Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 24 - June 17 2006

Russian Scientologist Imprisoned for Embezzlement

On June 12, 2006 reported:

A former Russian MP, a local education chief, has been jailed for embezzlement and abuse of authority - he made his subordinates study scientology and used budget money to pay for their studies.

Boris Shalimov of the Skovorodinsk region in Russia's Far East has been sentenced to two years in prison for embezzlement and abuse of authority, the website of Russia's Prosecutor General's Office reports.

In October 2002 Shalimov became a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. To get promoted in the organization, he forced his subordinates to study the works of the philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.

Moreover, he used budget money to pay for evaluation of their progress in the subject. The newly converted scientologists had to pass tests that were sent to Moscow at the state's expense.

In all, Shalimov embezzled more than 600,000 rubles of public money - some $20,000.

Besides investing in his religious interests, Shalimov also embezzled 151,000 rubles for private needs.

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Cult Taking India for a Ride

On June 15, 2006 : "Huntlee Brinklee Report" posted:

London-Based Organization Roped In To Impart Training To Officials


Altogether 20 officials, 18 from the civil defence department and two from the Metro Railway will be imparted training by Scientology Volunteers (SV), an organisation based in London that has been roped in by the state government to train Metro and Civil defence officials in disaster management in Metro Railway.


''The training will first be conferred at public places like markets or cinema halls because understanding crowd behaviour is a part of the programme,'' Srikumar Mukherjee, minister of state, civil defence, today said. SV is going to send its teams time to time for the training, Mukherjee further added. "

Metro inks pact with civil defence dept for disaster management

Express News Service

Kolkata, June 14:

The Civil Defence department of the state government today signed an agreement with the Metro Railway with a view to start a training programme on disaster management for Metro Railway and Civil Defence department officials. The one-month programme is starting on July 1.

Altogether 20 officials, 18 from the civil defence department and two from the Metro Railway will be imparted training by Scientology Volunteers (SV), an organisation based in London that has been roped in by the state government to train Metro and Civil defence officials in disaster management in Metro Railway. The state government has already signed an agreement with SV, who took an active role in the rescue operations during the London Tube bombing last year.

"The training will first be conferred at public places like markets or cinema halls because understanding crowd behaviour is a part of the programme,'' Srikumar Mukherjee, minister of state, civil defence, today said. SV is going to send its teams time to time for the training, Mukherjee further added.

The training will be later imparted inside Metro stations.

Later, Metro Railway will train 10 officers of the Civil Defence department in rescue operations inside Metro tunnels.

The minister also said that his department will train 68 volunteers who will be deployed at all the 17 Metro stations to help people in case any disaster strikes. ''There will be four volunteers, each at the 17 stations. They will be chosen from the general public, from youth clubs, NGOs, even political parties. They will not only help people in case of a disaster but during normal times too. If a passenger faces any problem except something related to law and order, the volunteers will come forward to help the one in need," the minister said.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kolkata (Bangla: ['kolkata](formerly Calcutta) is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located in eastern India on the east bank of the River Hooghly. The city has a population of almost 5 million, with an extended metropolitan population of over 13 million, thus making it the second-largest urban agglomeration and the fourth-largest city in India. "

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Turning Weapons Over to Scientology in Boston?

On June 15, 2006 "Android Cat" posted:

From their newscrawl:

[ ]

"13 June 2006: USA - The Scientology Volunteer Ministry is selected by the Boston Police Department to participate in their anti-violence initiative. The program promotes peace by reducing the number of guns in Boston. For the next month, the Ministry is one of the official locations where people can drop off their guns."

oh. my.

And what happens if CoS turns a few less guns over to the police than are handed in? What a great source of guns with no apparent connection to CoS!

And can anyone in Buffalo verify this one"

"12 June 2006: USA - A local radio host asks about all the people in the yellow shirts and the big yellow tent on the east side of Buffalo. He interviews the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo on the popular community outreach activities of Scientology Volunteer Ministers - part of the Church's ''Brighter Future for Buffalo'' campaign."


"Maggie" posted:

Sweet baby Xenu.

Boston PD needs to be reminded that this organization is responsible for the largest infiltration of the US government in US history.


