?

Well, first of all, my thanks to any and all soldiers who have spent their lives working and fighting to safeguard our country. Although I've been against a number of wars, including the one we're in now, I'm always for the soldiers. They do what they're told, and they do it under the name of safeguarding freedoms we each enjoy daily. Secondly, my love to all of the families who have lost loved ones trying to fight suppression.

This week-end, to me, is a week-end to spend honoring those who have fought to safeguard freedoms we all enjoy daily.

Granted, we are not military and we are not in a physical war, certainly not like the military, and I'm not in any way saying they're the same, as they are not. However, I would also like to thank each and ever critic who has spent part of their lives fighting the suppression Scientology has tried to instill in our country, and other countries.

Granted, it's a LOT easier to sit behind a key board and fight suppression than to be face-to-face with warriors ready to KILL. That comparison alone should help each person realize how lucky we are.

It is my hope that Scientology's OSA and their nasty actions get snuffed out of the bushes totally, out into the light, where they literally can no longer: "lie, cheat, steal, destroy someone utterly" as their master, L. Ron Hubbard, said in "Fair Game." He said it was fine for people to do such actions, against those who dared speak out against them. (and I know, I believed that policy was cancelled too. I'm here to tell any and all lurkers: IT WAS NOT. Just go read RFW and Scientology's 5 pages of flat out lies about me alone, to tell you yes! They DO still practice "Fair Game").

Blessings to all ...and my thanks to each of you :)
Tory/Magoo Dancing in the moonlight In Scientology for 30 years, out happily for 5 years!
For thinking and speaking my mind, Scientology declared me a 'suppressive person' and expelled me from their so called 'church' Free at LAST!,,

"Those that give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

Memorial Day - L Ron Hubbard - the War ZERO - Subject description: Hubbard "UNFIT TO COMMAND" Exposing a Phoney War "hero" Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post Scientology PR people are not patriotic, yet their anxiety at participating in ceremonies, honoring fallen soldiers and sailors, can be traced to the exposure of Hubbard's disgraceful lies about his past.

About Ron "the war hero":


Summary of Hubbard Navy Record

with images of 600 pages also..


Ron the WAR ZERO flyer for distribution to Veterans groups HERE:
This is a handy tri-fold handout, useful for pickets, memorial day, and 4th of July and in .htm

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Lisa McPherson Fought to Leave Scientology

On May 28, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

AMC Publishing...despite FALSE representations that Lisa was just a lowly salesperson at AMC, it turns out that at one time she was Mary De Moss"s #1 salesperson !! Apparently Lisa was a big time "producer" for the outfit.

Mary De Moss acted like she ran the show, but in fact she was only a 1/3rd owner of AMC, the real owner was a "wog"...

Some questions arose today in a conversation with creed Pearson. seems Lisa McPherson had been asked by Mary De Moss to make fundraising calls for Winter Wonderland... one of the people she called was Creed Pearson.. Creed was not one to hide his feelings... and refused to 'donate' any money to Winter Wonderland, because he had donated the previous year and later learned that they had thrown out all the decorations purchased now were asking for more money...He also told Lisa about what he had discovered Hubbard said about Christ and why winter wonderland someone who is was such a farce

Lisa was also reported to have been completing cycles... finishing everything she had said she was going to do, as if she were preparing to leave... scientology.

Evidently Lisa McPherson concluded that Creed Pearson was somebody she could talk to..about whatever she was thinking about... and called creed, and asked creed if she could meet with him.

Then strange things started to happen.. His wife begged him NOT to meet with Lisa... ( as if she, herself, had been contacted by OSA, who evidentially had been survielling Lisa ) and then creeds own daughter begged him not to meet with Lisa... Creed did not meet with Lisa McPherson, because at the time he did not connect the dots, but he has now.

this was shortly before she took her clothes off after she bumped that car

I recall posting requests back then for information about AMC publishing.. what the hell do they really do? why are they important...because my gut feeling was that I needed to find out what did Lisa know that could have been a motive for murder?

Creed pointed out a VERY interesting tidbit...

1) one of the common symptoms.. of someone who has been DOSED with angel dust - PCP - is that they take off their clothes! - The "irrational" conduct of Lisa McPherson might not have been "irrational" at all, but the result of having been dosed with angel dust/PCP. This would generate a psychotic paranoid reaction.. which then COULD BE USED BY SCIENTOLOGY TO INCARCERATE THE PERSON USING THE "POLICY" OF THE INTROSPECTION RUNDOWN!!

2) Another person, I KNOW PERSONALLY, who had found out what Scientology really was, and wanted to leave was brought a drugged drink BY A FAMILY MEMBER!! In retrospect this makes sense, if what OSA was trying to do was CREATE psychotic reactions in those who wished to leave ( because after all... Hubbard said only PSYCHOTICS and CRIMINALS oppose scientology! And so it is OSA's job to make it so! This person refused to drink it, and survived.. but is too scared by their perception of scientology's ruthlessness to file a report with the police!