The guns thing is beyond scary.


"Michael" posted:

Here is the link to the story regarding the gun buyback:


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Picket Reports

On June 11, 2006 "Jens Tingleff" posted a picket report for Dave Bird:

SUBJECT: Picket Report 2006/JUNE/10, London, England.

Hiya folks. This will probably be posted via Jens. I scrapped My old Windoze-ME system after repeated crashes (apart from the HDisk which I nkept) and have a new machine running Windoze-XP, but it will be a couple of weeks before I have the email client and PGP set up again. It also follows I'm not reading responses on a.r.s and can't easily reply to queries. Jens and I were the first to arrive at the pub and took an outside table, shortly after noon. We were soon joined by Hartley, Tony, John, and Charlotte; regrettably Duke-the-Dog is still kenelled in Bristol and couldn't be with us. Charlotte had a home-made Xenu costume and a space alien mask, plus a placard that said "HI. I'M XENU- --that will be $50,000 please."

It was quite a hot sunny day, the usual britsh summer which generally runs from 5th June to about 15th June. L loaded up on a mega-burger of real beef and salad (i.e. not McGreasyburger but lots of genuine cows butt with barbeque sauce) and diet coke. For those who've missed it, world cup soccer kicked off today played in Germany starting with, I think, England v Paraguay around 2pm to 4pm at the time of the demo. None of us follow football much, and we were glad out pub hadn't got a large screen TV running. It did mean the cops were preparing for large numbers of football-minded drinkers emerging at 4pm.

We were lined up at the eastern, traffic edge of the pavement/sidewalk and they were lined up opposite on the western, building edge -- total width is about 12ft. Tony seemed to be having fun talking to one clam of vaguely balkan appearance. I tagged on playing the old trick (one of theirs tralking to one oftheirs so neither leafleting that position, one more of us there so our leaflets got out). The clam was useless at leafleting, he was COMMANDING people to take tham, "take one, you must take one," getting in people's faces and following them down the street, which most folk don't respond at all well to.

Around this time the cops turned up, about ten or twelve officers in two vehicles. I can only infer that these guys were on stand-by to be dispatched to any pub where a fight broke out --- indeed we later passed the two vehicles, probably full of cops behind their tinted rear windows, sitting idly in a quiet side-street awaiting their next dispatch order. I hope they had air cond, it was rotten weather to be stuck in the back of a van

THey were led by a female sergeant who was giving Jens and Tony a bit of a hardtime. She said it was all a bit much, who says that, the people in the (Scientology) building, well they would wouldn't they they just don't want to be protested against... are any shoopers or shopworkers complaining? She still thought it was intimidating for people to run the gauntlet between the two lines of leafletters, I opined this wouldn't really stand up as obsstruction but just to be nice we could displace ourselves one shop up still on the east side of the pavement.

This worked out quite well. Tony, Charlotte, and I were mostly at the north end by the slot-machine arcade. Public resonse was uniformly good. One guy said he was delighted to to find, at last, someone doing a protest. Another woman was talking at some length to Charlotte about what a menace the Cof$ is in Russia.

Tony called a halt around 15:10. Jens and I went past their other building where he took some photos. Then we sat down in the pub for a long chat, and went by taxi back to the train station. All in all, we had a grand day out.


"Jens Tingleff" posted:

Hi There!

A hearty bunch of UK suppressives braved the gorgeous weather and turned up to picket one of the London shops of the criminal organisation known as the "church" spit of $cientology. If there is a crack team of planners at ARSCC UK, they had taken the year off and left the crap team in charge. The crap planning team had placed the demo on the day of the first England game in the football World Cup. At least the weather was really good, and the pub (fortunately with no TV) was pretty quiet

We all admired "Charlotte's" Xenu costume and set off to protest after a nice lunch sat on the tables, in the shade, outside the pub.

The dreaded micophone lead thetans returned and made the boombox a bit of a damp squib, but a replacement micrphone+lead sorted that out, and John could have asistance for his excellent information service announcements.