3) I was dosed with LSD during the raid on my home in 1995, and had I not had a great time at Woodstock after Jerry Garcia threw those baggies filled with tabs of acid out to the crowd during his two hour rendition of Lovelight.. I might not be here right I would have thought I was going crazy but thanks to Jerry Garcia, I knew it was LSD!

4) EXTREME efforts were taken to drive Joan Woods (the coroner in the Lisa case) off the deep end... she thought she had been dosed with LSD also... and ended up in psychiatric ward at one point...

5) Scientology claimed under penalty of perjury starting with that lying scum bag Scientologist attorney Earle C Cooley's claim that Scientology's belief system demands that bodies be cremated...

I hereby challenge ANYONE to cite the SOURCE in Hubbard's materials about scientology that supports this statement. Hubbard's own words direct that his "body be BURIED in the date fields" and don't tell anyone where.

There is nothing about cremation!!

It was used to hide the evidence about whatever REALLY happened when Hubbard died. The conundrum is this... The blood samples provided by the now dead of cancer scientology "OT" Dr Denk, the same DR that prescribed Chloral Hydrate for Lisa McPherson...were provided "For the convenience" of the coroner.. (Now isn't that NICE of him???) he provided 3 vials of blood of El Rum Hubtoad.. prior to his death..Now please pay close attention...

NONE OF THAT BLOOD in the three vials provided for the coroner's convenience TESTED POSITIVE FOR VISTARIL - AN ANTI PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION!!

However, the blood sample taken by the coroner DID test positive!! And this tidbit was pointed out by Michael Tilse, the same Michael Tilse who was told that all the stuff on the web critical of scientology was lies! Michael Tilse went to the coroners office in San Luis Obispo and pulled the copies of the coroners report and the full toxicology report, showing that Hubbard's blood contained VISTARIL, and ANTI PSYCHOTIC medication..

But wait... It is even worse than you think!

The clinical test for vistaril is NOT QUANTITATIVE!

That is, the test, only provides a POSITIVE result ( if a trace or BETTER! ) or a NEGATIVE - the test does not show HOW MUCH

Now.. in the fine print of the coroners report, Hubbard had a signed a "Statement of belief" witnessed by 1) Pat Broeker, 2) Anne Broeker and 3) Stephen J Pfauth ( who the hell is he???)

this piece of art, was supposedly signed by "Ron" on the 20th of January 86...4 days before he was dead...

now... dig this


So he was getting Vit B-12, *I* have prescription for injectable Vit 12.. I've never taken more than one a week, and cant imagine more than one a day... TEN recent needle marks... The VIALS of blood provided by 4) Dr Denk for the "convenience" of the coroner did NOT contain vistaril!

TEN needle marks...
Denk would have known the limits of the clinical test for vistaril.

Since this event..Denk died of cancer. And No one has see Pat and Anne Broker...the Coroner was delivered the documents by none other than attorney 5) Sherman Lenske, and attorney 6) Lawrence Heller....

Did they kill Hubbard AND Lisa Mcpherson..for the money?

The finances are significant in this case because Lisa was making well over $100,000 a year, working for a Scientology-owned company. And when her family took over her account, there was only a couple hundred dollars left in that account. Cruz is a Scientologist, and also testified that Kurt Paine is a member of the Church of Scientology as well.

Well, an attorney for the Church of Scientology said this afternoon this is not a church matter, but rather a personal matter
Ch. 28 News, Tampa, Tuesday, October 14, 1997, 6:00 pm]

and the scientology lawyer response...............

Well, an attorney for the Church of Scientology said this afternoon this is not a church matter, but rather a personal matter'

the lawyers that represent a business and direct vehicle for laundering the regged money must hide the method of the disappearing money. it is also what pays them elaborately

lermanet_com wrote:
Lisa was also reported to have been completing cycles... finishing everything she had said she was going to do, as if she were preparing to leave... scientology

November 20, 1998
News Channel 8 -WFAA
"Scientology - Church Charged"

"Kellie Davis: She said that she was getting out and coming home, and I asked her, I told her, I said "you mean your getting out of Scientology?" and she said "let's not talk about it over the phone," she said," I'll tell you all about it when I get home." But she said "but I'm getting out and coming home to stay." And she said that I'll definitely be there before Christmas.

Byron Harris: The next time that Kellie Davis saw Lisa McPherson was at her funeral in Dallas."

Q: Arnie, could you clarify.

I don't see how (1) Lisa being a top saleswoman, and (2) her talking to Creed Pearson would constitute a motive.

How long was it from the time of Lisa's accident to when she died at Ft Harrison and authorities were given her body? How long would the described drug be traceable in the body?


Frankly, Neither do I... in so many details, however, there is the distinct appearance to this student of Scientology's deceptive practices that the "Purification Rundown" in this case, was used with intent to "dispose of utterly and without sorrow" one of those who by the mere fact of living interfered with the continued extraction of money from rubes.

This is a paradym shift in perception of intent.

After she took her clothes off, ( after she was 'dosed' ) 17 days worth of scientology's mecca of technical perfection's ' care' later, she was dead.

I believe PCP can be detected in hair samples for a very long time, but it would have to be tested..for that..

As top salesman she would have access to the client lists. A source that wishes to remain anonymous told me that payments to Flag were forced out of employees by DeMoss.

a source wrote:
If I were looking into a motive, I would look at Benetta Slaughter. [a person who] worked at AMC publishing after all the Dallas folks moved to Clearwater. She moved back and would never explain why she left AMC, only to say it was "Benetta". She was also upset about some forced donations Benetta made her staff make to FLAG. I know Benetta funelled money into the C of S, and I'm wondering if she did it illegally.

Which is what I wondered too... If seek justice, find the truth, if you want the truth, follow the money.

Whatever was going on at AMC Publishing, what if the downside risk in lost income to Flag weighed more in the eyes of OSA than one young girl's "Meat Body" ??

The contact with creed, would not have been the motive, but a precipitating event, Lisa was exiting scientology!

It would have been a person (lisa) who was in "doubt" getting re-enforcement for her view..(what disconnection policies are supposed to prevent) (Reality is defined as agreement by Hubtoad the Greatest CON Man on Earth) that all was not well inscientology's la-la land...and that it was okay to speak about what you know... if a person still has MONEY, and is willing to give it to scientology, you will NOT get into ethics trouble.. unless you are caught driving the wrong the way on a one way street at a high rate of speed and rear end a police car.

At the instant you refuse to continue to PAY...Even a raised eyebrow will become an "ethics offense".

Evidently there may have been A LOT OF MONEY involved...

Cremation, which is NOT PART OF THE SCIENTOLOGY BELIEF SYSTEM (The best place to hide a really big WHOPPER of a lie is right in front of you ) is being used by Scientology to destroy the evidence of foul play.

Can ANYONE, provide a citation from Hubbard's written works to support Earle Cooley's claim that Cremation is part of Scientology?

No.. it is NOT THERE!

Nobody can supply a source in Hubbard's writings from which ANY of those quotes in Way To Happiness came from either.

I believe that The magnitude of the LIES we are dealing with from Scientology have been underestimated, IMMENSELY.

The purpose of this posting was to shake the tree and see what falls out, results so far have not been dissapointing.

thought some of these details should be outlined for a number of reasons, including this lesson, that what is important is NOT whether they killed a young girl with intent, or whether they killed L Ron Hubbard, and covered it up by enforced SILENCE by requiring that each person (witness) there be made a perpetrator of a capital offense.. with no statute of limitations, by requiring each of them to inject one syringe full of vistaril into the old mans rump. (ten needle marks, but no vistaril in samples provided by Denk)

What is imperatively important, is to understand Scientology's overall PATTERN of conduct... and to understand that PATTERN of conduct in glowing red hot neon letters burned into the deepest recesses of your mind.

I would like to thank 27 year member of Scientology, Michael Tilse for
having a damn fine mind, and not being intimidated into silence by Hubbard the King of CON's scam dba Scientology and varous other frontgroups

"the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC [$cientology] in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in general and to harass its critics."
Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON


On May 29, 2006 the New York North County Gazette published a commentary paralleling the death of Terri Schiavo with Lisa McPherson's:

COMMENTARY - The Schiavo Case: Anatomy Of A Cover-Up

By June Maxam

The stench of Florida's criminal justice system is permeating the entire country.

Unfortunately the cover-ups and injustices aren't confined solely to Florida.

Part of the problem in Florida is in the state attorney's offices and county medical examiners---and it may extend all the way to Tallahassee and the Office of Gov. Jeb Bush.

The old story of one lies, the other swears to it. The nucleus of the stench appears to be in Pinellas County.

A large factor in the cover-up equation which is being exposed in Florida involves Guy Tunnell, forced to resign in April by Gov. Bush as the commissioner of Florida's Department of Law Enforcement. Unbelievably, Tunnell has now been appointed by Steve Meadows, state attorney for the 14th Judicial Circuit, to be a coordinator of cold case squads in the 14th judicial circuit's six counties.


Pinellas County is not without precedent for controversies surrounding autopsies and smack in the middle of the case which precipitated the removal of former Pinellas County Medical Examiner Joan Wood and the appointment of Thogmartin is none other than McCabe, chairman of the search committee and who appointed an interim medical examiner to serve for the period between the time Wood resigned and Thogmartin assumed the office.