The clams started leafletting. A new leafletting clam tried to get people to take his leaflets by being in their way, trying to push leaflets into their hands, and resorted to reading out the leaflet while walking alongside them. That got an even more grim reaction than usual from the passers-by.

After some time the police showed up. They were obviously just passing by, and wanted something that could get them out fo there and on with doing their actual job, as opposed to protecting the pretend-wounded feeling of a bunch of victims of the mind-fuck of the $cientology cult. We agreed that perhaps the protesters and the clams facing each other in front of the shop narrowed down the pavement a bit, and suggested that we the protesters splitup so that we could be on the edge of the pavement and not right in front of the $cientology shop. The police thought that was a good idea, and made that the rule to the clams and rode off.

The clams couldn't quite manage to stick the agreement with the police, of course, but having the protesters split in two groups probaby made the flow of pedestrian traffic a little smoother.

Nothing much more stuck to mind before we signed off at the time announced, following Dave Bird appearing on the boombox in fine voice.

On the way back to some more cold (or warm!) beer, I stopped by the new org in Whitfield street which is a bigger building than the shop we'd been in front of, with no foot traffic. At all. There was a clamette inside who insisted that I was not allowed to take pictures which I continued to do. She followed me around until I tired of having her reacting to my superior purpose.

Pictures posted on a.b.s.

Best Regards



On June 6, 2006 "Marlysfan" posted:

[ ] Picket Central North America
[ ] Kansas City Picket #4

First of all, as you can probably tell, this is my first post. I post at OCMB as marlysfan. Anyways, someone suggested that I post my picket reports here, so here they are:

Kansas City picket #1

Oh my, it has been a busy, busy day!

First I went to Office Depot to copy fliers (100) and get poster board for my signs. I made three signs reading, "", "Scientology, and "Scientology is an Alien Cult", and taped them onto barricades that Scientologists put Dianetics posters on. My friend Raven and I were handing out fliers. It was pretty tame; no one came out or anything. Raven soon left; he needed to go help out a friend of his.

So, I decided to step up the effort-here's where it gets juicy, folks!

I went to Office Depot and made a sign reading, "Honk if you Think Scientology is a Cult"-now THAT did the trick! A lady came out of the org. She tried to take my sign! Can you BELIEVE? Then she told me she was calling the cops. I said that was alright in my book.

Cops didn't come, but she must have thought I was real pretty, 'cause she came out and took a picture of me! Then she went inside.

Well, wouldn't you know-another lady came out! She asked me to stop. I politely said, "No, thank you." She said I was upsetting people inside. OK, well, I'm not averse to compromise, so I said, "We'll, I'll go across the street with my sign".

So I did. The honks were plentiful! Huzzah...but two Scios came over to talk to me. One was the lady in the last paragraph, another was a man. They stood in front of me (to block my sign) and asked me for my name and address. I gave them my name, but told them no to the address. They then asked me, "What is a cult?" And I couldn't really define it (damn me!) in dictionary terms. So, they invited me in to word clear it. I took them up on it.

They tricked me!

But the joke was on them, my friends. The joke was on them. The cops told them that I was on public property and not doing anything outside the bounds of the law, and that there was nothing they could do! HA! HA!

So, I went back to stand in front of the org, since it was OKed by the cops and everything. The horns kept on honking, and I kept handing out fliers. A parade of people were sent out to "handle me". What was I doing there? Who was I with? How much am I getting paid? Protesting, by myself, for free. I did admit my Clambake affiliation, though. Not to worry, I was composed and acted like a true lady. Well, as much as I could, at least.

They must have thought I was GORGEOUS because they sent out more photographers! I yelled, "I love you, OSA!! I feel like a movie star!".

Then, the Scios came up with a plan. I will admit it was pretty good. They made their own signs reading, "Honk for Religious Freedom!" They then proceeded to stand in front of me! Eventually, there were ten in all, blocking my lil sign.


Kansas City Picket #2

OK, so my friend Justin and I went out to picket today. It was really creepy-they actually went up to him and said, "You must be Justin" before he even told them his name. So, I suppose they're probably reading my posts. They were pretty rude to him-someone told him to, "grow up"

Anyways, they called the cops TWICE today. Truly ridiculous. The officers seemed exasperated that the Scios were wasting their time.

I got some nice pictures-they're on a disposable camera, so it's gonna be a little while before I have them up.

To any Scientologist reading this-

I do not hate you. I don't even dislike you. In fact, I'm assuming most of you are all good people with the best of intentions. It's the CoS I have qualms with.

To the K.C. org-

I'll see y'all at the next picket!

Kansas City Picket #3

Hey folks, I just got back from picketing and wanted to post a quick report. It was just Messenger and I, but we got a lot of fliers out. The positive response from the community was astounding-one girl tried to give us money (no, we did not accept it), and several people offered to buy us drinks (not booze) because it was pretty hot outside. One lady brought us bottled water, out of the blue. Evian, at that! Bless her heart.

Here's the interesting thing-we were not handled AT ALL. Maggie (the lady taking a picture of me taking a picture of her in the picket #2 photos) came out and asked for a flier (which we gave her), but other than that, nothing. Nothing at all. Messenger was a tad disappointed we didn't get handled. So was I, actually. I kinda like getting in comm with the Scientologists.


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Scientology-Related Media

On June 7, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted a link to a new animated production, "The Origin of the Specious"

Enjoy: [flash animation]

On June 14, 2006 "Mark Bunker" posted:

NEW from XENU TV: 60 Minutes New Zealand

Here it is:



On June 14, "Andrew Robertson" posted:

This was an interesting program which I think achieved a fair balance. The Church of Scientology might disagree, but they don't always take kindly to any criticism.

I believe it was a mistake choosing Virginia Stewart as the Church of Scientology spokesman. "We believe in God" was an inappropriate thing to say.

As was a claim of 7,000 followers when Census New Zealand, the official government statisticians put Church membership at barely 300 which includes infants and children in a population base of four million.

References to Professor Moriaty, Mark Bunker, LRH Jnr, Jamie Kennedy, Xenu and volcanoes were included, also some shots of Tom Cruise testing furniture durability.

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On June 14, 2006 "Richard and Bonnie Woods" posted:

Just to let you know our website is up and running again at

Kind regards,
Richard and Bonnie Woods

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On June 20, 2006 "Patty Pieniadz" posted a link to Operation Clambake Message Board of the parody website, that received a cease and desist letter:

Church of Scientology sends a cease and desist

Dear Legal:

Our office represents the L. Ron Hubbard Library, the owner of the copyrights to a number of photographs of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion.



"Fred Durks" posted:

[Ava Paquette's CEASE and DESIST request not working at]

Great response so far from Ava Paquette:

"Dear Max,

I wanted to let you know that I have read your response and am researching the points you raise. I will be responding to you shortly. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that someone, and I believe it was your customer who put up my client's materials on your website, left me a message on my firm's answering machine. The message itself was unpleasant and harassive and was not necessary at all.

I would like to know who this customer is in the event I wish to report this to the proper authorities.

Thank you.

Ava Paquette

This is huge!!!!! gets millions of unique visitors a month. They now have half their site dedicated to ripping on scientology. HUGE footbullet!

Thread was started at OCMB:

This is only the beginning :)


"Ramona" posted:

[The "Un-Funny" Truth About Scientology ]


"Mark Bunker" posted:

Since the cease and desist letters have started arriving at the number of videos about Scientology has skyrocketed and many more computer savvy people are finding out info about the group.

Thanks for pulling it in, Scientology!


"NRen2k5" posted:

You'll notice that I posted about this earlier - well at least about ytmnd being threatened. I planned between then and now to tell more of the story. Maybe I will later.

In the meantime, I recommend you guys check out the site.

The content ranges from
- variations on old ytmnd inside jokes, for example the original "lol, internet" ( became "lol, scientology" ( to
- "shopped" photographs and scenes from movies made to mock scientology, for example "Cruise quits Scientology" ( to
- downright damning factual articles such as "The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology" (

Seriously. Check it out.

Also, I plan on making a YTMND about Barbara Schwarz sometime. :)

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On June 12, 2006 "Mark Bunker" posted:

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a website for ex members of "Children of God." They have a good multimedia library with some fascinating videos. I was especially taken with the 20/20 piece from the 80's where a mother retrieves her children from the hands of the father who was keeping them in the cult.