Wood had been forced out of office in September 2000 after McCabe and his staff dropped charges against the Church of Scientology, blaming Wood's reversal in her autopsy relating to the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson, a case which had some shocking similarities to the Terri Schiavo case in that it was first determined that McPherson died of dehydration.

McPherson, 36, had died after a 17-day stay at the church's spiritual headquarters in the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater following an automobile accident.

According to records issued in the McPherson case, Wood and McCabe had tangled long before she reversed her autopsy findings and he helped force her out of office because he disapproved of her appearing on Inside Edition to discuss the McPherson case.

McCabe dropped felony charges of abuse of a disabled adult and practicing medicine without a license against the church. Wood had unexpectedly and without explanation changed her autopsy findings, saying that McPherson's death was accidental and that "psychosis and history of auto accident" were significant conditions that contributed to her death. She expunged "bed rest and severe dehydration" from the initial autopsy which had been listed as underlying causes of death.

Following the June 15, 2005, release of the autopsy report in the Schiavo case which raised more questions than it provided answers in the 15-year-old case, Gov. Bush asked the Pinellas-Pasco County state attorney's office and state attorney McCabe to investigate the discrepancies in times surrounding Michael Schiavo's actions and response in summoning emergency medical assistance for Terri during the early morning hours of her sudden collapse.

As expected, McCabe claimed in early July that there was no evidence that any criminal activity was involved in Terri's collapse. McCabe's determination came as no surprise as he had repeatedly stonewalled any criminal investigation into the Schiavo case.

The case of Terri Schiavo and the handling of it is remarkably mirrored in the case of Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl) who was found dead in the congressman's district office in Fort Walton Beach on June 20, 2001, shortly after 8 a.m. Preliminary findings from the medical examiner's office by associate ME Dr. Michael Berkland of Okaloosa County showed "no foul play or any outward indication of suicide".

There was no follow-up, no investigation but instead what appeared to be yet another big cover-up. There were no witnesses to the death and the cause of death was not apparent. Klausutis' boss, Rep. Scarborough had recently unexpectedly resigned from Congress when rumors began circulating about his marital fidelity. He also abruptly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun.

Chairman of the Medical Examiners Commission at the time of the Klausutis death was Dr. Stephen Nelson, Thogmartin's assistant in the Schiavo autopsy.

The young woman had been the picture of health and vitality before her death, just like Terri Schiavo was before her collapse. Klausutis was an avid runner who ran five miles a day.

Police denied finding any sign of trauma to her body the day she was found dead and said there was no indication of foul play. Berkland's press release issued two weeks later acknowledged that there was "a scratch and a bruise" on her head. He said the original denials by the police "were designed to prevent undue speculation about the cause of death", admitting that the police had lied to the public.

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Message ID: 447bdaad$0$21192$

Attorney Helena Kobrin Captive Under Scientology Guard

On May 28, 2006 "Anonymous" posted:

Helena Kobrin now has her own 'handler' who follows Kobrin wherever she goes. Word out of AOLA is that Kobrin expressed the desire to quit Scientology and Moxon entirely and was promptly assigned a 24-hour- a-day guard (a woman) to keep her from blowing. Kobrin cannot even step out of her office for a cigarette without her guard with her. More, she is not allowed to go anywhere except when her absence would be noted and questioned by wogs. This started about two years go.


"Andrew Robertson" posted links to pictures of Helena Kobrin:

It's all the fault of that Viking rascal, for on his Ministry of Silly Hats page:

he suggests that the delectable maiden in the second row, far left is the stunning Ms Kobrin. (scroll to the bottom for the small version with caption)



"Warrior" posted:

Isn't this Helena Kobrin at the front right in this photo?


"Mike O'Connor" posted:


A lot of us realize that Scientology is not a simple scam. It is complex and well crafted. It has attracted many, many smart people and people who only want to improve themselves and help mankind. It's a long road and a slow snare. It takes a long time to get you into a position where you feel trapped.

I think Helena feels trapped right now, and rightfully so. She of all people knows the ways that would be used to suppress her if she tried to leave, if she tried to express herself, if she tried to tell her story.

Helena, you're tired - exhausted. But things always seem worse than they really are. You CAN escape! And you CAN tell your story! People do want to hear it, some people NEED to hear it. Getting the truth and the real story out there will do much more for the people than all you hoped to accomplished when you first joined for good. Believe me, you'll find friends you never thought you'd have, and you'll be doing a real service for people. And you'll feel better - at peace.


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

Helena is a very good copyright lawyer

But her skills would ONLY be marketable in the WOG world if she denounced scientology. However, I suspect, and .. this would be, If *I* were David Miscavige.. I would have to make sure that she had a mortal accident, before I would allow her to leave...she knows TOO much.