The tearful cries of the daughter who was upset that the media was exposing David Berg's teachings on pedophelia reminded me so much of the various Scientologists who are upset that the outside world would dare to read Hubbard's top secret OT levels without any "understanding" the material:


"anti-spam-anti-scientology" posted:

Sclams have also tried to make believe that their pedophile master Kent in their school went undetected for years, then they have attacked.... the journal which had said he was a sclam cultist.

A pervert teacher at the Scientologists Greenfield School in Forest Row who sexually assaulted young boys has been jailed for five years. Mark Kent, 32, of Lewes Road, Forest Row, molested six teenage schoolboys over a period of seven years and took filthy videos of himself in sex acts with his young victims. Hove Crown Court heard Kent was found to have a videotape shooting scenes from the cult school's fete, interspersed with sickening footage of himself and young boys, and covert filming of naked schoolchildren showering. Sentencing him Judge Gower QC said: "The boys and parents put their trust in you. You betrayed it for the gratification of your own perverted lust." Kent admitted six charges of indecent assault and one charge of indecent video, asking for two similar charges to be taken into consideration. Richard Cherrill, defending, said: "This is a very sad and anxious case from many points of view. "Mark had been teaching at the school for about ten years, and nothing untoward occurred for the first five or so years. Money "The boys were his life. He worshipped them and spent money on them and that was not to corrupt them. The boys loved and trusted him. "He is thoroughly remorsefuland one hopes and trusts that with certain help there is a minimal chance of it recurring. "The boys are still very fond of him and anxious about his future. "Mr CHerrill added that there was a "flame of hope" for his future because he was now engaged to a woman, Inga Naurus, who he had met before being arrested by the police. She told the court: "There is no chance of anything like this happening again. I know him very well he is blaming himself very deeply. Miss Naurus, of Benchwood Close, East Grinstead, added: "I visit him in prison regularly, and we have lots of talks, and he is feeling really guilty. "We want to get married and have lots of children." Sentencing Kent to a five year jail term Judge Gower said: "The fact of the matter is when this case is stripped of all the language that can be used about it, the bare fact is that you were in a position of trust and over a period you betrayed that trust."

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Courage to Speak Out

On June 11, 2006 "Chuck Beatty" posted:

I've been looking back over the caliber of people in the highest positions who had the guts to speak out, despite the legal counter measures Scientology quickly employs to silence the former top people. (I was a very low level underling, I consider myself barely "visitor" status near the top ranks of the Sea Org, being almost completely unaware of things, I lived my 27 years in the movement with all the normal blinders and justifications for how things were going, and I was NOT privy to any of the damning incidents I learned only after leaving the movement and reading the internet, but even so my being such a minor underling, I still had this type of muzzling letter and legal document thrust at me: but that was the extent of the pressure I've received since leaving, although at my site a few smear emails and pressure letters were sent my way: )

Right as we speak there are at least a dozen MAJOR former Scientology leaders who are OUT and who could speak up with powerfully relevant opinions about their decades of service in the top ranks in the Scientology movement.

Their opinions are just a whole other level of intimacy with top management of the movement.

Steve Marlowe
Ronnie Miscavige Jr.
Bitty Miscavige
Marty Rathbun
Pat Broeker

These people have opinions, and getting their opinions shared somehow is what I hope to someday allow an atmosphere so these above individuals and other top ex leaders CAN speak freely.

Inside the movement today there are a couple dozen people no longer at the highest ranks, but who worked for decades near the top, now who are still in working at Int, holding lower posts. And a few have gone back up to higher posts again. ALL of these people have incredibly relevant opinions and experiences to hopefully someday get shared publicly.

People like Mark Yager, Guilliaume Leserve, Mark Ingber, Warren McShane, Annie Tidman (Broeker), Ray Mitoff, Wendell Reynolds, Norman Starkey, Greg Wilhere, live today in incredibly confining predicaments inaccessible to public contact. Yet their opinions of what the Scientology movement's last several decades of history is, would be unprecedented were they somehow to candidly reveal their unvarnished un-PR views of how things have gone, and the details of their lives these last several decades while living under David Miscavige's leadership.

All these above individuals have every right to voice their valuable relevant and expert opinions and experiences.

I hope some do someday speak out!

I somehow hope the ex major leaders will share their views and allow their views to make it into the public domain.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1975-2003)

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Scientology Contradictions

On June 11, 2006, "Tory Christman" posted:

[Scientology and Contradictions: Updated in June of 2006]

11 Jan 2003
Updated June 11, 2006


Having lived within the Scientology community, as part of the organization that calls itself, "The Church of Scientology" for 30 years, and then having woken up and left, I would not like to present some major contradictions from my own personal experiences.

The letter "C" will indicate the contradictions for me. Some others may find these true or not, however most people I've spoken to who were in and left feel the same about a majority of these.

I welcome any in put from people who have been in and left or even critics who have studied Scientology for some time.

1. Scientology says they are working to Free Mankind.

C) Scientology in truth actually traps a person, getting them from day one to agree to "Keeping Scientology Working" which in fact slowly builds in the "truth" that Hubbard's path IS "THE WAY". Also, ANY other thoughts, practices, teachings are considered "Other Practices" and are considered "Out Ethics".

2. Scientology says they believe "Man has the inalienable right to free speech".

C) The truth is, the higher up you go in Scientology the farther from the truth this becomes. As you move up the pyramid, you find you certainly are not supposed to read books or articles that Scientology doesn't want you to read. Actually this begins right away, again with "Keeping Scientology Working" (hereafter known as KSW).

It is considered "Out Ethics" to really speak out about anything that might be the slightest hint of criticism to the organization.

You also are encouraged not to watch the news as "It's Entheta". Now entheta means "enturbulated theta" meaning it upsets people. Yes, I agree some news stations do upset people, as they are, for the most part, filled with too much bad news, vs. a mixture of both good and bad. However, there are certainly ways to find out the news that are not all bad.

When you go for years not tuned into what is happening in the world, once again you just become surrounded that much more in the 'Scio/Truman show". Remember Truman couldn't see the walls? It is exactly the same within Scientology. Any free speech would actually help someone see the walls.

Thus, this is totally discouraged, although any Scientologist will insist this is crazy, that they are true "Freedom of Speech Advocates". Just ask them to discuss with you some of the classic lies and falsehoods, and see how far you get.

3. "Ethics"---- Scientology promotes to its members that Hubbard figured out these great tools to help someone be more ethical.

C) In Scientology people are routinely practicing deception, fraud, lies, and on staff and in WISE, people become slaves to a system where they have no recourse. Towards the last 10 years of being "in", my fellow OT 7's and I would commonly speak of:

a) Never lend a Scientologist money as they rarely if ever pay it back.

B) Never work for a WISE organization, as they are basically slave drivers, only interested in their own welfare.

C) Try to stay away from most of the registrars (people fund raising, asking for donations) as they are just milking us over and over.

d) Buy books, study up, learn for yourself. There are other solutions to problems you have, and they only cost $20.00 at Barnes and Noble.

e) The Executives in Scientology (who speak at the events) sound like robots, and whoever is putting on these events lie over and over.

Ethics? Ha! Who do you think you are fooling?

4. Spiritual Freedom: Much has been written about this, however in essence Scientology says if you do "The Bridge to Total Freedom" you will ("There's a good chance you can and will.") achieve total freedom.

One cannot-is not allowed-to discuss your spiritual 'case' with anyone, except those running the Scio/Truman show. If you do, once again, it's "Out Ethics" and they have their ways of stopping you.

I found the more I did, the higher I went 'up the Bridge' the less free I became. I was more introverted, more worried and stressed, constantly feeling guilty and secretly bad as I wasn't this or that.

Scientology always has an answer to everything, to bring one back to the fold, as does any good totalitarian group. With this, highly trained auditors (Counselors) will explain. Here are a few for me:


Scientology also has their own secret Police ("The Office of Special Affairs") who practice Fair Game on anyone who leaves and speaks out. They consider this fine, as to them these people are "bad". However, in true justice, one should be allowed to speak your mind without harm. At the very least you should be able to represent your case in a true court of law. However, in Scientology it is a "High Crime" to take someone to court. Also, for people who have given them lots of money and then ask for it back, they would give these people their money back, if they truly followed "The tech" which says to do so.