Her testimony regarding what was really done in RTC vs Lerma.. and many other cases including Wollersheim.., would reopen them.. and gawd knows what else she knows.

Im afraid, that if that missive is true, Helena Kobrin is in mortal danger.

She should give me a call at 703 241 1498, I promise to do whatever it takes to keep Ms Kobrin from being 'disposed of utterly and without sorrow'...


considering the extreme magnitude of this Ms Kobrin should contact Mary Ann Werner, VP Legal At the Washington Post....

Arnie Lerma


"Anti-Hippy" posted:

At the latest telephone hearing Keith Henson had Kobrin showed up with a mysterious woman to "drive her home" after the hearing,,, maybe that was her garude.

"Keith Henson posted:" posted:

That hearing was even stranger on the tape than it reads. I was there by phone and there was an interesting exchange between David Cook entering his appearance and me stating my name where the judge listed the people in the court.

COOK: Thank you, Your Honor. David Cook for Plaintiffs

WEISSBRODT: Mr. Henson, are you on the phone.

HENSON: Yes, and I . . . are you the only one there?

WEISSBRODT: No, there are a number of other people who have not entered their appearance. Ms Luce is here. Ms Seid is here. Ms Kobrin is here. And there's another person in the courtroom whom I don't . . . I know has been here many times, but I don't know who she is. Who is that, Ms Seid?

[Muttered conversation in the background.]

WEISSBRODT: I was told that she's just somebody that's giving Ms Kobrin a ride later. I don't know what that means, other than that she's giving Ms Kobrin a ride later.

HENSON: Well, anyway, I'm here.

WEISSBRODT: OK, can I have your full name, please?

HENSON: Howard Keith Henson.

WEISSBRODT: Thank you. OK. Sit down, Mr. Cook.

COOK: Oh, thank you, Your Honor.

Whoever was Helena's "driver" had been at enough previous hearings for the judge to recognize her. Perhaps the choke collar and leash she was holding gave her away. Another odd business, I have not been able to reach David Cook since that hearing and the second Hoden interrogatory is way over due.


"Phill Scott" posted:

Helena, hang on in there. You know me. I am your friemd. You used to send me emails. I know it's tough going with all those body thetans crawling around under your skin tittering with their cruel laughter and giving you pains to punish you when you don't obey their commands, but L. Ron HUbbard has the tech to cure it. After you have done OT levels III, IV, V, VI and VII then you will be free of them and you will feel great relief. Yo DO want to be free of those little demons, don't you? Well, the way out is the way through, as Mankind's Greatest Friend used to say.


"Stefano MacGregor" posted:

The next picket of the cult (and is there one planned soon?) should have some signs about Rathbun and Kobrin, maybe "SCIENTOLOGY: WHERE IS MARTY RATHBUN?" and "SCIENTOLOGY: WILL HELENA KOBRIN BE YOUR NEXT VICTIM?"

The next time there's a critic on the radio with a cultie, it might be well if these questions were raised.



"Maggie" posted:

There was an anonymous message posting that Scn, Inc. attorney Helena Kobrin may be in mortal danger.

I received an email letter from Helena back in the mid-90's. It addressed six lines of something Hubbard wrote that were posted, and I responded to, including the worrisome six lines in my response (as netiquette suggests).

This was the time that the first batch of Kobringrams were sent out, calling us all "copyright terrorists" for wanting to comment on some of the hinkier policies and practices Hubbard dreamed up for his followers to pay for. It was an attempt to shudder us into silence; one of many that obviously has not worked.

I hope Helena's had time to form a plan for herself, and get the hell out and somewhere safe. I hope they're not holding the health of any of her relatives as security for her good behavior. I wonder if she knows where Marty Rathbun and Warren McShane are, and I wonder if that knowledge is worrisome to her. I hope she will get in touch with media and law enforcement, such as Arnie suggested --going to the VP of Legal at Washington Post, for instance. Or the FBI. Hasn't this gone on long enough?

-maggie, human being

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Hubbard Letters Admit Plagiarism for Scientology Sources

"Roger Gonnet" posted several letters revealing Hubbard's plagiarized sources of Scientology and instructional advice:

This letter from L. Ron Hubbard shows that he wanted to use someone else works . I wonder if hubbie used it to fabricate his scam and his "battylefield earth or other fictions.

0 Marlborough Place
London N.W.8
27th March 1953

Dear Helen,
I sent you a cable a week or ten days ago but have not heard anything from you concerning the plot genie.

The book to which I hare reference is quite necessary in the composition of what will be the master text book on Scientology. The book can. be obtained in many places but certainly can be obtained through Writers' Digest in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There are many such books but there is only one of the kind I want.. There are decks of cards, whirligig devices, anyone of which, is supposed to assist a writer in plotting. The book .to which I have reference is in a book form and is the first and only important book for the. creation of limitless plots. It is not a book on how to plot; it is a book which contains all the elements of plots which, when combined, will derive an infinity of new plots. This book has in it boundless lists; it goes on for hundreds and hundreds of pages with very small type giving conditions of things, objects and types of beings. The man who' compiled this book went mad in the process. It was done about 30 years ago. The book has maintained itself in print because it is the standard book used by writers who plot in that fashion. If you have received the cable and if you have sent something, please look at this data again and be fairly sure it was the book. I have forgotten the name of it; It might be called Plotto. This book is, so far as I know, the most complete list of conditions of beingness and objects available on earth today. What I will do is get permission from the publisher to use some fractions of its lists for an entirely different purpose than Plotto. It is necessary that we do this because the book which we are going to publish will have to be, in order to guarantee its sales volume and get rid of the squirrels, so thick and so exhaustive that it will never be replaced, and lesser editions of its processes which are unauthorised and so on, will not have even remotely a chance. In other words, we should be able to fill the requirements on mockup processing so extremely well that there will be no question as to what volume one procures and uses. The best way I know to guarantee this is to take the work of Plotto whioh was I think about 20 years in the process of compilation and is a feat which has never been equalled. I will, of course, give the individual credit. I will take care of the publisher arrangements of our using this work from here. In passing let me remark that the problem is cracked and has been cracked for several days, so far as processing and the human mind is concerned. There will be more data and ramifications, but this has - 2-
been so high and so effective with a process so easy to work that there is no question as. to what is going to happen to the whole field of psycho-therapy. Our thought now is to get this material down in digestible form, get our organisation in shape and move into the field with a Macedonian phalanx rather than a bamboo whistle.

All my love


Now Hubbard the Brainwasher:
(original image soon on ABS as well)

Box 242
Silver Spring, Md.
Sept. 6, 1955

Dear Manney;
Here is the linotype ms of this do-in-ahurry hook. It has been proofed and smoothed out for typesetting. soon Please send me back/the unproofed ms I sent you for estimate as I want the original of it clean. Also please salvage and return to me when completed this linotype copy of the ms. There is a degree of security involved with the work and we don't want this copy of the ms to get lost or any copies to go astray. I have several pieces of work to do for submission to the government so lets get this one out of the way PAST so we can get on with the show. If it wouldn't be much more we could run a second run of BRAINWASHING right along with the first run making another 5,000 or 7,000 in all.

OMIT "Synthesized by" line at top of each page. This does not belong in the printed edition. 2,000 5x7 or thereabouts Booklet to look somewhat like an Army training manual
Cheap paper for the pages and the cover
No proofs to be furnished but production should be undertaken, and completed at once.
This ms wanted in a HURRY.


July 19 - 53
Dear Hellen -
You have many times mentioned the "electronic eager beavers" around there. Well here is a vital project for advanced research which I must have. I have tried three times to get this gadget, simple as it is, and three times the persons who engaged upon it suddenly decided it was "too terribly deadly" and although they had it almost complete, stopped work on it in something like horror. War,according to Klausewitz, is the art of inducing "A more agreeable and reasonable frame of mind in an adversary". Our adversary, insanity, is far from reasonable. I have been licking the problem of insanity with mechanical aids.

You may have wondered why I keep telling auditors to lay off the insane - It is because it is too tough on the auditor when I have, in development stage, five mechanical aids which anyone of them, lick the problem without destroying the person, the last being the favored method today in psychiatry. If I came over for a series of lectures, I will want to have these five mechanical aids to demonstrate and a means to manufacture them to hand. We can "Take Richmond" if I can put in psychiatric use, these simple aids. They are four of them, nothing to build. The fifth is another matter. It is the fifth we want to finish this stage of the "mechanical aids project". If we spring any of this before I can demonstrate and we can manufacture and supply, the squirrels will ruin the entire show with unworkable gimmicks re Howes. So this is secret. It is also secret that the 5th aid, the one requested here, will never be released gnerally and must remain secret. The other four are simplicity. One is reduction of charge by grounding. Two is release of charge by double terminaling with mirrors.

Three is reduction of charge with Bl and protein in quantity (already tested, never understood by our public"). Four is attention shifting by mechanical aid. Five is the induction in the insane of instantaneous hypnosis and theta clearing while tranced - very effective but very hard to do without a mechanical aid. The work I am doing here is assisted by the fact that in Spain I have an unlimited freedom to practice on the insane.