OSA has personally tried to "Fair Game" me, within 6 months of me leaving the "Church of Scientology. They TRIED to pin (and failed) a criminal conviction on me for sitting in an empty, Red Santa's chair in Clearwater, Florida (for 2 seconds). It turned out they (C of S/OSA) had "Over 100 cameras" on us, in a 4 block area!

Justice? Go visit the KKK. You can learn a lot from history.

These are just a few of the many Contradictions within the walls of the organization who calls themselves "The Church of Scientology."

If you have a loved one in Scientology and you wonder what to do, I suggest you begin bringing up these very basic contradictions, and ask them what they think.

You never know when someone just might wake up. I did, after 30 years "in".

Love to all,

Tory/Magoo dancing in the light
In for 30 years out for 5 Years, soon 6

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A Long History of Hiring Private Eyes

On June 11, 2006 "Roget Gonnet" posted an article from 1997 detailing the use of private investigators:

The maker of a programme on Scientology says he has been the victim of 'subtle harassment'.
TOM UTLEY reports

Detective on trail of TV pair

An American private detective, hired by attorneys acting for the Church of Scientology has approached friends and relations of the makers of a British television biography of the Church s founder, visiting home addresses discovered by trickery.

He has then spread allegations that the film-makers may be implicated in an international conspiracy of extortion and money-laundering. Simon Berthon. the executive producer of the film about L Ron Hubbard shown in Secret Lives series on Channel 4 last night, condemned the detective of activities yesterday as a "peculiar and subtle form of harassment '. He said the Scientologists agents had somehow man- aged to establish which tele- phone numbers he and the film's producer-director. Jill Robinson, had recently rung on their private lines. Those numbers had then been rung by a woman claim- ing to be conducting a survey of television-viewing habits. The woman promised a year's free magazine subscription to those who took part in the survey - thereby tricking the film-makers' contacts into revealing their addresses. Soon afterwards the detective. Eugene M Ingram, of Los Angeles, arrived on the triends' doorsteps, saving that he vasinquiring about Mr Berthon and Ms Robinson in connection with an international conspiracy of extortion and money laundering. Mr Berthon said that the allegations appeared to have sprung from a payment of 2,000 that his company had made for access to an archive of material on the Scientologists. Ms Robinson, 45, said yesterday that about eight or her friends and associates England, including her parents and her hairdresser, had been visited by Mr Ingram. Four of those had earlier received telephone calls from a woman claiming ro be conducting a survey on television-viewing habits. She said that she and her crew- had also been followed bv detectives in the United States. Canada and England, ever since they started making the film last June. "It's a bit spooky.'' she said. "I just don t see what it is they hope to achieve. except they seek to intimidate me." Mr Berthon said that when friends began to complain that they had been visited by Mr Ingram, he checked with 12 friends and relatives whom he had recently telephoned from home. "Out of 12 calls made. I have discovered that nine have been telephoned by a woman offering a free magazine if they take part in a TV viewing-habit survey and give their name and address." Three of those nine had subsequently been visited by Mr Ingram "This is well beyond coincidence." said Mr Berthon. Among them was a friend and neighbour. Charlotte Joll, whom he had telephoned recently to accept a children's-party invitation for his daughter. She said: 'Last Fnday afternoon a man rang or. the doorbell showing me his private investgator's licence and then asked asked me if I knew someone he was trying to get in touch with. "He showed me three photographs of a man I had never seen before and said this guy was wanted for some kind of offence to do with getting money fraudulently. I had no Idea what it was about Then he mentioned Simon Berthon s name. Did I know him? I said 'Yes. our children are friends.' I then remembered that our au pair had told me a coupie of days earlier that she had been rung by someone purporting to do be doing research on our television viewing habits, offering her a year's subscription to our favourite magazine and asking for our address."



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It looks like most of this refers to this, from 1997:

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