There are so many insane in the US and so few auditors that only mechanical aids plus group processing, can get us over this hump. We really can solve insanity in the U.S. but not with individual auditing at 2 or 3 weeks per insane patient. They go crazy faster than we can audit. The 5th aid uses a type of hypnosis not generally known. It is physical hypnosis. The Thetan agrees with the body. The body is pretty crazy. When the 9n agrees too much theta + body are crazy = insanity. The body goes easily into a sommolence.

If the body can be made not to interfere for a short time the 9n can be exteriorized and worked. Drugs and shock hit the thetan too as these connect with the brain control centers. The body can be hypnotized via the vagus nerve in the stomach. By creating a regulated series of impacts against this nerve it may be possible to hypnotize the body and leave the thetan fairly free in many cases. In order to accomplish this the device must not be suspected. Either by sanitarium officials or the insane.

The device must be packaged in a very ordinary tan brief case of the type lawyers use and which has yet enough room to permit papers being carried in it, taken out and put casually before witnesses. The "trigger" must be part of the lock of the case so that it can be turned on and off at will. The device itself is a super sonic alternately directed and dispersed, beam, dry battery operated, without recoil upwards or backwards against the user.

(Page 2)

19 July 1953 Spain

The device must not make audible noises or howls. It must, to the human ear, be silent. It must deliver an impact of considerable force on a small target with a concentrated beam. This beam must go on and off and alternate with a dispersed but directed beam on a slighter greater area target. At five feet the beam should strike a target about 2" in diameter. The second beam should strike a target, same direction and area, about 8" or 10" in diameter. The number of times the beams strike, each, a minute, should be variable from 12 to 84 at the control of the operator. He could then set the machine for 12 narrow beams per minute and increase it to 84 narrow beams per minute. Narrow beams always followed by broad beams without another control. (These number, approximiate the breathing and heart rate; by bringing these into outward control, hypnotisim is induced.)

The force of impact of the beams should be as great as possible. They should emanate from one of the narrow ends of the brief case horizontally. The Japanese have registered many patents on such a device and have even, I think, killed a goat with one at 300 yeards. The device is not, however, practical as a weapon as it uses too much time. If the feeling that such a device as # 5, being deadly, should not be built or placed in anyones hands deters its construction, recall that it already exists and could be built for murderous purposes by anyone.

I want to be able to walk into a sanitorium, confront an insane patient, quiet him in a few seconds, exteriorize him, change his mind, wake him up physically. And I want a few auditors to be able to do it. This would mean the immediate end of psychiatric resistence to Scientology. Then we would take aids 1 to 4 and demonstrate and widely install them. I need then, here, soon , the 5th aid. I am testing and improving the others. Only good engineering can build # 5. Can you have it built and airfreighted to me quickly. I need it. The soundscriber came through fine and is working well, thanks to you I am organizing material for 2 more large issues in the Journal. I expect you will get out filler issues on their scheduled dates.

All is well here.

My love to you both --


On shipping #5 give it a spurious use for the benifit of customs here. Send the instructions by letter, not with the machine.

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Message ID: 447b26a1$0$21198$
Message ID: 447b17fa$0$21182$

Withdrawal of Support of Scientology

On may 29, 2006 "Michael Pattinson" posted:


This posting may be freely posted to the wwweb, copied or published as long as it is correctly quoted without being altered from its original meaning.

In case I have never posted this, or made it publicly clear, I want to state that I hereby withdraw any and all support I have ever given to Scientology since 1973.

I was misled by trickery, false PR, lies and deceit into believing that Scientology was "mankind's only hope", "the only way out of the trap of death-and-rebirth' and that it wanted to "clear the planet of war, criminality and insanity". I have since found out that the cult of $cientology does not really achieve results towards those ends. It works to perpetuate ITSELF at any cost, and that is ALL. Period.

After being loyal to that cause for over 24 years, helping broadly as a celebrity with news PR, a volunteer, auditor, and FSM contributing heavily all the time, and going all the way to the top of the "Bridge" (which goes only into the centre of the abyss and leaves you there) i.e. New OT8 I was suddenly subjected to fair game by OSA. For no valid reason my "OT status" (pause for guffaws of laughter) was revoked even though I had attained the level of "New OT8" by paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The idiots at OSA France and the even more idiotic local CC Exec. decided that, after all that loyalty I must really be "the enemy" as I was writing articles on Art and Culture. This was utterly unacceptable (even though it had been my profession for 20 years) to OSA that I was "writing" as only LRH could write on Art, and anything else was "squirreling". Suddenly I found myself being treated as a kind of "criminal". False reports were written in quantity from people who were told what to write by OSA, and sent to the OT8 Ethics Officer etc.....

I fought the injustice by applying policy, standardly and to the letter,... for 6 years, with fair game and attacks on me all the way. false "Issues" from HCO on me, Committees of Evidence that lasted for years, Sec Checks, Ethics handlings, false reports by the dozen with no copies to me, repeated Fair Game by OSA on my businesses and friends, covert gossip campaigns by OSA, expensive ransom payments to be freed from being held against my will on the Freewinds ship, etc...(lots more). The constant strictly applied use of policy against this assault was INEFFECTIVE.

The Scientology "justice system" (what a JOKE!) was based on whims not facts, and on the politics of money, money, money not truth. In the end I had enough, and had spent over $125,000 just to try to clear my name of the false reports from OSA France and CC Paris and their robotic minions who would betray a friend so easily.

In 1997 I finally had more than enough of the deceit, lies and treason of Int Management and left the cult.

I went to the Clearwater Police Dept for help but they did not act on my complaint. They did, however, supply me with a copy of the book "L.Ron Hubbard. Madman or Messiah?", and I was finally in touch with the the truths that Scientology had hidden from me for all those years. I found the book fascinating and very enlightening!

So then I was finally out, in September 1997. It was a considerable relief, and I don't miss Scientology one bit. I have never once "needed a session" since then , not because of the effectiveness of the bogus auditing programs but because I reconnected with my reality of the "Supreme Being".

I tried to get my money back from Scientology by litigation but they preferred to harass and fair game me and my attorney into bankruptcy and personal ruin rather than follow the laws of due process of litigation.

Therefore I revoke and cancel any and all support, recommendation or positive PR I have ever given to Scientology at any time.

The truth of the real behavior and results of the Scientology cult, in my extensive experience, is the opposite of its stated goals and purposes. I got both no-results and bad results from Scientology. It was very costly in time, money and stressfully enforced loyalty of personal contribution and the end product was nowhere near worth the investment. Not even remotely a good investment.

This is posted on the 10th anniversary of the day the CC Paris Exec. first violated policy under orders from OSA France and fair gamed an OT8. Reposted today after seeing the spamming of the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup by Scientology trolls.

Silly OSA. Silly Sea Org.

Much love and compassion to those who have been similarly duped and harmed by Scientology.


I urge other a.r.s. regulars to post their own thoughts and emotions on new threads here regarding having once supported Scientology and whether they still do. Public disavowal of Scientology can help prevent others from getting sucked in and harmed.

These views are far more valuable and relevant than all this anti-psych Hubbard-spew from the cult's trolls.

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Scientology-Related Media

On May 27, 2006 the Quixstar Blog featured a report on David Touretzky:

Touretzky Speaks on Scientology (From a Quixtar blog)

One of the most popular destinations for Quixtar information seekers is Dave Touretzky's "Amway/Alticor/Quixtar Sucks!" website. Touretzky is a world-famous research professor at Carnegie Mellon University and an avid Free Speech proponent who's had some personal clashes with Quixtar.

However, his real passion is exposing the "vengeful religious cult" known as the Church of Scientology. I found an interesting video interview of Touretzky on YouTube from a recent episode of Keith Olberman's show on MSNBC.

"Dave Touretzky appears on Countdown with Keith Olbermann to discuss Tom Cruise, Silent Birth and Scientology."



"Woggle" posted:

[Tory Christman on Scientology (from Daily Motion Video)]

with a link to XenuTV in the sidebar


Mark Bunker posted:

I uploaded it yesterday. I'm taking Daily Motion out for a test spin. The only other clip I put up there is the birth of Suri Cruise clip:


"Michael" posted:

[LRH is on]

i was searching for groups related to Co$ to post in, lots of young kids that are interested in Scientology. UH oh time for them to learn the truth! link contains robotic music used to "spread the word" of LRH

I'm posting all over myspace to make sure that young people like me get the message, STAY AWAY FROM Cof$!


"Woggle" posted a link to RINF News:

Scientology crimes: Murder; extortion; blackmail; kidnapping; child abuse; child neglect; slave labor camps; burglary; racketeering. These crimes and more are part of life within the Scientology mob. This video explores these crimes, with interviews from a few of the Scientologists ordered by the Scientology mob to commit them. "To the Scientology organization," one victim of Scientology said, "human life does not mean a thing." Garry Scarff explained Scientology's RPF: the mob's "Rehabilitation Project Force," where Scientologists who no longer want to be Scientologists are sent to be "re-educated" via forced-labor reindoctrination camps where prisoners receive very little food and almost no sleep. Some Scientology prisoners have been observed being chained up in cellars to keep them from leaving Scientology. Several mysterious Scientology deaths are also explored. "Tom Cruise profited from the slave labor of Scientology prisoners," Andre Tabayoyon testified in a sworn declaration

Human rights abuses within Scientology are systemic and all-pervasive. Suicide and child abuse are also common within Scientology. The victims of Scientology are almost always Scientologists.

Scientology: "The Dark Side of Scientology," Part 1 & 2
The World Wide Wogs
26 min 16 sec



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